Character Contest 38 – Random Name II: This time it's personal

We haven't done one of these in a while, but it was so fun the first time around I wanted to try it again.

Whoever comes up with the best character based on a random name generated by Seventh Sanctum Superhero/Villain Name Generator will win his or her choice of either any item they like, or a portrait, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version! The rules are fairly simple:

  • Go to the Seventh Sanctum Superhero/Villain Name Generator and choose "10" from the number of names to generate. Leave the other selection boxes at their default and hit "Generate". Your character(s) must be based on one of these generated names. Try your best to limit yourself to one spin of the wheel instead of generating names over and over till you get one you like!
  • Post an image of your character(s) to any publicly accessible web site (i.e.,, etc.) and put the link(s) and any commentary in a comment to this post.
  • Check back on Monday to see if you won!

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

223 Responses to Character Contest 38 – Random Name II: This time it's personal

  1. Gero says:

    Well, the first list it gave me had one in it called “Fake Nuke”, which is just too stupid to pass up, so I guess he’s first…

  2. Gero says:

    Okay, here’s “Fake Nuke”. Just a heads up, I have no idea what his backstory/origin is, I just made him so that he’d go with the name…

  3. That site is awesome! Not too excited with my 10, but that’s the challenge. Something to take my mind off my sprained ankle. :/

    @Jeff: For future consideration, maybe you come up with a Superhero (or Villain) team name, then contestants design its members. The winner would be the Team Leader.

    The Sanctum’s Generators gave me other ideas for writing and Hero Machine characters:

    “F Girls”, “Sigma Schizoboys”, “Doom Motor Paladins”

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Funny you should say that, Atomic Punk, I was THIS close to doing exactly that this week. Great minds, etc. etc.

  5. Connor S. says:

    I do have an awesome Midevil scene, so if you ever do a Midevil contest, I’m there. I don’t know if I spelled Midevil right D:. Here is my entry. I would have made the “rain” shards of emeralds, but that didn’t work out. I played around with some transparency in this one.

    The Powerful “Emerald Rain”-
    She creates storms of ghostly emerald objects to obliterate anything in her path.

  6. William A. Peterson says:

    Aaron, Obsidian Man doesn’t seem to be displaying, for whatever reason…

  7. Cliff says:

    Did I read correctly, if you won a contest, you can’t enter the next contest?

  8. Haxxx says:

    Thats my “Cyborg Leaf”. Came out at the first list and it sounded awsome so thats it.

    There was also “Soul Fist” but I got a bit of problam dressing a fist that is sort of up, like that:

  9. Aaron says:

    William A. Peterson try again it worked for me

  10. joel says:

    The name i got is Necrovibe, so here he is.

    he is a dark villain. he was once a factory worker named John Rock. one day, after years of thinking about it, he finally committed suicide, the horrors of his everyday life becoming to much for him. however, death had other plans, so he revived Necrovibe and gave him the power to make people feel despair and other horrid emotions (death also gave him a cool costume). now Necrovibe roams the earth, seeking to make people feel as bad as he does.

  11. joel says:

    Next name, Cobra Oracle.

    Sam Wayne was a professor who specialized in Egyptology. He was unappreciated by the historical community at large, and didn’t make much money. He still perused the subject though, and one day found an ancient scroll written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. when he read the scroll, his spirit was infused with that of an ancient Egyptian high priest. now his darker side has been unleashed, along with all his resentment over the years, and Cobra Oracle was born. he now seeks vengeance against all those who mocked him. he is now in possession of the ancient cobra staff that gives him most of his powers. he is a master of several ancient Egyptian magic arts. his greatest powers though, are the complete command of all forms of snake, and the ability to turn anything that is serpent shaped, into a snake. beware!

  12. joel says:

    finally, Forgery Mouth

    Michael Clint was a well respected lawyer. And, like any well respected lawyer, he made a deal with the devil. he wanted a power so great, that no one would be able to contradict him in court. he sought to be the ultimate lawyer so he sold his soul (what little he had) for that power. the devil made him evil (well eviler) and also gave him a unique power. he now possess the power to make anyone believe what he says. he will use that power, along with his exceptional legal skill, to become the greatest villain of all time! all hail Forgery Mouth!

  13. TopHat says:

    First one of my list: Psychic Stone!

    More from the list coming soon.

  14. Bloodless Rose & Uesugi Warrior says:

    As we live together and love this site we decided to do this competition together and came up with this.

    Fire Ember

  15. Bloodless Rose says:

    Fire Ember

    first creation from Uesugi Warrior and I.

  16. VonMalcolm says:

    Sigma Schizoboys = Psychopathic Fraternity Supervillains? … This I have to see.

  17. UesugiWarrior says:

    2nd Entry from Bloodless Rose and I.

    Sword Sorceress

  18. TJ says:
    EmberHawk A Lakota Shaman That can summon the spirt of the hawk thru fire

  19. Jake says:

    I’m not sure how satisfied I am with him. I give you, Blood Joke.

  20. Phatchick says:

    I’m not sure how well deviantArt will work here but I give it a try-
    Sapphire Mentalist, an alien telekinetic.

  21. The Doomed Pixel says:


    Nobody quite knows its purpose. Why is was built is anybody’s guess. A robot warrior, fueled by the heat given off by it’s core fire that burns eternally.

    For thousands of years, the fire has never gone out.

  22. Phatchick says:

    Topaz Hound, an urban bounty hunter with her dog Artemis.

  23. UesugiWarrior says:

    Here is the awesome Volt Joker! Just don’t piss him off, his jokes will kill ya!

  24. The Doomed Pixel says:

    I have been privileged enough to find the single most awesome name from this generator. Something so awesome, people have fantasized about it on the interwebs for a long, long time. Batman killing a shark with a lightsaber? Nope. Raptor Jesus? Nope. The next best thing, though: Clerical Raptor!

  25. Alan Bates says:

    I decided to give this a go.

    From the depths of space comes the dreaded …
    Brain Screamer

    Who can stop this evil alien? Perhaps …
    Electric Kicker
    the master of the Lightning Foot!

  26. Bawie says:

    Enchantress Flame

    A beautiful woman with the power to control men aswell as fire. Simples.

  27. Alex says:

    @The Doomed Pixel: I have something even better (drumroll) wait for it…….GOD ANDROID!

    Note:Honest to God Android this was the first name on my list.(with hand on the Android Bible)

  28. Blue Fool: Blackjack-dealing, Mafia-fighting Pyrokinetic

  29. @ VonMalcolm (#16): I wish that was one of the names that the Generator gave me for this particular contest! Yes, that’s the origin that I’m running with. A group of fraternity boys sign up for clinical trials for beer money and undergo a radical change (Sigma!). :9

    The Name Generator is fun and addictive. I seriously thought this contest was going to be frustrating with limited entries. So far, a lot of creative entries.

  30. The Doomed Pixel says:

    @ Alex: Touche. Both are extremely awesome, I will admit. If either of those win, they need to win in a pair or something, because seriously, that would just be incredible.

    @ Everyone Else: I have no story, but I just thought the name was great. Meet Ghost Brain!

  31. Gero says:

    @Jadebrain #24–That is without a doubt the funniest character I’ve ever seen on this site!

  32. The Doomed Pixel says:

    @ Atomic Punk #27: btw, I LOVE your Blue Fool. That’s just too cool.

  33. Alex says:

    @The Doomed Pixel: I’m praying to Clerical Raptor and God Android ,at least the both get mentiond.I propose we call them “The Holy Duo” 😀

  34. Alex says:

    Oh and did you mention something about brains:

  35. Grip says:

    Holy Hurricane

    A Holy Hermit with the Power of Powerful Wind and Hurricane control(lol)

  36. Brian says:

    this was the second name i had no idea what to do with
    “Animal Thought” so i went with Cold Rush

  37. VonMalcolm says:

    Haxxx & TopHat: Good Work on tough names (Leaf Cyborg & Monsoon Android).

  38. Brian says:

    OK so i came up with animal thought.. it was just to strange not too

  39. ajw says:

    imperial nemesis a master of espionage all forms of martial arts and has the power of limited mind control as it only lasts for 2 minutes and a strong will can fight its control

  40. FelipeSCard says:

    Here’s my ¨DEALY PLAGUE¨. He’s an undead-warrior who seeks vengeance against his foe, a Mage-Paladin that turn him into a Zombie. 🙂

  41. FelipeSCard says:

    Here’s my ¨DEADLY PLAGUE¨. He’s an undead-warrior who seeks vengeance against his foe, a Mage-Paladin that turn him into a Zombie. 🙂

  42. The Doomed Pixel says:

    @ Alex: I approve of Brainfreeze. I know you don’t need my approval, but dang, that is awesome.

  43. Knitesoul says:

    Out of the 10 names, I decided to use “Psychic Sword”, a telepathic swordsman consumed by darkness and uses 5 different swords, each different sizes and shapes.

  44. Johnny Grey says:

    Truly a name too insane not to use.

    Presenting: Grenade Bee – Hero for Hire!

  45. The Frozen Panther: Warning! Adult Content (PG-13, M for Mature). I tried making it PG, but that version lost the tongue-in-cheek humor. :9

    @All: I normally reserve comments until the winner is declared, but these have been some of the best!

  46. MScat says:

    Two of the names that i got seemed like a good team up so i tied their origins together. Here are my first two entries:

    Burn Bug is a theif for hire whos always looking for his next score. His partner in crime is Cold Star. His gear includes a jet pack that allows him to travel supersonic speeds, flame guns, and many other little gadgets that help him on the job.

    Cold Star is a hit man whos always in it for the money. He works with his partner Burn Bug as the Muscle of the team. His gear includes a suit that increases his strength and allows him to fire freezing blasts of energy.

  47. VonMalcolm says:

    Just looking at BrainFreeze gives me an Ice Cream Headache! EmberHawk and Infernomech are a couple of my other personal favs. . . so far. . .

  48. Me, Myself & I says:

    I give you Iron Falcon.

    Iron Falcon does not really require his wings to fly and is able to so without them. They do help him with his maneuverability though but their true purpose is as weapons.

    Iron Falcon

    Iron Falcon Close Up

  49. Shamanesso: Spiritual leader and coffee shop owner.

  50. invisiboy says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how to do “Blessed Sting” without being sacrilegious. In the meantime, I give you Blue Smash:

    I see this guy as more of a joke villain, even though I personally like doing more serious characters. An inexplicably muscular man has a psychotic obsession with the color blue, as well as a ginormous ego and infallibility complex (as evidenced by his name and the fact that he wears a cape despite having seen The Incredibles twice). His goal is to take over the world (of course!) and make everything blue (huh?). He has a cool costume and mechanical gloves (that he stole) which generate blasts of blue energy, and can be easily taken out if someone sneaks up behind him (the mask narrows his line of sight), knocks him out, and takes the gloves away. This happens often, which explains why he always fails and why he’s a familiar face at the local sanitarium, but every now and then he escapes (read: is broken out) to fail at more petty villainy.

    Note: The yellow line on his belt buckle is supposed to be a “B”. For obvious reasons, I didn’t put his full initials.

  51. Oskar says:

    ok I spun once and lucked out with three good names, the first name I got was “Night Knight” there was no way I was gonna pass that up

    the second name was “Mega Slicer”

    the third, I don’t know if I can enter it or not because its not entirely original but I couldn’t pass it up either “Miss Joker”

  52. Bawie says:

    This is my second entry:

    “Brain Priest”

  53. Crazy AZ says:

    uh i got Deadly Nemesis…not too descriptive but i think i did okey.!/photo.php?pid=387530&id=100000094284607

  54. Jake says:

    I did the best I could with a name like Ghost Root.

    Ghost Root is kind of like the Spectre. He can’t die because he is dead and he kills people with razor sharp ghost leaves that try to cut down the forest. Yeah…

  55. Fyzza says:

    Here’s my first entry, Dusk Flame. It was for a one name, many faces contest on the Forums, but I wasn’t the one who chose the list, although I chose the name and made the creation. If it’s not allowed to do that, just disallow it.

    Robert Weston was originally the superhero, Goldfire, until his own flames were deflected at him, disfiguring him completely, and causing 4th degree (yes, 4th degree) burns to his face, the only bit lucky to survive with just 3rd degree burns being the very bottom of his chin. The rest of his body got away with 3rd degree brusn as well. He donned a golden skeleton mask, in honor of his former alias, as well as flame proof armor and a couple of sticks of dynamite. (You never know when dynamite will come in handy!) He usually comes out from dusk til dawn, never in the day, because even the dumbest of villains knows that there is a far higher chance of being caught during the day.

  56. Me, Myself & I says:

    It was their crowning achievement. After billions of dollars of investment and decades of research and developement they finally produced the worlds first entirely fincional, truly sentient android. It had even recently been fitted with a soft latex exoskeleton (everywhere but hands and feet) that was going to be painted so he would almost look human.

    Its creators were so proud of it as it had just been given officient citizenship status and the right to vote. Then came along the racial extremist and ended it all with one simple shot. To bad they had designed it with its CPU in its head.

    I give you Shot Android!

    Close Up

    Full View

  57. Me, Myself & I says:

    I figured I’d go with a literal translation of like Blood Mace.

    It is an evil enchanted artifact that possesses any weak willed person who touches it causing them to go on a blood binged masacre. It grants the wielder exceptional strength and endurance and healing capabilities making them very hard to kill. Blood Mace waits for the day it finds a true master. Someone who it can not control but who has the same blood thirsty look on life. When that happens it will finally bestow the tue extent of its powers on the wielder who will be almost unstoppable.

    Blood Mace

    With Possessed Wielder

  58. Grip says:

    Copper Bolt

    The Thunder Tech Roboto made From a Mad Freak Scientist named Dr.Copperhoff!

  59. SlimJimGrimm says:

    Alright, so my first list gave me “Photon Shield” so here he is!

  60. Grip says:

    Ghost Bomb

    A Ghost of a Bombing Terrorist Marauder that Haunts New York City for his Revenge(Died in NYC)

  61. MScat says:

    The name given was GIANT SWORD. It was a tuffy seeings as its a very generic, non descript, name. But i think i did a good job.

    Giant Sword is a hero lost in time. He was a strong viking warrior who fought bravely until his ship was lost somewhere in the Arctic Circle. In the 21st century he was discovered and revived by a military organization trying to create the perfect soldier.

    Note: (Although the name is “Giant” Sword i couldnt make the sword any bigger and still look realistic. But its still a big honkin sword seeings as its almost as long as the character is tall)

    Heres a shot without the helmet

  62. TJ says:

    In the Year 2050 the Earth is a wasteland scatterd with the remnants of civilzation and even more scattered are the inhabitants of this wasteland. Out of the destruction of life as we knew it came the Soul Finders, origionally a group of preist dedicated to praying for the lost souls and the wandering spirits, they became more paladin like in their ways when the water wars broke out, protecting weary travelers traveling to the the last cities. There are rumors of them trying to retake what used to be Rome for there promised land but these clames have gone unproven and anyone trying to find out have dissapeared.

  63. Bloodless Rose says:

    Comet Cat is a lean mean furry comet summoning machine.
    Don’t piss her off unless you want a comet in the face

  64. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang! Let’s do this!


    Shiver Blast uses a special suit to extract moisture from the surrounding air and convert it to cold blasts. He can also travel on ice.

  65. Ira Essen says:

    Meet Fake Shooter.

    Mild-mannered accountant Morris Urban’s life was refreshingly adventure-free until the day he accidentally killed the Shooter, Buffalo, NY’s uber-violent protector, with his car. As the panicked CPA manhandled the stricken vigilante into the trunk of his Chevy, the dying hero told him that his archnemesis Rad Hound was plotting to detonate an atomic bomb beneath Lake Erie, irradiating the entire city’s drinking water. With only hours to go, Morris had no choice but to don the mantle of the Shooter and bring Rad Hound down in a hail of gunfire.

    Here, predictably, he has been shot by the police. Better luck next time, Erie County!

    Tomorrow: Antigoddess!

  66. VonMalcolm says:

    The first one is legit: the next three: not so much (I searched until I found names I liked): deduct points accordingly. -Funny thing is I actually like the first one the best by far.

    Cut Orca (the second name generated)

    Bane Alien

    Master Fang: Phase Tiger

    Radiation Raptor with a little ‘Blade Lizard’ added.

    (All four are in the same folder.)

  67. UesugiWarrior says:

    I present to you all: ULTRAMAN! The mightiest superhero ever to battle for truth and justice. His powers include invulnerability, super strength, super speed, flight, energy projection, can survive in space unaided, extreme genius, immense skill with technology and much much more.

  68. Wild Card says:

    The first name on my list is “Beast Blade”, I decided to go with a basic beastman with a blade replace his hand.

    As for the missing part in the blade I don’t know what happen.

  69. SlimJimGrimm says:

    Alright, I have two more now. The first one is “Alien Blizzard”, an alien from a planet of alien’s with elemental abilities.

    Up next is “Black Spark”, who is a villian that can use electrical powers to his advantage.

  70. Danny Beaty says:

    Here is my second entry.


    Spike Time uses a spike-enhanced power suit to fight crime. Look out, criminals! It’s Spike Time!

  71. Danny Beaty says:

    My third and final entry.


    Emerald Fortune is an adventuress and a very good shot!

  72. The Imp says:

    Second entry, Tigerblade:

    Those are the only good names I got on my ‘legitimate’ first roll, so that’s probably it for me.

  73. acidman_322 says:

    Here’s Mage Kill and one of his victims. mage kill is a mercenary who hunts evil wizards.

  74. superfan1 says:

    Ethereal Spear

    Flies through the skies while hurling his ghost-like spears at his would-be enemies. His suit is designed for maximum durability in the air and maximum speed wherever he is. He and his spears also have the ability to move through nearly any material.

  75. maniacmick says:

    Hour Mistress, a dominatrix who after a freak accident now has the power to control time

  76. maniacmick says:

    Ruby Cutlass, once an English socialite, Ruby Smythe grew tired of her life and took to a life of piracy on the high seas as the feared …………Ruby Cutlass!

  77. Me, Myself & I says:

    Serpentia was born with incredible reflexes and strength. It wasn’t until puberty that he grew his tail and gained the ability to constrict opponents. Of course he has two slightly elongated K9 teeth that deliver a deadly neuro-toxin (fortunately he is immune to his own poison).

  78. Bloodless Rose says:

    I give you Beast Master

    i don’t know what i was thinking but i came up with this lol

  79. Cliff says:

    I only took my one “spin” on the Generator, and while some of the names I got sucked, that just made it a challenge! LOL

    This one didn’t bite though:
    Entry #1
    Girl Shamaness
    This is a small cheat, my New Mutants character, minus her New Mutant costume, direct from my Top 20 list of self created characters I’ve actually RPed.
    Polly Moore was born with the mutant ability to shape change into any ‘realistic’ animal. After going to school to hone her powers she also started Shaman training to communicate with animals as well as befriending them to get them to do what she needs. So here she is Pollymorph: Girl Shamaness!



    Entry #2
    Brain Sheild.
    Albert Hawkins was born with a superior mind. He constantly studied learning all he could. Around puberty he developed Telepathy and Telekinesis. He used these skills at every oppertunity, seldom getting up from his bed, or even interacting with people one to one. Soon his mind was an awesome thing, but his body had essentially atrophied away.

    Close up:!/photo.php?pid=133443&id=100000780936307


    Entry 3
    Shade Conjurer
    Helen Gray, was a spoiled rich girl who wanted for nothing nad yet wanted more. She dabbled into the dark arts from ancient grimoirs
    An accident left her horribly scared. reflecting the dark half of her soul.
    Now she travels the Shadow Realms as Penumbra the Shade Conjurer, as she balances on the fine tight rope between Good and Evil as she gathers even more power for her isasiable desires.



    Entry #4
    Lance Bash,
    This is what I came up with.
    WARNING. A scene of suggested violence!
    I’m gay, I have NO hostile feelings with my sexuality OR towards Lance Bass OR N’Sync.., not everyone can say that.
    I just remembered Lance came out and I learned to make bruises for a Wrestler character for a friend, and I had access to lots of damage on the poor guy.



  80. Cliff says:

    Entry #5
    Just look!

    Close up:!/photo.php?pid=133449&id=100000780936307


    Entry #6
    Time Emperess,
    I could have just redone Glorith from the LSH, LOL.



    Entry #7
    Bird Robot
    OK, this one was hard …
    bird … from a robot planet … LOL


    Wide shot:!/photo.php?pid=133454&id=100000780936307

    Entry #8
    Mark Phelps was a brilliant scientist and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer/diver. For years he worked for the Military on scientific projects as well as more hands on missions for the SEALS.
    As he grew older he still used those skills for the Military. Creating Deep 6, D6 for short, a robot for underwater missions, and using AI.
    After it’s activation, his supieriors showed their true colors as enemy spies and was going to steal the new underwater weapon and tricked it to kill Dr. Phelps. It soon learned it’s mistake and killed the Spies. It has since ran away, took the name of Dee and his “father” Phelps, turned it’s back on politics and military, and combs the beachs and swimming the seas and oceans looing for himself.



  81. Cliff says:

    Rotten Bomb.
    Inspired by my friend Stephen who grouses about customers manhandling the fruit and veggies in his produce section.



    In the tradition of such vocal supers such as:
    Blackbolt, Tyroc, Anger The Screamer, Screaming Mimi, Songbird,
    and Scream among others …
    I present
    who’s vocal powers can alter reality!



    This goes to the album of about 4 more pics of him, just power shots, no new costume. So look if ya want, or not, it’s kewl!!/album.php?id=100000780936307&aid=8643&s=40&hash=cc55e4086c46a18a83e6de7f4b736d8a

  82. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2: Flame Mistress ( I think I’d prefer it in the reverse Mistress Flame, but thats not how the name generator spit it out 🙁 )

  83. Riddlerclue says:

    Time Eater
    Description: Jeremy Stewart never felt like he was afraid of death. He just went through life casually, ever worrying about what could happen to him. That is until one day, when an evil cosmic entity known as the Time Eater inhabited his body. The Time Eater ravaged Jeremy’s body, and transported him (painfully) through different periods of time. Trying to control the madness, Jeremy invented a suit which controlled the time jumps, letting him go through time when he wanted to. However he could not control the hunger and greed that the Time Eater had instilled in him. Now, Jeremy travels space and time sucking out the life force from his victims in a desperate attempt to continue his own wretched life. His humanity no longer remains…Now he is an animal bent on feeding his horrible hunger.

  84. Me, Myself & I says:

    As far as generator list names(
    ) go mine isn’t bad but I’ve used up most of the good ones already.

    For this character I decided to go with a subbtle villain and something slightly different. Venom Taint, as he’s known in the underworld, is an assissin who works for a high stakes law firm servicing the worst people society can produce. When his firm’s talents in the court room fail to get the job done they call him in.

    Venom Taint has the ability to excrete poisons from his skin and inject them through a targets pores on contact. The moment of delivery for the poisons are incredibly difficult to track because there are no outward signs and Venom Tain can vary the verulence of the poisons and the time to take effect. A simple hand shake is all it takes and a witness or prosecuting lawyer are no longer a concern.

    Venom Taint

    Venom Taint Close Up

    Overall certainly not my favorite but I like the tie!

  85. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Screaming Conjurer –

    A bizarre alien/extra-dimensional sorcerer whose powers are focused in its voice. Its scream can cause death and insanity, destroy physical objects, and rip the fabric of reality, allowing for the creation of wormholes and the summoning of creatures from other dimensions.

  86. GalacticKetchup says:


    Private Richard King was a United States Marine, fighting in Iraq during the War on Terror when, during a night patrol, his squad was attacked by enemy insurgents. Having been shot multiple times, King was at death’s door. However, he was chosen as a perfect candidate for the government’s top secret Corvus Experiment. His lower legs and most of his torso was replaced with advanced biomachinery that made him faster, stronger and more efficient than any other soldier,adamantium claws in place of his fingernails and a modified mask that allows him to breathe in even the most extreme conditions. The most drastic procedure, however, was the addition of a monstrous set of mechanical wings, which were attached to his body and melded into his nervous system, allowing him full control. Unfortunately, when King recovered from the surgery and saw what he had become, he went insane. Escaping from the facility where he was being held, King travelled to Iraq, destroying the town in which he had been attacked, while bringing all of his attackers to extreme justice. Now, he is determined to take revenge on the country who left him an abomination, no matter how many ‘heroes’ stand in his way.

  87. maniacmick says:

    Bash Charmer professional hitman and all around tough guy. He’s feared by men, but loved (quite frequently) by women

  88. ajw says:!/photo.php?pid=917302&id=1589732210
    xeno hawk a hero with an alien tech flight suit, it not only withstands massive damage but can fire an alien plasma ray capable of mass destruction the wings are also capable of being used as sharp blade like weapons

  89. PRiegel says:

    Gut Baroness!

    OK, this was too idiotic not to make the effort. (Although “Rotting Tiger” was tempting…)

    Here’s a villainess who is comfortable in her body:

  90. Freakshow says:

    I’ve been on heromachine for a while now, and I’ve decided to enter this contest.

    Heres my first entry, Bomb Ghost. I don’t really know what to put for a backstory so I’ll just leave it out.


    ok Biofreeze was a solider witch the US army tried a frozen solider program that during the cold war if the US ever had to go over the polar ice caps and the frozen tundra but the the frozen solider program had side effects that caused his skin to glow the blue and for him to go crazy.

  92. Wild Card says:

    Second name on my list is “Brain Mistress”

  93. Grip says:

    Blade Hawk

    A Samurai who is Silent , Deadly , and Follows The Way of The Hawk

  94. Jack Zelger says:

    OK, here’s one based on the first list of names I generated. Some were real stinkers.

    Since she was a young girl “Arch Howl” found herself drawn to and connected to wild animals, especially the wolves living in the mountains near her home. She became obsessed with the animals and with Native American folklore. Spending much time living among the wolves in the forest, Arch Howl has difficulty fitting into human society. Though she is a villain to some due to her extreme treatment of those who would hurt nature, Arch Howl has sometimes been an ally of the world’s superheroes when dealing with environmental disasters. She has incorporated fur in her clothing to make the wolves more comfortable with her.

  95. invisiboy says:

    Here’s Blessed Sting:

    Deciding to quietly seek honest work, mob enforcer Dan Jacobson applied for a job in law enforcement. He met the requisite qualifications, but the Police Department turned him down for fear that his criminal ties would corrupt him. Still wanting to help the city, he faked his death and adopted a secret identity with which he could pull sting operations on former cohorts. Because of his unfailing success and seeming inability to be killed, those in the know joke that he must be “blessed” with Divine protection, hence the name.

    Note: I had a little trouble with some parts of the character, particularly the hand/gun relationship. For future versions of HM3, maybe Jeff could make the hand and fingers separate so that things like that are easier.

  96. Fyzza says:

    Heres my second entry, Phsychoplague. The name was just too good to pass up. Once, Ross Jackson was a human. He became a zombie after he injected himself with dodgy heroin, because he was feeling depressed. Now, he ramages through City streets, placing his hand over people’s mouths, and in turn turning them into zombies, and they all spread the zombie infection too. Ross is unlike the other zombies, his mind works fully, but he cannot control antyhing. All he can do is produce red fire from his eyes, and the lack of control caused him to go crazy, the infection spread by him is known as the Psychoplague.

  97. Crt Toonz says:

    heres mi entry purple he haz no history or any thing like dat!/profile.php?id=100001215320654

  98. Crt Toonz says:

    mi bad hiz name iz purple nuke

  99. Me, Myself & I says:

    Not cyborg, not android, not even robot; this lucky character is stuck with the name . . . COMPUTER MAN! talk about lucky.

    Computer man boast the latest in technology, such as a tin exoskeleton covering his old recycled Commodor 64 internal components.

    He also boasts a computer monitor instead of a face where it can display pictures of faces instead. He has a whole plethora of differnt faces available depending on the situation (3 to be precise). They are all static and unmoving but he can switch between them at will!

    Get ready for this. Computer Man sells for a mere $9.99 (or best offer).

    Computer Man

    Computer Man Close Up

  100. GalacticKetchup says:

    Ghost Screamer (entry number 2)

    A terrifying entity, summoned by the ancient Cult of the Dark Gods to lay waste to their enemies. However, Ghost Screamer is not to be trusted, as the cultists found to their horror and ultimate demise. Now free to bring terror and death to humanity, can anyone stop this foul beast before he leads the human race to extinction?

  101. BbBbBbBbB says:


    The Toxic Stone is deadly. A very rare snake made it toxic with its breath. Anything touching it dies in a few seconds.

  102. Alan Bates says:

    Thrill to the intergalactic adventures of


    Defender of our Galaxy!

  103. BbBbBbBbB says:


    The Tempest Dolphin is half Human and half Dolphin. A night time she makes a big storm at sea. In the day time she is calm and plays with the other sea creatures.

  104. TerminusVitae says:

    I got Spirit Sword, so this is what i made.

    here’s the backstory., it’s based in a post-apocalyptic wasteland type setting, and the sword is basically a cursed weapon. read on to know more…

    The old man sat on the rocking chair, surveying with dismay the bright, eager face of the young adolescent before him; still far too young to even be considering the task he had decided to set before himself.
    “The Spirit Sword, eh, sonny? You want to go after the Spirit Sword, like your father.”
    “What kind of a son am I if I am unable to follow in my father’s footsteps, Uncle?
    “A smart one. You be mindful, boy, your father’s footsteps led him to his grave.”
    He sighed and looked around the seedy log cabin they called home. RadRam pelts sat drying for market on the decrepit pre-Fall fusion grill, while a batch of Roach Roast was cooking away in the infrared oven. The acid rain was pouring down against the steel shingles, making enough noise to wake the dead. Unfortunately, it had almost done just that. That’s what many thought the Spirit Sword was. The spectre of the god that had forsaken humanity, come back to wreak its havoc and revenge upon all creation. All that met the Spirit Sword, met their end not long after. He sighed once more, and turned to look at the young man before him.
    “You listen, boy, and you listen good. That sword, it’s the new Holy Grail. Many, including your father, have gone off in search of it, and none have ever returned. It’s a mania, that these men have; it swallows their minds. Then that…that Monster; it swallows their souls. You know precious little about the Sword, boy, and even if it actually can be fought, there’s no one that yet knows how.”
    “If I know so little, Uncle, then tell me more.”
    “Fine.” He sighed, “The story begins long ago, before anyone alive now was born, with the possible exception of some of those muties. It starts with the Fall, more specifically, its aftermath. The bunkers our ancestors hid in only had supplies for a few years at most. After those ran out, out of pure desperation, they opened the blast doors, and climbed out into the wasteland. At one vault, there was something waiting to greet them on the other side.”
    “The Spirit Sword!”
    “Calm down Jim. I assure you, it was nothing to be happy or excited about. It systematically slaughtered all of them, Jim. Only one got away. And that was because it let him. It told him to spread the word, that the sword would roam the wastelands, brutally killing all in its path, until the Chosen One came to kill the savage shadow that wields it, and take the blade for their own. The man the shadow spared was your great-great-grandfather.”
    “What if I am the Chosen One? What if I am destined to take the Sword, and rebuild the world with its endless power?”
    “That day will never be, lad. For even if, by the slightest chance, you are the Chosen One, you will be unable to rebuild the world. For if mortal hands should ever grasp the handle of the accursed blade, the hilt blades will clamp down on their greedy fist, never to let go for all eternity. The blade feeds on blood, you see, either the blood of its victims, or of its wielder. And every time it is used, a little life force will drain from the wielder until none remains. And then, they shall become the shadow. And onwards into eternity the cycle shall go, never stopping, never ceasing. The world cannot be rebuilt while the ShadowSpectre stalks these lands, flaming sword in hand, slicing through all in its path. And the Spectre cannot be stopped, because in order to kill it, you must use its own sword against it. And once you grasp the sword, your days are numbered.”
    “What is the point then? Why has it come to haunt us?”
    “Ah, your great-great-grandfather asked that very same question. Do you know what the answer was?”

  105. Grip says:

    Screaming Melter

    Before a lead singer, Harry N. was in a Major Band.
    One Day he had a concert , but a sore throat had struck him 2 hours before it. He forced his manager to find someone who could get his throat healed. A Scientist was hired but the medication given to Harry backfired making his voice a radioactive destructive and dangerous weapon.

  106. Grip says:

    Ember Cannon

    A Man Who Had Been Mechanized Into A Flame throwing Maniac.

  107. DiCicatriz says:

    Ten names from the generator… ten entries!!

    1) Atomic Razor

    Former black ops CIA operative disgraced after a botched operation left his team dead. He agreed to submit himself to a top secret scientific program fusing advanced cybernetic armor with exotic power sources. During the initial test run of his nuclear powered battle-suit, the operative was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and went AWOL. Sealed in his suit and dying of radiation sickness, the operative decided to use his last days to wreak havoc on the government which had so failed him as ATOMIC RAZOR.

    2)Beast Stone

    A mysterious being summoned from within the ancient ruins of a lost civilization. Beast Stone serves as the protector of whomever unlocks him from his previous state of hibernation. The sigil on his chest provides him with access to a monstrous amount of supernatural energy which he draws into himself, granting him invulnerability and super strength. He fights tirelessly to protect his master, with the ferocity of a wild animal and the solid stoicism of the stone he is carved out of. He is BEAST STONE

    3) Bombadier Sting

    A biotechnology genius, Jesse Halloran developed a flight suit with responsive capabilities and reflexes patterned after insect physiology. Combined with her weaponized stinger blades she uses this suit to fight crime as BOMBADIER STING

    4) Cytracker

    Wandering a post apocalyptic wasteland. Donovan Harlowe was taken in by one of the more benevolent emerging feudal lords and made a paige in his service. A failed assassination attempt in which Donovan saved his lord left his mind and body shattered. His lord scavenged what advanced technology was available to him and rebuilt Donovan as an emotionless android: CYTRACKER. He wanders the wasteland and infiltrates the enemies of his lord, uncovering plots on his life and killing any in his way. He is equipped with an internal GPS system which enables him to map out and locate any area on the globe.

    5) Dark Baroness

    Evil sorceress and feudal ruler of an alternate dimension, the DARK BARONESS manipulates ancient forces and a vast army of minions in her attempt to conquer the Multiverse.

    6) Fever Conjuress

    Minion of the Dark Baroness, Fever Conjuress was formerly of the planet Earth, having been abducted by the Baroness’s forces as a homeless runaway. She was infused with dark magics and had her free will completely overwhelmed by the will of the Baroness. She now possesses the ability to summon sweltering heat and induce great thirst in any living being within her presence as the FEVER CONJURESS

    7) Razor Soul

    Former apprentice of the Dark Baroness, Xavier Escondido hailed from one of the countless dimensions under her thrall. He obtained his free will and escaped from the Baroness by secretly studying ancient and forgotten sorcery which she had no knowledge of. Now he serves to oppose his former mistress by defending Earth’s dimension from her pending invasion. His signature technique is to infuse supernatural energies with extensions of his very soul, creating blindingly hot blades of spiritual energy. He is RAZOR SOUL

    8) Lupolion

    A humanoid lupine Prince from a hidden magical realm, Lupolion was the heir apparent of the Lupine Kingdom until the dark day when his father was murdered by the traitorous Canicus (in league with Lord Felicitus of the Felis Islands) and he was exiled to the mortal realm. Now he wanders the lands of our world, allying himself with its costumed heroes. Still he waves the banner of his father, ever seeking a way to return home.

    9) Spear Scream

    Native American spiritual leader who fights injustices enacted upon his people. Apart from his ritually enhanced spear, Spear Scream can tap into the power of his ancestors and summon their voices from generations past; focusing it into a powerful supersonic vocal projection which rends flesh, rock, and bone. His cries pierce the bodies of men as the weapons of his people, earning him the name SPEAR SCREAM

    10) White Sting

    Highly trained assassin. White Sting has long since forgotten her origins and exists only to eliminate his targets and fulfill her contracts. Her anonymous patrons employ her to murder troublesome politicians, government officials, rival underworld bosses, and even meddling superheroes. Thus far she has never failed them. She uses experimental hard light technology mounted on her wrists, projecting solid blades of light she uses to first blind and then kill her opponents. She is the WHITE STING

  108. Knitesoul says:

    Swift Butterfly

    Really fast & agile because of her butterfly wings due to being from a different planet, she uses her abilities to help people in need.

  109. Knitesoul says:

    Warrior Trickster

    The warrior who uses trickery and luck to defeat his enemies. A little unorthodox to many, he uses to his odds. Wears his royal flush armor & wields his Deception Sword.

  110. Galahad says:

    Crimson Blade — I don’t really have much backstory on him other than he’s a disgraced Japanese warrior, possibly escaped from Hell.

  111. Galahad says:

    The Green Toad — Corinne Lafontaine is a former member of the French Commando Hubert — The “French Commando Frogmen.” Her husband and son were killed by a man she trusted, but he wasn’t working alone, so she went rogue. Using her family’s considerable fortune and her skills and contacts as a commando, she’ll stop at nothing to find their killers. Along the way, she’s helping those in need to right wrongs and fight injustices by any means necessary.

  112. DiCicatriz says:

    Ah, my fears have been realized. I even ctrl+f’ed my name! How embarrassing. Sorry for the double post 🙁

  113. Decolda says:


    Obessed with spiders and technoligy, this alien is as mad as he looks – just imagine a mechanical-spider-man with teranchular features.

  114. Decolda says:


    The suit of Red Matter, capable of destroying anything small as atoms and big as moutains, but the suit drains life and courses through the host’s vains till their is nothing left.

  115. Decolda says:

    Spectral Deciever

    Every evil thought, every traitor, signs of insanity and crazy behaviour all began with this guy – The Spectral Deciever. Once your caught in his chains, you have no control over yourself.

  116. Decolda says:

    Rihana – Hard

    We all know there suttin about this girl that aint quite right, but in her dirty disgusting crazyness is a sexy devil in disgise. I bring you The Commander of Hard. Rihana

  117. Decolda says:

    Master Fusion

    This is Master Fusion, a muscle bound geneis with an Atomic Nuclear Powered Military Armour Suit, he has amazing speed and strength and can with stand anything… but due to the suits nuclear dna converter – he cant survive outside the suit!

  118. Decolda says:


    The Snake of Death – This alien wants nothing more then a world filled with snakes… clubbed tale = can deal havey damage to a tank – he can leap 100meters and is a master of hand to hand combat, skin = tough as an old tree – wrist blades = protect his weak point and horns as tough as a 1000 human finger nails. He will not stop until snakes are the master species!!!

  119. Decolda says:


    This green armoured, dark alien with metal bladed wings can slice through the hardest rocks and metals and his claws can tear human skin like a paper bag…

  120. Decolda says:

    ignore entry 146 – it was not generated from seventh sanctum – i got carried away lol

  121. GalacticKetchup says:

    Cyborg Hornet (entry number 3)

    An artificial intelligence operating from within an armoured cyborg body, developed as a robotic assassin to eliminate its creator’s enemies, the ‘Cyborg Hornet’ flies to its target’s location, before dropping from the sky and delivering a killing blow from its razor-sharp ‘stingers’ located on each arm. With enough strength to throw a tank a mile, and enough speed to traverse the United States in an hour, half that when in flight, the Cyborg Hornet is the world’s most efficient killing machine.

  122. GalacticKetchup says:

    Gun Kill

    Darryl Kross is one of the most proficient hitmen in the world. Going by the moniker Gun Kill, he works only for the highest bidder. If you don’t have the most money, expect to feel the cold steel of one of Gun Kill’s beloved pistols, Alpha and Omega, pressed against the back of your head.

  123. Allwn says:

    I just whant to make sure this works

  124. Allwn says:

    Yeah! Ok here it is Sheild Gaint.
    Subject #3 in the Zennis Corp. procject Firestorm was Greg Haltz, an honest used car sales man when he was abducted and expremented on. The goal was to create a soldier invulnerable to conventual firearms and explosives. It was a success after a week of treatment his skin thickness doubled and its resilience tripled. After two weeks he was immune to bullets but there was a price they found that he grew sporadically and then shurnk back down, also because his skin is so thick he had little if any felling he couldent tell if he was shaking someones hand or crushing it. Becuse of these complacations he was scraped in favor for subject #4. He was dumped on the streets. Where the Legion of Heroes found him and so Sheild Gaint was born

    Basicly he can grow up to 20 and is unphased by bullets
    his sheild is for enegry based attacks

  125. GalacticKetchup says:

    Storm Prophet (entry number 5)

    Harold Costelayas was obsessed with the ancient Greek gods throughout his whole life. As a child he read of Hercules and Perseus, and of the Gods of Mount Olympus, and so in later life he became a leading historian in the field of the ancient Greeks. One fateful stormy night, he was walking home when he was struck by a bolt of lightning. Instead of killing him, however, he recieved prophetic visions of the future, while being imbued with full control over lightning, thunder and cloud. In these visions he saw that the gods he had dedicated his life to researching were indeed the true gods of this world, but unfortunately his mind was corrupted by Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, who sought vengeance on his brother Zeus. Now, the Storm Prophet delivers souls to his master, falsely believing that he is making the world a better place. There is still hope for him, though, for at this very moment an almighty battle is being waged in the heavens for control of this messenger of the gods: this Storm Prophet.

  126. maniacmick says:

    Wave Catcher the sea spirit with the power to control the oceans of the planet

  127. PRiegel says:

    Rotting Tiger!

    …just because you’re undead, doesn’t mean you have to stop heroing.

  128. sutter_kaine says:

    Serpent Baroness –

    Serpent Baroness is the leader of NAGA (Neo-Anarchy, Global Armageddon), a terrorist organization trying to conquer the world by toppling all major governments through global chaos, then creating a new world order from the ashes of the old.

  129. Anarchangel says:

    First contest I’ve entered in forever. This is Blade Butterfly

  130. Me, Myself & I says:

    A modern lady with a special talent for healing. Her powers are capable of bringing people back from deaths door itself.

    Death Charmer is the name given to this woman by the spirits of the under world because they say she can charm Death himself into giving up his charges.

    She is depicted here by The River Styx prepairing to face death once again. Her journey to face Death is a spiritual one so while her body remains in the mundane world her spirit travels to the underworld where she appears as she does before making the journey. In this particular case, in the mundane world, she was just at a formal ball dancing with her fiance when he collapsed with heart complications.

    Death Charmer

  131. Fyzza says:

    Just because…
    An insect mutant who has cyborg technology from the 25th century. The close up on the left is with his helmet, on the right without it.

  132. Grip says:

    Snake Rot

    A Shaman in The Desert That Rots Any Intruders in His Cavern Where Snakes Dwell and Follow Him

  133. Gargoyle323 says:

    Well, here is the list I got. Nothing really great but I tried my best with what I was dealt.


    Kry’lun was the leader of an ancient race of ocean dwellers. After illegal toxic dumping started killing off his subjects, Kry’lun fought back. He started to attack the ships with his powers over the waters. Sailors never found any traces from his attacks except seeing exploding water coming towards them. They called this the myths of the “AQUA BOMBER”

  134. Gargoyle323 says:

    Created by Zeus as a last line of defense weapon to protect his realm. After years of inactivity,this monster grew to hate his keepers for not letting him unleash his rage.He would now pledge to destroy all of Olympus as The God Burner.

  135. Gargoyle323 says:

    Her powers include electrical stingers,flight and the ability to control other insects.

  136. Gargoyle323 says:

    An experiment gone wrong.Gene splicing animal DNA with Malachite crystals created this ultimate fighting machine.Has hightened animal senses along with amazing strength.

  137. Gargoyle323 says:

    James Stevens was an airline mechanic who liked to tinker and experiment with the technology he worked with.One day he created powerful mini wind turbines that were capable of generating tornado force winds.He decided to use his newfound tech to become a super hero.His name…MASTER TORNADO!

  138. Gargoyle323 says:

    In the not so distant future,the planet has been turned in to a toxic wasteland.Water is polluted,soil has become radioactive and most life has been mutated in some way.The animals of the planet were hit the hardest.Many species have died off,while new and hostile breeds have taken over this wasteland.
    But from the ashes of all this horror arose a lone figure of hope.Nobody knows where she hails from.She stays silent and follows ancient rituals.She has a calming effect over the wildlife.They follow her commands as she tries to help heal Mother Nature.She is only known as THE NUKE SHAMANESS!

  139. Gargoyle323 says:

    Using her knowledge of the dark arts and powered by her mystical necklace,The Sapphire Visionary sees into the future with the help of her “Sapphire Spirits”.(No,those are not members of the Blue Man Group!).

  140. Gargoyle323 says:

    Norse legends claim that whenever extreme blizzard conditions would befall them it was because of the ire of The Winter God.

  141. Gargoyle323 says:

    Please forgive me.Disregard post#175 and#176.Third times a charm,right? This is DARK LASS(I hope!).

    Mistress of the Arcane!

  142. Gargoyle323 says:

    YEAH ME!!! I DID IT! Sorry about all my screw ups!

  143. GalacticKetchup says:

    Midnight Priest (entry number 6)

    Jedediah Stronghart was a criminal, plain and simple. Born in 1876 to an alcoholic mother and an abusive father, Jedediah was destined to a life of crime and deceit. When his father beat his mother to death after suspecting her of adultery, young Jedediah took his revenge for 12 years of abuse. Having dealt with his father (whose remains were found tied to a train track), Jedediah joined a gang of bandits, but after they tried to double cross him following a train robbery, he killed them singlehandedly. Going off on his own, he was eventually caught and arrested at the age of 35. He escaped, however, after cutting off his own right hand in order to escape his cuffs, and ran off into the wilderness. After three days in the desert, he became delirious, and began having hallucinations of God. These illusions told him that he had been chosen by the Lord to purge the world of evil, and that humanity as a whole were the worst of all evils. Leaving the desert, Jedediah travelled to the nearby town of New Goldstoun, where a local blacksmith forged his distinctive blade, Divine Judgement. Jedediah then proceeded to kill the inhabitants of New Goldstoun, purging the town as his first act of Holy Cleansing. With his mission clear, and armed with Divine Judgement and his revolver, the Last Rites, Jedediah Stronghart cast away his old name, and took up the title of the Midnight Priest. Now his murderous streak has begun, can anyone show this misguided preacher the light?

  144. GalacticKetchup says:

    Fire Bird (entry number 7)

    The Toruktu people have been gone from this world for thousands of years, but their gods remain. And their devils. The Toruktu people worshipped 5 gods and feared 3 devils, the brothers Charukara, Hurtu and Gopahktakast. Of these 3 brothers, Charukara, the ‘Fire Bird’ was by far the strongest. Able to control and conjure fire, all Toruktu hung talismans above their doors to prevent Charukara entry to their home. Whenever a family was foolish enough to take the talisman down, their house would burn to the ground that very night.
    No-one knows how Charukara gained entry to this world, but he has arrived, and i more powerful than ever. Unless a saviour can be found, then the world is doomed to burn in the fires of Charukara for eternity.

  145. ajw says: white beam can manipulate beams of light for heat and brightness at extremes he can reach both heat and brightness equal to a supernova though originally a person simply with powers eventually one supernova attack left white beam as a vessel of the very power he controls.

  146. ajw says:
    sovereign torch a weapons master and krav maga master and manipulates flames but cant generate them just like pyro

  147. ajw says:
    a pagan god emomoo the sarobi people revered the lion for majesty among others but like most he had other names feleige “cat of majesty”

  148. ajw says:

    Gigantic Gale the name given by archeologists to the sarobi vulture god a harbinger of death

  149. PRiegel says:

    I wonder if our good host might not be regretting not putting a limit on entries… 😉

    Here’s another one from my first 10. I wasn’t going to submit it, but I just liked the way it turned out.

    Amethyst Seeker! The hunter whose armor is powered by the crystal in his mystic staff:

  150. Shadow Crow: Viscount Eduard Murray, 18th Century Scottish noble, defender of the Common Man.

    @PRiegel: So do I. I said before, I thought this contest would have a low participation, but we keep cranking them out!

  151. Brons says:

    I didn’t like any of the batch I got, but the first of them “Battle Rain” got me thinking of Valkyries and Battle Crows, the Morrigan and, well Napalm. And so, here is the modern incarnation of the the Morrigan, “Battle Rain”, who brings a rain of fire and destruction, all while looking photogenic and fetching…

  152. Quelesir says:
    The Necromaster: one of the last lords of Atlantis, responsible for its destruction. after this he encounter the time travel Magic Empress and became her arch-nemesis.

  153. Brons says:

    OK. The second spin of the wheel had a much better name than any of the ones in the first batch. Elizabeth Batthory once more walks the earth, known now as the The Night Baroness…

  154. Quelesir says:
    The Technocount: Count Andre de Mars crafted a battlesuit to defend his home and his people when the Ilixians came and became the Technocount.

  155. Quelesir says:
    The Xenomistress: is the leader of the Ilixians, and the Technocount’s arch-nemesis.

  156. Quelesir says:
    The Spirit Seer: a hero from the 21st century, who used his powers to gather several heroes from several different centuries to fight the greatest threat the world ever knew.

  157. MScat says:

    First of the second list:
    Emerald Charmer

    She uses her powers of suduction to brain wash any man she comes into contact with. Her ultimate goal is to rule the universe. She is surounded by her powerful brainwashed body guards who are willing to give up their lives for her, yet she is far from deffensless, she wields her emerald whipping chain and the ability to shoot focused energy blasts. Shes beautiful and dangerous. THE FULL PACKAGE

  158. Theron says:

    Ok, here is Spirit Morph

    Spirit morph absorbs the energy of his foes, giving him the ability to change his spirit form into those, either entirely, or different parts of his body into different forms.

    Negative Mace

    An odd entity, the cigarette devouring mouth on his stomach is in fact his actual mouth. His maces generate negative energy, and those truck by them become depressed, and very negative.

  159. Mage Freeze: Part-time Wizard. Full-time polar bear enthusiast.

    @rancid: Nebula-Murderer is awesome!

  160. Vampyrist says:

    Here are my two entries, albeit a little late and on a holiday too.

    First up is Rose Spawn, the son of a rose golem. Like his mother, he can control plants.

    Second up is a Bird Lance, the elite soldiers of the Aerian army.

  161. Me, Myself & I says:

    Well the generator came up with a fairly redundant name for me; Canine Fang. Instead of assuming the name applied to just one character I decided to apply one part of the name to the main characters companion.

    Canine is a mutant which displays abilities and tenancies of an obvious canine nature. Fang is his wolf companion.

    Canine & Fang Together

    Canine Close Up

    Fang Close Up

  162. I cheated on this last entry. All my other entries were from the first list that popped up. #10 on that list was “Titanium Vine”. And… nooooo…

    Ran a second list of 10 and took the first name. Thankfully, it helped me reach 10 for 10 (though with an asterisk *). 10th and final!

    Alien Chill: Master General of the Sogatti Marines.

  163. spidercow2101 says:

    Surface dwellers and denizens of the undersea realms alike fear the mystic power of The Sorceror Amphibian:
    Hope I got it in under the wire.

  164. spidercow2010 says:

    Surface dwellers and undersea denizens alike tremble before the mystic power of
    The Sorceror Amphibian!
    Hope it’s in under the wire.

  165. spidercow2010 says:

    Brought to you by your Department of Redundancy Department

  166. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks folks, entries are now closed! It’s going to take a couple of hours at least to finish downloading and going through all these, but great job on the ones I have seen so far!

  167. Link helps…

    Alien Chill: Alien Chill: Master General of the Sogatti Marines

  168. VonMalcolm says:

    My favs in no particular order: EmberHawk, Infernomech, BrainFreeze, Lightning Blade, Tigerblade, Atomic Razor, Dark Baroness, Blade Butterfly, Aqua Bomber, Master Tornado, Bird Lance.

    There are also dozens of others that I like -though many of the Facebook pics posted I didn’t have access to.