RP: If only we had helmets!

(From "Rocketman" number 1, 1952.)

11 Responses to RP: If only we had helmets!

  1. NGpm says:

    I can only assume she means “funny strange” and not “funny ha ha.”

    This is so hysterical … I’m suffocating, what a laugh riot.

    Remove oxygen from any room and hilarity ensues! Amuse your friends while killing them with the new Laughco vacuum pump!

  2. John says:

    If only they had helmets that flung them through the air by their craniums using advanced Gravitronimetric particles, THEN, they’d be feeling some thin air!

  3. X-stacy says:

    …Is the guy with the “K” on his chest Rocketman?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Ironically no, that’s actually Cosmo. With a C. I don’t have any idea why he has a K on his chest unless he is actually Phonetico.

  5. frankie says:

    The guy that wore his Superman jammies to the great space expedition, is he saying that the air was thicker and is now becoming thinner, or is he trying to say that the air seems TOO thin?

  6. captperv says:

    aren’t they wearing helmets?
    what are those fish bowls on their heads ?

    maybe they should take them off

  7. Kosmos seems to talk funny. If it’s “the air seems to thin” as in “the infinitive form of thin, thinning” that makes some sense but is a strange way of saying that the air was thin. If it’s “the air seems too thin” then someone at copy editing needs to be sacked.

  8. Shade2075 says:

    At this rate the next line will be…

    -Maybe that was what those tanks of oxygen where for?

  9. Wesley Belk says:

    What year is this comic from?

  10. Wesley Belk says:

    Nevermind … lol! I see it… So I mean if you think about it, this isn’t too bad for the early 50’s.