RP: So THAT’S what hoboes carry in their sacks

(From "Super Mystery Comics" number 2.)

7 Responses to RP: So THAT’S what hoboes carry in their sacks

  1. Joshua says:

    Ah, simpler times, when the majority of Americans preferred their homeless drifters to be happy with their soul-crushing lot in life. I mean, how dare these two men bemoan about their lack of a stable job, a roof over their heads, no running water, or having empty bellies that may be lucky to get a can of beans once in awhile. A-holes!


  2. TheNate says:

    I’m scared of those guys. I’ve always been a little hobophobic.

  3. gero says:

    Those are two of the best dressed hobos I’ve ever seen. I know people with houses and jobs that couldn’t afford clothes like that…

  4. frankie says:

    Is the name of the guy talking, the White?

  5. Dr. Shrinker says:

    “They’re carrying a grudge against all mankind!”

    In that tiny bag?!? I had to force mine into a steamer trunk!

  6. I always knew hoboes thought that. Yep, pure evil.

    And since TheNate brought up phobia…….
    If anyone didn’t already know, btw, Phobia comes from ‘Phobos’ the greek god fear. :-0
    I’m sure I could say G.I Joe after that….:P