RP: Worst. Circus. Ever.

(From "Four Favorites" number 9, 1943.)

6 Responses to RP: Worst. Circus. Ever.

  1. Myro says:

    I don’t want to see what the elephant trainer throws when you bother him.

  2. Amscray says:

    [funny, and horrifying, Myro!]

    And yeah, Cirque Du Solei’s dark goth inspired “Pestilencia” didn’t breathe new life into the Vegas franchise… [oh crap..! ulcer..!]

  3. Dr. Shrinker says:

    You go clown! Show those hecklers you mean business!

  4. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: Are we having Open Critique Day today?

  5. ajw says:

    hey it’s the clown who wanted that caped guy’s mouth for his business!

  6. ajw says:

    hey jeff have we and if we haven’t can we have a superhero contest based on story and character, I mean story is like vital to the contest and character though very important sits back a little?