Character Contest 41 Winners!

The only thing worse today than the massive head cold I am sporting is my craptacular internet connection. Thus I am at the library using their wireless network while spreading my germs to the other patrons. Don't say I never gave you anything, library lovers!

Since the latter item meant it took me three hours just to download half the entries for Character Contest 41 and the former item means I feel like death, I am not going to post the individual images of the Finalists like I usually do. Instead I am going to put them all into a gallery, where you can click through to each one.

Congratulations nonetheless to all of our Finalists, however -- Alex, Blue Blazer, Decolda, Gargoyle323 (x3!), Imp (x2!), Kaldath, Knitesoul, Morzan, Mr. Q., Phatchick, Rosco, Watson Bradshaw, and Zyp. Well done, all of you! Some of these I liked a specific element or technique, others were great designs, and others were just fun. I will leave it to all you healthy people to figure out which was which, and why you think these made it to the Finalist status, in the comments.

Somehow I managed to put each one in twice. I don't know how I did that, or how to make it stop, so get ready for twice the lovin'.

Finally, out of all those I had to pick one winner. And I had to agree with those who exclaimed in the comments how awesome this one is, because I just love it. All of the effects work, the design is spot-on, and the character just looks utterly fantastic. Definitely one of the best entries we've had in the history of this series, just a great, great job by Morzan with his "Junkie":

Morzan, let me know either via email or in a comment to any post what item or portrait you'd like as your prize. Thanks for the illustration and congratulations!