Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

Short but sweet this week:


You can view the trailer here. Go watch it, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Did you bring me popcorn? Get out.

I would say the trailer makes me somewhat more interested in seeing the movie. It helped sell me on the idea of Reynolds in the lead role, and I am buying the "Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot" angle.

Where I'm still struggling a bit is with the fundamental difficulty of melding an intergalactic space opera with an Earth-bound spandex-wearing super-hero. Those are two tough genres to pull off, and mashing them together is exponentially more difficult.

Anyway, what do you think, having now seen the trailer?

Updated to add: Man I hate the costume in this shot. It just looks ... muddy. And why have glowing, cool CGI effects in the threads but make the insignia look so pasted-on? I'd have liked to see them go whole-hog and make the insignia a floating hologram or something to match the rest of the costume.

I hope it's just the way the image is lit, but I miss the sharply defined color areas, the deep black of space and the crisp white of the gloves in the original design.

28 Responses to Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

  1. I can’t vote either way. Don’t care for the costume design, too CGI. The overall vibe is that they’re trying too copy the Star Trek re-boot. Which was an epically cool movie.

    How can you have a “re-boot” of GL? It’d be one thing if they forked over $100 million to Joel Schumacher and said “Hey, ruin this for us.”

    I’m actually digging the other GLs and the action sequences more than Hal Jordan. Which has me worried that the story, character development, and the acting will suffer.

    I see no middle ground. It’s going to be epic and well done like Star Trek and Iron Man. Or, it’s going to be vapid with lots of shiny objects – like Avatar.

  2. I have to say NOTHING bothers me about this film at all.
    And I have to say the people judging this as a “Suck” film already are dumbosaurus’s. You can’t judge a book by its cover….unless it’s covered in…well you know.
    But hey everyone has an opinion and others will always disagree and maybe I’m wrong and it will be a disaster.
    BUT until then I’ll stick with the latter I think.

  3. Atomicpunk is right aswell. Middle ground seems thin, so again, I might be wrong.

  4. Galahad says:

    First, let me say… Kilowog!!!

    The only thing that really bothers me about this movie is Ryan Reynolds. He’s awesome and GL is awesome, but together?!? I dunno. To me Hal Jordan is just too straight-man to be played by Ryan Reynolds. Plus I was excited when the news was that Reynolds would be playing the Flash way back when, and this project pretty much nixes that. Unless they do Marvel’s way and use one actor for 2 characters, bad idea. (Chris Evans as Johnny Storm AND Captain America.)

  5. Chris Evans is awesome, they should have made him Green Lantern and switched Ryan to the Flash.

  6. Also i heard you dis FF1? Why it is one of the best comic movies! And the guy playing the villian wasn’t a self adoring d-bag.

  7. E.D. says:

    It’s really too early to judge this film now, but in my opinion, it at least looks decent enough for a start, at least for a DC film to be the next comic book franchise. It doesn’t look like it’s trying to overcamp itself ( unlike the original idea to make it a comedy with Jack Black as GL), while at the same time, not trying to be over serious. It looks like it’s trying to appeal to both comic fans and other people, pretty much like Iron Man did. The CGI suit is kinda weird, but then again, at least Reynolds is moving around more freely, compared to wearing a leather or industrial rubber suit that made live-action heroes look stiff-moving since the ’89 Batman movie. Besides, most of GL’s powers are going to be CGI, so the blend with the suit would work better, especially for the CG artists making those effects. Speaking of which, I agree about how the suit looks on the poster, but the effect looks more photoshopped over, compared to the rendered suit Reynolds wears in the trailer.

  8. Well…ok the suit is cooler and not as cool as the comic suit at the same time…And yeah the (trailer?) pic does look photoshoped, not badly but a little over done compaired to the film one. I agree with E.D. and you on that on 100%.

  9. X-stacy says:

    “I see no middle ground. It’s going to be epic and well done like Star Trek and Iron Man. Or, it’s going to be vapid with lots of shiny objects – like Avatar.”

    Heh. I actually liked all three, so that sounds okay to me. Probably sounds pretty good to the producers, too.

  10. Myro says:

    Full disclosure: Don’t let the Sinestro Corp t-shirt, or the GL belt buckle, or the collection of plastic Power Rings fool you, I was actually never that big a fan of Green Lantern. Some things I own just to fuel my geekdom. So I probably won’t get that angry about lapses from the comic book continuity in the film.
    And yes, Ryan Reynolds doesn’t exactly set the right tone, but at the same time, how much are we comparing him to today’s Hal Jordan? I mean, the whole Coast City getting destroyed, becoming Parallax, and the Darkest Night saga has earned Hal the justification to be nearly as grim a hero as Batman, but the movie would be from before all that happening, so you are talking about a different Hal Jordan at this point.
    All in all, I’m pointing toward “not suck,” as in, “Okay is still not sucking.” Unlike Atomic Punk (who I usually find I agree with), I can’t see anything but middle ground on this one. I just don’t see awesome coming out of this. Okay I can see, maybe good, enjoyable, but not spectacular. I’ll definitely go watch it (and knowing me, I’ll be the d-bag cheering for Sinestro to kick Hal’s butt, even though I know it won’t happen), but frankly, right now I’m more excited about The Green Hornet than The Green Lantern.
    And the costume. Dear God, the costume. I just…I can’t. I don’t buy it. Even worse, the ring looks so…fake. It looks, to me, like something out of a gumball machine. My plastic Green Lantern Power Ring looks more convincing than that.

    Galahad (4): I have to admit, I thought the idea of casting Chris Evans as Captain America was a bad idea too, and to his credit, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers looks very different than Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. However, I have a underlying fear that (because I will go see almost any movie based on a comic book) as soon as he opens his mouth in the Captain America movie, poof, there will go my suspension of disbelief.

  11. Dan Gonzalez says:

    I hope they don’t try to make it too smart-allecky-Ryan-Reynolds-Van-Wilderish. That would ruin the movie.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    I didn’t realize Chris Evans was both Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers. That’s … weird. They better hope they never need the Fantastic Four to make a cameo in the Avengers movie.

    They’ve gone so many different directions with GL over the years, I can’t say the idea of it “rebooting” is very troubling to me. I can buy taking more of the early test-pilot Maverick Hal if that’s the way they want to go, and that makes more commercial sense (as in, appealing to more people) than a grim, no-nonsense, all-business Hal.

    And while I can’t claim to be as big a fan as Myro, I definitely have more GL comics than just about anything else in my collection from Back in the Day. Something about the whole concept just clicked for me.

    I too doubt this is going to be awesome, but after this trailer I am more likely to think it’s not going to be incredibly dreadful, either. Definitely not “Iron Man”, but probably not “Fantastic Four” either, which was my big fear before.

  13. Rendu says:

    Re: Chris Evans’ “dual role”- the movie rights for the FF are, I believe, still in the hands of whatever studio did them, while Marvel’s in-house studio has the rights for Cap. If there’s an FF movie done by Marvel Studios, it would be a re-boot anyway, most likely with a new cast and continuity

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    Rendu said:

    If there’s an FF movie done by Marvel Studios, it would be a re-boot anyway, most likely with a new cast and continuity

    From your mouth to God’s ear.

  15. Amscray says:

    So far, I’m complaining about the lack of white gloves on the costume, and I agree with Mr JH about the insignia being a floating hologram instead of… a big sticker.

    Anyways, I’ll see every single one of you waiting in the theatre for the GL movie to start. I’ll bring the XXL box o’ popcorn in case the thumbs go up or down after the ending credits scene.

    SO! Anyone see the Duck Dodgers episode where he becomes a GL by literal dumb luck. Hilarious!

  16. Nick Hentschel says:

    That’s NOT Hal Jordan! Jordan was a straight arrow, not some punk-ass, douchebag daredevil with bad hygiene. It seems that ever since “Fantastic Four,” Hollywood has been trying to copy the cinematic version of Johnny Storm: a series of look-alike, formulaic, hunky bad-boys. Not only am I sick of it, on general principles, but it’s particularly offensive when it’s the bass-ackwards opposite of what a classic character was meant to be.

  17. The other Nick must have snorted something fierce with his breakfast. Ok, Hal Jordan has ALWAYS [read with me now] ALWAYS been a wise guy, “Dare-Devil”. ALWAYS. He was Spider-Man terrible with his jokes and his was that way for as long as I can remember the character. And “sraight-arrow”? What is this new one gay(what?)?
    That’s normally what that implies, and where did that come from? This is more Hal Jordon-y then the comics current “stick up his ass” version. I guess you didn’t watch the animated movie? Same type of guy as in the ‘live-action’ version. And “hunky badboy”? Yeah this trailer REALLY made that apparent. REALLY DID [not).
    Oh, and ‘Amscray’ I saw that episode! Oh it was a side splitter….:)

  18. Jeff Hebert says:

    Nicholas, there’s a difference between “as long as I can remember the character” and “ALWAYS”. The original Hal Jordan from the Silver Age GL reboot was absolutely a straight-arrow (meaning no-nonsense, no drinking or carousing, no lying, absolutely honest and true in every way).

    What you’re running into is that a lot of the regular posters here are, like me, in our thirties and forties (or older) and remember the original Silver Age Hal Jordan from the late Sixties and Seventies. Things that you consider canon like the animated movie are very, very late comers in the history of the character, and so for us do not ring “true” to the core of what we read while we were your age.

    That’s different for you — what you’ve seen and read when first exposed to the character shapes what you consider “true” to his core, but please keep in mind that YOUR experience of GL is not “always”. The character predates you. And none of us really “own” what he is, we just own what our experience was while we were first reading about him.

    And before you get so aggressive about calling people out, please try to Google terms you don’t understand, like “straight arrow”. It needlessly raises hackles and (I hate to say it) weakens whatever point you’re trying to make.

    Finally, I will ask you once again not to be rude to the other posters. You could have made all the points you made without saying Neck Hentschel “snorted something fierce with his breakfast.”

    This is a place for civil and courteous discourse about people running around in tights shooting laser beams out of their eyeballs, there’s no need to get personal.

  19. I snort stuff with my breakfast! 😀
    Also I was joking, haven’t you ever heard of “don’t snort your coca puffs”? And yes, I am deffending the movie because I like the actor and think the other Nick was being a poot. Besides LIKE I SAID, how can you judge a movie by a trailer[And a good one]? That’d be like if judged what you looked like through the computer. It’s stupid. Hey Jeff do you have a dog? Socks? Glasses? Well you must be…a crazy man, who wears socks in the middle of the day with a dog?!
    See how dumb that is[that was again, my point]? And I was civil, I didn’t say anything but “Did you snort something with your breakfast?” Sheesh, and one last thing, HOW did he come off as not being a “striaght-arrow”? That was my point. There’s 1 trailer out now and it’s just a longer version of this video. To early to judge it as something failing the character. And most people know the new-er-ish one anyway, they know the “lame-spiderman-ish-joke-cracking” one. Oh, and the animated movie would make him happier then. It’s more like both. This movie trailer unlike most movies does not give away EVERY freaken thing in the film. Another reason it gets my kudos. But like I first said everyone has their opinion, and hey, I might be wrong and it could blow cheese whiz.

  20. remy says:

    I hate the costume, the ring looks ugly. Although it won’t be true to continuity, I think an irresponsible Hal Jordan would work. He’d be dealing with intergalactic stuff, and trying to figure out what it is about him that made him worthy of the ring, and I think that would be pretty interesting. In today’s world, Hal Jordan-y “straight arrows” are very rare. Spider-Man learned his lesson of power and responsibility and then became a super hero. I can see this version of Hal as a character who learns the same lesson from BEING a super hero.

  21. Last post I think.[and I’m not arguing with the site owner]
    I was saying that basically 1 trailer is not enough to say it sucks (Like EVERYONE on youtube said…>_>) next trailer might suck awful cheese whiz for all I know.
    I’m just talkin about THIS trailer.
    (Which I think was good and not worth hating yet)
    (BUT AGAIN, like I first said, everyone has an opinion and I’m sure I could be wrong)

  22. Wait, what? Fantasic four was “dreadful”? I thought it was [ok-ish] good. What made you most p.o’d about it? FF2 ok…Galactus was pretty F.T. on their part….

  23. Nick Hentschel says:

    Jeff, thank you. I do not make it a policy to respond to insults on-line, but I assure you, they DO hurt. It’s a pity that your defense of common courtesy was lost on my namesake.

    Having said that, I might say, as gently as I can, that some of your own comments to me were a bit… presumptuous. As I recall, I’ve never revealed anything about myself to anyone else on this board, including my age or my viewing/reading preferences. In fact, when you talk about “the animated movie that you think is canon,” I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.

    For the record, I’m fairly familiar with GL’s track record from before I was born (which, in turn, was longer-ago than you might think); that’s part of what I based my opinion on. Better if you had asked me, “where is your image of the character coming from?” or something to that effect. It’s a perfectly fair question, and I’d have been happy to answer… and I still would be.

    Moving, I’m going to stand by my opinion that the characterization of HJ in this trailer is hackneyed and stale. I will never retreat from my contempt for the stock character that I call the Regulation Bad Boy: a young, gym-pumped male model whose main claims to individuality are girl-chasing, driving an ugly car too fast, and if he’s really serious, growing beard stubble that somehow never needs trimming (while at the same time, he has no hair on his chest).
    I’ve been heartily sick of the type ever since Cade Skywalker, and I’m not embarrassed to say so. The Regulation Bad Boy is a cliche that shows lazy writing, whereas I think that the challenge of depicting Hal’s Silver-Age personality, in a way that modern audiences could relate to, would have produced something genuinely interesting. I just don’t like to see a hero settle for less.

  24. Jeff Hebert says:

    Nick (22),

    Wrong Nick 🙂 All of the remarks in my comment were directed at Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43, which is why they were addressed to “Nicholas” and not “Nick”, the way you sign yours. Apologies for not making that more clear initially.

    I will cop to accidentally calling you “Neck” Hentschel at the end there, although that’s kind of a cool name when you think about it. But that was just a typo.

    I’ll have to try to be more diligent about putting the comment number in my replies if they’re directed to someone in particular to avoid confusion.

  25. Nick Hentschel says:

    Thanks again, Jeff, and sorry.

    “Neck” Hentschel is oddly appropriate (if you’ve seen my picture); maybe we should keep it…. 😉

  26. Eh, sorry if I offended you other Nick. Not used to other people on the internet acting like humans of some kind..
    Anyway….*whistles akwardly*

  27. knight1192a says:

    Personally I say reserve judgement until next summer’s movie season. When I saw the trailer a few days ago online there were a lot of nagative comments, mostly about pick Reynolds as Jordan. But then back in the late ’80s fans didn’t like that Micheal Keaton had been cast as Batman when they first learned of it. But when they saw him in the role many of those same fans changed their minds.

    We’ve only seen a trailer here. As far as I’m concerned, a trailer may not do justice to how well someone prerforms in a role. Reynolds could do absolutely terrible in the trailer, but folks find him to be Green Lantern after seeing the movie.

  28. JinkieZoinks says:

    Hmm trailer was quite good, but it appears that DC wish to take on the Marvel? Iron man juggernaut… Probably unwise.
    DC should play to strength and give each of it characters the Dark Knight treatment. A ground up reboot for the movie screens but making sure that the pathos and character which marks most DC comic titles is included. HJ should be the tactiturn and straight arrow character he always is, thats what DC make effort to put into them, and it is an injustice to a great comic publisher that popular movies mean they feel that it should be changed.. more Dark Knight…less Pop Art.