Poll Position: It is your father

Our Poll Position question this week may be late, but it's a doozy:


Discussion to follow! And you'll note I have made it possible for you to add your own possible answer here. If the past is any indication, this freedom will last for about an hour before someone submits something so egregiously out of order I have to close that part off. But we'll see.

  • Skrull: The Skrulls can change form, either over their whole bodies or just in part. They can see in spectra not available to humans. If you're lucky enough to be a Super Skrull, you could even have super powers. Plus you get access to incredibly advanced technology. On the down side, you have a chin like a coral reef and have to live in a dictatorship. Tough call.
  • Kree: Advanced technology and a thousand worlds to explore, but not much else. Yes, you get some extra strength and durability, but you can't breath Earth's atmosphere without help. On the other hand, who needs Earth when you've got a thousand advanced worlds to explore?
  • Thanagarians: No super-human powers inherent in the species. The best you can hope for is a set of wings, a glowing mace, and a badge. Whoopee. Although as the world's largest pigeon you'd be in a prime position to get revenge on that ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Or at least, their car.
  • Shi'ar: Great technology, super strength, the power of flight, and way cool advanced technology, all with a multiple-galaxy-spanning culture wherein you're suddenly one of the ruling species. Pretty sweet. Plus, you never have to worry about dandruff again because you've got feathers instead of hair. Bonus!
  • Kzinti: This one is slightly less known than the others, but comes from Larry Niven's "Known Space" series. I wanted a feline species on here because, come on, lots of folks have a thing for cat-people. Especially mercenary, bad-ass space-faring cat-people.
  • High Elves: Personally I find Tolkien's High Elves a little too remote and dreamy for my tastes, but your mileage may vary.
  • Vulcan: Rad strength, primitive telepathy, nerve pinches (I know, I know!), great technology, raging hormones ... what's not to love?!

Personally I'd go with Shi'ar, because I'd love to have super strength, super toughness, and the ability to fly, plus who doesn't want to be part of the ruling class of the universe?

But what about you, what would you choose?