RP: Note to self — do NOT join Squad One

(From "Daredevil" number 11, 1942. Not that Daredevil, the first one -- totally unrelated.)

4 Responses to RP: Note to self — do NOT join Squad One

  1. frankie says:

    Aliens fighting pigs? Is this another reference to ‘Pigs in Space’? Or was this printed back when pigs COULD fly?

    No relation to Marvel’s Daredevil? I don’t know. this guy looks kind of like a Skrull to me.

  2. NGpm says:

    I can see Skrull maybe, but to me he looks more like a far gone Green Goblin.

    How does one eat with a mouth like that? I hope his jaw unhinges like a snake. Course he does look a little unhinged already.

  3. Joshua says:

    Y’know, if the United States ever truly had a golden age, the 1940’s was when it happened. It’s like that whole decade was carved from an ivory slab of heroism, each year intricately dwindled into form by bravery, sacrifice, and brotherly love. Even those of us of later generations look back on that decade with an unfailing nostalgia and warmth…

    …and yet, the racism in those comics were grade-A horrifying. The Claw (…said RP villain) was supposed to be a representation of the Asian nationality. It figures of course– I mean, we know how much America loved the Japanese back then, don’t we? But what I’m surprised about is the fact he’s speaking perfect English.

  4. You’ve got like 5 strips with this guy! Man those writters sucked!