Poll Position: Putting the funny in comics

With a special thanks to the HeroMachine Facebook group for most of these suggestions, our question of the week veers away from the various permutations of "Whose ass would Wolverine or Batman kick" to something more light-hearted:


I really wanted to open this up to let you add your own suggestions, but in the past that hasn't gone very well -- someone inevitably submits an offensive or wildly immature entry and I have to go in and delete it. But hey, that's what comments are for! So let me put on my Very Serious Scholar face and take a look at the options.

  • Howard the Duck vs. Bat-Mite: I have to admit, the juxtaposition of the very serious and grumpy Howard with the ultimate in Bat-absurdity would be a fun one. I hope there would be a scene where Howard puts his cigar out in Bat-Mite's eye.
  • GI Joe vs. The Avengers: This is the most "serious" one on the list, and I have to admit a Mark Millar-scripted confrontation between the Ultimates Avengers and the GI Joe team would be pretty fun.
  • Cannonball vs. Bulletman: Talk about your "head to head" matchups ... I think Dodge should definitely sponsor this for their Ram trucks.
  • Power Pack vs. Great Lakes Avengers: I know the Power Pack was supposed to be "serious" comics fare but come on -- little kids in skin-tight leotards and space boots? With a talking horse friend? That's only slightly more ridiculous than the Great Lakes Avengers.
  • Mr. Fantastic vs. Plastic Man: As commenter Gene Howard said, I'd like to see this but I refuse to untangle the resulting knot.
  • Ewoks vs. Care Bears: The upside here is, no matter who loses, WE win.

If I sit back and ask myself "Jeff, what would you most like to see on a comic book page?", I have to first assure my wife that talking to yourself doesn't make you crazy. Necessarily. Then I have to admit to myself that I've been sneaking Twinkies behind my back. Slut!

But after THAT, I know that watching Care Bears and Ewaks off each other in glorious four color mayhem would make me almost unutterably happy. So that gets my vote. How about you?

And though it's not on the list, this is the kind of fun I'm talking about: