Once more into the crapper

On a dare, Hammerknight can show you how to make your own toilet in HeroMachine 3:

I can't decide what's more alarming, that someone drew a toilet or that someone dared someone to do it. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how un-toilet-friendly most superhero gear is? No zippers, layers of armor, spandex out the wazoo, and an almost sinister lack of access to said wazoo in the first place.

Anyway, the speculation last week over just how he got the book pages in his grimoire was really entertaining, so we're introducing a new feature this week -- "Guess How!"

Take a look at this Hammerknight effort and see if you can guess how it was done, either just explaining what you think the tricks are, or trying to replicate it yourself (link to show your work!):

I'll post the answer key after folks've had a chance to give it a try. Thanks HK, should be fun!