WANTED! Creator Club

Hammerknight is looking to put together another poster featuring the folks who use HeroMachine to illustrate their imaginations, and asked me to put up this solicitation for the project. Looks like fun! See the poster itself for submission deadlines, details, etc.

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  1. Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 says:

    How’s this work? Just Email him, or are their rules as to how much of cowboy we can make ourselves look like? Do Steam Punk cowboy’s count? πŸ˜›

  2. Tuldabar says:

    What does “transparant backround” mean?

  3. deranged says:

    This may be the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I have never cared so much about which ears are best. And alas my wife does not recognize who the picture is supposed to be…. Back to the drawing board!

  4. deranged says:

    Addendum: I have been told by music majors that I look like Franz Schubert. Too bad that is not a setting on HM3.

  5. Me, Myself & I says:

    I actually just did a self portrait for the Power User’s so this shouldn’t be much of a change. Other than the clothes anyways. Are you looking for profile’s HK or complete bodies?

  6. CPrime says:

    @Tuldabar: Transparent background means the image is just the character instead of white rectangle with the character in it. It’s much more ideal for group shots. To do it, when you save, make sure you select “PNG (transparent)”

    I’d totally love to do this, but there is no way I can draw myself. I’m horrible with faces as it is, let alone one that’s supposed to look like me. I was hoping to have won a contest by this time so I could have gotten a self-portrait but that hasn’t ever happened.

  7. Me, Myself & I says:

    Tuldabar (2), it is an option we now have when exporting. You will see it when you export a file.

  8. Tuldabar says:

    Thanks, I’ve got it now. Looks like I’m the first entry?
    Okay, here I am: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm156/Tuldabar/Heros/Tuldabar-1.png. I was thinking of going for a younger version of Doc from “Back to the Future 3,” gear-wise anyways. I wanted a trench coat too, so there you go.

  9. Nick Hentschel says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to draw myself in HM3 for ages! Now I just have more reason to be ashamed of my failure.

    On the upside, I actually *do* wear Western wear a lot of the time, so the job’s half done…..

  10. Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 says:

    poop. You guy’s already got to it.

  11. Tuldabar says:

    Oops… we can post ourselves here right? Rats… ah well, Email’s away already so it’s cool.

  12. Violet says:

    Working on mine, then. And now I know I can make a bustle from tilted flags, so *that’s* neat.

  13. Myro says:

    HK, I like the idea, but I gotta tell you, I see myself less as a cowboy, and more as a riverboat gambler. I just dress way too nice for the dusty plains.

    Surprisingly, I think I got a reasonably good likeness of myself.

  14. Frevoli says:

    Finished my partly True Grit inspired design

    Good fun

  15. ams says:

    @Hammerknight – A suggestion to everyone. Try an incorporate something into your costume about where you are from.

  16. Hammerknight says:

    Great to see all the comments. It’s Old West time period some a river boat gambler is very cool. @ams good idea. Thanks everyone for the help on the transparent subject. To help with doing your own picture look in the mirror you will be surprise how easy it is to do it with HM.

  17. Watson Bradshaw says:

    this should be fun, can’t wait to see the finished product πŸ™‚

  18. Zarae says:

    i tried to email, had the faliure one comeback;
    so here’s me:

  19. Jadebrain says:

    Here’s my western self… Granted, I wanted to add some viking heritage into it, but the theme was western, so…

    I imagined myself being a little (okay, a lot) more muscular than in real life, due to there being no video games or processed food in the old west. I also imagined myself being a vigilante-type guy who prefers to duel opponents up-close with a rather large sword, but also has a throwing axe and a pistol as sidearms. Also, I am a LOT younger than I look, both in the picture and in real life.


  20. Hammerknight says:

    The picture in the end will fit inside a frame like the one in the picture above. So any thing below the waist is not going to be used.

  21. Mr.Chris says:

    I was surprised at how accurate I was able to get my face. I think Jeff put that haircut in there just for me:


  22. Hammerknight says:

    No need to post the pictures here it is a lot easier for me to use them if they are e-mailed to me as an PNG. Please send them as a file and not as a link to the picture.

  23. CPrime says:

    I kinda saw mine as a Firefly-style Malcolm Reynolds-type of person. A space cowboy, if you will.


    But I think I did a horrible job at making myself. Here’s my press credential mug shot so you can be the judge:


  24. Hammerknight says:

    Wow! Off to a wonderful start. The 2009 poster had 28 creators on it, so far in one day we almost 20.

  25. CPrime says:

    Well, you always have to take inflation into account.

  26. Zarae says:

    well, i did try. it gave me a failed delivery message. so thats why i posted it here.

  27. Hammerknight says:

    It’s ok Zarae I got it.

  28. Zarae says:

    okie dokie!

  29. Zarae says:

    here’s my husband’s. (I forget which name I use). he didnt have time to get it sent off or anything

  30. Hammerknight says:

    30 plus Creators in 2 days WOW!

  31. Watson Bradshaw says:

    hey hammerknight just sent you a new version, promise no more edits!

  32. Violet says:

    @Hammerknight: I have been meaning to ask you, are you going to do a sort of collection of framed portraits, kinda like this:



    I have seen prettier examples, using managers or the like, but you get the gist of my query.

  33. Cliff says:

    Well, here I am. I alredy sent it to Hammerknight. Sadly this is really how I look. 49 year old balding with fringe, gay male, I’m a bear although I’ve never been comfortable with the tag, not sure why. I do love hats and hae several incliding a St Patricks green with green fur and a tiara on it. I do wear red paid shirts a lot, but it merged with the hankercheif too much so I choose my blue plaid shirt. I wanted to add a pink triangle somewhere, but didn’t due to the time period. I hope you all like.


  34. Me, Myself & I says:

    Hello Hammerknight. I sent this to you by Email but didn’t get a confirmation so just in case you didn’t get it, here is a copy.



  35. Watson Bradshaw says:

    sent mine to hammerknight as well but thought I should share, here I am (yep another fella with a beard).


  36. ams says:

    @MMI- What’s that on yer gun, fellow canuckle head?

  37. Me, Myself & I says:

    You betcha ams (38). Pure 100% unadulterated thouroughbred Canadian. That there is my maple leaf tribute to the flag.

  38. Violet says:

    Oh, are we sharing? I wanna share.

    Full: http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb416/omnomnom20/Violet.png

    Head: http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb416/omnomnom20/west144.png

    Opinion was split as to if this looked like me. Everyone agreed that I “hit most of the main points”. And, before the widening of the head and the removal of the line that made a “Maggie Gyllenhaal” mouth…it looked exactly like the aunt I favor. Since said aunt is middle-aged, the line went away pretty quick. :p

    I also stopped caring about making the skirt look any better after HammerKnight’s reminder about the above-the-waist thing. I was glad for that, because it was driving me crazy.

    Considering the position of the bustle (so it could be seen) is higher on the backside, and not a freakin’ shelf, that makes this ensemble (IMHO) very late 1870s rather than early 1880s. I attempted to give myself a little hat on the side, since little pinned hats were more common until the 1900s, but I had to cover up the huge-ass bun I hated.

    So there ya go.

  39. ams says:

    Alright MMI! (Lifts Timmies cup in a toast)

  40. Me, Myself & I says:

    Geez ams (41), not sure where I’d find a Timmy’s around here. Oh wait, that’s right, I have a window I can look out of. Oh look, its a Timmies! πŸ™‚

  41. ams says:

    HA ha ha, EH!

  42. Hammerknight says:

    @Violet, yes that is the type of direction that I was going with for the poster.

  43. nobody says:

    well, if we’re sharing also (and if her photothingy works):

  44. Myro says:

    MMI (42): You’re lucky, I have to drive 10 minutes to get to a Timmies. Problem with living in the deep suburbs. My friend who lives closer inside the city can hit 3 of them in the same 10 minutes.

    Thinking about if I should put up my picture, or just wait for the Hammerknight reveal.

  45. Me, Myself & I says:

    Actually Myro (46) I was exagerating a little. The closest Timmies to my work (at least the one I’m at right now) is three blocks away. I also have 2 within 3 blocks of my home.

  46. Myro says:

    MMI (47): I have three within two blocks of my work, so coffee and donuts aplenty on the job. Two of them are even 24hr ones. It’s just that I’m deprived once I’m out in the ‘burbs. There are places in Calgary where you can’t swing a dead cat and hit at least a couple.

  47. ams says:

    The power of Timmies!

  48. ams says:

    I think I’ve been inspired to creat e a new hero. SuperTimmy!

  49. Myro says:

    ams (5): LOL! Hilarious. Does he have a sidekick named Double-Double?

    I couldn’t resist.

  50. Myro says:


  51. ams says:

    I think we’re butchering Hammerknight’s thread. SORRY!

  52. Myro says:

    I guess the Canadian thing to do would be to appologize for our outbreak of Canadian-ness.

    Anyway, I just remembered that I was going to lose a lot of detail when Hammerknight puts this into wanted poster format, so I guess I’ll show mine off now.
    I had been messing around with trying to tuck my boot tops into my pant legs (because no one wore their pants tucked into their boots then), and it wasn’t working, but like Violet, I decided to stop caring when I remembered that it wouldn’t be in the picture anyway.

    I am going to miss the French cuffs and cufflinks I gave myself though.


  53. Me, Myself & I says:

    Eh . . . sorry ’bout Timmies redirect their. Back to you Hammerknight!

  54. Coolness is for Cool kids says:

    Hey, I am new to the whole hm3 contest sence, I have made dozens of creations and never really posted them or emailed them…Can someone help please?

  55. Jeff Hebert says:

    Coolness, you just need to get an account on some sort of publicly accessible image hosting site. There are lots — photobucket.com, imageshack.com, the UGO Forums, and lots more. Then you just upload your character there (named with YOURNAME-CHARACTERNAME.JPG or .PNG, like CoolnessIsForCoolKids-Firebird.jpg). I announce new character designs every other Monday (or so), and any time that week you just make a comment to that post with a link to your character image, its name, and any sort of history or back story you want to give it.

    That’s it! The next Monday I announce the Finalists and the overall winner.

  56. Violet says:

    @Coolness: You can also wait for an Open Critique Day, one of which occurs almost every Friday, and share your pictures there.

  57. Myro says:

    Am I like the only guy who has no facial hair?

  58. Me, Myself & I says:

    Myro (61) Yup, I think you are. πŸ™‚

    I cover up a couple of scars with mine otherwise I probably wouldn’t have it.

  59. Tuldabar says:

    @Myro: Nah, I keep clean shaven too. I don’t appreciate hair in my food ;P.

  60. Coolness is for Cool kids says:

    That you guys for the help, I love this website.

  61. Myro says:

    Tuldabar (63): Yeah, I went back and looked at your picture. It looks like you’re the only one besides me at the moment.

  62. Coolness is for Cool kids says:

    GAAH! I am in dire need of help, I am my making my character hold a rifle with a bent arm how do I keep the arm above the gun stock but not under the shirt!?!?! please (( sorry for my noobinees ))

  63. Coolness is for Cool kids says:

    But under the shirt (( not above it))

  64. Myro says:

    Coolness, you’re going to need to either build your arm in sections using individual pieces, or if you have done that, you’ll need to move the forearm or sleeve up enough layers so that it is over the layer that the rifle is on.

  65. Hammerknight says:

    Coolness I would have to see a picture of what you are trying to do.

  66. Worf says:

    @Coolness(70): You’re going to have to build that rifle in parts. Your problem is that the rifle “butt” has to be under the upper arm and that has to be under the shirt so that makes the rifle (if it is one piece) be under the shirt. I don’t see any other way around that layering conundrum.

  67. Me, Myself & I says:

    Coolness (67 & 70)

    Worf and Myro certainly have the right idea here Coolness. Here is an example of how this can be done in picture form.


  68. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks for the help out everyone.