Halloween Pop Quiz!

In the spirit of Open Critique Day, and in honor of Halloween, today you are going to be providing helpful costume design pointers to other Internet citizens bedeviled by poor fashion sense (for instance, these sad bastards) in our second one-day surprise Pop Quiz!

  1. Go out on the web and find an image of someone in what you think is a poor example of a Halloween costume.
  2. Grab the link to the outfit image, then redesign a better one in HeroMachine.
  3. In a comment to this post, give us your critique of the original (along with a link to the image), and a link like for any character design contest to your proposed re-design.

At the end of the day I'll pick a winner, who will receive their choice of any HM3 item or portrait, or a "sketch of the day" style custom black and white illustration of whatever they like (within reason). Then we can all go out tomorrow and celebrate by dressing up in slutty costumes and begging our neighbors for candy. As Jim Gaffigan says, when he was a kid that was cool, but try it now and they call the cops on you! Probably because he makes a hot Catwoman.

Good luck! And hurry -- just look how badly this guy needs your help: