Character Contest 54: Bounty Hunter

Your character design challenge for this week is to create the coolest looking, most interesting character using HeroMachine 3 that fits the concept of a "bounty hunter". The person I judge as submitting the best entry will win his or her choice of a) any item or b) any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3.

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration.

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

120 Responses to Character Contest 54: Bounty Hunter

  1. abominal401 says:

    This is Loaded….he likes killing people(other beings and robots)being rewarded and improving himself by buying new weapons and armor just so that he can be prepared for his next target.

  2. zaheelee says:

    This is Obsidian. She is the best hunter the world has ever seen. However, she only hunts those she deems worthy, so her prey consists of some of the most dangerous people in the world. When you are informed that Obsidian is on your trail, you shoudn’t even try to hide, for she will find you. All you can do is run and hope you’re fast enough.

  3. Sawyer Heppes says:

    Here is my link to the Bounty Hunter Contest. His names is Clayton “Jonesy” Jones from the year 2034.

  4. DJ says:

    Its been a while since I’ve entered one of these.

    Here is Dawg the Bounty Hunter. His job is to hunt down dogs who have escaped from the pound or ran away from their owners home.

  5. Asder says:

    I just saw that i forgot to mask the weapons, and also i forgot to save it, but still looks good i think.

    Coyotte Jones

  6. ajw says:

    For once I have made many some are color themed and others are random.

    First Fuschia- international world renowned femme fatale known for her patented air drop on her targets.

    Second Crimson- a silent hunter fond of the good old bola and grappling hooks. this isn’t a head shot it’s the actual picture.

    Reetano- the dresselian bounty hunter he is part of my robin hood ensemble that wasn’t needed.

    Rocketman- as the exploration of space expanded so did crime and with crime came law, he was one of earth’s first galactic bounty hunter’s and a for me a duke action figure in post it notes used to test bottle rockets.

    Schwere Kralle- German for Grevious claw he is Europe’s top tracker a skilled combatant he only kills under orders, as the hunt is his thrill.

    Zaku- An alien bounty hunter his carbon fiber armor is made to withstand a ton of pressure he is an expert marksman and prefers vintage human weapons he’s not the best but I thought of and drew him in 3rd grade soo a little bias

  7. Blue Blazer says:


    A mercenary for hire in the distant future, he has recently come under the employ of Lord Blackwell, tyrannical ruler of the district of New Russia. Blackwell, a man notorious for being terribly incompetent and always on the brink of being overthrown, has outfitted Kronokiller with a time travel-capable suit and a very large gun, enlisting him to ride the waves of time itself hunting down and killing his enemies as children, as well as their parents and grandparents. Kronokiller is more than happy to oblige with the promise of a vast sum of money set aside by Blackwell from the treasury of New Russia.

  8. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry 1

    Ancient Bounty

    I tried to go a little feudal Japan with my bounty hunter design. enjoy.

  9. VonMalcolm says:

    I finally might be out of my creative funk: Here is Snap Dragon. I think he is more of a Fantasy Bounty Hunter.

    At first he was going to be the Bounty and not the Hunter but the more work I put into him the more I liked him. I went with the empty background because I think he his complicated enough.

  10. The Imp says:

    This is a character for a story I’m planning, and she fits in nicely with this contest.

    Anka Halfblood is a bounty hunter who tracks down oathbreakers, murderers, and other scum, in the cold forests of Knurland. Her father was a mercenary from beyond the seas to the south who raped her mother, a Knur woman of high standing. The Knur are a barbaric people who have a large percentage of lycanthrope blood in them, and Anka has inherited some of this, enough to give her heightened senses, reflexes, and endurance.

  11. Malfar says:

    My first entry on this contest is cruel and merciless Merfolk Bounty Hunter!
    The second is…Atomus the Mercenary!
    The third is demon-possessed, mad construction worker that earns his money by building houses and killing people – the Demolisher!

  12. TheRandomHERO says:

    Krail Hunter

    Known mostly throughout the known worlds as the most desired bounty hunters. A nearly perfect rate on capture and/or retrieval of any and all bounties. They sport the ability to claim a 99% success. But with such great success, comes a great price. Being extreamly expensive not only for the assurance of a guaranteed capture, but they are even more difficult to find. And there methods of handling jobs has earned them also a title for being monsters.
    Looks aside (which no one has ever seen what they truly look like), their demeanor and tactics are very crude and sometimes messy. Unless your bounty is willing to go peacefully, which most don’t that require the hiring of a Krail, they are usually returned to you either unrecognizable or missing limbs if not in parts. But always alive….at least long enough to collect the bounty.
    The Krail all have the same type and/or style of weaponry and armor, mostly comprised of light to medium grade and almost never all the same brand/make. Most will also have cybernetic or robotic upgrades either into the armor or on themself.
    Their faces have never been seen except by those who will view them for the last time. Krail enjoy the terror they envoke when they expose themselves before a kill.
    They will not however kill for pleasure, or anyother means unless provoked. Instigating anything that may cross a Krail is usually met with swift dismemberment and/or death.
    Krail’s are never seen with another, unless they are fighting. It has been said that when in the presence of another they will instantly engage eachother and will not stop till the other is dead.

  13. Xavier Kain says:

    Here is a fun one i whipped up kinda of tribute/parody he is an Orc named Trog The Bounty Hunter.

  14. maniacmick says:

    Betty Vengeance, lady bounty hunter fiercely beautiful and fiercely dangerously

  15. Jack Zelger says:

    For this character to work, you just have to pretend he comes from the old sci-fi comics of the 1940s and 1950s. At least, that’s the look and feel I’m hoping for here.

    Both criminals and heroes alike fear Tex Rocket, Space Bounty Hunter. During the 22nd century, many native Earth men have chosen to travel among the stars. Tex earns a living out in space, traveling from planet to planet tracking down those men, women (and aliens) he is hired to bring in. He spells trouble for his targets or anyone else who gets in his way.

  16. borntobealoser says:

    My first entry:

    The Bounty Hunter:
    The Bounty Hunter arrived on his current planet a few years ago. Folks just call him the Bounty Hunter, they don’t know his real name. He likes it that way, he doesn’t care much for their race, they’re an ugly and simple species. The only equipment he takes around with him is his crossbow for making the targets more… compliant, and his lasso, to hogtie them afterwards. He doesn’t need any close combat weapon, because his claws were made for shredding.

  17. maniacmick says:

    2nd entry… Murder Girl

    a seductively beautiful girl with the insatiable urge to kill, she’ll kill whoever you want her to, she lives for the thrill of killing, but is she good or is she evil? that’s for you to decide…..

  18. The Imp says:

    Here’s one I did a while ago:

    The interstellar bounty hunter and assassin known simply as ‘Morrigan’ is feared across countless star systems. In addition to her formidable combat skills, she possesses an ability unique to her now mostly-extinct race: the power to speed up the temporal field surrounding her body. This allows her to move at what appear to be lightning-fast speeds, while everything else crawls. She’s careful not to become reliant on this power or use it too much, however, since it causes her to age at a faster than normal rate, thus shortening her lifespan. Morrigan is ruthless, amoral, and fanatical in pursuit of her goals, but this has never stopped the various stellar republics and empires from making use of her special ‘talents’…

  19. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry 2

    winged bounty

    Kade Ra was once an elite guard of the Avia Empire. He lost his status and was cast out for sympathizing with a conquered civilization. Branded a traitor he left his home-world for the outer reaches of the galaxy. Now making money as a bounty hunter he has made quite a name for himself as one of the best in the buisness.

  20. Asder says:

    Lems Banditto
    another bounty hounter fron the wild west

  21. joel says:

    entry #2

    Demon Hunter

    no one knows exactly who he is or where he came from. what people do know, is that he will always get the job done. he is merciless and will never give up once he gets a job. some say that he is really a demon in disguise. he doesn’t help to quell this theory by wearing an oni mask. though there is a lot of speculation about him, one thing is for certain: if your on his black list… run.

  22. CPrime says:

    I swore I’d never bother with a contest again, but I have a couple of creations that I think may stand a shot.

    1. Siege.

    2. Warbound.

    I have a few other assassin-type characters, which is close enough to bounty hunter, but I think I want to save those in case a more appropriate contest comes along.

  23. Liam says:

    My first entry. Edmund cares not whether his prey is good or evil; only whether the pay is good.

    Likes: Money, bloody kills, walking with a swagger, exercising, long walks on a beach and cutting a bloody swathe through everyone on it.

    Dislikes: People, people breathing on him, people breathing near him, people being out of reach of his sword, people who look at him funny, people who don’t look at him at all, et cetera….

  24. jason ransom says:

    unlike Heliger, this blitzkrieg is not a decendent, givin the chance to do good he has become a bounty hunter for the Bloody Mary and her Order.

  25. jason ransom says:

    this is the link^

  26. jason ransom says:

    this is steve. stolen bio-synthetic suit, he has become the bio-hazard bounty hunter. reaping bounty on wild gens (genetics).

  27. Frevoli says:

    Probably only 2 for me this week, maybe more if I can find the time

    The fisrt: Already a skilled assassin and warrior, Dieago was transformed, altered – his DNA spliced with a Locust.

    Now gifted (or cursed) with flight an the ability to swarm… this is the Locust Assassin (honestly, the best name I could come up with)

  28. Frevoli says:

    maybe that entry would be better if I actually gave the link:

  29. Frevoli says:

    The seccond (whom I’d originally saw as more of a small time villain / mid-level enforcer, but I’ll still have a few entries for that category should it appear)

    Here’s the deal:

  30. Domhellsing says:

    Nex by Domhellsing

  31. Domhellsing says:

    ops my bad… again
    nex by Domhellsing

  32. lbclark3 says:

    2nd entry

    Earl McFinnley. You got a job, he’ll do it, but it’ll cost ya

  33. The Imp says:

    @Domhellsing (36): That is awesome! How’d you do those swirly star patterns – mask them onto an aura?

  34. Sniper: I don’t know what the three bullets are supposed to represent. Just like the how they look in the hat.

  35. The Imp says:

    Entry #3 is a US Federal Marshal. With the rise of metahumans, law enforcement agencies found the need to fight fire with fire, and one of the new divisions was the US Marshals Special Tactics Division, made up of fully trained metahuman marshals. Sunburst has been a marshal for about eight years now, and has her own reality TV show.

  36. TheRandomHERO says:

    Once you see him, you’ll know. He was the best intergalactic bounty hunter hero ever!

  37. abominal401 says:

    This is Green Mist…a silent assassin mech that can’t get enough of killing,butchering and rob innocent people.

    Here is the sick killer:

  38. spidercow2010 says:

    She seemed so nice.
    You’ve been on the run, sure, and under a lot of pressure; you had a couple pops at that out-of-the-way bar so maybe you weren’t thinking real straight, but this doll seemed so sweet and well, innocent, y’know? And it seemed like she liked you for YOU, not for that 800 thou you boosted from the Horseshoe; hell, she seemed lonely too, and a little sad behind those baby blues. Yeah, and she needed a place to stay– what do they say about “too good to be true?” Yeah.
    Still, things were going real good, she’s hangin on your every word, you’re starting to relax…
    So there you are, pants around your ankles, waiting for her to come back with a couple more glasses of vino, but she can only hold one, what with the roscoe and all.
    But don’t get down on yerself. You’re not such a chump. She’s the best in the business with tough guys like you. She’s got all the dope on everybody worth runnin down, and this time, it was you. Buddy, you don’t have to run any more. And don’t raise a fuss. You’ve just been shushed up good by The Librarian.

  39. Myro says:

    During the height of the Steampunk era in Victorian England, if you ever needed to track someone down, especially if you needed them captured alive, there were rumors of a man that could do just that for you, for the right price. Word was, his name was Richmond Cavendish, but everyone knew him as “Trapper.” A thoroughly distasteful “gentleman,” he was said to be as mad as a hatter, smelling of mercury and coal, with weapons the likes no one has ever seen. But he has never failed a job yet.

  40. borntobealoser says:

    My second entry:

    Belle loves to travel. To fund her travels, powerful organisations pay her to eliminate their enemies. Belle is perfect for the job in her unassuming attire, with a hidden blade concealed in her umbrella.

  41. Domhellsing says:

    Crazy Willie say:”fuck I’m Irish, sucker!”

  42. Jack Zelger says:

    Debbie the Psychic Bounty Hunter. Possessing incredible mental abilities since childhood, Debbie found she could use her gift to find anyone she wanted to find. She can “see” their location in her mind, eliminating the need for searching that takes up most of a bounty hunter’s time.

    Here, we see Debbie waiting for the perfect moment to surprise her quarry. She can stay hidden and wait for him to arrive without having to risk being spotted. She only needs to concentrate and wait.

  43. Watson Bradshaw says:

    errrrg my posts keep deleting and not coming up after I hit post. what up with that?

  44. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3

    Home Office

    As the best of the bad-asses run around the universe collecting bounties back home IN-TRN and Joe Starcleaner man the office. both dream of being out there on assignment but for now IN-TRN is stuck behind a desk answering phones and greeting clients. While Joe mops the floors and uses his plasma wash cannon to get out stains from the conference room carpet.

  45. this is my design for a bounty hunter his name is “warstrike”


    “this is my design for a bounty hunter his name is “warstrike”
    he used to be a loyal soldier from the federation, an he quit because he kill a senator who kill his father, now he is wanted by the army of the federation”

  47. victor hugo contreras tellez says:

    this is warstrike partner “crimson ninja”

  48. lbclark3 says:

    3rd entry

    Hunter of the Inner Eye. He’ll find you, and whenhe does it wont be pretty.

  49. ajw says:

    myro he’s like lovelace from wild wild west kinda.

  50. Sutter_Kaine says:

    THE LAST CRUSADER – And so, under the brutal leadership of the treacherous Lord Crow, the mercenary army descended from the slopes of the Shunned Mountains to pillage to the prosperous kingdoms of the south. They rode under the blood-red banner of the Crimson Raven, Lord Crow’s personal heraldry, and numbered horned ogres, lumbering half-trolls, and worse things amongst their ranks. The arrival of the Raven Army at the gates of Nord, the kingdom of Lord Crow’s birth, was heralded by the first snows of winter. Chief amongst Nord’s defenders were the Crusaders, the elite warrior-priests who served as the militant arm of the Church of the Living God. Even under their leadership, the forces of Nord were hoplessly outnumbered and outclassed by the nightmare army marshalled by Lord Crow. The city walls were breached on the third day of the third week of the seige and, as the invaders rushed over the fallen gates and swept through the city like a tidal wave of flesh and steel, the Crusaders fought to the last man. After the city fell, Lord Crow declared himself the Raven King and banished King Aster and the royal line of Nord to the dungeons (save for his cousin Camilla, whom he took as his bride). His first act as the Raven King was to raze the temple of the Living God, thereby undoing the first of the seven seals binding his secret master, the Desolate One himself. After the fall of Nord,the other kingdoms fortified their borders and placed bounties on the heads of the Raven King’s men for fear of sharing Nord’s fate. Mercenaries and bounty hunters could make a dangerous but lucrative living collecting the winged helms (and the heads wearing them) of Nord’s occupiers. According to rumor, the most prolific of these “head-hunters” was no less than a Crusader who somehow escaped death at the fall of Nord. Having learned of these rumors, the Raven King has dispatched hunters of his own to deal with the last of the Crusaders.

  51. joel says:

    entry #3

    Marcus Cain: he’s a bounty hunter, but he only hunts one kind of bounty: monsters! Vampires or werewolves, it’s all the same to him. he only takes the money because he needs to eat. all he really cares about, is exterminating all the monsters of this world. he would even exterminate a few humans if it helped him reach his goal.

  52. Sutter_Kaine says:

    VALENTINE – Originally an agent of the top secret intelligence organization GIRLS (Governmental Investigative Research and Logistics Service), Katrina Valentine became discouraged after seeing what she considered the most dangerous criminals, corrupt politicians, ruthless businessmen, and other power-brokers whose wealth and influence make them all but untouchable, flout the law time and again. Eventually, she decided to use her skills to go after targets of her own choosing (and maybe get rich in the process). Katrina retired from GIRLS and became a bounty hunter, exclusively going after rich and powerful targets who believe they are beyond the reach of justice.

  53. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry 4

    the drifter

    just an old west take. enjoy

  54. spidercow2010 says:

    Give it up. They’ve hired Bagger to track you down. Just give it up.

  55. Firecracker says:

    my submission for Bounty Hunter
    I’ve had this in storage for some time, not knowing what to do with it. Then you announced the Bounty Hunter contest and voila!

  56. joel says:

    entry #4

    we’ve had a lot of traditional bounty hunters. so to contrast, i give you: Sam Burns: the booty hunter.

  57. Erez says:

    my first entry; “Skull Hunter”

  58. borntobealoser says:

    My third entry. My two other entries are sorta similar, but this one is completely different.

    Bag ‘Em:
    I haven’t been able to do the character concept justice. He’s meant to be like a living prison, storing his bounties until he can turn them over to the authorities.

  59. Myro says:

    ajw (64): Ouch, I’m not even sure that’s a good thing.

  60. joel says:

    entry # 5

    a mysterious bounty hunter from another dimension known only as King.

  61. Tuldabar says:

    I’ve got two entries here.
    The first is what I call a “red dwarf,” who abandoned his homeworld for a life of adventure and mercdom. He’s getting on in years now, but he’s as fierce and deadly as ever. He once led a mercenary band called “Bane,” but was eventually betrayed by his former partner and kicked out with a few scars on his body and soul. The new leader of Bane, a super soldier involved in genetic experimentation along with his dwarf partner, turned the group into a bloodthirsty mob syndicate, a “ludicrous parcel of driveling galloots,” after his deal with a fire demon gave him an Ironman-esque suit of enhancing armor.

    Mikail now has joined another band of adventurers in the hopes of destroying Tank and Bane.

  62. Invisiboy says:

    Demon Hunter:

    Note: The ‘7’ is the Christian symbol for God, and the chest symbol (which kind of got messed up in the upload) is supposed to be a demon with a bullet hole in its head.

  63. Tuldabar says:

    Oops, here’s Tank: Sorry if I don’t know how to format into a named hyperlink by the way.

  64. The Imp says:

    @borntobealoser (80): that’s disturbingly cool.

  65. Sutter_Kaine says:

    1) SOUL COLLECTOR – Sometimes referred to as hell’s bounty hunters, soul collectors claim the devil’s due. They are used to retrieve escapees from the pit as well as acquire the souls of the soon to be damned.

    2) MIKE HONCHO – “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.”

  66. Jessica says:

    Okay, so I am going to try this. Not sure how it works. Bear with me. Her name is Charratha Starfallen. Kind of a Star Wars/futuristic bounty hunter. Here is the link:

  67. borntobealoser says:

    @ The Imp: Thanks πŸ™‚

  68. B. Clouser says:

    Decided to try my hand a second time at the Heromachine. Redid my bounty hunter, Hayden Chase. I gave him a pose, a drop shadow, new scenery, etc.

  69. theturhake says:

    Post-apocalyptic, nameless bounty hunter. He (or perhaps she?) hunts and kills mutants for bounty money paid by remnants of human goverments. Here seen holding one’s severed head as a trophy in ruins of a great city.

  70. Krashnaak says:

    Greetings, everyone. This is the second character I’ve made using HM3, and the first one I’m about to submit as an entry to the contest. The new features added to HM3 are amazing and quite convenient. They allowed me to make some cool shadows, among other things. Well, here we go:

    First the story:
    “Before my grandfather’s grandfather was born, Raghoreans came to our lands. I hate Raghoreans. Every Holmaarian does. They brought nothing but lies, foul ways, and war and pillage in their galleys as they sailed across the Great Sea into our land. They promised trade and prosperity, and we believed. Curses upon them! Instead, as we were unprepared, they scorched our sacred woods, stole the women, and took the children into slavery. The old – they butchered. Their wast armies were so numerous, but we fought and held what we could for almost a century. Although much of our land gradually fell into their hands, the lords of our realm were clinging tight to their forts, and defending the people who run in front of the invaders in seek of shelter. One of these sanctums was our capital, my father’s city, Holm.
    But then, one night, three weeks after I was born, terrible doom came upon us. Our enemy finally managed to breach our defense and after long decades of siege, Holm fell to their arms. They killed everyone and set the city on fire. After a day of pillaging, you couldn’t have found two stones upon one another. When the word of how the king Joms, my father, died by Raghorean hand reached the lords, they slowly began submitting to Raghorean rule. Those who didn’t – they’re gone. Our kingdom started to descend and it’s glory inevitably faded, day by day. Most of our men were taken to Faalran, Raghorean king’s capital as slaves, as Raghoreans always knew we are hardy people. The woods and hills and mountains and valleys of Holmaar were now inhabited by crows and jackals only, who spread the bones, ashes and flesh throughout the land, and it’s white snowy meadows were now colored red.
    I was the only one who survived this bloodbath in our capital, and remained free. That night, a wolf came to Holm. During the chaos, he grabbed me with his fangs and took me to a cave near the city. I was raised there by a pack of wolves, but the wolf who brought me there turned out not to be a wolf, but a werewolf, named after Gudulvur, our wolf-like god of war and thunder. He trained me in the art of war, and trained me well.
    When I reached the age of 20, I was already an extraordinary skilled warrior, and my teacher presented me with my fathers sword and shield, which he brought with us that lurid night 20 years before. But then, our cave has been raided by infernal demonic crows, led by Farnadur, the god of death. At first, I didn’t know why did they come, but then I realized they wanted to kill Gudulvur, as he bore the name of god of war and thunder, the archenemy of Farnadur’s. I almost fell to the beasts, but Gudulvur saved me, and sacrificed his life, battling them. It took hundreds and Farnadur himself to bring him down, but Farnadur died, too. One of them stroke me with it’s demonic claws, and I bear the ever-live wounds on my arm since then.
    When all of them died and ran away, I rushed to Gudulvur. Before he died, he told me: “Take what’s left of me, and go to Undar mountain near Faalran. You will restore the might and glory of my land and my sons”. Not until then did I realize that Gudulvur was THE Gudulvur. His body disappeared in blinding brightness, and on the place where he lied was his hairy fur and a black diamond amulet – his soul. I cloaked myself with the fur and put the amulet around my neck, and took off to the south, across the Great Sea and into Raghorean kingdom.
    The Gudulvur’s soul gave me amazing strength and agility, and helped me stalk my enemies and hunt them like animals.
    Traveling through Raghorea I learned that a troublesome dragon, Quargar lives on Undar, and that he eats the people, and that Raghorean king promised a dear reward to one who puts an end to his life.
    I went to Undar, and with help of Gudulvur’s soul easily killed Quargar, who turned into a powerful enchanted axe upon his death. I took Quargar with me, and went to Faalran. Their king rewarded me with three chests of gold, and proposed that I stay in his service, as his bounty hunter, an assassin to kill off the disloyal subjects of his. And so I accepted. I started to link with my fellow Holmaarians who worked as slaves, and there were many of them.
    And so I hunt. My blood thirsts for vengeance. I kill Raghoreans and their king pays me for it. Years have passed since I came here, and all this time I tirelessly massed the men and money. When the time comes, we will rise, and ruin this city. We will put all to the sword, as they did years ago, and burn this foul place! And then – all Raghorea will lie wide open in front of us! And all who dare disobey will die! And once we deal with them, we will return to Holmaar. Holm will rise from the ashes, and shine once again!
    They call me Maanulvur, Half-man-half-wolf, and I will make the prophecy of a god come true. The road ahead may be long, but Quargar will once again eat Raghoreans and carve that road in the skulls of our enemies, wielded by my hand and Gudulvur’s soul. By the sword in my hand, and the shield on my back, I will avenge you, father!”

    And the link to my character, Mannulvur:

  71. Krashnaak says:

    I know this kind of comment is rather uncommon, but I’ll spit it out anyway.
    Of all characters, I like The Last Crusader’s background story the best. The image is also quite to my fancy. Now, as I wont be able to use computer nor net next week (or maybe longer), in case I win the contest (not that I expect or imply something), I would like Sutter_Kaine to take the bounty πŸ˜€ in my stead, if that’s OK with everyone.

    Greetings, and all the best.

  72. Asder says:

    Osoru the demon samurai.

    A samurai hired by goverments to ¨take care¨ of problematic people

  73. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Krashnaak – Thanks, I needed that. Mannulvur is pretty cool too. You did a really good job of creating a sense of frenzied action in the picture.

  74. joel says:

    cool! Osoru the demon samurai is Renji Abarai!

  75. joel says:

    entry #6

    Targon: Armed with the deadly hell’s broadsword, he is a very formidable bounty hunter indeed.

  76. Tuldabar says:

    All right, last one I swear:
    He’s not a Bounty Hunter per sey, he’ll go after dangerous people, but he makes his own decicions about how. Quickpaw is a two-century old werewolf who was able to fight off Lycon’s curse of insanity long enough to learn how to control his inner wolf. Nowadays he is a wanderer, never stopping anywhere long enough to make a lasting impression of himself. He prefers anonimity to infamy. But he will stop to aide the oppresed. His skills include ninjutsu martial arts, lycanthropic transformation and super-senses, and mild energy-based powers obtained from a not-so-un fortunate encounter with a lightning bolt. Quickpaw is his real name, but he is known by his few friends and fewer enemies as Shadow.

    Shadow Wanderer:

  77. The “HMS Bounty” Hunter: Apologies to Melville. Couldn’t resist.

  78. Gene says:

    Allow me to introduce Vin’Tac, A jaffa bounty hunter. Having been freed from service as one of Hade’s elite Cerberus Guard, Vin’tac earns his way across the galaxy as a bounty hunter specializing in Gou’ald and Jaffa targets. He is armed with a large selection of Jaffa, gou’ald, and other alien weapons.

  79. Vodnik says:

    Here is Goodfellow.

    Known by many names, including Puck and Robin, Goodfellow is the deadly, iambic-pentameter-speaking, androgynous, amoral sword for hire in the Fairy-World. He is currently the bodyguard and assassin, as well as the jester, for King Oberon of the Fairy-world. Here is the story explainging how he ended up being bound to a master.

    He was once hired by Queen Titania of the Fairy-World to find and capture Queen Medb Lethdurg. Goodfellow traveled across mythological and literary worlds and eventually found her in a Celtic Legend. When Goodfellow found her, Medb was hunting with her royal guards. Goodfellow changed into a boar and ran in front of Medb. She chased him, all the while shooting arrows. She followed him through the forest until she realized that she had been separated from her guards. Goodfellow appeared, in his natural form, and used his magic to make her fall asleep. He brought Medb back to Titania. Titania turned Medb into an ugly crone and cast her out of the world of Celtic Mythology into the world of humans.

    Now, the reason Titania wanted to get rid of Medb, was because her husband, Oberon, was having an affair with her. When Oberon learned of Medb’s fate, he wanted to punish Goodfellow, who tricked Medb and brought her to Titania. Oberon summoned Goodfellow to his court. He told him to find and kill the witch, Sycorax, who was stirring up trouble on an Island near his castle. Goodfellow agrees to find and kill her. He tracked her down and found her, only to realize that she is actually Queen Titania. Goodfellow by fairy law cannot kill the queen of the Fairy-World. However, by the laws that bind Goodfellow, he is bound to an agreement until it is accomplished. He returned to Oberon without Sycorax. Now, by Goodfellow’s personal code, he is bound to serve Oberon until he can kill Queen Titania.

    Now, Goodfellow serves Oberon as his jester, his assassin, his bodyguard. He holds a grudge towards both Titania and Oberon for taking away his freedom. Goodfellow typically takes out his aggression on those he is sent to capture and kill. It is also important to note, to understand his character, that over the years Goodfellow has established himself as having a piercing wit and as a master of the English language. He is a highly cultured hunter.

  80. Rapthama says:

    This is Mofila von Jura, a hunter who hunts supernatural beings. Von Juras have been hunting supernatural beings for their whole life, and is passed down to their family members. Family members are ordered to hunt down thier first prey at the age of 10. If the task is done correctly, the child will become a full-time demon hunter, but if he fails to hunt down his prey, he will be banished from the family. Mofila hunted succeeded in the task, thus becoming a full time demon hunter. One of his passions (besides hunting) was weaponsmithing. All of his weapons are made by himself. The kunais were crafted from titanic/silver alloy, which prove to be very useful against werewolves and vampires. He also carries shurikens which have a heat seeking ability. His special hunting knife (most of von Juras carry Witchbane which resembles to a a broken broadsword) is one of his masterpiece. Namely, the knife is infused with elven water (proves to be useful to every supernatural being which dosen’t like light) adn a special mineral which will glow in the presseance of a corrupted elf or an orc.

    This scene shows Mofila von Jura, putting his knife back to the waistbelt, while holding a rope, which is attached to the head of a demon elf.

  81. Anarchangel says:

    I actually wasn’t going to enter this contest but I was messing around with HM3 and ended up creating a character I think fits.

    This is Dusk, hunter of meta humans. Because not even supermen are above the law.

  82. Sutter_Kaine says:

    SWORDSMAN’S DAUGHTER – The bounty hunter known only as the Swordsman’s Daughter wanders the lawless borderlands of the Jade Kingdoms where she earns a living bringing bandits, murderers, and anyone else with a price on their head to justice. She is a master swordswoman and her blade is rumored to be enchanted, a claim bolstered by its ability to wound demons and other supernatural opponents.

    Note: Her outfit was originally intended to be more traditional, but Heromachine kept glitching up and I lost access to the objects in Tops and Backplane, so she ended up in a bodystocking with a couple of scarves for a cape.

  83. Zar says:

    the bounty hunter (vampric dagger). is a semi sentient blade made of adamantine and mithril, the blade is 7 in long with an ever keen edge. on it is in an ancient sylvan (elven) tongue, a curse to enemies. the handle is made of ivory and carved into a dragon’s head, small rubies set in the eyes. a simple leather is wrapped around for comfort when gripping. what gives it is name is the magical gem. when activated and given the name of its ‘bounty’ it activates its abilities and will seek the heart of them or else it will turn on its owner. it will only recognize 1 master, and may never be handled by another.

    with background effect which looks beter on black background:
    without background effect:

  84. VonMalcolm says:


    My second or third HeroMachine creation: he was actually designed to be a Bounty Hunter.

  85. Knitesoul says:


    Kiran Woodtree uses any weapon to take down the people that she’s assigned to destroy. Sword, axe, mace, hammer, bow, you name it. Need a silent kill, maybe throwing knives or her specially crafted crimson bow. On the side as a day job, she sells & trades with any other hunters passing by. Of course, she keeps the good weapons to herself….

  86. XionUnborn01 says:

    Green Behemoth:
    His real name was never known, but all men with a bounty on their heads fear the shadow of the Green Behemoth. He knows only brutality and death, so the only saving grace you have would be if your bounty comes only with a live prisoner. With a frame the size of one and a half men, the only thing that might scare the someone more than his sight is his known reputation for keeping trophies from his captures.

  87. Rapthama says:

    2nd entry
    Morrok Wallinder – Morrok has been living trough his life by one single rule : Hunt down the others before they hunt you first.
    He’s skilled in Zen teachings, allowing him to bypass mental blockades, set up by his enemies. Hes known to hold his breath underwater for maximum atleast an hour and a half. When his enemies try to use some hypnosis on them, he can defelect it back where it came from. His satchels hold summoning scrolls which can summon any kind of aid he needs. One of his best summoning scroll is a squid looking drone which causes a huge explosion. When the enemy has manipulated darkness into his own benefit, Morrok has a special bag of Light gems, which give out a bright light and makes him immune to the darkness/shadow attacks. His runic bow, Yash, makes his shots always target enemies, vital spots (He usually tends to use his sword as an arrow. In safe keeping the sword is attached to a wire). In last resort, he can also use his secondary belt as a lasso. The color of it seems to be completely white and that’s for a good reason. It blinds the victim, so he can’t go far

  88. Jack Zelger says:

    Hope I can get this in under the wire. It’s supposed to be in “by Monday”, but I’m hoping that since it’s been less than a week (the contest was posted late Monday), it’ll qualify. If not, you can still look at it! πŸ™‚

    Leslie Cobb was a tough, beautiful woman who surprised everyone when she took up bounty hunting, despite being the daughter of one of the richest men in Oklahoma. Leslie has found that with most or her targets being men — usually men of a certain type — that she can most easily use flirting and even a little seduction to draw them in, then slap on the cuffs. And if those more peaceful means don’t work, there’s always her arsenal on the wall for backup.

  89. Jeff Hebert says:

    You made it, Jack πŸ™‚

    Contest entries are now closed, however — I’ve downloaded them all and am about to start going through them.

  90. Joe Dirt says:

    Joe Dirt-Gunslinger-