Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

Short but sweet this week:


You can view the trailer here. Go watch it, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Did you bring me popcorn? Get out.

I would say the trailer makes me somewhat more interested in seeing the movie. It helped sell me on the idea of Reynolds in the lead role, and I am buying the "Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot" angle.

Where I'm still struggling a bit is with the fundamental difficulty of melding an intergalactic space opera with an Earth-bound spandex-wearing super-hero. Those are two tough genres to pull off, and mashing them together is exponentially more difficult.

Anyway, what do you think, having now seen the trailer?

Updated to add: Man I hate the costume in this shot. It just looks ... muddy. And why have glowing, cool CGI effects in the threads but make the insignia look so pasted-on? I'd have liked to see them go whole-hog and make the insignia a floating hologram or something to match the rest of the costume.

I hope it's just the way the image is lit, but I miss the sharply defined color areas, the deep black of space and the crisp white of the gloves in the original design.