Poll Position: It is your father

Our Poll Position question this week may be late, but it's a doozy:


Discussion to follow! And you'll note I have made it possible for you to add your own possible answer here. If the past is any indication, this freedom will last for about an hour before someone submits something so egregiously out of order I have to close that part off. But we'll see.

  • Skrull: The Skrulls can change form, either over their whole bodies or just in part. They can see in spectra not available to humans. If you're lucky enough to be a Super Skrull, you could even have super powers. Plus you get access to incredibly advanced technology. On the down side, you have a chin like a coral reef and have to live in a dictatorship. Tough call.
  • Kree: Advanced technology and a thousand worlds to explore, but not much else. Yes, you get some extra strength and durability, but you can't breath Earth's atmosphere without help. On the other hand, who needs Earth when you've got a thousand advanced worlds to explore?
  • Thanagarians: No super-human powers inherent in the species. The best you can hope for is a set of wings, a glowing mace, and a badge. Whoopee. Although as the world's largest pigeon you'd be in a prime position to get revenge on that ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Or at least, their car.
  • Shi'ar: Great technology, super strength, the power of flight, and way cool advanced technology, all with a multiple-galaxy-spanning culture wherein you're suddenly one of the ruling species. Pretty sweet. Plus, you never have to worry about dandruff again because you've got feathers instead of hair. Bonus!
  • Kzinti: This one is slightly less known than the others, but comes from Larry Niven's "Known Space" series. I wanted a feline species on here because, come on, lots of folks have a thing for cat-people. Especially mercenary, bad-ass space-faring cat-people.
  • High Elves: Personally I find Tolkien's High Elves a little too remote and dreamy for my tastes, but your mileage may vary.
  • Vulcan: Rad strength, primitive telepathy, nerve pinches (I know, I know!), great technology, raging hormones ... what's not to love?!

Personally I'd go with Shi'ar, because I'd love to have super strength, super toughness, and the ability to fly, plus who doesn't want to be part of the ruling class of the universe?

But what about you, what would you choose?

34 Responses to Poll Position: It is your father

  1. SongBird says:

    Shi’ar all the way!! Saiyan sounds nice and all, but I’d probably be tired from all the constant yelling.


  2. MScat says:

    What I was thinking with the Scrulls is if your a scrull and you didnt know it before hand that would mean you were either a deserter from the empire or you are a half scrull who was born from a mix of scrull and human. If thats the case then you wouldnt have to be subject to the Scrull Empire. You could stick with your human relatives join the world’s superheroes to fight the scrulls.

    Shi’ar have everything stuatus, flight, and strength. Still would go with the Shi’ar.

  3. MScat says:

    Here’s a good alternative what about the Ancients from Stargate. Having all the secrets of the universe unlimited power and being a member of the race that created the Stargates, awesome bragging rights among the other aliens.

  4. Nick Hentschel says:

    Hey, where are the TIme Lords?

  5. Afrodude says:

    its a tough choice between vulcan and saiyan…but saiyan= ridiculously over the top godlike strength,endurance, and speed, world-destroying kamehamehas and final flashes, the ability to fly across the world in no time flat, being a were-kong, and the undeniably amazing visage of a super saiyan afro… i dont think the ability to read people’s disturbed little brains and pinch them unconsious can really compare. (didnt goku learn how to read minds anyway?)

  6. NEON_N64 says:

    Who added the Saiyans?

    Now the choice is too easy :p

  7. Gero says:

    I’d have to go with Saiyan. Flight, super-strength, super-speed, energy blasts, and no weakness to any glowing rocks like with a Kryptonian…

  8. William A. Peterson says:

    I presume Kryptonians were a late add, but that’s who I’d go with…
    of the original bunch, I’d go with the Skrulls (who used to be democratic, before the Kree invaded them)…
    Since when do the Shi’Ar have Super Strength?
    If you’re thinking of Centurion (purple guy with Mohawk), he’s not Shi’Ar!

  9. X-stacy says:

    Do the Shi’ar really fly? I’ve never seen one do that, except maybe Deathbird, and isn’t she a Shi’ar mutant?

    Doesn’t really matter, though, I picked Skrull anyway. Because some days you just don’t feel like being you.

  10. Tristan says:

    Time Lord definatly you get to die 12 times and each time you die you get a new body plus you’d have 2 hearts and a have a bigger brain than humans

  11. Hammerknight says:

    I choice Giant/Dwarf hybrid, because that would explain my size.Big upper torso and avg, size legs and waist and still 6″4″. Plus it would explain a lot of other things also.

  12. Matt says:

    As a person who spent the majority of his childhood trying to fire a Kamehameha, Sayian is the choice for me

  13. Matt says:

    As a person who spent the majority of his childhood trying to fire a Kamehameha, Sayian is the choice for me.

  14. Matt says:

    Whoops, sorry.

  15. John D says:

    As a Time Lord, you would be able to travel anywhere and anywhen. To live so long and see everything possiblenow THAT’S fun.

  16. pdubbs says:

    Invincible is a Viltrumite. Well actually he is a half(like Gohan and Trunks), his father, Omni-Man, is full Viltrumite.

  17. kingmonkey says:

    I think Invincible could take Goku in a fight. Omni-Man definitely; Invincible, probably.

    Saiyan would be the worst choice– it would take you forever to get anything done. It would take 13 episodes just to go to the bathroom in the morning!

  18. haz says:

    Yeah, the Time Lords are pretty much extinct, but then so are the Daleks, and we see how well that’s stuck. And if you’ve got the wanderlust, the ability to go anywhere in time and space holds some serious appeal. I also want a brain that functions like a Time Lord brain.

  19. Owl_Poop says:

    I went with Kryptonian for the mood I’m currently in. I want to go with Eternals or Na’vi but if I were Superman… I’d ditch Lois. I’d rather chuck islands at the sun, have rebuild-the-great-wall-of-china-vision, mess with time travel, be considered technically undead, and use a Supermobile on those who’d dare sprinkle a rainbow of kryptonite on my junk food. Then zap ’em into radioactive vapor in the twitch of an eye.

    Supermen > Super Sayians (in my fanfic book)

  20. Owl_Poop says:

    Of course, we all know that aliens in any story get a beatdown from straight-up normal humans. (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Bats…)

  21. Saturn830 says:

    Human mixed with Prawn DNA.

  22. EnderX says:

    Skrull. Preferably ‘normal’ rather than Super. Why?

    I like the life I’m currently living – and if I had to be an alien, then at least that one would minimize interference with it. (As long as I didn’t have to worry about the FF or someone tracking me down and turning me into a ton of hamburger on the hoof, that is.)

  23. Worf says:

    Well Jeff, I gotta say… maybe you can leave the option to include our own answer next time around too… Up to now everyone has been well behaved….

    (someone is going to add something offensive 5 minutes after I press post aren’t they?????)

  24. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Time Lord all the way. Two Hearts, multiple life spans that can last over 900 years, a cool blue box that can whisk you and your friends to any point in time and space, killer robots to battle, and all the young earth women you can need wanting to tag along, Martha Jones meet me in the Swimming Pool room!!!!

  25. TheMaster says:

    The Return of the Time Lords is nigh!

  26. Loki says:

    Time Lord, but only if I get a TARDIS. type 40 please!

  27. TopHat says:

    I’d rather be an Eternal, or New God. A whole host of crazy powers.

  28. Me, Myself & I says:

    You know what might be an interesting poll? What RPG’s all the HM3 community has/does play.

  29. Tim says:

    Saiyan? HELLYEAH!

  30. Greek gods because their escapades often involve mortal women.

  31. Timespike says:

    Kryptonian. Even half of that power and from a source that’s probably good and noble? Sign me up.

  32. spidercow2010 says:

    Ooh, can I be a Kryptonian squirrel?

  33. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Greek God…My father would be Apollo and I’d control fire and have eagle wings…badass…

  34. Rozenstal says:

    Vampires, werewolfs, undeads.