Character Contest 46 – Holy Moley

We haven't done anything fantasy-specific in a long while, so your character design challenge for this week is to create a totally cool image around the idea of a Priest, Holy Man/Woman/Other, Cleric, Shaman, or some other variation of a being who lives to serve the divine (or demonic). You could cast this as a super-hero if you like, or you can keep it in the fantasy genre.

Your servant of the almighty might be a pacifist healer, or a gibbering servant of the Lords of Hell slinging chaos about like a scythe, or a righteous soldier of the Warrior God, or even a mystic tights-wearing super hero like Dr. Fate. Good, evil, chaotic, orderly, it's all up for grabs, just make sure your illustration is the best you can make it. And make sure you're not creating a god -- this is for those who serve the gods. Or demons, whatever.

The person with the winning entry as selected by our expert panel (i.e. me) will win their choice of either a portrait or item to go in HeroMachine 3, or a custom black and white "Sketch of the Day" style drawing (also by me). The rules otherwise are the same as always:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest -- we had an "Angels and Demons" contest and a "D&D Character" contest a while back, for instance, and I don't want repeats of stuff you already did for those;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration.

Good luck everyone!

177 Responses to Character Contest 46 – Holy Moley

  1. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Isn’t this CC 46? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Solander says:

    Here’s my first entry:

    – Auctor Lanterhill:

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Good catch, Ketchup, thanks! I am apparently math illiterate.

  4. Timespike says:

    I’m thinking of getting back in with this one. Are you still limiting entries to 3 per person?

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    No limit on entries Timespike, and it’d be great to have you back ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Anarchangel says:

    It just so happens I have a whole order of religious ass kicking babes. Lets just call these three Anarch’s Angels…or not.

    First is the warrior nun and muscle of the group, Glory.

    Next is the fiery irish-born Flare.

    Then we have catholic witch Willow.

    And a completely unrelated character, the enigmatic medicine man only known as Shaman.

  7. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2: AbstractAngel – This Divine Beauty if the Angelic servant of the “All Mighty”

  8. Timespike says:

    This is a Fatewalker (cleric) of Virrian, Lord of Fate. They hunt those who would escape a just fate, particularly fugitives and the undead, who try to escape their eternal fate through unnatural means.

  9. VonMalcolm says:

    The Devil’s Druidess

    Nature on the Attack.

    I made this one a while back when someone suggested a Fantasy Contest.

  10. Anarchangel says:

    And a fifth character. Dark priests of “The One True Lord” and B-list villains. The Daemon Twins.

    Man, I go months without entering a contest and then post 5 in one? I must be trying to make up for my absence.

  11. Early designs from my “Hero Machine Portfolio”:

    I designed Underdark Encounter when Jeff added Runic fonts to HM. I posted in the same thread, but not as a contest entry until now:

  12. Danny Beaty says:


    A firefighter (and devout Christian) is chosen by God to protect humans from the creatures of Satan.

  13. joel says:

    entry #1

    Derick was abandoned as a young boy. he was lost in the streets and would have died if a passing cleric hadn’t taken him in. Derick was taught the ways of healing over the course of many years. he learned how to preserve and refresh life wherever it could be found. however, in his teachings, he was also told of a dark side of the healing arts; a way to twist them to your own selfish design. Derick was much more interested in the dark side of the cleric’s magic, but his master refused to teach him and forbid him to learn it. after he had learned the art, Derick left his master, and found a new one. a strange dark figure saw that Derick had the gift and taught him the dark was. Now Derick uses his evil arts of death and pain to astound, amaze, and horrify all. he uses his twisted magic to put on warped shows, shows unlike anything you have ever seen. he is now known, simply as The Magician. consumed by darkness, he seeks only to see the horror his “tricks” inspire.

  14. Gargoyle323 says:

    Xi-Zing, Blind Monk of Arms
    He is the guardian of the Monastery in the mountains. Peace is their way,but he will go to any means to protect his fellow brothers and their beliefs.

  15. VonMalcolm says:

    King Cleric or Outer Space Vortex

    A little Kirby hangover; I wanted to try something more Kingly and I thought a ‘Kirby Cleric’ would make for a good combination – though I probably still didn’t go far enough, especially with the helmet.

    Color: Outer Space; Mode of Travel: Vortex.

  16. VonMalcolm says:

    Whoops, actual King Cleric Jump Page:

  17. ajw says:

    shade bringers disciples of the spine king a beast of great power and influence worshipped by both the shade bringers and the other creatures the spine king has fathered.

  18. venomfang666 says:

    Once a high priestess of the Goddess Lolth, Kelulli lost favor within the drow community when she was transformed into a Drider. Outcasted and forced above ground, doomed to live her life out in a cave, she swore to get revenge on the people who drove her from her standing. Believing that she was graced with the form of Lolth she has continued being a devout cleric of the spider goddess and has attracted many other Driders to her cause of over throwing Drow society and placing the Driders in power, with her as Empress of all of course.

  19. joel says:

    entry #2

    Mephist is the high shadow priest of Satan. God created the paladin order, so the devil struck back with Mephist. Mephist is a cross between a demon, and a holy priest. this being the case, he can stand on any holy ground, and is unaffected by holy items such as crossbows, holy water, stakes etc. however, he still possess demonic magic. though he wares armor, Mephist isn’t very strong physically. he does have some deadly demon magic, though not a lot. his weapon of choice is actually a ceremonial dagger. though he is overly strong in magical or physical attack, he can use his dagger to perform dark rituals. his greatest power, is his ability to summon a horde of demons in mere moments. he can appear silently in a location, and within an hour have an army from hell ready to attack.

  20. joel says:

    Entry #3


    She was designated as the defender of the earth when it was first created. though she has immense divine powers, she cannot appear on earth, except in the form of a vision. once every hundred years, she is to choose a child. the chosen child will be given a fraction of her power and must use it protect earth from the evil within it. Niarel may appear to the champions occasionally to guide them, but mostly she remains outside our realms of understanding, battling the greater evil forces that seek to destroy the world from beyond the mortal plane.

  21. venomfang666 says:

    Body of a warrior, heart of cleric, he is Thalos warrior cleric of Bahamut. Along side his gold dragon companion Fang, he delivers the righteous furry of Bahamut upon all evil dragons

  22. Danny Beaty says:


    Satanya is the daughter of Satan. Sometimes she fights against her dad, not for altruistic reasons but just to mess with her dad. Yeah, she’s a little bitch.

  23. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1

    The Agnostic Avenger

    Steve Dalton was a man sick of everyone fighting over their theories of what happens after we die. All he knew was that no one has it right. He struggles to keep order in a world where the extremists on both ends of the debate are creating chaos.

  24. venomfang666 says:

    Shaman of the Wind Runner centaur clan he is Swift Bolt!

  25. Jake says:

    Green Flame is the shaman of the Enorigori tribe. They believe that cowardly evil spirits roam the world, unseen by the average person. These spirits are responsible for things such as bad weather, lack of food, and other mischevious acts. It is the shaman’s job to cross into the spirit world and scare them away from the tribe.

    In order to cross into the other world, the shaman performs a sacred ritual where he spends hours crushing various plants together with bone and sand to create Enori Chalk. He then puts the Enori Chalk into the fire, turning it green. Inhaling the right amount of smoke from a green flame brings the shaman into the spirit world. If he were to inhale too deeply, he would forever be trapped among the spirits.

  26. spidercow2010 says:

    Throughout the galaxies of the Unicosm, he is called The Harbinger of Frunobulax. Uatu, the Watcher, disdains him as a cringing toady, but of course Uatu is quite, quite mad. He foretells the advent of Frunobulax to oft-uncomprehending multitudes. Woe unto those who witness The Harbinger’s coming, for it presages the imminent arrival of Frunobulax, who will, through his inestmable power, force everyone to look at vacation photos and pictures of his grandchildren.
    Full figure:

  27. venomfang666 says:

    What happens when you give a slightly rebellious nun some of the powers of an Angel? You get Angelica, defender of the faith…at least when she isn’t out joy flying….

  28. spidercow2010 says:

    Full disclosure: This is one I did a few months ago, I was inspired by somebody else, but can’t quite remember who (Hammerknight, I think) to give proper credit. Anyway, this is Luriel, cast out from Heaven because she was too much of a distraction. Now she works for the other side, more or less, smiting those who would impose their beliefs on others; smiting them most grievously if they have no sense of humor. That’s when she’s not driving Lucifer crazy by easily thwarting his brutish slavering advances as if he were an awkward schoolboy. By the way, that stick really hurts.

  29. abominal401 says:

    This is Summoner!Once a priest,now a demon worshiper!

  30. Scorpidius says:

    Oohh, sounds good, I think I will put in a couple of entries.

    Firstly: Necrosur

    and secondly: Mage

    Good luck everyone!



  31. Myro says:

    Apollonia, a Greek temple priestess, playing the lute.

  32. spidercow2010 says:

    Another one from my collection of previously unsubmitted HM3 works:
    She is not Gozer, but she is a Gozerean. She will command you to choose the Traveler’s form. Try not to think about it.
    Oh, and if she asks you if you’re a god…say YES.

    Jeff, it’s a DeviantArt vagary: no matter what title (my_name.character_name) I give the file, it gets renamed in an altered format. Sorry.

  33. MLS says:

    This is actually my current character in a Pathfinders campaign; Gorvak Trooblud, Half-Orc Cleric of Torag.

    “A Half-Orc who worships a Dwarven diety?” you say. “How very odd!”

    Yes. Yes it is.

  34. Legatus says:

    In a world full of superhuman threats and dangers the Pope has his own elite warriors, the Battle Nuns.

  35. TheChong says:

    my first character. sort of a twist on the barbarian

  36. Haxxx says:

    The giant batch worked last time so here is another one (some may have been in previous contest, I don’t keep track but I think most didn’t)(Some are named wrong because I uploaded them to photobucket not for contest, I can’t chainge the file name):

    Demon, He’s just a friendly guy:

    Sol, Knight of the Rising Sun:

    Archon, General of the gods:

    Wild Priestess, She cut herself with a bone knife:

    Priest, Dwarven, Got a problem with that?

    Priestess, Worships the Twin Space-Brain-Eater (mind fliers)gods:

    Witch, Priestess of the wilds:

    Skull Guard, Champion of the undead lords…His a skull paladin basically:

  37. Frevoli says:

    Hello again.

    The first of my entries is one which I originally made for HM2, but have jazzed up for the occasion.

    Blake Zen – Stage hyponotist. At least, that was before he discovered that armour. He used it for his act, no more than a prop… until he activated its hidden power. He now acts as a prophet for an entity he calls “The all-seeing eye”, where he gathers his followers… by force, if necessary.

    The armour grants him increased intellect, as well as various psychic and telepathic abilities

    With full world control in his sights, he will stop at nothing to see all follow the eye… he is Zen

  38. The Doomed Pixel says:

    As a follower of a nontraditional cult, the Heretic suffered the fate standard for all those who stray in faith: burning at the stake. He can only hope that his martyrdom will pay in another life.

  39. Gargoyle323 says:

    High Priestess of the Order of the White Light, she leads the White Light Ninja army. She wields the Burning Sword of the Sparrow, which casts out the evil from the soul of those who would sin.

  40. Jadebrain says:

    This is an low-ranking Gannum student of the Vururu’Khani philosophy. The Gannum are a race of short, stocky humanoids who are rather weak in body, but very intelligent and wise. More importantly to the contest, though, is the religion: Vururu’Khani, a religion practiced mostly by the Gannum, teaches the core principle that enlightenment is reached through the ability to separate and differentiate between thought and emotion. Those who practice it are sometimes seen as a myriad of negative things by those outside the religion, including arrogant, cold-hearted, and sometimes even insane, due to the behaviors that are shown by its practitioners. In actuality, those behaviors can be explained by the statistically greater intellectual achievements of Vururu-Khanists, the total abandonment of emotions where they are seen as an unnecessary hindrance to logical thought, and the contrasting revelry in emotions where they are seen as appropriate for the situation.

    In the picture, I placed a human about two feet in front of the Gannum to show a vague comparison in size.

  41. anonymously anomaly says:
    (in the process of doing it, the program quit working..)

    now for the entry of the contest:

    if one is curious about the lip in the smoke, Lolth shows her pleasure by an avatar appearing as a pair of sensuous lips. so she is pleased by the sacrifice of the rivel priestess. the lighting is off b/c the show manipular wouldnt cooperate….grrrr to my lack of computer knowledge.

  42. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sir Rodrick is renown for his devotion as a cleric to his deity which is the god of creation. His renown has increased to teh point where he is now considered a saint by the clergy as a whole.

    The faith heuses a holy symbol which represents the world they are from surrounded by a great halo of flames representing the sun, without which, nothing could survive.

    Sir Rodrick

    Sir Rodrick

  43. Frevoli says:

    My Second entry, and last for today

    Just a bit of fun this one (not intended to cause harm)

    It’s the Catholic Crusader – Super Pope

  44. knitesoul says:

    I don’t know if this counts, but i’ll enter him in anyway.


    – Daniel Andros is a faithful Paladin, the Warriors of Light and the divine.

  45. Phatchick says:
    A priestess of Kahless, a guide to lead Klingon warriors in quests to free the souls of loved ones trapped in the after life. From Wikipedia; “The honoured dead are not mourned, but celebrated. The eyes of a dead warrior are opened, and all fellow Klingons present roar to chase away evil spirits called jat’lyn[citation needed], and to tell the warriors in Sto’Vor’Kor that the warrior is joining them. The body of the dead warrior is viewed mainly as an empty shell to be disposed of; particularly well-respected warriors have their companions accompany the body for interment or disposal, “just” to keep away predators (though a privately held act of respect for the departed). Warriors who may have a question about whether they will be worthy to enter Sto’Vor’Kor, such as not having died in glorious battle, may have a dangerous quest held in their name by their surviving mate and his or her companions. Worf went on one such quest out of concern that Jadzia Dax would not enter Sto’Vor’Kor because she had been murdered by a possessed Gul Dukat. If they win their stated deed or battle, they win honour for their late warrior and entry to paradise.”

  46. joel says:

    entry # 4

    He is the one chosen by Niarel (entry #3). His name is Ziam and he has been blessed with the holy fires of Niarel. He can summon forth her great power as long as he only uses it to fight evil demons and other dark creatures, and commits his life to the eradication of evil. all dark creatures fear the divine warrior Ziam.

  47. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 2


    Father Patric Murphy was the leading exorcist in Boston until a demon escaped into him. The Ancient evil now uses the priests body to drain souls from the innocent to feed his hell father and fuel his hold on the old priest who can only watch in horror at what he has done.

  48. I’m going to hell for this.




    Do I really need a description for a sexy, superpowered, evil nun? Really? Her name’s even a nun pun.

  49. joel says:

    entry #5

    Ryu (named for one of the greatest hand to hand fighters)

    Ryu is a powerful monk chosen by the ancient gods. He works for his food by using his staff to perform exorcisms. though his staff can be used as a weapon, it pales in comparison to his divine powered fists, which can smash through the strongest steel as though it’s paper. he also wears a necklace of prayer beads around his neck that protect him from evil magic and powers of corruption. when he not performing an exorcism to get some food, he is on a divine quest to punish all those without divine powers who commit any act of violence, because only those chosen by the gods may bring harm to another.

  50. K. Merritt says:

    My first batch:

    Madame Libra – Libras are mystics raised to believe that everything must work in balance for the survival of all. Madame Libras (highest level) are charged with stopping whatever force is tipping the balance. Even though evil may be the most likely cause, they have been known to stop those for good. In the eyes of the Libras, not even evil is allowed to die.

    Miranda The Paladin – She’ll send you to heaven, even if she has to kill you.

  51. Cliff says:

    Contest #46 – Holy Moley

    Entry #1
    I created this hero back in the late 70s early 80s when I was Christian. Sort of a Christian Punisher.
    He picked the white suite for Purity, and the red cross for the blood of the sacrifice.



    Entry #2
    Christian Reich.
    This twisted organization has been a torment to many it’s narrow minded followers deem sinful and deserving of their punishment. Unmarried couples, bastard children, outspoken women, racial minorities, gays, TV and movie producers and actors, magazine and newspaper publishers, fiction autors, comic book creators, liberal polititions, eco-warriors, the poor, the sick …. the list goes on. Basically, anyone not of their own denominational beliefs and status.



    Entry #3
    Lavanah a Silverstar of the Moonmaiden Selune, the Night White Lady.
    Lavanah father was a Lightbouse attendant, a follower of the Moonmaiden a former sailor. Her mother was a Priestess of Selune.
    Lavanah was born on a Full Moon night her skin was chalk white her hair platinum blonde but had very dark eyes like the night sky.
    As a child her condition made her susseptable to the sun’s rays and she either stayed in during the day, only coming out at night, or stayed heavilly cloaked. It was a surprise to no one when she began her training as a specialized priestess of Selune, becomeing a Silverstar, armed with a Moon Hand’s mace and a Full Moon sheild, the Holy symble of Selune hanging above her heart, 2 female eyes surrounded by 7 stars.
    a 1st level cleric I will be playing soon.



  52. Haxxx says:

    Because Jeff said that “No Demons nor Angels shall be posted on thy contest” scratch y entries of Demon, Sol and Archon and replace them with….:

    Sol Priest- Priest and enlightened of the all mighty sun:

    Righteous light- evoking and blessing his way o the heart of the people:

    Monastic Father- Leader of the Sol Monastery at the city of light, the most enlightened of the followers of Sol.

    Infernal Paladin- through blood rituals and worshiping the dead gods, the infernal knight suck the life of their foes and banish the light around them…

  53. Galahad says:

    Jason Vernon was once a mere mortal who found himself lost, wandering the unforgiving desert terrain of the Sahara. Nearing death, with his final breath he called out for help. As he hovered on the edge of oblivion, an angel appeared to him. Offering him the great powers of a djinn, the angel in return asked only that Jason save others from a similar fate.

    Thus did Jason Vernon’s life end and so began that of The Djinn. Now he travels the desert, saving lost souls. He heals them when he can, returns them to civilization. For those beyond saving, he ferries them to the other side. Next time you find yourself lost in life, literally or figuratively, look for this figure clad in white. It just may save your life.

  54. Cliff says:

    Contest #46 – Holy Moley

    Entry #4
    Thrislin was a rather non descript Dwarven miner for most of his years. Quite happy bringing for the ore and gems of the Silver Heart Mountains.
    Until one day when his home was sacked by hordes of Goblins, they came suddenly like a plague of locus. The Silver Heart Mountain Dwarves fought them for years, the Dwarves numbers dwindleing fewer and fewer as the Goblins seem to multiply like a sickly virus.
    During those years Thrislin learned to fight, and fight well. So well he was the last Dwarf standing as he held off the Goblin invaders from his secure rooms he had managed to secure. For years he was the lone survivor. The Goblin eventually become bored with him having destroyed all of the other Dwarves and took over nearly all of their great halls and wealth. Thrislin would sneak around stealing food, water, weapons and occasionally creating traps and other annoyances, and the Goblins would look for him for a day or two, then forget about him again.
    This existance eventually drove Thrislin mad.
    One day a band of adventures came to the mountains, many of the Goblins had left for other places to raid. The adventures found Thrislin, gibbering about “those who come in the dark” while he ate lice out of his scragly beard.
    Suddenly with was a chittering sound and Thislin’s eyes grew wide and he yelled “Their coming! Their coming! I won’t let them take my home! I’ll bring them mountain down on them first and go to Asgard to be with me kin!” and with that Thrislin took his great hammer and shattered a piller that started to bring the mountain down on him and the approching Goblins. However one the the adventures lassoed Thrislin and pulled him to saftey and they ran back out of the mountain.
    The entired mountain did not collapse of course, just the one cave, and the adventures took Thrislin to a nearby Druid beyond the Toungless Toad Fjord. Thrislin was cured of his madness and celebrated as a great hero.
    Eventurally Thrislin took the name Thrisling Sunderheim and the Heraldry symbol of a cracked mountain. He went back and scavenged what he could. Built monument for his people. And built a fortress there.
    But he misses his people and family, and despite his fame, and a few drinking friends, he is a lonely person.
    His beard is now gray, although better groomed than in his crazy days, he wears a cave bear cloak over the armour of gray and dried blood red which he wore for so many years which is cracked, dented and scarred.
    His left shoulder is topped with what appears to be a goblin skull.
    He now spends much of his time in the pubs and taverns of the surrounding valleys of the Silver Heart Mountains with an Elven wine maker and a Satyr bard, the three now devout followers, some say alchoholics, drinking, “praying” and singing the sacred Hymns of Hops to the Dwarven Drinking Gods, Guiness the Stout, Budd the Wiser and Koorz.



  55. Danny Beaty says:


    Forget what you read earlier, this is the REAL story of Satanya: Joanie Faust is a devout Satanist. While on death row for a murder she DID commit she strikes a bargain with Satan. If Joanie agrees to be his retriever (one who retrieves the souls of those who try to renig on his/her bargain with Satan) Satan will set her free. Joanie agrees and is transformed into Satanya, a living demon woman. Joanie also converts people to Satanism.

  56. Danny Beaty says:


    Deacon Dan Matthews ministers to the folks in the bad side of town. He collects food for a Christian ministry, ministers to the sick, visits invalids that can’t leave their homes, and started a day care center so working moms can have a safe place to leave their kids while they are at work. One day Dan presided over the funeral of a young prostitute who died of a crack overdose. Had the girl lived another year she would have been eleven years old. Dan became so tired of the criminals in the neighborhood that he decided to do something about. He now prowls the night hunting (and killing) criminals as Deacon Justice.

  57. spidercow2010 says:

    Once in a while, in times of great Earthly distress, the Pope gets a message from his boss. He summons the College of Cardinals and tells them to prepare for the coming of the Enforcer of the Lord–the Nunja!
    I am blatantly stealing from Legatus(#44) and from Gargoyle323(#51), but the idea appealed to me too much to not try my variation.

  58. Alex says:

    Halo – Grant White was killed in a bank robbery at 25.Because of his pure heart God gave him a second chance as a protector.

    Nomad – A powerful monk who is on a journey to find enlightenment ,lead by divine powers.

    Brother Pain – He describes himself as a holy man ,doing God’s work ,punishing those who don’t play by the rules.But his methods are less than divine.

  59. Me, Myself & I says:

    Don’t mess with the Missionary Man!

    Missionary Man

  60. Firecracker says:

    A high priestess of the Goddess Lolth, Lourna has constructed a place of prayer and worship out of actual webs — seek notice from her deity. Now she is known simply as the Widow of the Web.

  61. Firecracker says:

    This is an illithid, a race descended from the outcasts of an ancient human society. The outcast humans eventually mutated, deep underground, into the mind flayers, or illithid. Now they seek to build an empire by enslaving any sentient creatures who get in their way. Malalothe is one of the guardians of the Brazier of Eternal Flame.

  62. KlyA says:

    Rosie the Seeking Monk finding the book of Rosicrucian.

  63. Gargoyle323 says:

    Leader of The Church of the Apocalyptic Freedom, Father Fyre and his fellow brethren will go to any lengths to spread the words of their Savior.

  64. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Grandmaster Lionel Dreyfuss

    Sir Lionel Dreyfuss is the Grandmaster of the Divine Church of the Blessed Machine, the largest religious following in the world. Having joined the clergy at the age of 17, Lionel rose through the ranks before eventually taking over from Grandmaster Sloan at the age of 53. Always he carries the GearStaff, the very first creation of the Blessed Machine and the holiest of relics, which grants him powers of telekinesis, as well as the ability to control all forms of machinery. This photograph was taken in the Observatorium of the Sanctuary Construct, the headquarters of the entire religion and the holiest place in the universe.

    “This man is a liar. He is the embodiment of evil and he must be stopped. He murdered my family, for they knew the truth. Who knows how many more have been killed at his will? I tell you this in the hope that you will see through his fabrications. I tell you this, in the hope that you too will realise the truth. I have asked my colleague to send you all this message via this ‘website’. He tells me that this way, our message will spread throughout your world, for our universes are linked. Trust the man known as Galactic Ketchup, he is the only hope of redemption you have. Trust him. I know you wonder who sends you this message? I am The Engineer, and Lionel Dreyfuss is my mortal enemy.”

  65. Galahad says:

    Willow Ficklewind is a Druidic Priestess Apprentice. Young at only 217 years old, she will not fully become a High Priestess until her 500th birthday.

  66. Asder says:

    Bastor is a a saint chosen by the devil to keep balance between the dark forces and the light forces.

  67. Frevoli says:

    3rd Entry (quite proud of this one actually)

    You know how cartoons show characters with little figures eitherside to represent the idea of conscience and the internal struggle between good and evil. Well for Father Luke Matthews, the battle is reaching beyond its borders. It all started when he discovered a crystal outside his church. From then on, he heard and saw his own “guys”.

    Now this alone is more the stuff of psychiatrists than superheroes. However either of the consciences have the ability to take over and transform the good reverend in their own image, should they deem it necessary.

    so unless I can think of a better name, please enjoy Angel & Demon

  68. Arch-Squirrel says:

    entry #4: War-Cleric of Caldendor, God of Nature and Sacrifice.

  69. EnderX says:

    Given that I have yet to figure out what might please and/or amuse you, Jeff, I fully suspect this will be left by the wayside. However, I feel compelled at least to offer.

    “Who am I? I am no warrior, though I have at times been compelled to fight to defend another. I am no healer, though I have often sought to prevent another precious life from fading into the darkness. I am simply a servant, loyal and true, to my God.

    Once I had a name…but it has been long since I left that life behind me. Now, those who know me do so by the brand seared upon my soul when I chose to follow.

    I am Hineni. Here I stand. Send me as you will.”

  70. joel says:

    entry #6


    Shoju is the last remaining descendant of the Disciples of the Golden Door. they are a sect of monks who practice the ancient martial art known as Tagen Shourai Te (Revealing Future’s Hand). with this art, one can see into the past or future, or even into another person’s soul, by use of the all seeing eye. they can also strike down their foes with ghost hands formed from the spirit, and can perform many other amazing feets. Shoju uses this art to protect the ancient Temple of the Golden Door from intruders who seek his knowledge.

  71. Timespike says:

    A Sorcseer (cleric) of Raozah, benevolent mage goddess. They fight, when it’s necessary, primarily with magic, but can fall back on their swordsmanship when necessary. Raozah does have male clergy, but they are a 2-1 minority.

  72. VonMalcolm says:

    Demon Deacon Jones

    I always liked the ‘Demon Deacons’ mascot name of Wake Forest as well as Deacon Jones.

  73. Timespike says:

    And one more: an Adjudicator (cleric, again) of Ionmar, goddess of impartial judgment. The scales are both surable and precise enough to be an instrument and a weapon. (If you play D&D 3.x, it’s a specialized double flail.)

  74. VonMalcolm says:

    Demon Deacon Jones II (with darker skin: I don’t know which one I like better).

  75. VonMalcolm says:

    Demon Deacon Jones II Jump Page:

  76. Phatchick says:
    A priestess of Bast who as a reward for her service was given the gift of resembling her goddess.

  77. Arch-Squirrel says:

    Entry #5: Clavar, The Star-Shamen for Grathzar, God of Suffering and Loss.

  78. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 3


    When a group of mischievous demons find out that people were using religion to make a whole lot of money they decide they want in on it. If you run a traveling faith show they get their cut or you may find yourself up against the Kill Squad.

  79. Danny Beaty says:

    When Sister Beverly Butt had enough of crime she became…

  80. Me, Myself & I says:

    Here is another ‘out of the box’ type of entry.

    Father Gunther (a.k.a. Gunmetal) is a cleric of the church which, is charged with defending the people against the undead and other forces of hell. He uses whatever weapons are at his disposal in service of the lord. He is armed and armored as only a cleric in a steampunk world can be.

    Father Gunmetal Gunther

  81. Arch-Squirrel says:

    Entry #6: His undying faith in his god has given him great power to protect his gods people. I give you, The Undead Believer.

  82. K. Merritt says:

    Could you ignore my first post? Those entries really needed to be polished. Anyway here is my actually first batch of entries:

    Miranda The Paladin – She’ll send you to heaven, even if she has to kill you.

    Madame Libra – Libras are mystics raised to believe that everything must work in balance for the survival of all. Madame Libras (highest level) are charged with stopping whatever force is tipping the balance. Even though evil may be the most likely cause, they have been known to stop those for good. In the eyes of the Libras, not even evil is allowed to die.

    Delvida The Summoner – I, The Summoner, raise spirits from beyond. Every soul I sacrifice adds to His power. Every spirit I raise binds me more to His Will. Every spirit I send increases His army. Every demon I raise secures His domination. May I be blessed for all my misdeeds and sins.

  83. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Reverend Monkey (entry number two)

    Richard is a gorilla, who also happens to be a reverend. No-one knows why, not even him, all he can remember is suddenly gaining a voice that sounds like Ian McKellen and a desire to become a man of god. He built his own church, and he was happy for many years. However, one night his church was attacked by a band of vampires, who set it on fire and tried to kill Richard. Richard survived the attempt on his life, and decided to get revenge. Praying to god for guidance, Richard fashioned himself a belt made from the leather strap which the church bell had hung from, and into this belt he tucked his bible and cross. He carries with him at all times a stake fashioned from the wood of his church’s altar, and the hammer he used to build his church, and these are his tools to destroy the vampires who ruined his life.

    He also wears a dinky pair of glasses. They help him see better. ^.^

  84. Blue Blazer says:

    Father John Devlin, Catholic priest turned demon hunter with a mechanical arm and a hand cannon.

  85. Blue Blazer says:


    High Priest and spiritual advisor to Emperor Eron on the planet Alusia, Talsien is the only one who knows that he completely fabricates the “conversations” that he has with the Overeye, the deity of the Alusian people. Talsien uses his cunning and a bag of tricks to keep Eron and the rest of the population of Alusia in his pocket.

  86. Danny Beaty says:


    The time: 1870.
    Reverend William Olsen wanted to go out west to spread Christianity, but had heard of the violence in that region. An inventor friend built a suit of super-powered armor for the good reverend. Reverend Olsen went west and preached to folks as the Armor of God.

  87. DiCicatriz says:

    Super pressed for time this week, but here’s an entry for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll try and squeeze another one or two in over the weekend.

    1) The Inquisitor

    Recalling the era of the Inquisition, Eduardo De Leon belongs to a secret order within the Holy Roman Order. His job is to police the faithful, punishing those who would abuse their position within the clergy to lead others away from God. He has bloodied his gauntlets many times and will not shy away from doing so again. Be truthful during his interrogations, for he hates liars worst of all. He is.. the Inquisitor!

  88. Worf says:

    @Phatchick (57): Dang! I should have thought of a priest of Kahless. Good job.

  89. Gargoyle323 says:

    Defender for the Church of the Blue Cross, Preacher travels across country seeking out those who would sin against their church.

  90. mindless says:

    well for my first one i give you the most bad ass mexican catholic priest to ever grace the set of a cheap mexican soap opera its Monsignor Martinez, viya con dios

  91. Arch-Squirrel says:

    Entry#7: Crime Time. Fights Crime, One Sin at a time.

  92. mindless says:

    next is one bad ass m-ing f-ing servant of god
    a faithless preacher, jacob fuller, oh my background shifted on me when i saved the file so the backgrounds not right

  93. spidercow2010 says:

    So I guess my entry #38, Luriel, is disqualified. Ah, well. I’m rather proud of her, however derivative she may be, and I’m happy to have had a flimsy pretext to show her off. Ego is such a whore.

  94. Cliff says:

    Entry #5

    I made this two days ago, but hadn’t had the energy to post it due to an extra dialysis day.
    So here is JEWISH NINJA!



    I had the idea of Stars of David as shuriken, and it grew from there … like a fungus.
    Doubt it’ll win, but hope it at least gives a laugh.

    And to Remy #63 who suggested a yarmulke on the The Prizes Are Yours! thread, till we get one, if we do, try using the dome hand guard in Item Right, Blades, Row 1, Item 3. That should work I think.

  95. MLS says:

    In the Pathfinder RPG universe, the Oracle is another class of divine spell-caster, sort of like holy sorcerer. It’s close enough to a cleric that I feel justified in including this pic or Va’Riel, Elven Oracle of Battle.

  96. tredlow says:

    The first two, I made months ago, but I didn’t use them in any contests, so technically, it’s allowed. The last one I just made.

    Valerie, ‘Val’ to her friends, was the first female angel to ever fly solo across the universe. However, during a freak black hole, she was transported from her universe, the universe of immortals, to ours. She landed on Earth, where her powers are the strongest since she is the presence of great faith.

    Unlike most angels, she is not afraid to be seen. In fact, sometimes she helps the superheroes fight crime. She has the ability to slow down the passage of time, and turn invisible. Oh, and she flies real fast, too.

    Hellburn and Demonique
    Demi had always wanted a normal life, like what she sees on TV, but her father, Satan XLIV, wanted her to stay in hell and learn to become his successor. After a brief fight during dinner, Satan decided that he should give her daughter a chance to live like a mortal human before she becomes the next ruler of hell. He then let his daughter go to a mortal college, have mortal friends, and live in the mortal realm. However, Satan, concerned that his daughter might forget her destiny, occasionally sends Hellburn, his servant and escaped-soul hunter of the mortal realm, to keep an eye on her.

    Hellburn was sent to hell for the barbaric crimes he committed when he was alive during the 5th century. However, Satan, being uncharacteristically generous, decides to give him a chance to redeem himself by hunting escaped souls for one hundred thousand years. When not hunting souls, Hellburn is usually sent by his dark master to do small tasks such as shopping and helping his daughter move.

    Secret Nick and Elfira
    One day every year, Nick Winter does charity work with the help of his elven scientists, but the rest of the year, he and his sidekick Elfira are secret agents, stopping underground demonic operations and evil cults from destroying the world.

  97. Cliff says:

    Entry #6
    Bastoris and Osicbus
    Two AD&D Egyptian clerics I had back in the 80s
    Bastoris is a Priestess of Bast (of course)
    and Osicbus is a Priest of Osiris

    WARNING! Tasteful yet naked boobage!



    they were lovers in the game (I had enver checked about the relationship rules of Priest/esses)

    Entry #7
    from The Mummy
    (I admit I used the effect from someone from an earlier contest, but I guess we all do use others techniques that we like as we learn. It just seemed SO Vosloo … I did this back July 12th … still want to do him spewing and insect swarm)



  98. Mysterious Zed says:

    This is Egliptor a shaman/priest for his egyptian ruler.BTW this is my first character i have ever made.

  99. Morzan says:

    Entry number one – Heal for hire

    Formerly a novice in a faraway chapel where she learned all the ways of healing and curing the ill, helping the fallen. However she was closed off when she started to use her knowledge to gain money. Now she is only a heal for hire.

  100. joel says:

    Rabbi, Eli Lichstein was a good man preaching in a bad city. He taught the word of god and told everyone to be good. However, while he preached, people looted and raped and murdered. Eventually, Eli couldn’t take the crime anymore. He decided to do something about it. Now, he is rabbi Eli Lichstein by day, and by night, he is: Batmench! nanananananana Batmench!

  101. Gargoyle323 says:

    REV. ROB
    My pastor,Rev.Robert Dietrich, lost his battle with cancer on Sept.1 of this year. This is dedicated in his memory. You are dearly missed by many.

  102. Gargoyle323 says:

    Not afraid to roll up her sleeves in the name of her Master, Sister Stryker is a fierce warrior who knows how to take care of business.

  103. joel says:

    my final entry

    He has no name, and is known simply as the Apocalypse High Priest. He was given the title because his coming is said to herald the begging of the end. He also gained that name because he has the powers of pestilence, famine, war, and death. Fear him!

  104. DiCicatriz says:


    Mary Hutchins had always been a nice Catholic girl, her wholesomeness leaving her unprepared for the day she encountered a group of renegade demons. They were bent on consuming her soul, but as she cowered in defeat, Mary was visited by St. Michael the Archangel. He granted her the ability to invoke the power of the Saints so long as she called them by name. Mary summoned Michael’s flaming sword and damned her pursuers back to the pit. She now travels the world searching for any demonic forces plaguing the mortal plane. She calls on the power of holy figures in her quest, for she is… Sanctified.

  105. DiCicatriz says:


    Shamaness of the Mayan God Etznab, Lord of Ritual Sacrifice, Cirjua’s mission in life is to provide blood to her patron. However, her deity having a sense of justice, she is tasked only to find wrongdoers and evil people with which to sate his thirst. Etznab has granted her enhanced strength and a mystical dagger with which to cut out the hearts of her charges. Ciruja is a healer to her people, removing those would undermine the well-being and safety of the innocent.

  106. Cliff says:

    Gargoyle323 #133
    I am sorry for your loss. This is a lovely tribute, I hope it at least gets a Honerable Mention. It is VERY well done. Great use of new elements.

  107. abominal401 says:

    Sorry for your loss Gargoyle!

  108. Danny Beaty says:

    @Gargoyle323: I’m sorry for your loss. The picture is great! I really like that church! Great job!

  109. Danny Beaty says:


    Soon the High Priest will give him poison and he will gladly drink it, for only in death can he guard his master in the afterlife.

  110. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Cliff,@abominal401 & @Danny Beaty – Thank you for the kind words. I was happy how the picture turned out. Rev. Rob believed in uniting different religious ideas,never excluding any person or their beliefs. He never forced his beliefs on you, but was always there to lend an ear if you needed it. I think my picture is a good tribute. I thank all of you for your condolences.

  111. FelipeSCard says:

    Khurghan, priest of Ankherot

    Khurghan is a descendent from a line of priests who guard the secret fire of Ankherot, one of the ancient deities that gave this magic fire to men so they could protect the world against the forces of darkness. However, over time the priests of Ankherot were, one by one corrupted by foreign warriors of the shadows. Today, Khurghan is still one of the few who resist the corruption of those powers with courage and determination.

  112. Daucus Carota: High Priest of the Holy Romain Empire

  113. DiCicatriz says:


    The last of his once great society, this solitary figure guards the remaining temple of his people. Their untold secrets and the ways of their religion are his alone to know. He is a living repository of the holy light his people once worshipped; before the Reckoning and before the collapse of their civilization. His duty is a lonely one, but he knows it to be necessary. No person can ever learn the ancient ways of his people, for it was this knowledge that in fact destroyed them. He wields the Great Light of the Illuminator, making him ageless and powerful. He is Revenant.

  114. Op’dop’appa: Chief and Shaman of the tribe which worships Jimmy Goggles.

    Link to the short story:

    H.G. Wells is my favorite writer.:)

  115. Gargoyle323 says:

    Karzac serves as High Priest for his leader, Lord Mortiss. Although he wears the mask of a demon, he has a good soul and tries to serve his people with more kindness then that of Lord Mortiss.

  116. Asder says:

    nero the spiritist, an inmortal man, who controls the spirits of the undead .

  117. samurai pineapple says:

    i messed up on the one i just uploaded, ignore that one, look at this one

  118. Mysterious Zed says:

    Heres another one,
    Brought to life by the gods, cursed to travel the lands reviving an army of the dead for his masters.

    Mystic Mummy,

  119. knitesoul says:

    #2 entry –

    Shadow Priestess: Meddling where she shouldn’t, she learned about the dark arts and combined it with her priestly skills.

  120. samurai pineapple says:

    once a homeless nobody, now a retched theif with powers that could make made god cry

  121. joel says:

    My definite final entry (hand to god)

    Father Reginald Kickass the 3rd
    ’cause cool guys don’t look at explosions.

  122. DiCicatriz says:


    Spiritual warrior of the Yoruba. Vodun protects his community through his mastery of ancient mystical teachings. He can summon the elements to his aid, his sigils and tattoos provide him with supernatural strength and durability, and he can craft and grant limited sentience to various fetishes which do his bidding.

  123. Rhinoman says:

    Brother Nevil is the leader of a group of Satanic monks who slaughter the not so innocent lambs of this world to add to the flock of Hell. Using his obsidian crystal ball to peer into the souls of the chosen and his sacrificial sword to carry out the deed, he is highly respected in the lower relms.

  124. Cliff says:

    Lupercai – Lupercalia

    โ€œThe Wolf Festivalโ€
    This is a card I made of the pagan festival of Lupercalia.

    It goes back to the Romans and is a precurser to St Valentine’s Day.
    The name, Februarius, came about because of the Roman ceremonies for religious purification and expiation which took place during that month in anticipation of the new year; which originally started on March 1.

    The Luperci, celebrated this Purification and Fertility festival. Faunus, was a pastoral God who protected the goatherders, shephers and their flocks from wolves and other dangers, made the flocks fertile and enssured the hunters an abundant hunt.

    The Lupercai, the Priest of Faunus, was divided into two colleges called Quinctillani and Fabiani and each was in charge of a master (magister).
    In 44 B.C., a third college, the Luperci Iulii, was established in honor of Julius Caesar; and on February 15 of that year, Mark Antony, as its magister, offered to make Caesar king, just a month before Caesar’s assassination.

    To give tribute Faunus, the Luperci would gather at the Lupercal, a cave
    on the southwestern part of the Palatine Hill where it was reputed where the she-wolf suckled Romulus and Remus as infants who later founded Rome.

    The Luperci would sacrifice a dog and 2 goats, two young priest could come up, naked, and their foreheads would be wiped with the bloody sacrifician dagger, possibly a symbolic human sacfifice, where the two Lupercai were supposed to laugh, and the knife was cleaned wool soaked in milk.
    Then there would be a great feast of revelry and drinking. Afterwards the 2 young priests would be clad in goat skin loinclothes, and armed with goat skin strips. The goat-skin thongs were called februa, “purifiers”, which was derived from februo, to purify, and the day of purification.

    The 2 Lupercai, now impersonating male goats (the embodiment of sexuality) or Faunus Himself, were then ordered to run though the city around Palentine Hill and strike the palms of everyone to keep out evil, ensure purification, fertility and easy childbirth.

    William Shakespeare made use of the Feast of the Lupercal when he had Julius Caesar tell his barren wife, Calphurnia, to “Stand you directly in Antonio’s way when he doth run his course.”
    Then he instructed Mark Antony, “Forget not in your speed, Antonio, to touch Calphurnia, for our elders say, the barren, touched in this holy chase, shake off their sterile curse.”
    Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene ii, lines 3-9.

    Over the years the female citizens would offer bear their breast offering a better target. Evenutally with the oncoming of Christianity, this rite was abolished, but there was such an outcry it was made legal again.

    In 494 AD, the Pope Gelasius I made February 15 the feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary called Candlemas in A.D. 494, to counteract the excesses of the pagan celebrations of the Lupercalia.

    My Circle continues to celebrate this flaggelation festifal of Purification and Abundance.

    This year we will be celebrating Lupercalia MMXI (2011)
    there will be
    A Ritual
    (NON sacrificial),
    Blessings on Floggers, paddles, scourges, crops, whips, and other Adult toys.
    then there will be a symbolic flogging of outstreatched hands.

    Feasting of Italian food,
    A phallus cake,
    Pan Pipe music,
    belly dancing,
    Roman/Greek Costume Contest,

    Floggings for fun for those that enjoy it, not really as decadent as it sounds. Only one year did it get truely kinky with two masochist that couldn’t get enough. Man have we missed them in the later Lupercalias! LOL

    (Sorry if this was TMI)



  125. samurai pineapple says:

    he weilds the pink powers of heaven and hell, pink is bad ass… don’t make fun of him or your in for a big suprise.

  126. samurai pineapple says:

    when you sleep he’s there, when your awake he’s there….
    he’s your worst knight mare

    Worst Knightmare

  127. K. Merritt says:

    Here are my final entries.

    Shaman Shashaw – Shashaw is a rogue shaman who left the order in her to help others outside her village. Her specialties are animal spirits and leaf magic.

    Aldy Wol The Pirate Seer – Aldy is a Seer who abandoned (officially anyways. She was actually kidnapped) her order to join pirates. She uses her gift of foresight to predict weather patterns, number of ships in a convoy and where the closest mainland is for her kind… hosts.

    Valkyrie – Well, she’s a valkyrie. She’s sexy, carries a flaming sword, rides a flying horse and carries dead, brave warriors to Valhalla. What more do you want?

  128. Jenna says:

    Onati Tansis, High Priestess of Q’eru and leader of the ‘Sisters of the Emerald Star’

  129. Jenna says:

    Firt time poster here, hope I did this right ๐Ÿ™‚

    Onati Tansis, High Priestess of Q’eru and leader of the ‘Sisters of the Emerald Star’

  130. Roy van Dijk says:
    see the pics on the blog (it’s in dutch).
    All the pics are from me.

  131. Jeff Hebert says:

    Roy (175) As I said in the private email, that’s not going to work. Please re-read the contest rules in the post at the top of this page, you have to put your images on a publicly accessible web server (I get a “not logged in” message on yours), and it has to go directly to the image without loading in the rest of the web page.

    And folks, the contest is now over, I’ve downloaded all the eligible entries and am going through them now. Thanks for entering, winners posted later today!

  132. Chisoph says:

    I always save my characters in widescreen. Is that okay?

    If it is, Here are my two entries.

    Ghost. He isn’t a ghost. No one knows what he is or where he came from. The Devil let him out of The Tomb to reave souls and wreak havoc.

    Wraith. He has pretty much the same description as Ghost. Nobody really knows where this “Tomb” is. And they’re lucky.

    If it isn’t okay, then:

    Spectre. That’s all anybody can tell you about him.