Earth ho!

Not that kind of ho ... probably. We'll see. This is a family adventure, after all. The votes are in and we're proceeding to Earth:

Your trip to Earth goes smoothly; your craft smoothly brakes as it approaches Earth's atmosphere. Suddenly you can't see anything through your windows but the dense clouds that cover the planet.

A voice comes from speakers on the instrument panel. "Greetings from Earth Orbit Monitor Twenty-Two-Two-Two. We have been advised by Suprema Eight-seven to the Fifth Power that you wish to land. Normally, only archaeologists and reconstructionists visit Earth. It is not classified as a habitable planet. Nearly all descendants of Earth survivors have moved to distant colonies. Are you sure you want to land? If not, we can redirect you to Sintra, which has an environment similar to the one Earth had during its prime eons."

On one hand, Sintra sounds a lot like Sinatra. A planet full of blue-eyed crooners and swingers might be just the ticket, since Earth looks like nothing more than a second-rate Venus by now.

On the other hand, it's Earth, baby! The Caves of Time are there, too, so maybe we could make our way to some more exciting locale.

Which'll it be, intrepid explorers?

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