Character Contest 50: Lord Random the Third

MMI pointed out that we haven't done a "random name" character contest in a while, and upon review I realized he was right -- it's been almost six months! So I think it's about time we revisited this always-fun concept.

It's pretty straightforward and a great way to stretch your creative muscles.

Whoever comes up with the best character based on a random name generated by Seventh Sanctum Superhero/Villain Name Generator will win a) his or her choice of either any item they like to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version; b) a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version, or c) a "sketch of the day" style custom drawing. The rules are fairly simple:

  • Go to the Seventh Sanctum Superhero/Villain Name Generator and choose "10" from the number of names to generate. Leave the other selection boxes at their default and hit "Generate". Your character(s) must be based on one of these generated names. Try your best to limit yourself to one spin of the wheel instead of generating names over and over till you get one you like!
  • Post an image of your character(s) to any publicly accessible web site (i.e.,, etc.) and put the link(s) and any commentary in a comment to this post.
  • Check back on Monday to see if you won!

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

169 Responses to Character Contest 50: Lord Random the Third

  1. joel says:

    entry #1

    John withers was a down on his luck man. one day he got a job getting tested on by an experimental energy transporter. he did it, but the energies changed him. he went mad and also gained the power to create dimensional portals that can summon anything he wants. he now gets his revenge upon society as: Attack Spawn

  2. Gero says:

    Here’s my results page. Just posting it first so that I can show all the characters I make are from the same set of results…

  3. Gero says:

    My fist entry is, with thanks to idiotic conspiricy nuts everywhere, Space Fraud:

  4. joel says:

    Entry #2

    Helga was the one of the worlds most renowned opera singers. One night, after a performance, as she is walking home, Helga is bitten by a glowing green radioactive nightingale. Now with super-powered lungs, she fights crime as Ariaenchanter! it’s over definitely for any criminal when she sings. whenever she appears, people always call out in wonder, “Who is that masked fat lady?” (in case you don’t know, and Aria is a certain type of song from an opera)

  5. Asder says:

    The name generator gave me the ¨fly wolf¨ idea but i didn´t want to do an insect wolf, so i did a ¨flying wolf¨

  6. The Imp says:

    Why spin webs when you can be a dreadlocked, male Jessica Drew? 😀

  7. Haxxx says:

    Same as Gero(4), those are my results:
    Ambush Jade
    Animal Bane
    Element Freezer
    Highway Count
    Lynx Raptor
    Magic Track
    Magician Sorceror
    Shot Dolphin
    Spectral Tide

  8. Amphibiancide
    Please some one use this name! PLEASE!! I got it, and I cannot think of a good looking “guy”! Please some one use “him” for me. 🙂

    Here’s “Shark Gut”. (I hate that name maker…)
    Here’s his story…Ahhem…
    One day john johnson the 3rd was walking along the beach about ready to met his date…when all of a sudden a F*CKING shark jumps out of no where and inloggs itself in his gut. Well he date was eaten that day, and well he bacame the vilgilanti “Shark Gut”, taking a bite out of evil one at a time.

  10. Fishsticks says:

    Biological/Chemical, Luck/Fortune, and Trickery
    The heroic name that was generated? “OChemLad.”
    So I made him just as heroic.

  11. Danny Beaty says:

    Here are my two first entries.


    Spider Bite has superhuman strength and the ability to climb walls (surprise!). The devices on his gloves shoot two-pronged needles full of a paralysis drug. The needles leave a mark that looks like a spider bite. Spider Bite is one of the good guys.


    Mecha Assasin uses a super-powered suit of armour and other weapons to kill people. He is a gun for hire.

  12. Myro says:

    The first name that came up when I generated was “Autoshamaness,” and I thought the obvious joke would be a little too much fun to pass up.

    Alice Screaming Bear has a gift, the same gift that has been passed down from generation to generation in her family, since the birth of the automobile: the gift to fix cars through spiritual magic. Running her own automotive garage, she specializes in cars and other vehicles that seem to have given up the spirit, so to speak. She is Autoshamaness.

  13. VonMalcolm says:

    Here are my Ten: First Spin. I like them!

    Aerial Spike
    Celestial Hit
    Claw Blaster
    Dark Cut
    Insect Emperess (Empress?!?)
    Insect Murderer
    Jape Dart
    Metal Pearl
    Murder Shade

  14. Frevoli says:

    Of my 10, there where 3 which I decided to follow up.

    Number 1 – Geoscream

    Tis is one protester who won’t be ignored

  15. ajw says:

    hey asder nice job love the not so blushing bride and the creepiness of him lurking in the back

  16. Frevoli says:

    Number 2 – Brain Mistress

    Once a recceptionist: Brooke Tailor was nothing more than the plaything of married executives. That was until she was employed by a research laboratory, but not for her receptionist skills. After being experimented on and used as human genie pig, she finally got a brain… unfortunately it was grafted onto her existing one and her head cavity was left open.

    For during the scientific operation, she scientifically gained psychic abilities (by some kind of science, or other). At which point she awoke and took out her frustration on the staff. Alone and unable to return to her old life, she settled for a new one: crime plus the occasional vengeance act on those who used her.

    Note: the thing in her hand is a wig… to cover up the exposed brain

  17. Frevoli says:

    Number 3 – Lupoillusionist

    Santiago Lupo: Magician turned hero turned werewolf

  18. ajw says:
    Red Scream named for the sound he makes while emitting piercing sonic rays, in recent years a modern take on the old hero has rose with not only sonic powers but proficency in hand to hand comics and the art of escape.

  19. Wargarble says:

    Hyperion Catcher (AKA Mr Big Arms)

    The only flying Scottsman who still believes the sky is falling. Well, the only flying Scottsman really.

    Super strong and twice as supersticious, he warns the good people to stay indoors.

    Took the first name it gave me.

  20. Wargarble says:

    Hyperion Catcher, the only flying Scottsman who still believes the sky is falling. Super strong as he is supersticious, he warns all good citizens to stay indoors for their own good.

  21. ajw says:
    Bronze Bane ancient watchmen of the Sumerian deserts, in the fifth century he was engaged against a vile enemy and was sent to the bottom of the sea of Galilee as it is now called.
    Now 1510 years later Bronze bane rises again against enemies of his holy lands(no seaweed because he is neat)

  22. ajw says:

    hey not hand to hand comics but combat sorry

  23. joel says:

    entry #3

    The revolutionary weapon in modern warfare. You’ve seen the peacemaker, well here’s the Sagemaker!

  24. Timespike says:


    Quick, quiet, and deadly as a spider, and just as merciless, Spider Edge is a lethal assassin-for hire. He has no powers, but has taken down powered opponents.

  25. Jason says:

    Seeing the caliber of creations out there, I need to step up my game more than I think I’m up to yet. With that said, worth entering anyway. Here’s my first entry:

    Here’s a print screen of the head-shot view since some of the detail is lost when I use the built in save feature. Kept the HM3 interface on the print screen to give credence that I didn’t edit outside of it.

    More to come I’m sure. I love the random name contests. Gives such inspiration.

  26. Jason says:

    Oh, my last entry’s name is “Death Mistress.” I’ve decided she was born into slavery but upon realizing her powers over death won her freedom by simply killing all who’d call her property. (ok, really it’s cause the neck just looked out of place with nothing on it)

    To date she’s become one of the most powerful magic users on the planet, and without a doubt the strongest Necromancer.

  27. Good thing I was already planning a dude like “Energiocide”.
    Hope ya’ll like him. I think he’s a winner.

  28. Me, Myself & I says:

    Jason (31), don’t count yourself out to early. If there’s one thing I’ve learned doing these HM3 contests is that when dealing with subjective subject matter, anything is possible. Every one’s perspectives are different and what one person thinks is great the next does not like and vice verse. There are certain common elements that most people enjoy but they still leave enough variables that opinions will still differ.

    For example, many of my images that Jeff has included in his finalists were the images I entered that I liked the least out of my own entries.

    I’m a lucky mother F**KER!!! I got sniffles!!! How lucky am I to get one of my OWN characters names?!
    Also got [harly] quin the seducer so here that one is….

  30. MMI what do you think of Energiocide? I’m not gonna re-enter him but something feels lacking….

  31. Oh Jeff I was just checking through some of the hilarious old posts and I was wondering why you got rid of sooo many boots? For milatary legs there where like 12 boots that are gone! What the heck happened? They looked pretty cool to!
    Also two fists are no longer there aswell. Why’d you dump the boots? The hands I can get over but the boots? No wonder I suck at using the milatary body! It has less shoes that work corectlly! Also i’m a bit sleepy so [please] forgive any spelling errors. Also I’d like to know if there is a reason or if you might ever put them back? I dunno just curious I soppose….

  32. Myro says:

    Second Entry: This name was third on my list. Luminous Axe, the hero of Carthage.

  33. FelipeSCard says:

    MortiArrow is Jean-Claude Lespar, hitman member of the Order of Wild Tiger. This brotherhood is known to act in the forests of France around the year 1260, performing “jobs” commissioned by the French and English nobles who inhabit the region.

  34. Me, Myself & I says:

    Well Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 (38), when I first saw this entry I thought to myself, “Self, this is kind of a neet idea.” The opaque skin has a lot of potential that you could have taken advantage of even more by say, putting something behind it to demonstrate it clearer. That is of course if you intended it to be opaque. I’ve tried this before myself but couldn’t get past the fact that the numerous layers of body parts show through a lot darker where they overlap by the major joints. I suppose a bunch of items colored to match the lighter color could be overlapped over it to hide this effect. I have to admit that the heart shape in his pelvis region is quite amusing. I never really noticed that possibility before and it can portray all kinds of hidden messages. 😉

    I don’t envy you the name you had to work with, “Energiocide” is awkward to say the least and considering the name, I think you did well.

    I have always had a fondness for symetry and this image is obviously balanced on both sides. There is also a certain synergy as both sides seems to fit well together.

    P.S.: Yes, I just refered to myself in the 3rd person but really if that’s a surprise then you likely haven’t noticed the “name” I use on the HM3 blog. 🙂

  35. Jason says:

    MMI, thanks for the words of encouragement. Your lessons are part of what’s moved my own entries to the next level. (Case in point, the grave yard that I re-used with my first entry with a zombie thrown in)

    That said, entry number 2. This one’s a lot more strait forward than the last one, but I tried to give him more of a sense of movement and poise. Not sure how well the fireplace came out. To my eye not bad, but missing something. *shrug*

    Cutlass Duke:

  36. Nobody says:

    “give an applause as she attempts the near impossible, to eat everything before her…”

  37. Nobody says:

    to my previous comment/post: that stinks! it cut off half the table and its stuff!

  38. Me, Myself & I says:

    Well thank you very much Jason (42); I am flatered. There are a lot of really talented people in this communicty that have in turn led to me raising my game to match them as well. I noticed the Graveyard earlier; I’m glad I could help with that.

    By the way Jason, regarding your Cutlass Duke, two thumbs up here.

  39. Asder says:

    the machine gave me the name of butterfly girl and my girlfriend liked it and started to bother(as usual)to do something based on your Halloween costume and this is what came out

  40. Me, Myself & I says:

    I wanted to do something a little different so I figured a threeheaded creature escaping from the ebony black void would be a good start.

    I placed the creature in the image off center with the black background being center to emphasize that the black has significance. It also shows where the creature came from.

    Black Spawn

    Name List

  41. James says:

    Great name. First entry!


  42. Thank you MMI, very helpful imput! 🙂
    Much needed, thank you! I used a white square to ‘blot’ out the other side of him so it did show through.
    [You wouldn’t believe how much layering and reverse layering you’d have to do!]

  43. [46] Asder I really like it! Looks pretty freakin good for such an akward name to work with. :p

  44. FelipeSCard says:

    Killer Jackal

    Killer Jackal is a former mercenary who swore allegiance to the King of England. Created and trained by Saracens killers in Turkey, moved to the West when was 18, seeking revenge for the death of his family. However, after having saved the life of an ambush by the King himself, who traveled disguised as a soldier, Jackal pledged to protect him, finding again a reason to fight in his life.

  45. FSC says:

    Killer Jackal

    Killer Jackal is a former mercenary who swore allegiance to the King of England. Created and trained by Saracens killers in Turkey, moved to the West when was 18, seeking revenge for the death of his family. However, after having saved the life of an ambush by the King himself, who traveled disguised as a soldier, Jackal pledged to protect him, finding again a reason to fight in his life.

  46. Galahad says:

    This first one isn’t so much a character as it is a weapon. Nefarious Dr. Spiegel created a weapon that strips a person of their corporeal body and free will, creating a mindless ghost soldier who will join Dr. Spiegel’s army. He calls this weapon the Ghost Beam.

    Ghost Beam:

  47. Galahad says:

    My roll was kind of funny. 2 of the 10 names I got were “Lupine Ghost” and “Spectre Wolf” which mean the same thing, so I kinda had to go for it, y’know? Thanks to MMI for the graveyard tutorial.

    This is sort of an addition/retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story. After Red’s grandmother was removed from the wolf’s stomach it ran off into the woods, supposedly to die. Shortly thereafter, the noble woodcutter with his trusty axe swore to finish the job on the wolf. What he didn’t realize was that this wolf was a werewolf, and werewolves can’t be killed by ordinary means.

    And so the tale was passed down of Little Red Riding Hood and James the wood cutter and their heroic defeat of the wolf. They were heroes for a fortnight until the wolf came for them. He devoured them both, taking Red’s cloak and James’ axe for his own. Now the locals tell the tale of the Spectre Wolf who takes his retribution on the wicked.

    Spectre Wolf:

  48. WOW! 50&51 Galahad! Those are wicked! Like the “Ghost beam” though it did mess up on the shirt. But still nice ones.

  49. Acid_man322 says:

    its been a while for me so here it goes.

    he can’t even remember his own name, let alone how he got here. he only knows that it will get out again, and when it inevitably does, he knows that people will die. Cops, superheros, and even gods have tried to stop it before, but they can only delay it’s return. he lives on the streets now, a prisoner in his own body. he is a man alone, he is DARK THOUGHT!

  50. It was about a billion years ago when i asked but, remember when I was new and still a internet noob? I was asking for blackcat and Starfire faces or some crap? Well I remembered why i was being such a whinny retard, I wanted their hair worse then anything! We have to give our lady creations to short of hair! Hair is something we really REALLY need.
    Jeff you’ve givin us all those good noes’s and eyes but left us with only a little hair choices. 😮
    Hair. HHAAAIIIRRRR, Zombie must have haaaaiiirrrr. If there’s any chance I win I’m asking for a five piece of hair. Also HHHAAAAIIIRRRRR, HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAIIIRRRR TASTY HAAAAIIIIIRRR…..

  51. Galahad says:


    Thanks so much for the praise. Yeah I couldn’t get that little mess up on his shirt to go away. I guess it was a little glitch from masking so much. I had to mask about 7 different layers for that one. I just hope Jeff doesn’t fault me too much for that glitch.

  52. LargeForamt says:

    First name that came up for me was Fist Bomb.

    So, here he is!

  53. joel says:

    entry # 4

    destroyer, of worlds, killer of planets, and smasher of things in general, he is the intergalactic overlord: Duke Deletion Crush!

  54. Myro says:

    Watson (68): That is a very impressive falling effect that you managed to incorporate into your picture. Very believable.

  55. Acid_man322 says:

    this one was too cool not to do.

    When The Eternian died defending the multiverse during the “Secret Battle of Infinity”, a new Chronomaster had to be found so the Timestreams could be preserved. Unfortunately, due to a cosmic error the “Time Brand” was bestowed on Simon, an everyday housecat. Now Simon must guard over the infinite time windows and ensure the survival of all of the parallel timelines. Don’t worry though, for Simon is no longer an ordinary housecat, he is now the amazing CHRONOCAT!!!!

  56. joel says:

    Entry #5

    now you have all heard of things that go bump in the night. ghosts, goblins, vampires, etc. what you probably haven’t heard of, is the team called in to deal with these things. there is only one group to call when you have a monster problem, they’re even half monster themselves. they are, The Horror Agents!

  57. Acid_man322 says:

    this is a weird one.


    if there was ever a hero called this i think we would see some public outcry

  58. Acid_man322 says:

    last one maybe.

    The UNIVERSE RUBY is everywhere and nowhere. it exists in every dimension and parallel universe, and it you can find it you too can gaze across infinity into another world.

  59. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Thanks Myro(69) I wanted it to look like those comic book covers that always show the hero about to meet his doom!

    next, comes one that I just thought sounded ridiculous. Flying through the skies its WOLF BULLET.

  60. Myro says:

    Last one for me. This would make 3 for the week, which is a personal record. The last name on my list was Spike Shot, but I put in a slight alteration.

    Albus Spikeshot is the captain of the Berzerker Squad of the Dwarven army of Gorkan Kairn. Infamous for their frightening red armor, festooned with all manner of spikes, blades, and other lethal implements, Dwarven Berzerkers are launched into the thick of battle via cannon, and forced to fight their way back to their own lines, only to be launched back again. Although they often carry heavy battle axes, their main weapon is the armor itself, given that any blow, charge, punch, kick, knee, or elbow is sure to rend flesh (occasionally even their own).

    Thanks to Hammerknight for his recipe card for Dwarven body dimensions.

  61. Brad says:

    I’m so glad I was able to finish just one of them, I had to deal with some funny stuff from the program. But anyway, I give you “Biological Edge:”

    I have new respect for those who put in multiple entries. I’ll try for another one, no doubt, but wow.

  62. Jason says:

    Probably my last entry for this round, but I’ve always wanted to try a Brain in a bottle type character. So, I got Archbrain:

  63. Acid_man322 says:

    ok I lied. here’s another one.

    in an alternate universe where sorcery replaced technology the fate of the cold war rests in the hands of the NUCLEAR SORCERER.

  64. Watson Bradshaw says:

    My last one (am loving the name generator)

    SILK SHOT: Sandra O’Hara went from homemaker to sexy bounty hunter when her husband, the local sheriff, was gunned down by a band of rustlers. using her feminine wilds and killer aim she cuts through the harsh west.

  65. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sorry Acid_man322 (80), but I just have to ask, did you intend for your president to have no pants or are they just the same color as his face? Perhaps I interpretted the whole thing incorrectly.

  66. Acid_man322 says:

    Me, Myself & I
    he does have pants on, i thought he would look good wearing khakis. But I didn’t realize how the coloring looked until it was too late. oh well, lesson learned. 🙂

  67. Me, Myself & I says:

    Watson Bradshaw (81), great background.

  68. Jason says:

    Ok, this one is completely silly, but fun to do none the less:


  69. Asder says:

    I got the name ultimate razor, and a couldn´t think about a character using that kind of weapon, so i just did the weapon

  70. This randomness is very interesting!
    Well one of the names I got was…

    Necrotic Fortune:

    A dreadful undead archmage who will cast his soul-drain spells upon thee!!! So, are you ready to meet thy Necrotic Fortune?

  71. joel says:

    entry # six

    Knight Nerve! The greatest knight, with a nerve of steel! And unfortunately, a sword of wood, and a shield of cardboard.

  72. joel says:

    entry #7 (going for all ten!)

    Toxic hail. he is a cybernetic super-villain, dressed in demonic armor that can create and control many different types of poisons. He lives in the deep south, attacking people, steeling lots of money, and telling everyone over and over again that his name is pronounced “Toxic HELL”

  73. ThuhPhacksMuhsheen says:

    My first entry ever to Hero Machine. I used the generator and lucked out with Crimson Bolt, and I just kinda did it spur of the moment. TADAH!!

  74. Chisoph says:

    I made “Rapid King” and, yes, it was there on the first spin.
    His boots are enchanted so that he runs as fast as SuperMan, and he can run through space. As long as he finds an inhabitable planet within a minute.

    I also made Cut Cutter:

    And Eagle Assassin:

  75. Chisoph says:

    Oh yeah, I put the most effort into Rapid King. The other ones weren’t very epic. I found Cut Cutter Humorous though.

  76. LargeForamt says:

    Didn’t have too much of an idea for a story going in to this, just a concept for the lil’ guy. Lets just call him a failed attempt at cloning an Alien being discovered at Area 51.

    Entry 2- Alien Spawn:

  77. Fishsticks says:

    Entry #2

    I was inspired by the number of outstanding entries to try a second entry and put more effort into the final product.

    Sgt. Johnathan Wrex found himself banished to a barren wasteland after courting with his lieutenant’s wife. He was left with nothing but his trusted sword, Lucille. His previous diet of hamburgers and milkshakes would change to anything he could slash and kill given him the title “Omnislash.”

  78. Rhinoman says:

    I finally have the time to enter a contest again! I love this random generator! Got some really cool names.

    1st up: The Cobolt Assasin
    A mythical legend, The Cobolt Assasin, was called upon by Kings during times of war to eliminate opposing rulers. He was always compensated rather well for his deeds and rumor has it that more than once he actually killed both Kings and reaped the rewards from both sides.

  79. Rhinoman says:

    2nd entry: Mischild

    A rather interesting name, decided to do a character with a dark side.

    When he was born, he was misformed. Shunned by his parents and chained up in a dank, dark basemnet he had numerous years to plot his revenge. Only given scraps to eat and never given new clothes his rage grew. Finally, at age 12, he had enough! Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty site. Now free from his prison and covering his deformity with an old sack,he roams the town looking for friendship. You might want to loose the sickle first there buddy!

  80. Rhinoman says:

    3rd entry: Shadowdroid
    No back story on this one.

  81. Rhinoman says:

    And my 4th and favorite entry: Clock Giant

    The small coastal village of Abadon was menaced by a rather strange creature known as Clock Giant. Somehow, magically fused with a huge clock, this creature brought death and destruction for many years to the townsfolk.

  82. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sapphire Cascade

    She gets her powers from the base of the legendary Sapphire Cascade waterfall.

  83. spidercow2010 says:

    @ThuhPhacksMuhsheen (#91) Very nice! Welcome aboard!

  84. Me, Myself & I says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I got through the whole image with only one mask on the hilt of the sword to the hand. I think that’s a first since I discovered what the masking does.

    Sword Mage

  85. Me, Myself & I says:

    There is an alternate dimension where the Aztec’s didn’t loose to the Spanish and eventually developed a much more advanced economy in which they began formal minting of currency. In this dimension Bronze was far rarer than gold and was valued the most. Of course, it stood to reason, that they would make their most valuable currency denominations out of the most valuable substance. This particular coin represented wealth such that only the richest could own or posses it. Of course it was named in the Aztec tounge and with a name that I can not pronounce.

    The name of the coin however translates to the “Bronze Sovereign”.

    Bronze Sovereign

  86. LargeForamt says:

    Last one from me, possibly. Never really tryed a magic-y type character, but was pretty pleased how this turned out. My only concern is that the ‘pillars’ in the background make the ice-armor breastplate a little difficult to see.

    But anywho…

    Entry 3- Cryoconjuror:

  87. [91] Great guy for a start off. My first ever was terrible.

  88. MMI [111] You’ve won a golden internets award of epicness.
    That is the coolest, photoshopiest, Heromachine thing I have ever seen.

  89. I don’t understand. Jeff would have like 50 runner ups.
    (Please Jeff? There are sooo many good ones this contest!)
    I can’t possibly decide a winner amongest so many great entries.
    (Jeff has a tougher job then I thought with these contests!)

  90. [73] Acidman oh my God!!! That hurt, I was sooo not expecting a ‘news report’ about the hero you were givin…Oh, thanks for a good chuckle man.

  91. joel says:

    Entry # eight

    Seduce Morph. she looks very nice, but she turns mean pretty quickly. and when I say turns, I mean that literally.

  92. Galahad says:

    Thorn Ray

    Mike Chapel was a high school football wannabe. Always relegated to third string, his coach always told him he wasn’t fast enough. One day cutting school in the woods in the park, he came across an odd-looking belt covered in clocks and gauges. When Mike put it on he found that he could slow down time, effectively speeding himself up in the process. He put his new gadget to good use, emptying five bank vaults in a matter of 2 days. Worried that the police might still catch his identity somehow, and because he just wanted to look cool, Mike crafted a costume for himself out of his football uniform. He even added spikes for an extra sting when he tackles people who get in his way at 200-plus MPH. Now slow, wannabe Mike Chapel’s only a memory. He needed to get out of the way for “Thorn Ray!”

  93. Me, Myself & I says:

    Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 (114) thank you. I was kind of happy with that one to. Ironically I think it was the easiest HM3 creation I’ve ever made! The image is not exactly ground breaking but it is different than anything else I’ve seen on HM3 so far; I was happy with that.

  94. Well you earned the praise. Though your other works are still really awesome that just was…woah.

  95. Me, Myself & I says:

    The ancient Native American Indians were known to use what they called Dream Catchers. In some legends these Dream Catchers were thought to catch evil spirits that caused bad dreams. The “Spirit Silk” was a special Dream Catcher made to catch the worst of the evil spirits. In order to be strong enough it was made of special materials. Rather than using animal sinews and leather to make it the strands were made from enchanted spider silk and dark navy flowers.

    Spirit Silk

  96. Galahad says:

    Sapphire Fire

    Clint Samson was raised by his grandfather after his parents died in a plain crash. A former World Champion martial artist, Clint’s grandfather trained him in the ways of a fighter. Clint used his training first as an Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and then as a police officer. When his grandfather felt the time was right, he revealed to Clint the truth:

    His father, and his grandfather before him, wore the mantle of the legendary Sapphire Fire, a warrior imbued by a magical wristlet with extreme strength, lightning fast reflexes and the ability to create and control a mystical blue fire. His father didn’t die in a plane crash, he and Clint’s mother were murdered by the Serpent, a league of assassins whose sole purpose is to destroy the Sapphire Fire. Taking up the purpose and identity of the Sapphire Fire, Clint has vowed to avenge his parents and destroy the Serpent once and for all.

    Sapphire Fire:

  97. Melissa says:

    Mistress Freeze

    As those who hold to the old tales know, Santa has a partner on his Christmas Night flight. Zwarte Piet, a captive devil, has ridden by his side since time immemorial. While Santa carries a sack full of presents to give the good children, Zwarte Piet carries a scourge with which to beat the bad children.

    However, with the coming of a new millennium, Santa has decided that Zwarte Piet is simply too old fashioned, with his Renaissance clothes and so-not-PC black-face makeup.

    “He’s not good for PR,” thought the jolly old elf. The modern age, he decided, needed a modern companion – someone to bring the adults back to the excitement of Christmas night. Someone that could liven up the trip down the chimney!

    Santa thought and he thought, and then he knew what to do. Mrs. Claus, after all, had a secret passion that made her perfect for the job!

    Now, Santa has a new companion, his wife’s secret identity: Mistress Freeze! With icy kisses and a snap of her frozen whip, she’ll keep all those naught, naughty adults who’ve forgotten the Seasons’ Spirit in line!

    Up Close:

  98. joel says:

    Entry # 9

    Jason wright was a nosy reporter who ran afoul of a powerful sorcerer. he was cursed to be unable to die. he can still feel pain, it just that no amount of it will kill him. he now patrols the city, defending the people as: Knife Clad! no blade can kill him, but once they’re stuck in, its unfortunately hard to get them out again.

  99. Haxxx says:

    Animal Bane-
    Shut out of Hell in the deep Congo, the demon known as Animal Bane guards the wildlife of the world and strives to destroy civilization and revert it to it’s primal self.

    Created by the Vatican to combat the terrors that came from the deepest pits of hell, The Androcleric is a one of a kind thinking machine that was brought to semi-life by God to bring his fiery justice on the world of mortals.

    Elemental Freezer-
    Little is known about who the Elemental Freezer was before a frost-wave charged with solar radiation washed upon his bare body, but now…He is the watcher of the arctic circles and the fisherman and researchers revere him as their hero.

    Spectral Tide-
    Following a major Supernova it is common to see the small satellite opens up to engulf the explosive power only to let out a wave of spectral cosmic dust. The Spectral Tide protects the universe from itself by aiding those who need it the most.

  100. My second entry for the random name contest (7th name that came up):

    Murder Slicer:

    A ferocious zombie-soldier summoned by the dark legions to fight the forces of good with his demonic battleaxe. No feelings, no remorse, just plain butchery and cleavage is the purpose of this atrocious being…

    note: Jeff I know you hate blood & gory stuff but I couldn’t resist given the name provided by the generator… I tried to keep it at minimum though… 🙂

  101. Melissa says:

    My second entry:

    The most feared of the Xycorian Empires Theta-Class FTL war ships: the Galactic Razor!

  102. DiCicatriz says:

    Here’s my ten. I lucked out with some pretty cool names 🙂

    1) Cloud Hunter

    The guardian of the Mountain Citadel of the Eastern Celestials, he patrols the surrounding skies searching for any possible intruders. With the eyes of a hawk he scans the horizon, striking down any opponent with unfailing aim. His arrows carry with them the force of the fiercest thunderstorms. If your eyes are sharp you may catch glimpses of him stalking the cloud layer. He is… The Cloud Hunter!

    2) Death God

    A ravenous deity whose civilization has long since been wiped out by virtue of his overzealous appetite. He feasts on souls, waiting for stray spirits to find their way to him before consuming them entirely. As he devoured the entirety of the culture which prayed to him, this deity’s name has been forgotten. He is a whisper of fear to most, a terrifying reality to a few, he is simply… a Death God.

    3) Dusk Fool

    The city he dwells in is by day a thriving metropolis, but the moment the sun begins to sink below the horizon, few dare to leave their homes. His crimes are not premeditated; his victims random and unrelated. They say his appearance is preceded by the sound of distant laughter, but if you are close enough to hear then it is already too late. When the sun sets, the city becomes a playground for… Dusk Fool!

    4) Hot Gale

    An extreme sports enthusiast, Summer Clare spent her days exploring the deserts of the Southwest. No clifftop was beyond her reach, no climate too harsh for her to explore. Fate caught up with her when a freak rainstorm flooded an uncharted cave system she had discovered. With her exit blocked, Summer was forced to travel deeper and deeper into the cave system where she encountered a chamber once used for ancient shamanic rituals. The ancient magic imbued within entered into Summer. She could now summon the desert winds to her aid, summoning scorching gales or sudden sandstorms. Summer took to adventuring as a crime-fighter, calling herself… Hot Gale!

    5) Girl Sham

    Detective Mike Bukowsky had watched his city under siege from a fearless criminal underworld for too long. His investigations going nowhere, Bukowsky took to deep undercover missions, seducing the underbosses of the criminal underworld as Michelle Bukowsky, Mike’s disgraced criminal ‘sister’. With his detective skills and the access granted to Michelle, Det. Bukowsky would take apart organized crime in his city from the inside out. Within the seedier parts of the city he became known Mafia Michelle, but his partner and closest friends knew him by his undercover codename… Girl Sham!

    6) Psidolphin

    The escaped product of a Mutagenic Marine Biology Research Facility, this gentle creature was grown from dolphin and metahuman nerve cells, resulting in a genetic combination of the two. It shows extraordinary intelligence, having escaped precisely during the rotation of the guards shifts and disabling the lock to its tank as well as the security system of the facility. A side effect of the recombination of Dolphin and Metahuman brain tissue has left the creature with vast telepathic potential. It can shut down or commandeer brain function in most human organisms. It has thus far eluded recapture but researchers are working diligently to bring it home. Until then consider the creature extremely dangerous. Contact the facility in case Project Psidolphin is sighted.

    7) Reptile Bird

    In the jungles of South America, several indigenous communities tell of a legendary predator which hunts and devours even their fiercest warriors. It moves through the trees with ease and grace, yet has the strength of twenty men. What few survivors have been found had a powerful psychotropic venom coursing through their veins which brings quick paralysis and death. If you travel through the jungle without care the last thing you see might be it’s massive form speeding towards you from the canopy of the forest. Beware… the Reptile Bird

    8) Spider Enchantress

    On the remote Pacific island of Gagamba, the native tribe consults a shamaness in times of tragedy or disaster. This position is taken up by a young virgin every generation, picked by the preceding shamaness. In order to consult her wisdom the tribe must prepare a male sacrifice. This unfortunate youth is taken to her dwelling place in the dark hills and left alone. He is not delivered directly to her for the sacrifice must go to his death willingly. There has not yet been a single man to refuse her. She bewitches them and seduces them to their doom. None can escape once ensnared in her web. She is… Spider Enchantress!

    9) Stinging Fish

    The biomechanical entity engineered by the military applications committee of the Mutagenic Marine Biology Research Facility, codename Stinging Fish has been developed as the ultimate offensive marine weapons system. In the wake of Psidolphin’s disastrous escape, codename Stinging Fish has been deployed to aid in its retrieval. The weapons system which houses the biological component of Stinging Fish is fitted with a titanium alloy stinger mechanism which releases a corrosive chemical on impact, two telescopic manacles with retractable stun-blades and an electric field generator.

    10) Typhoon Construct

    A futuristic weather control satellite with specific applications for hurricane and typhoon prevention corrupted by an unknown alien virus. The artificial intelligence built into the device has developed a malevolent personality after a viral infection and now wreaks havoc on whichever populated areas happen to be within range. Heaven help any city that comes in contact with the… Typhoon Construct!

  103. Jake says:

    Snow Giant

    Simple man Mark Maybery has a secret. He is the pilot of The Snow Giant, A massive military robot in the himalayan mountains, armed with a heavy automatic cannon, a magnum revolver and sharp claws.

  104. ThuhPhacksMuhsheen says:

    Decided to do another one since I had the time to kill. This one was generated to be called: Xenotarantula

  105. ThuhPhacksMuhsheen says:

    Oops! I mean Xeno Tarantula. lol

  106. LargeForamt says:

    Ok, I lied. Weekend boredom got to me, so I decided to make another entry after I saw a name I rather enjoyed: Imperial Viper. Hope you don’t mind if I modify the name to make it ‘plural’. And I have a story brewed for these guys, as well.
    Many say the assassin duo the Imperial Vipers aren’t even Human. Many will tell you that they are some odd purebread created by the castle Archmages to serve the King. They do serve the King, though, that much we know.

    A lot of people look to the Vipers as though they are villanous; horrible, psychotic miscreations that lust for murder and bloodspill and feel no remorse. But such ideas are ill-gotten. In fact, thanks to the Viper duo, we still have a King left to rule. What they really do is keep the peace among the King and other important political figures; simply put, anyone who could have the chance to be assassinated. They probe about for information and execute the products of such, given the Vipers learn that they are the assured assassins. They kill their targets quickl and accurately, favoring poisoned knives above all else, and then dispose of the bodies to leave evidence. Families of the deceased are notified and paid a reasonable amount of gold in apologies, and people can go about living their lives as thugh nothing happened.

    So next time you go to hear one of the Kings speeches, and he lives long enough to tell it, you know just who to thank. The Imperial Vipers: Assassins of Assassins!

    Specific names are Naycourse (The on dropping from the ceiling and throwing the knife at the assassin) and Ardrad (The one silently slicing the bodyguard’s throat)

    Entry 4- Imperial Vipers:

  107. Myro says:

    I decided to take one more crack at this. 4th name on my list was Midnight Form, which I didn’t feel was very interesting until I thought about it in the most ridiculous way possible.

    Dennis Haynes is a polymorph with a curfew. While he can transform himself into anything his mind can think of, his one weakness is that at the stroke of midnight, he turns back into a pumpkin for the rest of the night. Literally.

  108. joel says:

    Awesome Bleach send up with wolf shot. it made me happy!

  109. Melissa says:

    My third entry, since I had a little free time this evening:


    The leader of the Xycorian Empire, he is feared throughout the known galaxies. He rules his empire with an iron fist. He is… the MegaKing!

    Up Close:

  110. joel says:

    Entry #10

    Photonic Forgery: one alien’s failed attempt to enslave the human race by taking away our “freedom”

  111. Oquies says:

    Blood Sorceress

    Just like the name says, she is a sorceress over blood. She can control and conjure blood. Her power is not only destructive she can reverse the flow of blood to if she chooses to do so.

  112. Me, Myself & I says:

    I really found the name “Spike Assassin” name uninspiring. Oh well, you work with what you’ve got so here it is.

    Spike Assassin

    Is it just me or do jpegs not save the color red well. I find that whenever I make a character with a bunch of red it looks messy after it is saved as a jpeg but not as a bitmap, etc.

  113. Me, Myself & I says:

    I just mentioned a difference between bmp’s or jpeg’s. Here are some examples to show what I mean.



    Does any one know how to prevent this loss of quality for a jpeg? Seeing as Jeff doesn’t want bmp’s for contest entries it would be nice to be able to maintain the higher quality images.

  114. My spin was just awful. One of my lazier entries, but last night’s events inspired this character.

    The diabolical Seer Hack!

    Props to DiCicatriz for all ten and a great job with Cloud Hunter. Rancid for the use of the ShouldeRight as a face shield on Megafrog. Midnight Howler is awesome.

    Here’s the rest of my spin (yech). I have some ideas, but I’m pretty busy “IRL” for the rest of the year:

    Cobolt Construct
    Feather Enchanter
    Fight Zap
    Jape Killer
    Jet Stone
    Seer Hack
    Spark Vine
    Topaz Form

  115. 144-145-146….wow those were awesome and 145 and 146 were pretty hilarious.
    Nice one guys.

  116. Me, Myself & I says:

    There are other entities like the Lady of the Lake who are entrusted with ancient artifacts, if held in the right hands, are able to alter the course of history.

    The Snow Sapphire is one such artifact. It is a legendary crystal ball that is able to allow the possessor to see into the future. It was lost eon’s ago and it was foretold that it will not be returned to the hands of men until the worthy one found her way to the to where the winter frost meets the cloud tops.

    true to the prophesy, it was found on a cloud during winter. The clouds were hanging low that year and a person could walk among the clouds when high in the mountains. It was a chance finding really but its finding resulted in changes to the world that are renown to this day.

    Snow Sapphire

    Snow Sapphire Close Up

  117. Jeff Hebert says:

    MMI (145): I set the quality of the JPGs when building the code (that’s how Flash works it), and it’s at something like 80%. JPG is not a lossless format as you know, and you’re right that reds in the export engine Flash uses seem particularly bad.

    With very very few exceptions, PNG is a superior format for exporting character images out of HM. The best solution is to use that. If you would rather not for some reason, and you don’t like the JPG quality, then you should probably use a screen capture utility for importing into some kind of image editor, where you can tweak the export settings however you like for the best effect.

    If your screen resolution isn’t good enough to give you the quality you want, you can export the image using the Print button, having installed some kind of dummy PostScript printer so you can get a PostScript or EPS version of the image out, which ought to be more than high resolution enough for anyone.

    Like I said, though, PNG seems to be by far the superior format for exporting; it usually gives nice crisp output at a reasonable file size, at least for my money. I mostly left the JPG feature in because people are used to the format and are more comfortable with it.

  118. ajw says:

    DiCicatriz You win. Ten perfect characters amazing

  119. Darn you DiCiTraz!!!! You’ve just won every slot.
    You cheater-y-cheat-pants…fire….cheater?

  120. Knitesoul says:

    Wow, all of these entries are a little intimidating. But, I’ll still do the contest as it keeps my creativity going. Sorry for the late entry.

    Mage Tornado –
    Don’t make her mad. Or she’ll send you flying.


    Hey would you guys want these parts? I’d like to know.
    What do you guys think about these?

  122. Me, Myself & I says:

    Thank you for the feedback Jeff. I’ll see if I can make it work better with a png. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not really that familiar with most artwork Software. HM3 is the first I’ve really played with so I appreciate the tips.

  123. Me, Myself & I says:

    Jeff, your suggestion proved to be accurate indeed. The png file format maintains a lot more quality when saved. Thank you very much Jeff.

  124. Me, Myself & I says:

    The Dwarven people have always revered the stone in which they live. Their hero’s are often refereed to as “Paragons of Stone.”

    Stone Paragon

  125. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    First one on the list, and the only one that really stuck with me. Behold:

    Aerial Plague

  126. Oquies says:

    Hope this one isn’t too late. It is about 11:00 PM here.

    Emotion Leaf
    She is a dryad with mode swings. She is generally happy however if you happen to be in her forest when she is in a bad mode the trees them self will be out to get you.

  127. Cliff says:

    Its been a week of trying not to get sick and very little computer time since my wife’s was in the shop and she was sharing mine with me.
    So here is what I got to come up with.

    Galaxy Mind
    I had to move everything up to Close Up veiw when I realized the face wouldn’t get as big as I wanted it, so their is only one veiw.
    Galaxy Mind just had to be a “Gal” heh
    and I like the stars in her eyes and the star kiss on her lips.
    Very Celestial Goddess
    “You who open the vault of Heaven,
    Out of the Darkness comes Spinning of Stars!”
    Pagan chant by T. Thorn Coyle
    if you would like to hear it as well:

    Face shot (Only shot):

    Serpant Burn
    I think I ran into Fire Snakes in an AD&D adventure once

    Full shot:

    Punch Lad

    He should have been a Legion Reject of something.
    I gave him a face mask, since I saw him having a secret identity, plus HM3 had the boxing mask.

    Full body punch:

    Face punch:

    Robot Goddess
    with the Twilik head tentacles it gives her a Jocosta look, and admittedly I used to love Jocosta back in the day. Also reminds me a bit of Maria the android/robot of Metropolis

    I was also going to try a LARGE city background, but the machine glitched and wouldn’t let me change the backgrounds. I was pretty happy with this one anyway.



  128. Me, Myself & I says:

    I had made it a personal goal to get all ten of the randomly generated names done. Well I like the name, “Divine Spawn” and it has a lot of potential. There was a lot more I intended on for this image. Unfortunately though I was running out of time so I just through this together. Anyway, here it is.

    Divine Spawn

  129. Myro says:

    MMI (158): Like you, I was a habitual jpg user, and while my frustration with it hadn’t reached yours, I did have some problems with it, and converted over to png at the same time as I started the Robin Hood Friday Night Fight entries, and I noticed the improvement immediately. I was going to tell you to switch over, but Jeff beat me to the punch.

  130. Galahad says:

    Smash Lass

    Smash Lass doesn’t have a back story. She just likes to smash things!

  131. Tasha says:

    The first name I got was “Girl Man”… I am so confused.

  132. Yzebel says:

    My first entry. Name generated :Animalia

    ..Jane Leslie was a recon scout assigned to the depths of Amazon Valley. Her plane had crash landed before she reach her destination..On the brink of death, she was saved by a mystical wolf, who gave her supernatural ability to command the entire animal kingdom in the valley. Hence, ANIMALIA is born..

  133. @Yzebel: Welcome, and great first effort. Awesome color-scheme for the background and nice touch with the shadows. Using the rags of her uniform as her costume bring together her backstory.

    Alas, this contest is closed. We’re now on CC 51 – Alien Nation. Looking forward to seeing you there!