Alternate Wolverines

I would wager that some of these have already been done, but I love both alternate historical settings for "what if" style stories, and Wolverine, so I wanted to combine them both:


Discussion to follow!

  • Steampunk England: I bet Steampunk Wolverine would not be much different than regular Wolverine, although what happens to the rest of the X-Men would probably be more interesting. But I think I'd like to see him playing Watson to Sherlock Holmes, or otherwise slicing his way up and down steam locomotive lines, giant steampunk robots, and the like.
  • American Old West: Cowboy Wolverine is one of those I'm pretty sure has been done before, but reading Golden Age cowboy comics has ignited my feeling of nostalgia once again.
  • Colonial America: This has sort of been done by Mel Gibson with "The Patriot", but the part that would be interesting to me would be seeing how Logan would handle rage against the British, or if he'd stay a Royalist, or just which way he'd decide to take his life.
  • Pre-History (Caveman, basically): This would probably be boring, as Wolverine would crush anyone who opposed him. Even wooly mammoths wouldn't stand a chance. You'd have to wonder how he'd get adamantium impregnated into his skeleton, though. Cavemen weren't much for metallurgy.
  • Nazis won WWII: Seeing Logan fight alongside the underground resistance after breaking away from Mengele's goons and their inhuman experiments would be totally awesome. Dare I hope to see an alternate history Captain America still lurking around somehow decades later as well?
  • South won the American Civil War: My buddy John ran a Champions campaign based on this concept that was a lot of fun. I'd like to see Wolverine dealing with the issues a society based on slavery would raise. You'd assume mutants would eventually be lumped in with Blacks if you're going with the standard Marvel treatment of their plight, but I think putting mutants in with the masters instead of the slaves would be even more interesting.

I'd probably go with the alternate history where the Nazis won WWII, because you can never get enough of Nazis being sliced into bits. Plus the idea that Cap might show back up, maybe as the agent who persuades Logan to switch sides, would be pretty cool.

How about you, what would you like to see? Any classic alternate histories I might've missed?

(Image ©Marvel Comics.)