Character Contest 47 – Weather, weather, everywhere

Your challenge for this week is to create the coolest character in the best illustration possible using any version of the HeroMachine that has something to do with the broad category of "weather". You could just use a name of a meteorological phenomenon like "Zephyr" or "Hurricane", or you could design a weather wizard from a fantasy role playing game, or simply a super-hero with some sort of weather-related powers. Classic examples would include "Weather Wizard" from the Flash comics, "Iceman", "Storm", or "Emma Frost" from the X-Men, the Red Tornado from DC Comics, or so on.

Poor examples would be something like DC's "Geo-Force", who can control the Earth, but not weather; the Human Torch, because fire isn't really related to weather; or The Hulk, who's a force of nature but not a force of weather.

The person with the winning entry as selected by our expert panel (i.e. me) will win their choice of either a portrait or item to go in HeroMachine 3, or a custom black and white "Sketch of the Day" style drawing (also by me). The rules otherwise are the same as always:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest -- we had an "Elementals" contest and a "Nature" contest a while back, for instance, and I don't want repeats of stuff you already did for those;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration.

Good luck everyone!

(Storm character and image ©Marvel Comics.)

186 Responses to Character Contest 47 – Weather, weather, everywhere

  1. Deadeas says:

    Well, here it goes. My first entry into a contest.

    This guy is a member of a team of super-powered teenagers who fight supervillains and evil when they’re done with their homework. His name is Zero Kelvin, the team’s second-in-command and the coolest head in the room most of the time.

  2. Legatus says:

    Emma Frost? Weather-related? I thought she was telepath.

  3. Cormac says:

    Jeff, are we allowed to use Dropbox for our character entries?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    For the name. Powers no, name yes.

  5. Frevoli says:

    may’ve used my fuel for this one on the nature contest… I’ll see what I can do, though

  6. wierdrocks says:

    This is Storma, that name was given to her at birth to warn people. her emotions are so deeply linked to the weather all around the world that even the slightest facial or verbal expression of any kind of emotion might set off hurricanes or something, so she usually has a completely neutral expression and speaks in a monotone all the time, even when, inside, she’s angry, happy, ect.. The angry look on her face as a result of some idiot in her eighth grade math class making one too many jokes about her gothic wardrobe.

  7. Chisoph says:

    Hey Deadeas, My first entry too!

    Season Controller. (I know, no creative name.)
    He (obviously) Controls the seasons all year ’round. It’s a big responsibility, but he can handle it.

    I also have this one:
    Nobody knows why he’s so good with nature. Animals, plants, even water. It’s very unnatural, even though it’s perfectly natural.

  8. Haxxx says:


    The Japanese thunder god, Raijin, was sent to the earth to hunt for two weather demons, the brothers Tsunami and Monsoon. After several year on the earth he decided to adopt a more human form. He overshadowed a Buddhist monk and became Raiden:

    As Raiden he journied the earth in hunt for different demons. when his mortal shell died out he took over another one through the eons and thus he continues to this day.


    Sunny was a normal teenager from California. She was a sun worshiper, in the moder sanes, and lived a relatively normal life until a couple of years back.
    At that tragic day she was sunbathing on the beach when she herself started to emit light and warmth. Her bright fire scorched her fellow beach goers. Only at nightfall her light was gone. Knowing that she could not comeback to her family for fear of torching them she sought out enlightenment.
    Her journey to understand her new gift led her to mount Olympus itself. There Apollo showed her what she is, a solar goddess. She learned how to use her gift and sought out to bring warmth and light wherever she is needed.

    Storm Wizard
    The order of the Thunderstorm are a wizardly order devoted to the study and enslavement of one of the greatest forces that the go wield. Their members usually live in windswept regions where thunderstorms are plenty. Their lives are usually as short as any other elemental wizard however when they do learn to manipulate bolts of shimmering electricity they are one of the most powerful. Usually a senior Storm Wizard sits as the head of the regional Assembly, because of his great power and vast knowledge in close to every field.

    (I’m not sure if this one was in previous contest)
    Born in Siberia, Yakov grew to be a superb soldier in the red army. His powers manifested at the his second year in the army. One chilly morning he swept the base around him. This in turn caused him to be sent to a gulag where he homed his abilities until he could control them.
    When he got out of the gulag he was recruited again but now as a super soldier, capable to deal with the capitalists super soldiers. He was given the hammer of th revolution and was toled to defend the Homeland at any cost.

  9. Myro says:

    This is an old character I made on 2.5, but I thought since I had it, I’d throw it up.

    Jennifer Takana was a Japanese-American eco-terrorist that had acquired her powers through exposure to the toxic pollutants that she wants removed. Taking the Japanese name for a female winter demon, Jennifer wants to bring a new ice-age to mankind.

  10. jason ransom says:

    so anyway, there was this guy doing a study on the relationship between the sun and its effect on the earth, well let me tell you, as u may or maynot know the earth is protected by the harmful rays of the sun due to athing called the ozone layer. if this layer shuld ever fail us the earth without a doupt wuld be bbq-d. so back to the guy, he figured out a way to “fix” the ozone by creating a man made solar eclips then using a special designed containment feild in space to contain the suns rays and fix the ozone…anywho wile building it he got caught in the middle of a cross fire between nature and science and somewere along the line became….sunburst!! powers that can replicate star he is the master of cosmic weather, basicly this guy culd really screw up your atmosphear!!

  11. samurai pineapple says:

    can some one please tell me how to link my hero from photo bucket into a direct link so its just showing the picture when its clicked on.

  12. jason ransom says:

    so for mynext super powered anomaly i give u…..Charger!!
    basicly super charges the air creating massive electric discharge then fries your lilly white a$$! wit this guy i was purposely going for the MK look, idk, i dont normaly fit it pre based looks but it makes charger look rather dashing if i do say so myself.

  13. Myro says:

    Samurai Pineapple, if you’re on the image page, there should be a box in the lower left that has headings such as: E-Mail and IM, Direct Link, HTML, and Image Link. Just copy the direct link URL, and that will allow you to put the direct link up in the forum.

  14. jason ransom says:

    oh and just for u know $hit$ and giggles after i posted him i decided to photo shop sunburst, andonce i was done i figured hey y not throw him on my comic book, sooo enjoy!

  15. Jeff Hebert says:

    Cormac (3): Dropbox is fine.

  16. Jeff Hebert says:

    Samurai Pineapple (20): Myro’s right, there will be a big section either to the left of the image titled “Share this image”. Also, see the next paragraph …

    Jason Ransom (21, 23): You need to follow that advice as well, currently your link goes to the jump page with all the PhotoBucket crap all around it, it takes me forever to load. You’re currently using this link, from your browser’s address bar:

    You need instead to use the link from the “Direct Link” box in the aforementioned “Share This Link” section:

    Click on each of those links and see the difference — yours goes to a page with all the PhotoBucket stuff all around it, while the second one just goes to the image and nothing else.

    Samurai Pineapple, the exact same thing would apply for you.

  17. Blue Blazer says:

    Ok, I’m done. Promise.

  18. joel says:

    entry #1

    master of the storms and incarnation of the god of thunder, he is: Raiga!

  19. MScat says:

    Nakusai King of the North

    (there are a ton of ICE themed characters so this is going to be my only one of that kind)

    From a planet far away ruled by an evil emperor. The emperor has devided the world among his underlings. Nakusai controls the northern region. He can control the frozen winds and the ice that surrounds his fortress. He is so powerful he rarely has to lift a finger to take down any who oppose him.

  20. Myro says:

    The Rain King

    Simon Belthazar can’t explain why it’s always raining on him, it just seems that he’s constantly being rained upon. The truth is that for some mysterious reason, the clouds love him, and want to show their love by showering him with lots and lots of life-giving rain.

    I may have stolen the idea from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Although, in this case, I definitely wanted a very localized rain system.

  21. Asder says:

    Each time RAIZO wants to kick some asses he thinks about this song

    ¨mother natures fury takes by the hand
    showing all but mercy
    wreaking death upon the land

    caught in the eye of the storm
    did the heaven just open and fall¨

    eye of the storm by bullet for my valentine.

  22. MScat says:

    Desert Storm

    (I took an old design and revamped it and changed it around)

    An Egyptian orphan that stumbled into an ancient tomb. She descovered a staff that was used by the ancient egyptians to control the weather patterns. Now she uses this power to help defend the weak and deffensless in the world.

  23. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my first contest entry, Tempest, the heroine with control over the most hectic of storms.

  24. joel says:

    entry #2 (the main villain in a superhero storyline I might create)

    Atlas Sims was a very smart and very gifted meteorologist. From an early age he had loved everything about the whether. However, kids at school always picked on him and made his life hell because he was a nerd. When he finally graduated college with a degree in meteorology, he was turned down at his first job interview with a major news network because he didn’t, “quite have the right look for the job”. That was the last straw for Atlas. He decided to make everyone pay for making his life miserable. he used his great intellect to fashion a deadly supersuit complete with energy blades, jet rockets, and an antenna on his helmet that allows him to control the atmosphere at his whims. Now, out for revenge, he is the deadly super villain known as: Atmosfear! And fear him you shall.

  25. Roy van Dijk says:

    Meet the IceKiller: The Ultimate Killer born out of the ice
    Roy van Dijk

  26. Danny Beaty says:


    The Black Tornado creates and controls tornadoes to fight the bad guys.


    Waterspout uses vortex technology to create powerful waterspouts with which to extort valuables from rich people on the high seas. If the rich folks don’t co-operate, Waterspout sinks their ship. Waterspout is nothing more
    than a high-tech pirate.

  27. joel says:

    entry #3

    Mike Stern was the assistant to a very well respected explorer who was on an expedition in the Amazon. Mike got lost from the group and found an old hut. He went inside, not knowing that the hut belonged to a shaman. not being the sharpest of guys, Mike began messing around with the strange stuff he found. it wasn’t until he picked up a strange lizard skull and proceeded to use it as a baseball, that he noticed the woman standing behind him. She towered above him and said, “If yo insist on being a dummy, then I shall make you one!” there was a flash of light, and Mike found himself lost somewhere in the jungle. when he moved he noticed something strange. it wasn’t until he got to a pool of water and saw his reflection that he realized he had been turned into a living crash test dummy. after a while, he found his way back to civilization. most people just thought he was a guy in a costume. then he tried to cross a street without waiting for the cross walk. he was hit by a car, but unhurt. a man from the superhero group “The Neo Champions” saw this and recruited him. now he is Crash. surprisingly fast, and able to take almost any amount of damage unscathed, and also strangely, acting as a human lightning rod that draws any electricity nearby towards him. Crash acts as “The Neo Champions” human shield. no one gets hurt when “Crash the Human Punching Bag” is around.

  28. spidercow2010 says:

    I made this several months ago, actually, about the time Jeff was raking the Red Tornado’s costume over the coals. It was inspirational. Of course, this is not The Red Tornado. I wouldn’t dream of co-opting DC’s intellectual property. No, this is The Scarlet Cyclone.
    By the way: Hey Gargoyle323, is there any way you could post a close-up of the Storm Sorceror’s (#33) face? I’m wondering how you did that.

  29. Haxxx says:

    Forgot a couple:


    Basically a rendering of Mr.Freeze and is part of the background of the next character:


    Jane Iceberg is the daughter of the supervillain Cychil. After a couple of years of trying to cure his wife, Dr.Iceberg felt lonely and decided to thaw one of his wifes eggs to bore a child. Jane was born, given the name of her mother and was taught from a young age to steal, rob and kill to get what her father wants. When he was defeated she took the name Ice and sent out to seek revenge for the loss of her parents.

  30. Danny Beaty says:


    In the old West there lived a mysterious masked man who rode for justice. His horse (and his draw) were so fast folks called him Kid Whirlwind!

  31. spidercow2010 says:

    Old Norse Storm King, despoiler of Viking picnics and parades.

  32. Danny Beaty says:

    @spidercow2010 (#49): Wow! That is awesome! I wish I had thought of that!

  33. Danny Beaty says:


    In the early sixties Jim La Rue was a fierce heavyweight boxer. His punches were so quick and devistating the sports writers nicknamed him “Lightning La Rue”. Although he never made it to the big times, he did manage to earn a nice little nest egg. These days he runs a small but busy bar called “Struck By Lightning”. A friendly guy, when he has a free moment he poses for pictures and shares stories of his old boxing days.

  34. spidercow2010 says:

    I’ve never much liked the Kirbification of the Norse thunder god I studied in grade school. In the myths, he was red-haired, wore a belt of power, was pulled in a chariot by a pair of goats, and when he was angry, sparks shot out of his red beard. Given the category, i decided to try making the Thor I knew:

  35. Frevoli says:

    My first entry this week.

    I doubt you’ll be able to find a character which better fits the theme:

  36. VonMalcolm says:

    I put a warning on this image via Deviant Art so I am not sure if the link down below will work without logging in first.

    I put the warning on for the man this hero is based upon apparently went through Hell on Earth and I tried to reflect that in the character…

    Saint Erasmus of Formiae, better known as St. Elmo’s Fire, The Patron Saint of Kicking A**: SAINT PAIN!

    Via Wiki:
    According to his legend, when the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian began, “Erasmus was called before a judge, beaten around the head, spat upon and ‘besprinkled […] with foulness.’ He was then beaten with leaden mauls until his veins broke and burst. Erasmus suffered all of these punishments with tremendous willingness. Erasmus was then thrown into a pit of snakes and worms, and boiling oil and sulfur were poured on him but ‘he lay therein as he had lain in cold water, thanking and loving God.’ Then thunder and lightning came and electrocuted everyone around save Erasmus. Thus the saint was protected from the lightning. Diocletian had him thrown in another pit, but an angel came and slew all the vipers and worms.”
    Then came the Western Roman Emperor Maximian who, according to Voragine, was “much worse than was Diocletian.” Erasmus would not cease preaching the Gospel, even though he was “put into a pan seething with rosin, pitch, brimstone lead, and oil, [which were] pour[ed] … into his mouth, [from] … which he never shrank.” A searing hot cloak and metal coat were both tried on him, to no effect, and an angel eventually carried him away to safety.”
    “And when this holy man came before the false gods” – to which he was to be forced to sacrifice, they “fell down and broke all in pieces, and consumed into ashes or dust.” That made the emperor so angry he had Erasmus enclosed in a barrel full of protruding spikes, and the barrel was rolled down a hill. But an angel healed him. Further tortures ensued:
    His teeth were … plucked out of his head with iron pincers. And after that they bound him to a pillar and carded his skin with iron cards, and then they roasted him upon a gridiron…and did smite sharp nails of iron in his fingers, and after, they put out his eyes of his head with their fingers, and after that they laid this holy bishop upon the ground naked and stretched him with strong withes bound to horses about his blessed neck, arms, and legs, so that all his veins and sinews that he had in his body burst.”
    The version of the “Golden Legend” did not relate how Erasmus fled to Mount Lebanon and survived on what ravens brought him to eat, an interesting pre-Christian mytheme. When he was recaptured, he was brought before the emperor and beaten and whipped, then coated with pitch and set alight (as Christians had been in Nero’s games), and still he survived. Thrown into prison with the intention of letting him die of starvation, St Erasmus managed to escape.
    He was recaptured and tortured some more in the Roman province of Illyricum, after boldly preaching and converting numerous pagans to Christianity. Finally, according to the legend, his stomach was slit open and his intestines wound around a windlass. This late legend may have developed from interpreting an icon that showed him with a windlass, signifying his patronage of sailors.

  37. VonMalcolm says:

    Erasmus of Formiae with ‘Fire’ spreading Jump Page:

  38. spidercow2010 says:

    Erasmus is available for your next children’s party (in the greater Formiae metro area).

  39. MartianBlue says:

    Entry 1.) Solar-Ray

    Solar-Ray is a character I made quite awhile back. If he happens to look familiar, it’s because he’s a build off a previous contest entrant, Gentleman Supreme( ).

  40. Me, Myself & I says:

    All Seasons has powers affecting all types of weather.

  41. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Chuck Norris

    Powers: Chuck Norris just has to perform roundhouse kicks until the weather is the way he wants it.

  42. Cormac says:

    Night Storm is a tortured soul with the raging storm of a thousand stars trapped inside him.

  43. alphaalpharomeo says:

    PS-Chuck Norris recieved his powers on an increased level after being covered in radioactive chemicals and biting himself

  44. SeptimusAgorius says:

    When a man got struck bt lightning while visiting Stonehenge, England, the Henge’s mystical proporties saved his life, but also gave birth to his alter-ego… ThunderStorm!

  45. Asder says:

    i was bored and a had a cool idea about some kind of eagle tornado sword so i tried to did it and this is what came out


  46. NEON_N64 says:


    @ Gargoyle
    LOL you used the same concept first (Damn, I was hoping nobody else would use it 🙁 )

  47. Frevoli says:

    Another character I’ve had for a while:

    Jules Vienne thought he was just volunteering for some sort of new video game testing, however he came out of it with more than he ever expected.

    Now the protector of Paris, gifted with the deux abilities of ice and elasticity, he is… Cold Stretch

  48. Phatchick says:

    A Silver Age heroine, Gaoithe was born Ciara O’Malley, the daughter of lighthouse keepers in Youghal. A mutant, she sprouted wings when she was a child. While her parents tried to keep her abilities a secret, out of fear for her safety, by the time she was a teenager she had learned to fly and to control the winds. With WWII beginning, she decided to use her abilities to protect her country and people. Calling herself Gaoithe (Galic for wind) She used her powers of flight and wind control to keep Ireland’s southern coastline safe from Nazi invaders.

  49. Me, Myself & I says:

    Storm Watch has the power to hurl lightning bolts, create great winds and even affect the weather patterns for miles around.

    Storm Watch

    Storm Watch Close Up

  50. alphaalpharomeo says:

    I think one time you should have us do a contest based off of Chuck Norris facts. We have to choose the fact then try and make a picture that represents the saying

  51. warpig says:

    i think a rebellion challenge would be cool, you know like fight the power stuff, or it could be like starwars rebellion or something just an idea

  52. Danny Beaty says:


    Snowbird can fly and create/control winter conditions to fight criminals.

  53. KlyA says:

    The Shocker a girl who gets mad and calls lighting to her fingertips.

  54. samurai pineapple says:

    once a homeless nobody, now a fiend with the powers of lightnig that would make zeus himself feel powerless

  55. joel says:

    I know almost all of my characters have been energy based, but i couldn’t resist this one.

    Benjamin Franklin discovered two things the night he tied a key to a kite in a thunderstorm. the first thing, was electricity. the second thing, that he could be a superhero!

    So he took to prowling the stormy nights, kite in hand, defeating British and other such evildoers as:
    The Pennsylvania Shocker!

  56. Asder says:

    Lord phenomena the new self-proclaimed god of weather.

  57. Melissa says:

    London Fogg

    Lydia Watson was well on her way to being director of the London branch of First Moravian Bank when she was attacked on her way to the Underground station. While struggling with her attacker, she was somehow able to become insubstantial and escape his grasp.

    After arriving safely home, she practiced her new found skill, and realized she could also pull water vapor out of the air to coalesce around her. She now protects those wandering the dark streets of London using her powers, and goes by the name London Fogg.

  58. samurai pineapple says:

    from the misty shadows of a crocodile filled swamp, to the leaf filled air in a forest in fall, i give you…..THE LEAF CONDUCTOR

  59. MScat says:

    The ultimate force of nature. Due to a lab accident he now exists as pure energy. He has complete control of the elements around him and can create massive storms.

  60. joel says:

    Madara Lee was a very talented martial artist. from an early age he was trained in most if not all of the martial arts in the world. however, when reached the age of sixteen, a strange mark appeared on his chest. it was a silver cloud. once that mark appeared, he realized that apart from becoming even stronger and better at all the martial arts he knew, his attacks were now so fast that they could create miniature wind storms. He created a costume and set out to fight a gang of criminals, whereupon he was noticed by the leader of “The Neo Champions” and asked to join their team. he now fights along side them as: Teikaitsu (Japanese for cyclone)

  61. samurai pineapple says:

    this hero doesn’t put out the fires….. he starts them.


  62. MScat says:


    As a young girl in africa she discovers she has the power to change the weather. She brought rain to villages in desperate need of it. The villagers thought she was the river godess Oya who could control weather patterns, and the name stuck

  63. Danny Beaty says:


    The year: 1870.
    Doctor Drought wears a steam-powered supersuit that extracts water from anything. Doctor Drought can also shoot high pressure steam from his gloves. Doctor Drought’s suit has a thin unique thermo-responsive lining: if the bad doctor starts to get hot, the lining becomes equally cool. If he gets cold, the lining becomes equally warm. Does Kid Whirlwind stand a chance against this armored fiend?

  64. spidercow2010 says:

    Once the harvest is in, shrouded in icy blasts and heralded by shrieking winds she comes at Autumn’s end, when the pale sun hides from mankind, who turn to their earthly women for warmth and light in the dark months ahead, for they’ll get precious little from . . . the Winterqueen.

  65. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Maelstrom (entry number one)

    David Munroe was an American photojournalist, who travelled to Kenya and, while visiting one of the many tribes of the country, fell in love with N’Dare, the princess of the tribe and a witch-priestess. They married, and returned to David’s home in Harlem, New york where they had a daughter, Ororo. After travelling to Egypt, their aircraft was shot down, leaving Ororo as an orphan. However, David had survived the attack, but when he saw his wife’s dead body he went mad with grief and ran off into the desert. There he wandered, aimlessly, before collapsing after three days of punishing heat. Dehydrated and dying of thirst, he prayed for water. Suddenly, massive clouds formed and rain poured down from the heavens. Bewildered, David drank heartily,vwondering how his prayers had been answered. Then, he had an epiphany: as a result of how closely bonded he was with his wife, when they concieved their daughter he too gained her powers of controlling the weather. David then realised what he had to do, and so he flew off in search of his daughter. Years passed, and David eventually lost hope of ever seeing his darling Ororo again, until he stumbled upon a fight between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. When he saw Storm, and what she could do, he knew instantly that she was his daughter. The mutant Toad was sneaking up on her, however, but before he could attack David sent him flying with a blast of lightning. Storm was left speechless by her father’s appearance, as she had thought him dead for most of her life. Overcome with happiness, they embraced, and made up for lost time as David asked Ororo what she had been doing with her life in his absence. Overjoyed to see his daughter, David joined the X-Men as Maelstrom, and has been a valued member of the team ever since.

  66. Asder says:

    A man so badass who can predict the weather

  67. Roy van Dijk says:

    I have more then one hero:

    He is the utimate killer born out of the ice.

    She is the warrior for nature en weather.

    This creature is a Knight and has control over Dragons and Vulcans and he’s one with the weather

    That’s it…
    Click on the photo to embig it.
    Roy van Dijk

  68. Roy van Dijk says:

    ow i’m sorry
    the site for MisticBow is wrong it is:
    That’s it…
    Click on the photo to embig it.
    Roy van Dijk

  69. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sun Burn can harness the power of the sun. Wether it’s just heat (or lack of it), flame or excessive gravity he needs to influence the power is at his fingertips.

    Sun Burn

    Sun Burn Close Up

  70. Morzan says:

    Roy, that’s not a direct link. You should really correct that ’cause it’s a damn cool entry.

  71. Mashlagoo says:

    Aeolus was a Greek god/mortal/king (the details are a little unclear) that had power over the wind. In the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus happened upon his island (in which he is known as Aiolian).

    “We came to the Aiolian island (nesos Aiolios); here lived Aiolos, son of Hippotas; the deathless gods counted him their friend. His island is a floating one; all round it there is a wall of bronze, unbreakable, and rock rises sheer above it.”

    The picture shows Aeolus bestowing one of his “gifts” of the winds upon the viewer.

    Aeolus full view

    Aeolus bust

  72. Gargoyle323 says:

    After his village was destroyed during a chemical weapon attack, Kev discovered he could control the winds around him. He learned how to create small dust and sand storms with these new powers. He soon learned how to create major sandstorms and decided he would seek out the people who had attacked his city. He would dish out retribution as Sandstorm.

  73. ajw says:
    The sol warrior
    controls the heat and intensity of the suns rays including uv radiation, as well as fire fire bolts from his hands as well as flight

  74. Cliff says:

    OK, I had these for the possible Texas contest ever since the Southern Fried Heroes contest. But they will really work here … besides I have several other Texas non-weather characters already waiting in my Texas folder.

    So here are my Texas Weather characters:

    #1 Drought
    (Inspired after a day of dialysis)
    James Munson had been a large guy with sandy brown hair, brown eyes.
    His health had never been great.
    Eventually his kidneys failed due to his obesity and diabetes and he had to go for Dialysis,
    In 6 months he went from 400lbs down to 120 while on dialysis,
    He had to monitor his diet and his fluid intake went from a couple of gallons a day to 40oz a day.
    Not an easy task for a Texan, between the heat, Super Big Gulps and Route 44s.
    But he tried and as a result he was constantly thirsty and weak from near dehydration.
    During treatments he would often cramp, and after the 4 1/2 hour treatments would be dizzy, weak and exhausted.
    Phosphates slowly calcified his lungs, heart and even his brain.
    Evntually all this snapped his mind.
    During a heat wave of over two weeks of 100+ temperatures, he died of heat induced complications.
    Three days after they buried him, he rose back up!
    Somehow he could now sap moisture from the surrounding area or certain objects.
    He found it easier to leech moisture from living beings.
    In his desiccated form it wasn’t much of a stretch to take on a sand form. In this sand form he could slither across floors, seep through tiny cracks.
    He had also gain the abitlity to communuicate, summon, and control desert animals:
    coyote, buzzards, snakes and scorpions.
    He could Control weather to a limited effect as well: heatwaves, drought, dust storms.
    He also gained the ability to control weak minded people.
    James began to call himself Drought. He had become a breed of desert vampire!



    #2 Dust Devil
    Dustin “Dusty” Sanz
    Hispanic male.
    A Minor Mage as defined by power level and age:
    16 yrs old
    Dusty loves reading Dr. Strange, Son of Satan, Dr. Fate, Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Sandman, Daredevil, Blue Devil … among other comics.
    He was told magic ran though his veins and was taught magic by a high priestess, his aunt Wendy, who goes by the name VentusMater
    He learned to move air around him then push it out. With these cyclonic winds he also has Flight and Air Sheilds.
    His spells has the side effect of creating small cyclones of dust and dirt, which is were he gets his name … Dust Devil.


    (I REALLY wanted to put a DD on his chest LOL)


    #3 Gully Washer
    Charles Ray. an egotistical weather man, was out on location on sweeps week, the 2 weeks of 100+ temps was taking its toll on plants, bodies of water, animals, children and elderly, making some average crazy from the heat with violent outbursts.
    He saw the devastation being wrought and sincerely wished he could do something to help, suddenly out of a clear blue, sky he was struck by lightning. When he came to, he discovered he could control the rains, he flew up and rained on the city and them moved further out, but he over extended himself and fell. Later he discover he could produce vast quantities, but only for short durations



    #4 Heat Wave
    Mark Richards
    had always been a thief since childhood, stealing neighbors toys, stealing lunch money from kids, stealing test results from teacher, stealing money from his mom’s purse, later even stealing his friend’s girlfriend.
    Right out of high school he went to the Army and learned to fight even better.
    He stole an experimental enviromental life support suit. Problem was it ws still experimental and the internal coolling system had a glitch, the external vents produced very high amounts of heat, producing a searing aura of heat exhaust around it. This delighted Mark and he added laser goggles and industrial heat lamps to the palms and became a wave of crime known as Heatwave



  75. ChrisN. says:


    From the Greek word good, her name depicts her entire demeanor. Her attitude was virtuous and timid, until her husband, a sailor, was taken by the sea. With this news she ran to Poseidon in a fit of rage and sorrow. Hearing her plea, Poseidon granted her power over the waters that ended her husband’s life until she too died; this may have been a terrible mistake, however, for with a grudge, she carries the power of a demi-goddess.

  76. Asder says:

    lady catastrophe, a woman with a power that can easily destroy the entire world.

  77. DiCicatriz says:


    A mysterious woman whose true identity remains unknown. She is horribly scarred and her eyes burn red with anger. Her coming is an ill omen, for she can decrease the humidity in the air and intensify even the most grueling desert climates. She is living drought, dessication personified. Arida lives to bring thirst to all living things.

  78. joel says:

    entry #5

    Francis Christensen was the assistant to Mark Law (a cosmic scientist). One night, Francis was left behind to close up the big telescope when he spied something. Something large was headed our way. He ran outside and saw a greenish rock getting smaller and smaller as it descended through the atmosphere. Before he had time to react, the rock fell and struck him, infusing with his chest. He ran in confusion for hours, until he made a great discovery. The meteor could conjure armor about his person. It took him several weeks, but he was able to master the new half rock armor. Now he can summon it at will. The armor gives him super strength, great resistance to heat and pressure, and he can even summon small meteorite shards to fire at his opponents. Armed with this new-found weapon, he save the innocent as: Captain Meteor. He even started his own super team, The Neo Champions.

  79. DiCicatriz says:

    I’m assuming since the Aurora Borealis counts we can do rainbows, right? It happens after


    A free spirit with the ability to manipulate the visible spectrum. Arc can absorb ambient light energy and reflect it back in brilliant multicolored patterns. His powers work best in environments with high humidity, particularly directly after heavy rainfall.

  80. Airia says:

    My 2nd entry:

    Snow Shard – A ninja who can create snow in a 100 mile radius from where she stands. She generates ice shards from the snow to use as melee weapons.

  81. Cliff says:

    This group was created for this contest, although some of the concepts have been around with me for a while.

    Joe Storm, was a stormchaser for National Geographic who, eventually, got too close to a tornado.
    Ironically his son Jack Storm, once in his teens, after his father’s death, developed the power to predict and control weather. This ability can vary from an isolated area of a foot or so to as large as an average size state … with great concentration and exhaustion. Stormwarden can also bring fog into an area, change the temperature drastically, bring down a mist to rain, sleet to hail, dust devil to a tornado. He can also ice objects, fire ice and snow as projectiles or throw lightning strikes.
    Some said it was a gift from Jack’s father’s spirit, other’s said it was a natural mutant talent. Regardless the source Jack took on the name Stormwarden controlling the weather that might harm or kill people as it did his father. More than on one occasion he has been forced to stop criminals, using his awe inspiring weather powers. As a paying job Jack took the job of a weather man for the local TV station and can be found driving around in his Weather van.
    (A character I’ve actually played)



    #6 Sleet
    young teen ager who found a crystal which bestowed him with Cryomancy. With the powers of ice control he has: cold aura, Ice body armour, ice fists, icicle claws, ice spear and is even capable of making ice walls, ramps, shields, domes and other shapes, even encase an opponent’s weapon in ice, or even an entire opponent or several.



    #7 Stormspear
    Lance Windu was a hunter and weapon’s expert at the spear. With it he can multi attack with spear point or blunt end, block, walk tightrope, pole vault etc.
    It was this young spear warrior who discovered the Stormspear, a magic weapon of great power giving the possessor the ability of flight, weather control and lightning.



    #8 Sue Nami
    Sue Nami was born American Japanese with the mutation of water control as a result from radiation exposure. After the assassination of her parents, Sue has decided to take her anger out on the world … unless they pay her price



    #9 Tornado Aly
    Alyson Rosenburg
    learned the powers of the elements, of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Alyson Rosenburg became a weather witch but finding her strength in the lelement air. Alyson Rosenburg became … TORNADO ALY.



    #10 Wendy Gale
    reputed to be the daughter of Zephyr the West Wind. Wendy Gale has the cherubic face of a child, along with the mercurial temperament of one and the air control powers of a god.
    (I have entered this character before, BUT this is a new rendition of her, new background, new pose, a few new things on her costume. SO! I hope it’s new enough to impress more than the original. Thanks for the new clouds Jeff)



  82. Cliff says:

    Entry 11

    These shock troops are
    armed with Lightning rifles capable of firing off bolts of electricity. Stormtroopers also have belt pouches of
    Ice grenades which explode with ice crystal shrapnel
    and water bombs of acid.
    They also have been known to devastate entire cities with the deadly backpack arsenal of tremor charges,
    tornado generators and supped up moisture vaporators capable of creating flash floods.
    They have a defensive fog screen and infrared goggles to let them see though the fog or darkness. The goggles also have flash protection.
    The armor itself is capable of stopping most melee weapon damage and substantial energy weapon damage as well as being an environmental suit of either extremes of temperature and having built in air reserves and atmospheric filters.



  83. tredlow says:


    Thursday Madison is head cheerleader of the Majorville Thunders. One day, she got struck by lightning. This gave her the ability to generate thunderclouds on her hands. She uses her new “Storm-pons” to fight crime.

  84. spidercow2010 says:

    Storm-pons? Is that a Stormpax product?

  85. Mashlagoo says:

    It is unknown how the horror that is Blood Ice came to be. A science experiment gone wrong maybe… or perhaps some kid just grabbed the wrong hat for building a snowman. Whatever the case, everyone knows to avoid Blood Ice and its chill embrace. Proof of its victims can be seen all through its body… as frozen blood.

    It has the ability to freeze almost anything containing water that it encounters. Blood Ice often uses the added mass for protection, armoring it frail core in ice.

    Full Body


  86. Cola says:

    I aint see fog yet for weather:


  87. bookaddict1978 says:

    Born with Powers to create snow and ace with the wave of her hand and force temperatures to drop even in the heat of the summer, Frigga Walters decided at a very young age that she had more of a destiny than becoming a doctor or a lawyer. She travels the world as one half of the team Fire & Ice, using her powers to fight evil in all it’s forms as Frigate.

  88. Galahad says:

    And thus did Zeus clap his mighty hands, and down upon the earth rained brightest lightning, and was heard loudest thunder.

  89. Galahad says:

    And into battle rode mighty Poseidon atop the fearsome Kraken, and behind him followed a massive wave, so that ships may falter and cities may crumble.


    Poseidon close-up:

  90. Galahad says:

    Whenever weather conditions threaten to become unstable, the government calls upon the E.V.A. units to take charge. Created by MetCorp Labs, E.V.A. stands for Environmental Variations Agent. These scientists utilize special suits which allow them to change size. The suits are also enhanced with special equipment that allow them to affect the environment.

    This is Yellowjacket. Her suit is based on a queen bee. Equipped with an extra set of mechanical arms, in times of environmental calmness, she lives among and studies bumblebees. She can even assist with pollenation of flowers and collection of honey.

    When the weather gets rough, however, she can create strong cross-currents with her suit, cause a torrential downpour, or even remove cloud cover.

    So, in short, Yellowjacket’s two main jobs are to count all the bees in their hives and chase all the clouds from the sky. And she can still get back to Pooh Corner by one.

    E.V.A. Yellowjacket:

  91. Gargoyle323 says:

    Jimmy Vargo was a member of a storm chasing team,who would follow after tornadoes and major storm cells. While on duty one day,his vehicle was struck by lightning while being hit by a twister. Miraculously he survived with no major injuries. He soon discovered that whenever a storm would approach,his body would start to transform. He could transform into a whirlwind and also control the storms around him. He would use these new powers to help lessen the damage caused by the tornadoes he still chases. Everyone calls him Mister Twister.

  92. Cliff says:

    Entry #12
    Frilligree Frost

    Frilligree (spelled correctly) is a frost fairy who’s job it is to herald the coming of winter. He can ice an object with a touch, even a mere brush of his body. Frilligree Frost is something of an antagonist of the red headed and firey spirited fairy Prixy of the Friendly Forest. There is an unmistakable ‘opposites attract’ relationship between them, but Prixy often gets angry at Filligree when he frosts things up a bit TOO much.

    (Thanks for my Flower prize Jeff!. Hope it gets me another win LOL)



  93. Cliff says:

    Repost #12
    Frilligree Frost

    The flower touching Frilligree’s back hadn’t been frosted in the previous post,
    this should be the correct links.



  94. drummergirl4 says:

    A clap of thunder rings through the air, and a gentle rain falls upon the parched earth below.

    Rain Goddess

  95. drummergirl4 says:

    Sorry, that second link was supposed to be to a close up.
    Here it is:

  96. joel says:

    final entry

    in the year 2012, the greatest technological advancement of all time was made. Apple had created AI. the technology was to powerful though, and all of humanity got enslaved. now in the dark and bleak future, AI must make sure none rebel against it, so it has employed a new type of enforcer. AI created a robot that could command weather and generate perpetual energy. and it was called: i of the storm!

  97. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 1


    DR Susan Rayn was working on a cure for tissue damage but when an experiment exploded she was engulfed in an acid cloud that stripped her of her flesh but kept her alive now her twisted mind and body float through the skies pouring acid spores that melt the flesh and give her control of the reanimated corpses effected.



  98. Cliff says:

    Entry #13
    Lightning Lass

    (This is the Ayla Ranzz from our first Legion game. Sadly we do have our own reboots having played Legion about 4 different versions and with different groups of players. She does have a regular uniform, but she prefers to dress in her home world rancher gear)

    Ayla Ranzz is a rancher from the planet Winith in the 30th century.
    Winith is an agricultural planet also known as a planet of twins. Although the Ranzz had a “solo” son, Mekt, before Alya and her twin brother Garth was born.
    One day Mekt, Ayla and Garth went joyriding in the family’s space speeder and crash landed on the planet
    Korbol which possessed lightning beast the siblings decided to try to recharge the family’s speeder with. However the plan didn’t work as expected and the lightning beasts fired on the 3 Ranzz offspring. Once they woke up they discovered each one of them had lightning generating and absorbing powers.
    Being a solo on a planet of twin’s and possible the ordeal on Korbol and new powers messed up Mekt’s mind though and he left his homeworld and became a villian.
    Garth went to search for him and ended up being a founder of the Legion of Super Heroes after rescuing R. J. Brande the wealthiest man in the universe.
    Ayla was the one now left as a “solo” on a world of twins and with her powers made something of a name for herself.
    Once her brother Garth was apparently killed in combat. Ayla visited her brother’s coffin and decided to take his place, impersonating him.
    It was the studly playboy Sun Boy who eventually noticed Ayla was no guy, having no adam’s apple.
    So Ayla later joined the team as Lightning Lass.
    And later still Garth apperantly was back alive, unfortunately the Legion had rules about power duplication and Ayla was going to be booted out of the Legion, but Dream Girl used Naltorian science to change Ayla’s Lightning powers to Light ie gravity nullifying powers, proving what a punny sense of humor the platinum bombshell had. So Lightning Lass became Light Lass and got to stay in the Legion.
    Many times Ayla and Garth fought their brother who was a member of the Legion of Super Villians. One of these battles Mekt had kidnapped Ayla, ranting and torturing her, until be blasted her with such a tremendous lighting blast it switched her lightning powers back and she once again became Lightning Lass.
    In the course of alternate timelines and realities she has also been known as Pulse, Gossamer, Spark, Livewire.

    Ayla personality is a constant spark of optimism and hope.
    But she is very powerful and can kick ass with the best of them.
    Although a universe ranging super hero, she still is proud of her farm girl rancher roots, never really letting fame give her a big head.
    Ayla is proud of her body and not prudish about it and totally bisexual.



  99. Danny Beaty says:


    Wannabe rapper Ice Hole.

    Chicks drove by
    while I was taking a stroll,
    They called me a name
    and it sounded like “Ice Hole”!
    Well, Ice Hole is what I’ll be!
    I’ll be the biggest damn Ice Hole
    you ever did see!
    All the other rappers
    try to best me,
    They drink Forties,
    I drink Nestle’s!

    Ice Hole baby!
    He’s just a Ice Hole baby!
    Ice Hole baby!
    Always a Ice Hole baby!

  100. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Earth Quaka Thunda Maka (entry number two)

    These foul little minions do the bidding of Markhor, the evil Sky King of Stadlash. With their hammers they create earthquakes and cause great thunderstorms to roll across their lord’s skies, reminding his enemies of his dominance. They are stupid creatures, and often break out into fights, forgetting the power of their weapons. Many a continent has been turned to dust by a drunken brawl.

  101. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Forgot to add:

    Yellow Snow (entry number 3)

  102. Danny Beaty says:


    The Arctic Fox can create and control severe winter conditions and is immune to the effects of cold. She is a villain.

  103. Galahad says:

    Years ago, when Father Time was on a business trip, Mother Nature had a brief fling with Jack Frost. When Father Time returned, Mother Nature told him she was pregnant and that the baby was is. Fast-forward 8 months later, when the baby was born. One look at the baby and Father Time knew who the real father was. This beautiful baby girl had pale skin, ice-blue lips and snow-white hair. Most chilling of all was the icy look in her eyes. Father Time still raised her as his own, but at age 18, she set off to seek her real father and to learn the family business. Now she goes by


  104. samurai pineapple says:

    when his home town was hit by nuclear atombomb during a lighting storm, the mixture of the leaking gas took over his body then he was struck by lighting he grew the power of lighting itself.

    shock wave

  105. Nobody says:

    cant get to photobucket…even the one we all share.
    so till then:

    after teleporting to escape she found herself lost in a barren wasteland, a frozen one!/photo.php?fbid=155716681136012&set=a.154889187885428.40949.100000930430973

  106. Nobody says:

    using Zar’s devient account, seeing if this works:

  107. Danny Beaty says:


    Kid Lightning can fly and shoot bad guys with lightning. He also has superhuman strength and is invulnerable to bullets.

  108. This is some bull….I have no weather characters I if I made one if could not compair to the BG building capabilitys of the others!! $^&*!!!!
    I hope the next one I will be able to participait in….

  109. DiCicatriz says:


    A professional athlete turned superhero upon his exposure to mutagenic volcanic gasses after a rogue tropical storm knocked him off course during a surf match. He has the ability to raise and lower temperatures in his immediate environment. He mostly uses his abilities on ambient water molecules in the air around him, creating sudden ice storms or scalding steam jets.

  110. Cliff says:

    Entry #14 (I think)
    Cyrus McCloud, a London PI with the powers to make any or all of his body into smoke/fog/cloud

    (Another redo of a character)



  111. Connor S. says:

    Electron- A famed archaeologist, Adam Johnson, found a beautiful amulet on one of his digs. It glistened with an electric blue sparkle, held by a dark gray strap. As he tried it on his neck, it tightened into a death grip, and he slowly felt his life slip away. When he awoke, he was prisoner inside of an amulet, something else controlling his body. Everywhere the thing went, Adam was forced to watch in horror as it destroyed.

  112. Connor S. says:

    Cliff, try to spend twenty minutes on one, not twenty minutes on thirty entries. That’s how DiCicitraz, Hammerknight, Martian Blue, and a lot of others always win. They do quantity instead of quality.

  113. Jeanne Arc-en-Ciel: Rainbows count as weather phenomenon. ;>

    I gotta admit, this is a little too close to the Nature contest. Most of my ideas have been re-hashes of previous entries. So, low output this time.

  114. Sciamancer says:

    Thunderstorm. He can fly, generate lightning among clouds, aim it, and cause it to rain by agitating storm clouds.

    Weakness: cloudless areas. He’s SCREWED.

  115. Jeff Hebert says:

    Connor (156): Since Cliff has actually won a character creation contest before, I think he’s got a handle on his personal best method for producing entries.

    It’s not a matter of quantity, it’s a matter of quality, and Cliff never puts out spammy, crappy product. They’re generally very good, so I don’t mind that there are a lot of them (relatively speaking).

    There have been people in the past who would put up two dozen entries they had lying around on their hard drives, which had little or nothing to do with the contest theme, and which were of very low quality. That’s basically spam and it irritates me, but Cliff’s nowhere near that kind of thing.

  116. Myro says:

    I redid my “Rain King” entry. I think it’s much stronger this time around. The old copy no longer exists.

    Not redoing the back-story on this. That remains the same.

  117. Gayel Force:

    Ironic, the Contest is weather. Here I am submitting psychedelic and space opera characters.

    @Myro: Second version of Rain King is funnier!

  118. Detective Tollemache Squall: The private eye whose seen it all.

  119. Kryptoknight says:

    I would like to submit Fulmenvir:
    Fulmenvir is a demi-god son of Thor God of Thunder, Lightning, and Storms. Originally Fulemnvir squandered his supernatural powers to conquer and luxuriate in his amassed wealth and power. Until his godly father came to him and laid waste to his home and tore Fulmenvir from his lands, He cast Fulmenvir out and bade him to never set foot on his homeland’s soil again til he learned to become a better man. He was cursed with immortality until he became a man worthy of his heritage, a protector of humanity. A hero.

  120. Airia says:

    My 4th entry:

    The Rose Whirlwind – A gypsy witch who can channel the force of whirlwinds when she dances. Her fans are enchanted items when used can increase the size of her whirlwinds and can even change them into tornadoes.

  121. Cliff says:

    I am sorry you don’t like my entries. I believe you have mentioned this before, I apologize if it wasn’t you, but as I said then, if you have some constructive criticism or tips I will take them under consideration. As it is it usually takes me two hours to do an entry. Probably would be less if my eyesight was better. What is it you don’t care for about my style?
    I will admit I have been quite proud of my entries.
    My first contest I entered was #34 Adventure,
    I have since won an Honorable Mention with Contest 36 Head Case,
    1st in Contest 37 Platinum Bomb,
    HM in 38 Mini Blade,
    HM 40 Big Mama,
    HM 43 Firebird,
    HM 44 Merry Mabon 2010,
    HM 46 Lavanah.
    7 mentions out of the 12 contests I’ve entered. That’s over half. I don’t think that’s too shabby.
    They may not all be first place, but considering the high quality of entires. I am thrilled to have my HMs.

    Regardless. I am sorry my entries irritate you, but since Jeff doesn’t have a problem with it … I’ll probably keep posting as many entires as I come up with as long as I think they have a chance to win … or make someone laugh. If it honestly bothers you … just ignore them, I won’t be offended.

  122. Morzan says:

    Entry number one – Rödiin and Crimson Thunder

    Rödiin was the right hand of the Old Norse Storm King until he fell in love with a mortal woman. When the King heard about it he feared that a child may be born and would endanger his reign. He immediately sent a lighning to kill the woman, but he was late: the child was already born. Rödiin took her to the parents of his lover to take care of the baby. However the King didn’t know that the child was born. He chained Rödiin to the top of the highest mountain so he won’t be able to impregnate any other mortals. When the girl grew up and found out how to control his powers, she went in search for his father. She reached the top of the highest mountain but she couldn’t free his father for his chains was forged by the Storm King himself. She was sad for her failure to free her father, but still she was happy that she found him. Now she works on ending the reign of the Storm King and taking his place. She often seeks Rödiin for advice and for a bit of encouragement when she feels she’s too weak to defeat the Storm King.

  123. Galahad says:

    Morzan (169):

    I love the effect you created with this one. It just pops, to me.

  124. spidercow2010 says:

    That new color gradient background is enabling some truly beautiful stuff.

  125. FelipeSCard says:


    Like a mirage riding on the desert sand
    Like a vision floating with the desert winds
    Know the secret of the ancient desert lands
    Your are the keeper of the mystery in your hands

    No one dares to even look or glance your way
    Your reputation goes before you they all say
    Like a spirit that can disappear at will
    Many claim of things but no one’s seen you kill

    Legend has it that you speak an ancient tongue
    But no one’s spoke to you and lived to tell the tale
    Some may say that you have killed a hundred men
    Others say that you have died and live again

  126. Airia says:

    My final entry:

    A Breath Of Fog – My personification of fog.

  127. Jenna says:

    Pua Ua, third child of the chieftain and practicing Rain Maker of the ‘Ino tribe.

  128. knight1192a says:

    Aeolus, Lord of the winds in Greek mythology complete with the bag in which he trapped all winds save Zephyros, the West Wind, for Odysseus. Aeolus is also known by his title Hippotades, meaning “the reiner of horses,” because the winds were believed to be horse shaped.

  129. jason ransom says:

    last and final! The storm rider!

    now then, this guy has no weather based powers he hets name due to the electrical discharge from his cybernetic hand and the thundering boom of his modified hand gun. he is one of my characters that r living after the first apocolypse, it is because of the nature of the apocolypse that made the atmosphear messed up creating a permanent storm over what used to be a part of hollywood, and that is where the storm rider dwells killing in the name of what is left of justice under the cover of an ongoing storm-ridden ruined city.

  130. Cliff says:

    Eartha Quake

    This Earth Mother developed her earth powers at puberty. Her weight ballooned, and her skin became stone like, with that her strength increased and her stone skin made her hard to hurt. But beyond that Eartha can “put her foot down” and cause huge tremors.
    She has been known to sing is a good, if somewhat, gravelly voice.



  131. Wesley Belk says:

    Wow Jeff! Lots of superb entries this time, you’re gonna have your hands full this go-around!

  132. Thunderlord:

    Sorry for the delay my pc is in trouble and i couldn’t load the page the whole day. 🙁

  133. Marie says:

    An ancient Goddess returned, Medusa is trying to make amends to her former mistress, Athena, for the curse laid upon her. Now, her gaze is no longer the bringer of death but of life; now she brings rain and lives in the fresh water she provides. She is the defender of freshwater ecosystem and the animals that live there.