Character Contest 36 – Superman Villain

Your character design challenge for this week is to develop an enemy for the mightiest super-hero of all time -- Superman! You'll need to provide the image, of course, but also a brief description of who they are and why they're a match for the Man of Steel. The person who creates the best overall character will win their choice of either any one item they like, or a portrait of themselves, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version.

The rules are simple:

  • No more than three entries per person;
  • Entries must be provided as a comment to this post, including a link to the character image hosted on a free, publicly accessible site like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, or even Facebook (make sure you set the album to "Public");
  • All entries must be posted by next Monday, at which time I will choose a winner;
  • You cannot use any existing copyrighted character design, name, or symbol (like a mockup of the Superman logo, for instance).

Good luck, everyone!

(Superman is a copyrighted character owned by DC Comics, Inc.)

107 Responses to Character Contest 36 – Superman Villain

  1. Fyzza says:

    yes! finally another character contest!

  2. Runt82 says:

    This isn’t an entry, but I had an idea for a future character contest – a Tick-esque character. By this, I mean a character that would fit in the superhero parody world of The Tick (or any superhero parody in general).

  3. Jedy says:

    How about my character Electric Devil. It is a monster from a parallel universe and it’s entire body can generate electricity which would be a problem for Superman as he wont be able to get close without getting electrocuted. Also dropping a frozen lake on Electric Devil’s head will only cause the electricity to intnsify.

  4. TopHat says:


    Jack Ross was a Lexcorp scientist, researching Kryptonite and finding better ways to use it against Superman. His exposure to the Kryptonite and various other chemicals began to mutate his body, leaving him able to create kryptonite whenever he wanted. His mutated physology also vastly increased his speed and strength.

    Lex Luthor then used Jack as a weapon against the Man of Steel.

  5. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Anomaly –

    Created from barely understood alien technology discovered in a prehistoric city half-buried in the Antarctic ice, the Anomaly was intended to be a safeguard in the event that Superman ever went rogue. Instead, it proved too powerful to control and ended up becoming the very threat it was intended to prevent. The Anomaly is a singularity contained within a powerful magnetic field. Embedded in the field is an artificial intelligence program that is the true personality of the Anomaly. When the program decided that human beings were too dangerous to be allowed to survive, it went rogue and tried to destroy the planet. Even though the Anomaly was defeated and deactivated by a coalition of superheroes led by Superman, no one knows how (or if) it can actually be destroyed.

  6. Riddlerclue says:

    The Surgeon

    The Surgeon is, like Superman, the last surviving member of an alien race. However, unlike the Man of Steel, the end of Surgeon’s world injured him greatly. Now, kept only alive by his advanced cybernetic genius, and various life support machines the Surgeon wants only one thing: his health. Unfortunately his research has resulted in one conclusion: The only thing that can negate the radiation that is killing him is Superman’s kryptonian DNA. The Surgeon has now made it his mission to kill Superman, in order to heal himself.

    Powers-While physically weak, The Surgeon is armed with an assortment of advanced alien weaponry including two cybernetic claws that shoot plasma beams, an operational force field, as well as some other hidden weapons. He is an expert in alien biology and has created many monstrous creations that he plans to use in his war against Superman.

  7. Riddlerclue says:


    Titan’s has devoted his whole existence to murder. It doesn’t matter what species you are, what biological catagory you fall in, etc. If you are sentient, and able to fight he would love to kill you. Titan’s talents are known far and wide throughout the galaxy for his prowess in the art of killing.

    General Zod, hearing rumors of Titan’s power, hired Titan to kill Jor-El. However Jor-El cleverly avoided a painful death, and trapped Titan inside the Phantom Zone.

    Many years later, THE SURGEON freed Titan from his imprisonment. To show his gratitude, Titan promised to kill the son of Jor-El for the Surgeon (something he would have gladly done anyways.)

    Powers: Titan posses super strength, but his real power lies in his weaponry. Titan posses hundreds of different weapons specifically designed to kill certain species. For Superman, Titan has created a spear made of Kryptonite, as well as a sort of shruiken which he can control manually. Titan is also working on a “Special Anti-Kryptonian Project” with the Surgeon, sharing his weaponry with the diseased alien for use in the “Project.”

  8. Riddlerclue says:

    Doomsday Spore

    The Doomsday Spore isn’t actually a villain but the sum of the “Special Anti-Kryptonian Project.” A deadly virus made from the DNA of the deceased monster Doomsday, human DNA, and a few other alien species, the Doomsday Spore is an incredibly dangerous airborne disease that turns the victim into a bizarre super strong alien beast. The disease also causes strange spiky growths, that are laced with Kryptonite. This disease is the Surgeon’s ace in the whole: If he releases the Doomsday Spore into the earth’s atmosphere it’s over…for the human race and Superman.

  9. Bawie says:


    Krypto-Knight aka, “Jones” was a happy trigger mercenary in his earlier years, he loved his job just as much as he loved fantasy roleplay. Unfortunately everything grows old, and when he realised he wasn’t as fast as he used to be, he volunteered for a lexcorp expriment to create a new type of human, a super-soldier. The experiment was a sucsess, giving him enhanced speed, stengths and agility however leaving him with severe burns on most of his body. Jones hated his new face and decided to make a deal with lex..
    Lex will pay for the best surgeons in the world to repair his face, if he kills Superman. Fusing Kryptonite to jones favorite fantasy armour, he then became known as Krypto-Knight.

  10. BNE says:


    King of the Genies and the most malevolent, Rexijinn caused havoc in the ancient world, none seemed able to destroy him. He was eventually tricked into a lamp that sealed his powers and sent to the Earth’s core. Eons passed, when a passing red caped superhero was drilling through the Earth to ease the pressure of a volcanic eruption, sending the lamp hurlting up the mountain. After the eruption subsided, a scientist studying the mountain found the lamp, suprised to find it undamaged. Dusting it off to discover more of the strange encryptions along it’s sides, he found himself surrounded by a blue mist, then pulled into the lamp to be the replacment occupant of the lamp. Rexijinn was once again free. Will the world ever be the same again? You wish.

  11. knighthawk says:

    The Krypto Knight was a war machine created by Brainiac to combat superman. The basis of its creation lies in Nero’s Magno-Kryptonite, an artificial material magnetically attracted to all substances originally from Krypton. With this material, the krypto knight draws in even the finest dust to its surface where nano bots collect and properly distribute the pieces along its surface. Its standard armor is a green Kryptonite shell intended to weaken superman, and a red kryptonite under layer for redirecting supermans red heat ray eyes and converting red light energy to its accessory systems. On each arm is a number of unique kryptonite samples designed to affect superman in a number of ways to keep him throughly distracted from braniacs deeper plans, each sample is fitted to a Laser system to strike the man of steel at the speed of light from a significant distance.
    From standard green and red to more rare gold and even blue kryptonite to either remove or supercharge supermans powers against his own will. Orange and X-kryptonite are equipped to superpower non kryptonian animals and people to take away what makes superman super as well as populate a city of untrained and frightened people into a world of paper.

  12. JordanXord says:

    The Anti-Superman is a Superman from an alternate dimension. In this plane, Kal-El grew up to become a renowned scientist along his father Jor-El in his native Krypton, which did not explode in a cataclysm. One day, invaders from Earth arrived and massacred the Kryptonian race while trying to obtain rare elements for profit. The adult Kal-El escaped from his massacred homeworld and traveled to the Earth of that plane. He acquires super-powers on Earth and became the No. 1 enemy of humankind. A group of scientists created an energy-powered weapon to destroy this enemy, but instead of destroying him, a dimensional rift was opened and the evil Kryptonian crossed over to Superman´s dimension. When they met for the first time, the evil Kryptonian attacked him with rage and fury. After that initial encounter, the evil Kal-El became the being known as Anti-Superman. He has all the powers and abilities of Superman, but unlike him, he is not vulnerable to Kryptonite. His powers are enhanced by his rage and bitterness, making him a dangerous enemy.

  13. Me, Myself & I says:

    Gaia (aka Mother Earth) has finally had enough! She is fed up with this upstart young race (human beings) defiling her planet (harming her).

    This character is the spiritual embodiment of the earth itself. The harm being done to the planet has finally come back to haunt those careless enough not to anticipate the consequences of their actions. The recent oil catastrophie in the Gulf of Mexico was the last straw. She has manifested in order to rid herself of the parasitic humans once and for all.

    Of course it is Superman’s job to stop her. The only problem is, she’s has the raw power of the entire planet backing her up. More still, any effects strong enough to actually affect her seem to cause physical harm to the planet as well.

    How do you defend against something when the only way to do so is to ruin the one celestial body you require to survive?

  14. Alexander G. says:

    i have 2 entries…
    the first one is Kryptocron:
    kryptocron was made in an expiriment with kryptonite. he is a giant kryptonite beast at 15 feet tall. he can regenerat limbs and release bursts of kryptonite energy, and as a bonus he can generate weapons (like his sword) out of his body.

    my second entry is Dark Matter:!
    dark matter is from a dark dimension that was plagued with dark matter viruses. he is 25 feet tall and was originally a human. he can controll dark matter using it as an energy weapon, teleportation, cloning, and more. he can feed off of “dark emotions” such as anger. he used to be a bounty hunter but later decided to see how many worlds he could conquer, and ended up on earth after destroyer 142 galaxies.
    he destroyed Apokolips and darksied with it, now he is after superman and the milky-way galaxy.

  15. Me, Myself & I says:

    He became known to our world in the midst of unprecedented droughts and swarms of insects causing FAMINE the world over. Swarms of vermin rose from the sewers spreading PESTILENCE. Throughout the rise of this entropy he made himself known as he pursonally butchered entire towns and cities along with the hero’s that came to defend them bringing DEATH to all.

    When defenders have broken down and begged him to at least tell them what they’ve done or why he is caryying out these acts the only satisfaction he has given them is the knowledge of his name, “I am Azrael. I am the Angel of Death!”

    Nobody has been able to verify his true origins.

  16. Gargoyle323 says:

    Jeremy Jackson was a world renowned MMA fighter. He was never defeated, but lost title because of his violent behavior. His finishing move, the “Thunderpunch”, became outlawed. Lex Luger recruited him to defeat Superman. He was outfitted with a special armored suit that absorbs the energy from a punch and re-directs it back. He was also equipped with Kryptonite gloves so he can deliver his “Thunderpunch” with deadly results.

  17. Gargoyle323 says:


    After years of experimentation, Lex Luger finally created his ultimate Superman foe, Using alien DNA, kryptonite fragments and Superman’s own DNA, Lex created the kryptillian. His abilities are super strength, enhanced healing factor, kryptonite infused skin and spikes. He can also sniff out kryptonian blood and was bred to finally rid our planet of superman.

  18. JordanXord says:

    Harmon Jansson is an amateur stage magician dreaming of becoming a great magician. He had a losing string for many months, which forced him to travel around the world in search of the ultimate magic and become a super star magician. During a trip to an old castle in the Scottish countryside, he found an ancient scroll which described the legend of an old mystic artifact called the Eye of Horthan, a jewel with incredible mystic powers. Harmon followed the instructions on the map and discovered the resting place of the jewel. When he opened the urn which contained the Eye, it glowed and infused Harmon with incredible power. In time, he discovered the extent of the power of the jewel and decided to use it for personal gain. He became the criminal known as Mystic Lord. In his first encounter with Superman, he put the Man of Steel in hold since he is vulnerable to magic. When Superman discovered the story of the jewel, he learned that lead was the only thing able to stop the power of the Eye. Mystic Lord was easily stopped by Superman in their next encounter, but he escaped to fight him later. The Mystic Lord has great magical and mystical powers, as well a great knowledge of magic and mysticism. The only known weakness of the Eye of Horthan is its ineffectiveness against lead.

  19. Connor S. says:

    Finally, I figured out my stuff and made a character. My first. It’s not necessarily good in my opinion, but I hope to see it on the finalists, if not for the character but for the manhole in the corner. (:P)

    Lex Luther was contemplating his next move to defeat Superman. He had tried time and time again, to no avail. But he had it. Lex found the largest man that was willing to work for him, John Johnson Jr., and he fused the man with kryptonite. The process was unbearably excruciating, leaving John nothing but a shell that heard what to do and did it. John was fused so much with kryptonite that he radiated green steam, had green glowing eyes, and some other green stuff that I shouldn’t mention. (:P) Lex implanted on thing on John’s cerebrum. Kill Superman. Watch out Clark, this one’s coming for you, and it’s not going to be easy.

  20. Brian says:

    this robot was designed by star labs in case superman ever got out of control and needed to be stopped he is powered completely by Kryptonite. his “head” is actually a projection of pure Kryptonite energy. and his arm cannons shoot out Kryptonite beams and the cannons attached to his body actually shoot out Kryptonite fragments. his body can create Kryptonite syntheticaly so it dose not run out

  21. JordanXord says:

    Myron West is a brilliant engineer employed in S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. He made various designs which met a great success in his career. One day he designed a brilliant prototype of an armor designed for an open-field battle situation, which he iontended to show and demonstrate for a U.S. Army committee. Unfortunately, a rival engineer stole his design and presented it as his own to the committee. West fell in disgrace and since he could not prove the authenticity of his design, he was expelled from S.T.A.R. Many weeks later, when the first combat armors were ready for use, a mysterious armored and heavy-armed figure appeared and destroyed the armors. It was revealed that Myron West was the armored figure, who became known as Blaster. This incident called the attention of the Man of Steel, who was covering the event in his guise as Clark Kent. After the incident, Blaster escaped. It would not be the last time that Superman faced this formidable enemy. Blaster´s armos is equipped with powerful energy cannons, mini-missiles, laser projectors and explosive discs. He can fly at great speeds in normal air and space. The armor also has impressive and advanced computer systems, giving him instant wireless access to information of all kinds. Also, his weapons are linked to a computer target system, giving him a 100% accurate precision margin. He may not be a great fighter, but he is a brilliant strategist and tactician.

  22. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Moloch –

    Moloch claims to be the demon-lord of the same name. He has tried repeatedly to create a literal hell on earth but so far Superman has always managed to stop him. So far.

  23. Connor S. says:

    Lex has had enough with Superman’s crap. He always saves the day, and of course, he beat up John Johnson Jr. without a problem. So Lex finally decided that he was going to do something himself. Lex performed a safer operation of the same thing that he did on Johnson, with the perks of kryptonite spiky wings and a kryptonite blade, along with kryptonite super powers. Gotta love that Kryptonite.

    Lex Luthor When He Actually Does Something-

    Is this the end of Lex, or the end of Superman?

  24. Gargoyle323 says:

    On post 16 and 17,It should be Lex Luthor not Lex Luger who hates Superman.I must have had pro wrestling on my mind when I posted today! Sorry,my bad.

  25. Connor S. says:

    Actually, that last one is not my entry, or the one before. 😛 . Since they do not follow the corresponding rules and I was too excited to look at that part. So… I’ll just subistitute a name for when I used copyrighted names.

    John Johnson Jr. wanted to save the day, and get some credit for something. Superman was hogging all of the glory. So John genetically mutated himself and infused himself with kryptonite. Good luck Superman.

    Kryptoman- (another version, same story)

  26. XavierKain says:

    Name: Naseto Tempestus
    Age: 20
    Known Powers: Has powers on par with Superman as well as Telekinesis, portals(Has been known to use these in a combo where he open a portal and has a car or dumpster or other heavy objects that fly out at enemies.),Power blast(Typically used when surrounded by enemies in melee range to throw them back.),Energy/radiation absorption/redirection(ie: absorbing radiation from kryptonite and sending it out as a blast.), and a form of Native American mysticism and magic.

    Naseto Tempestus was once an alien prince on a far away planet however his people waring with another faction and Naseto was betrayed by one close to him, his enemies killed him, as well as his betrayer. Naseto’s people that survived saved his DNA and mixed it with human DNA to create Hybrid version of Naseto and sent the infant to earth, after his ship crashed he was found by a little know Native American tribe who had saw his ship fall from the sky, they named him Naseto as that was their word for “Visitor from the stars”. By the time Naseto turned fifteen he was already more powerful then the other supers in his age group. Naseto even tangled with and severely injured several teen titans and other teen supers, he does not however consider himself a villain as he clashes with them as well but due to his awesome power and the destruction he often leaves in his wake, government and superheroes alike feel he needs to be stopped. By the time he was twenty years old he was already doing everything superman could do and was the most powerful super the world had seen since superman, the true extent of his powers and how many he has, however is not known. After several failed attempts by the government agents and super heroes at trying to stop him the government is at a loss on how to stop him they feel they may finally need to call in superman to stop him, the first encounter between the two however ended as a draw leaving both beings severely injured and retreating to regroup, what happens next is anyone’s guess…

  27. Name: Shroud
    Powers: Magic/Marshal Arts
    Origin: His powers come from his coat it absorbs magic and he can use its when ever he needs it. he got his coat from from Ros Al Ghul in Gothom and he trained him how to fight and use the coat. He wanted power to beat Super Man because when he was a kid he saw Bizarro kill his Mother and sister and he thought it was Super Man and he thinks the reason Super Man does all this good is to make up for the people he “kill” so Ros gave it to him so he get the power he wanted so badly. He gos back to Metropolis to get revenge.!/photo.php?pid=272615&id=100000272955426

  28. knighthawk says:

    Her name was Tahn-Yah and she was a kryptonian. A year before her home world’s destruction she was selected a power ring and sent to the lantern corps, after her training she was assigned to a sector with a blue sun. when she heard word of her planets destruction and the uninvolved lantern corps, she snapped. It was only by accident that the lantern members who were sent to stop her rampage ignited the gas giant into a yellow sun, suddenly empowered by the yellow sun and her lantern ring, the other corps members were unready for the challenge. In their combined efforts of ten rings to hers, they overloaded her ring and lantern, shattering both. The fragments embedded themselves into her skin as the blast sent her into the suns core. By the time she had managed the willpower to escape the sun she had already willed the fragments into a wrist cap. Now she searches the stars for other kryptonians that might have survived and destroys the planets that don’t reward her efforts.
    (For the record, green lanterns can generate an artificial kryptonite laser beam)

  29. onikagenoken says:

    Yo, I’m new here and I came up with a villain to fight superman. I will probably make at least one more.

    Name: Gorganoth the mirror sealed.

    Age: unknown.

    Bio: He is a brute demon who was sealed away in an ancient mirror centuries ago. he can only be released if someone says the phrase “Gorganoth, Ubel Kunig, geht in dem Velt” and smashes the mirror. since superman can seal people in the phantom zone, Gorganoth thinks superman the one who was responsible for trapping him in the mirror and now seeks to kill him. though Gorganoth doesn’t possess speed or flight, his strength is about double that of superman, and he is nearly as invulnerable. Plus, his whole body is filled with magic so he can hurt superman.

  30. The Imp says:

    In an alternate dimension, Martin Luthor became the super-villain called Red Scourge and killed off all his world’s heroes. Bored and seeking new conquests, he travelled to Earth-0, where he encountered the Man of Steel. Having genetically altered himself to be a living red sun, Luthor’s powers made him a powerful match for his opponent…

  31. joel says:

    Name: Asylum
    Real name: Dante Faust
    age: 53

    Bio: Dante Faust was a small time crime lord in Metropolis. By age 50 he had a drug ring. one day he went to a steel mill to try and by it from the owner so that he could expand his territory. there was an accident at the mill, and Dante was burned terribly (the worst part was his face). the pain drove him mad and he was sent to a mental institution. he didn’t move or speak for three years. then one day, he snapped back into consciousness. when he had woken up, he discovered a strange power had developed inside him. he was now able to use that power to see into the deepest depths of any persons mind and play with it at will, making them go insane (or he could warp their minds in other ways). he used his new “gift” to brake out of the asylum he was trapped in, and went back in the underworld where he was determined to become the master of all crime. only one thing stood in his way: superman.

  32. joel says:

    Name: Asylum.
    Real name: Dante Faust
    age: 53
    Bio: Dante Faust was a small time crime lord in Metropolis. One day when he was 50, he went to a steel mill in order to buy it from the owner so he could increase his territory. at the mill there was a horrible accident and he was burned very badly (the most terrible was his face). the pain caused him to crazy and he was admitted to a mental institution. he didn’t move or speak for three years. then one day he snapped back to consciousness. he discovered that his madness had given him a special power. he could now see into the very depths of a persons mind and alter their psyche (ranging from mild suggestion to total insanity). Dante used his new “Gift” to escape the Asylum he was imprisoned in and fled. he then took up the name Asylum and decided to become the king of all crime. the only thing standing in his way: superman.

    Asylum would be a good match for superman, cause if you can’t attack the body then you should attack the mind.

  33. joel says:

    I forgot to give ya’ll the link to Asylums picture. here it is:

    sorry ’bout this. As far as forums go, I am a N00b.

  34. TopHat says:

    Gauldron, a savage alien warrior and the self-proclaimed ‘Mightiest Being in the Universe’.

    He has roamed galaxies taking on the most powerful people he could find in order to prove himself. Reaching Earth he encountered Superman. The two fought for an extended period, when Superman finally KO’d Gauldron. Gauldron would not give up however. He would keep trying to defeat Superman, until he finally won.

  35. Knitesoul says:

    First entry:

    Gregory Alchem was one of the best scientific minds of this earth. His knowledge of chemicals was beyond greatness. He worked at the Metropolis science labs and was lead scientist. Unfortunately with his knowledge, came a massive ego. He would look down on common folk, calling them inadequate and weak. Lex Luthor sought him out and offered him a job at LexCorp with an interesting offer that caught Gregory’s attention. A element called “Kryptonite”. He accepted and experimented on the Kryptonite. He took a piece of it and mixed it with a liquid chemical. As he was holding the vial close to his face, a freak accident occured and he ended up swallowing the concoction. He got up and all of a sudden, he created a green flame from his hands. He was surprised and played around with it. Then the effect wore off. He began to work on more recipes and Lex took note of this. He told Gregory about Superman and to use his newfound chemicals against him. He offered him limitless funding for his future research. He accepts, gladly. He will now be known as “The Alchemist.”

    He carries with him various vials of chemicals with varying powers. He can only drink one a time as mixing is dangerous. Known powers so far are conjuring flames and increased strength & agility.

  36. DudeyMcCool says:

    If there is one thing more dangerous to Superman than kryptonite, it’s his own emotions. Regret is a spirit who is seemingly only visible to Superman himself, and apparently knows every last detail of his past. He is not able to physically harm him in any way, but instead he summons the spirits of those who Superman has been unable to save in the past. They then hound Superman, begging him for a reason for why he didn’t save them and why he let them die, of course no answer that they are given is ever good enough and eventually Superman is reduced to pleading for their forgiveness. All this time Regret feeds of Supermans pain and sorrow 🙁


  37. DudeyMcCool says:

    …making him weaker and weaker untill eventually he loses all his powers (sorry i forgot to enter in the last bit D:)

  38. kingmonkey says:


    Goldbrick represents the Selfishness, Apathy, and what he considers to be the American Way. Goldbrick was born on Apokalips and was designed to be he who would deliver the killing blow to Superman. In the end, he simply preferred to steal away to Earth to live a life of comparative ease and idyll. Still, his natural egotism and lack of regard for others will have him cross paths with Superman eventually.

  39. DudeyMcCool says:

    If there is one thing more dangerous to Superman than kryptonite, it’s his own emotions. Regret is a spirit who is seemingly only visible to Superman himself, and apparently knows every last detail of his past. He is not able to physically harm him in any way, but instead he summons the spirits of those who Superman has been unable to save in the past. They then hound Superman, begging him for a reason for why he didn’t save them and why he let them die, of course no answer that they are given is ever good enough and eventually Superman is reduced to pleading for their forgiveness. All this time Regret feeds of Supermans pain and sorrow, making him weaker and weaker untill he is eventually drained of his powers


  40. paul says:

    Behold! Q’Xor the Destroyer has arrived! A sentient mechanical being from another universe. It’s seemingly impenetrable armor bristles with spikes and blades. The center of its chest glows with the fire of a star. Some speculate that it is powered by a minature star contained in its armored shell. Q’Xor can melt anything with heat blasts emitted from it’s chest. It’s blades cut through even the strongest alloy. Can anyone stop Q’Xor before it lays waste to the Earth?

    Q’Xor thinks not! Bow before Q’Xor and Q’Xor will melt you quickly…Resist and suffer! So says Q’Xor!

  41. Name: Djinn
    Powers: Magic
    Origin: Djinn is a genie he was waiting in the middle of the arabian desert for someone to find his lamp and he will grant there wishes but superman in one of his attempts to save the world from a giant meteor by slowing it down were it wouldn’t destroy the planet but the impact was strong enough to destroy Djinn’s lamp so Djinn now wants to kill Superman by ether fighting him with his magic genie powers or granting Superman’s enemy’s wishes but he still hold his genie rule only 3 wishes.!/photo.php?pid=273025&id=100000272955426

  42. UesugiWarrior says:

    My entry for this competition:

    The Bounty Hunter AKA Lucas Jones

    Age: Unknown
    Race: Unknown

    There are beings within our universe very different from our fledging humanity, and The Bounty Hunter is one such example. The survivor of a planetary catastrophe that occurred when our planet was still young and uninhabited by humans. His race was gifted with a life-span spanning many thousands of years, the ability to discern the future and telepathy. The gravitational pull on his homeworld was so strong his species naturally evolved immense strength and durability. After the demise of his planet The Bounty Hunter found himself hurtling down on our Earth. He has lasted on this planet for many millenia, waiting for his last vision of the future to be realised. Since the dominion of our race he has mingled among us hunting prey too strong for mere mortals to handle. And now he answers the contract on the biggest prey of all: Superman.

    Powers: Longevity, Superhuman Strength and Durability, Telepathy, Foresight. Aside from this formidable array of powers he wears a suit of armour laced with Kryptonite found where the space ship carrying the future hero landed and he wields a self forged weapon of two maces linked with a cable made from a material that stretches and shrinks as the wielder desires.

  43. Bloodless Rose says:

    Name: Nephthys
    Age: Unknown
    Status: Active
    Location: Somewhere In Africa

    Profile: The Subject has eluded capture once again. Her objective is to kill Superman. Nephthys was born on Earth but left at the age of 13 to Study at a renowned Magical Academy elsewhere in the galaxy. Whilst there she received word that her Ancestor ‘Black Adam’ had been defeated by a coalition of superhereos. Thus inspiring her to wear the colour purple in mourning of her ancestors heritage. Upon receiving the news, she made a vow of revenge to annihilate the Earth’s Biggest and Most Powerful Hero. She spent years training and researching to gain power and tainted her aura with that of Evil.

    Powers/Equipment: The jewels that adorn her belt, choker and staff are one of the Earth’s rarest gems, Tanzanite, sent to her by a family member as a Graduation Gift. All the gems are imbued by the power of the Pleione Star, although all light sources can recharge her powers, which include:
    ~Interdimentional Transportation
    ~Limited Time Control
    ~Ritual Magic
    ~Energy Blasts
    ~Hexes, Jinx’s and Curses
    ~Limited Beast Control
    ~Summoning(i.e. Creatures, Demons, Other Beings, Items..)

  44. Decolda says:

    What’s the one thing that makes a man weak – a woman. So many hero’s have fallen in love with a women that will only make them weak, Marvel have Rogue and DC have Poison Ivy, but i have Pinx.

    Pinx is a Candia = a foxy lady from the planet Vulpine, but her planet was dieing and all the Candia’s fled to different parts of the universe to find a new home.

    Her fur can absorb any chemical. No poison, toxic or radiation can affect her. She has the power of persuasion, making her able to control the minds of any animal/human being. She can fly through air and space and breathe in any atmosphere, even underwater. When she scratches or kisses’s another animal/human being they become persuasive/seductive.

    Pinx found earth, but the atmosphere had a weird effect on her, making her selfish to the point of evil – if she doesnt get what she wants, she causes chaos! and what she wants… is Superman.

  45. Fyzza says:

    Name: Ruggerio Shipman
    Alias: Rhinocerite, Rhino for short.
    Age: 24
    Height: 6’1” as human, 6’7” mutated.
    Weight 205 lbs as human, 315 lbs mutated.
    Powers: mutated into half rhino, half human kryptonite mutant, mild superhuman speed, superhuman strength, extreme immunity to injury, unenetratable skin. Skilled with a hammer which can transmit kryptonic energy.
    Bio: Ruggerio was born to an Italian mother and an American Father, gowing up in Philadelphia. One peaceful day, superman was led to a Philadelphia park, where Ruggerio was playing. Why? Kru-El, Superman’s evil cousin (yes, he exists in the DC world) smashed like a meteorite into the ground of the park, just several feet from where Ruggerio was standing. He fired a blast of kryptonic energy, throwing a green gas into the air.As superman arrived, Kru-El suddenly shot pepper spray in his eyes, blinding him temporarily. He then fired the kryptonic energy blast at him, weakening superman tremendously. Kru-El then took a few steps back and shot a flamethrower-type blast from his hands, bouncing off everything, and hitting Ruggerio straight in the face. He was turned into a half rhino, half human mutant, with a kryptonite body core. But why half rhino? Ruggerio was standing behind a rhino rocking-horse in the toddler area of the park, and there was a dragon, an elephant, a horse and a pig. Ruggerio couldn’t tell the difference between Kru-El and Kal-El, as Kru-El was wearing a superman costume the same as Kal-El’s. After the blast, he thought he sw Kru-El’s body lying down unconcious, and Kal-El fired the blast. From that unfortunate day on, he swore to kill Superman.

  46. Kaldath says:

    Entry #1: Armed with an enchanted Krypotnite staff, this mysterious man has suddenly appeared on the scene. Identity unknown, motives unknown and wielding mystical powers to rival those of the famed Doctor Fate. The only thing clear to us about this man who calls himself Mystic, he intends to rid the world of the overgrown boyscout known as SUPERMAN!

  47. Bloodless Rose says:

    ZYnLar is a being born from stray Kryptonite that merged with the dying body of an Alien. Filled with Rage at its planet’s destruction ZYnLar begins a murderous rampage starting with Earth and its strongest warrior Superman. Kryptonite runs through its body replacing the blood in its veins, this gives it supernatural powers of Energy Manipulation, Fast Healing, Limb Regeneration, Super Human Strength, Speed, Agility and Super Human Intelligence, which enabled it to mesh together parts of its destroyed space ship to create its Movement Platform.
    In honour of its obliterated race it has bound the bones of the Holy One together to form a staff and carved Runic Symbols of Power and Protection into it. This allows it to use the staff and channel it energy through it to create a more devastating blow.

  48. UesugiWarrior says:

    My second entry: Eryziah King

    Eryziah King was born in 1854, the son of a common blacksmith. The young boy was targeted from birth to be the conduit for immense magical power and such powers manifested early. His family shunned him for the odd happenings in the small village in England that was their home. At the age of fifteen the young man left his life and began to travel, using his growing powers to survive. In his seventeenth year he stumbled across a lone traveller like himself, magical powers included. The lone traveller was an exceptionally gifted magician who was seeking an apprentice in the mystic arts. Taking the wilful Eryziah under his wing he taught the boy much about his powers. Some twenty years later, near to the turn of the century Eryziah murdered his master and took the green emerald the ex-wizard wore. In the following century Eryziah used his vastly improved powers to build a fortune, and he exists in the same manner today. Although he is actually over 150 years old, his magic revitalises his body and he retains the physique, appearance and stamina of a top athlete in their mid-40’s. He is extremely clever, cunning and persuasive. But it is his near limitless magical prowess that is his greatest weapon. He and Superman have clashed once before when The Man of Steel accidently destroyed a part of Eryziah’s lavish home. Since that minor incident Eryziah’s hatred of the Big Blue has grown and he has invested much time into forcing a showdown between them.

    Powers: Mainly his magic, which is as varied as his intelligence can allow. He has been known to use various kinds of energy to attack, illusions, shields, conjuring, teleportation, flight, levitation, transformation, invisibility etc. Eryziah considers himself the peak of human perfection, and works hard to maintain his body in peak fitness as well as learning several styles of Martial Arts from Kung Fu to Jeet Kun Do.

  49. rancid says:
    zyphoriom is a selfaware virus that can control and boost abilities of its host

  50. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2: Having studied the Mysteries of the ancient martial arts since early childhood Nightbird is now a master of chi. Able to focus her living chi in a variety of ways, from using it to absorb the damage of even the mightiest of blows, directing it outwards to increase the force and damage of her own attacks, channeling it inwards to bolster her dexterity and evasion skills, as well as the feared deadly Dim mak, or the Death touch.

    Having left warriors laying dead and broken where ever she goes, Nightbird is looking for an Opponent worthy of her formiable skills. Thus far she has found no one equal to the task of her skills, and has now set her sights on Superman as her next Victim so as to test herself.

  51. Grip says:

    First Entry Commander Burgandon

    A distant planet called Burgalio with beings called Burgs were billions of miles away from our galaxy. The leader of the Burg Army was named Burgandon(every name of the people in this planet had Burg in the beginning of their names).Burgandon had a quest to destroy any life form in a planet he passes. Once he passed Earth his star ship called the Burgasis Armada had set a major air strike on Earth. When forces from other countries attempted to attack, blood would shed on the battlefield. This Brute of Cruelness had used his army to strike the U.S.. Cities were burning and people were dieing. Burgandon had traveled around our planet and took as much knowledge of technology from Earth. He had no use of his very own planet and obliterated it with an ion cannon from our own technological knowledge. His army was later murdered by him and he had fled his own way. His ion cannon was used to destroy 79 more planets from other galaxies. After 5 years of his destruction, The Man of Steel took action.This battle was a battle………that needed……..strength……

  52. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Voyager –

    Voyager was the greatest hero of the Earth of an alternate universe. Then came the day a villain group armed with a doomsday weapon tried to hold the entire planet hostage. During the ensuing battle, the weapon was activated and, unable to deactivate it, Voyager could only watch in horror as his world was destroyed. Driven insane by his inability to save his planet, he began to travel through parallel universes in search of other Earths, to test the worthiness of their champions and laying waste to entire planets in the process. An encounter with a univere composed entirely of dark-matter transformed him from a solar-powered being into a sort of “cosmic undead” who feeds on the life-energy of the dying and whose mere presence accelerates entropy. Soon, Voyager’s wandering will bring him to Superman’s Earth…

  53. MScat says:

    Lana Luther:

    From an alterrnate reality where Lex Luther and Clark Kent were friends in High School. Lex marries his High School sweetheart and Clarks best friend, Lana Lang. Clark then asks Lex to be his Best Man at his wedding with Lois Lane. The nuptuals are interepted by a supervilian who discovers Supermans secret identity. When his wife is threatened Lex tries to defend her and becomes paralyzed during the fight. The villain kills Lana, devastating the Man of Steel in a way that he never fully recovers. Lex and Lana’s little girl was too young to understand. As she grew up she came to resent Superman for not saving her parents. She takes over Lexcorp and begins to build Krytonite tech to destroy Superman. Her father, who is in a wheelchair and knows Supermans identity, is constantly trying to change her mind. She is a viscious business woman, and a powerful villain with all the hatred and egotism that we have come to love from the Original Lex Luther.

  54. joel says:

    Yo, I’m back with my final character for the contest. sorry about sending that one message twice, but as i said before, I am a N00b when it comes to this.

    Name: Darksworn
    Age: 3000
    Bio: Darksworn is one of the strongest of the vampires. he comes from an alternate world. he got bored of all the weaklings in his world, so he used dark magic to transport to this world in order to fight the man of steel. he has great strength speed and endurance, along with heightened senses (though none of these are nearly as great as those of superman). however, his greatest power, is his vampiric magic. his strongest magic, is the ability to drain the life force out of any foe to increase his own strength. since he uses magic, even superman himself would be subject to his energy sapping powers.

  55. Marie says:

    Her Royal Majesty, Empress Katharsis Tumorial, Queen in exile of Hadge and Emperess in exile of the great lands of Beamoure.

    Katharsis is a child regent who blames Superman for the death of her family and half of her kingdom (hey, there have to be casualties eventually with all the meteors and near-apocalypses in the Superman universe). She is attended by two soul-less metal knights at all times least anyone misinterpret her size for a lack of power; this will be Superman’s downfall as he will be unable to truly attack her since she looks like an innocent doll.

  56. joel says:

    sorry, me again. i messed up on the link to the image of “Garganoth the mirror sealed” so here it is

  57. MScat says:


    A super inteligent being from the far end of the universe. Her hunger for power is insaciable. Her view is that any world that doesn’t match her inteligence deserves to be conquered or destroyed. Her technology surpasses most lifeforms. She once went toe to toe with the Krytonian Jor-El with horrible results. She used the ppl of her home world to test a deadly virus she created. After they died she blew up the planet in an attempt to eliminate Jor-El. Too powerful to lock in the phantom zone Jor-El cleverly used a devise to freeze her in time. Eventually she was accidently released and started her universal conquest all over again. She also seeks to eliminate the only one who can stop her, Kal-El the last Krytonian.

  58. Bloodless Rose says:

    My 3rd and Final Entry:

    Born on a barren Ice covered planet, forced to survive on a day to day basis, the incredible strength and agility of this warrior is increased ten fold by the sudden onset of an indescribable bloodlust.

    It started with the fateful night that a stray comet struck the planets surface. An unseen gas crept through a nearby village and killed many, those that survived were horribly mutated and driven insane. Feeding off of the peoples energy it soon became a game of Survival of the fittest and YkBar alone was the sole winner. With nothing left to kill on his home planet he searches the universe to find a new planet to feed off of and conquer.

    Weapons: Carved and created from the bones of his fallen foes YkBar wields a sword, his favoured weapon is his trusty dagger. The mutation allows him to breath in space and control the element of his home planet, ice. To Protect himself and batter his enemies he uses his massive shield made from fused bones. All of his weapons and he himself are coated in a potion created from the mysterious comet dust, thus casting an eerie luminous glow over them.

  59. Me, Myself & I says:

    I just want to know what the heck he was doing with the cat??

  60. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sorry, wrong thread. See what happens when you have to many screens open a once.

  61. Danny Beaty says:

    Yo, let’s do this!


    Scientists use the worlds most advanced computer to design the genetic structure of a being who would have all of Superman’s powers and be immune to the effects of kryptonite. The scientists then create the new DNA and injeect it into one of their own, resulting in Prometheus.


    An alien warload uses a suit of armour powered by kryptonite to battle Superman. The armour gives Kryptor superhuman strength and fires kryptonite power blasts.


    A VERY powerful voodoo priestess uses magic to lead an army of the risen dead to conquer Metropolis. Does Superman stand a chance?

  62. Vengeance says:
    Green K is the only survivor of alternate reality earth that was destroyed, by
    the remains of the planet Krypton. Her exposure to Green K has given her all of Superman’s powers( she also has the power to fire Kryptonite radiation from her eyes) and none of his weakness.

  63. kyle says:

    In the late 80’s a group us soldier discovered an alien crash out in the outskirts of area 51,what they found was an alien warlord name unknown they took the alien back to area 51
    the scientist experiment on the alien for years but there was no results on test for this alien, several years later president Luther found out about the alien code name experiment 51, Luther notice inured alien Luther thought he can up the ante, he can crush super by making this alien into a weapon named experiment 51

    experiment 51:

  64. joel says:

    i don’t like my demon “Garganoth” so i would like to remove him as one of my superman villains. if i can cool, if not, this guy is still a very cool character, even if he isn’t eligible for the contest.

    Name: Antros
    Bio: Antros is a lich knight from hell. he is half demon and half undead. he wears a helm and armor forged from a hundred thousand damned souls. he carries a powerful demonic blade called Armageddon. when he strikes with the sword and activates the runes on the blade, he can unleash a destructive magic force that could level a small building if all let out at once. his powers include: greatly enhanced physical characteristics (i.e. speed strength etc). he can command the dead, and has limited destructive magic, and can summon and control lesser demons.

  65. VonMalcolm says:

    Yeah, they’re Nazis. . . but they’re UNDEAD NAZIS!! -Brought back to life with Red Kryptonite, Superman’s Blood, and Satanic Ritual. How do you ultimately combat Truth, Justice, and the American Way? -With Lies, Injustice, and the Nazi way!

    I was inspired by a couple of earlier Nazi submissions -they make such good bad guys!

    All three submissions are in one Gallery: Adult eyes only. (My apologies in advance if inappropriate: delete my post if need be!) I have the adult filter on so you will have to be logged on to deviantart to view the images.

  66. DiCicatriz says:

    Missed the last two finishing up my studies, but this one looks kinda neat 🙂

    I figured Superman mainly goes up against a few types of people (since not many can knock him around and stay standing for longer than two seconds haha): The mysterious alien with powers that rival his own, the xenophobic super soldier, and the magic based adversary. So anyway….

    Here’s all three!

    1) Solarium –

    A photosynthetic alien from a solar system within the Andromeda galaxy. Currently his planet’s home star is dying out and in order to avoid the death of their sentient ecosystem, the ruling class has sent heralds out into the universe to gather solar energy in hopes of powering a developing artificial sun. As all members of his species, Solarium can store massive amounts of solar energy and use it to augment his strength and durability. As all heralds do, he wears a converter harness which multiplies his storage capacity exponentially. He plans to drain Sol of all its energy reserves and return them to his dying world. Superman is hard pressed to stop him as he can drain Superman’s solar energy reserves just as easily.

    2)Iliakos –

    Christos Iliakos was a military commander heading up the UN consultancy on New Krypton (before the events of War of the Supermen) whose entire platoon was killed by rogue Kryptonian military. Swearing vengeance on the entire Kryptonian race, Iliakos began stockpiling various bits of technology and weaponry to aid him in his quest. Supergirl and his family being the only Kryptonians left, Iliakos has sworn to kill them and put an end to the aliens once and for all. Iliakos carries a pair of dual red-sun radiation pulse cannons as well as a number of enhanced weaponry. He carries kryptonite laced knives, an aerosol canister designed to release a cloud of kryptonite particles and various high caliber weapons to use on the weakened Superman. As a weapon of last resort, Iliakos has a k-bomb implanted where his eye used to be, which would release a devastating wave of kryptonite radiation killing him as well as any kryptonians in the area.

    3) Matriarch –

    A champion of the Maya community, Matriarch is empowered by the entire pantheon of Mayan deities. They have tasked her with preserving the natural environment and protecting the people of her community which has caused her to clash with the dictatorships in Central and South America as well as the US-based corporations which cut down her forests and pollute her land. She carries an indestructible mace and possesses specific abilities tied to her pantheon. Among these are the ability to manipulate plant life, a communicative ability with the dead, a healing factor, immense strength, and limited telepathic suggestion. Her crusade against modern society has had her labeled as something of an eco-terrorist and when her activities threaten lives Superman moves to stop her. Matriarch relishes the idea of taking down such a powerful icon of Western society and might just have the sheer power to do so!

  67. rancid says:
    lady besta is a new god with the power control male animals

  68. Sivad says:

    My entry!

    Roh’Tul Xel, The Son of Kryptonite

    In the events surrounding Lex Luthor’s plan to effectively reincarnate himself as Lex Luthor II (Action Comics 670), he was forced to clone a body for himself. Of course, there were a few failed attempts, and one such attempt was a clone body which still contained the kryptonite poisoning that forced Luthor to reincarnate himself in the first place. Naturally, this body was thrown away with the others. But this body had also mutated a curious ability to withstand the Kryptonite poisoning, and, indeed, harness it’s very power. The radioactivity of the kryptonite eventually shocked the body to life (long after Luthor himself had left the facility), and that body crawled from the decaying pit of death it had been thrown into. Wandering around, the being learned (through Luthor’s journals) what he truly was. Considering Luthor a villain who had abandoned his ‘son,’ he decided to take a name as far from Luthor’s own as possible: Roh’Tul Xel.
    Finding civilization, Roh’Tul Xel found that the man who had abandoned him was now president, and the world was at war. Suddenly, Luthor had gone from a bad man to a villain… a villain who had to die. It came to pass that Roh’Tul Xel went to America using powers he discovered along the way, but by then Luther was already unseated and punished by a being who had deprived Roh’til Xel of revenge: Superman. When Roh’Tul Xel made an unprovoked attempt on Luthors life, he was stopped by none other than the boy scout in blue. “If you dare stand in the way of my vengeance against a man who threw away my life on a whim,” he said, “then you are my enemy, and once I can control my powers, I swear that you will die.”
    Thrown over the edge by Superman’s actions, Roh’Tul Xel became an enemy of the country who had elected Luthor, the world that accepted Luthor, the society that allowed people like Luthor to exist, and the superheroes that protected people like Luthor.

  69. knighthawk says:

    Operation kryptoknife:
    Call it a hunch, call it cork-board theory with thumbtacks and colored string, call it a job, kill Clark Kent.
    He was a retired ranger with nothing to loose but another bottle of booze and an offer to put a hit on a reporter with no record of any martial training for a heavy sum of money.
    People have been taking pictures of superman for years, and someone named L.L. has sent out a stack of files on every person shown in a picture before a superman incident and missing after superman arrives. On the list is Clark Kent as well as a dozen others and in the package is a kryptonite blade wrapped in lead foil and a jar of transparent latex gloves. The orders are to stab the intended victim in a single mortal blow and leave the weapon but take the remaining foil off the weapon to both prevent superman from removing the weapon personally if he is on the scene as well as leave a glowing calling card to the man of steel that he cant save everyone. If a dozen people die with a dozen different weapons in a dozen different places all over metropolis at the same time, Will superman hang up his cape?

  70. Fabien says:

    An evil knight who came from Krypton.

  71. MScat says:

    This is my final entry


    From a reptillion planet ravaged by wars and conflict he was the prime soldier. Noone seemed to be able to defeat this brute. Until his planet was wiped out by Darkseid. He spent the next 100 years traveling the universe looking for the next fight. Eventually he hears of the hero who was able to defeat Darkseid, Superman, and goes to make a deal with him. If Superman helped him to kill Darkseid then he would share the vast riches he has collected with the Man of Steel. Of course supes refuses, from then on he would be a mortal enemy of The Gladiator.

  72. Decolda says:

    2nd entry:

    Krypto is an undead alien who can make his body into any form of rock or metal = granite, cement, steel and even Kryptonite.

  73. rancid says:

    frik and frak
    outlaw brothers who blame the collapse of their society on corrupt kryptonian logic. even after older brother fraks body was destroyed he still continues his revenge with his rebuilt cyborg body aided by super smart frik

  74. Tango says:

    Solarite – When Lex Luthor finally managed to obtain a sample of Superman’s skin cells, he quickly discovered that they absorb solar energy like a sponge. Months of tampering later, and test subject Ray Anderson was ready to become the next Superman. At first, he enjoyed his newfound abilities, but it wasn’t long before a dangerous side-effect took place: his body absorbed too much solar energy, and too quickly. With the realization that his own Superman was turning into a living Sun being, Luthor quickly built a containment suit device to maintain what little humanity he had left, both physically and mentally. As a result of his vastly altered physiology, Ray learned that he can change to various states of Solar evolution at will, including a Red Sun that can de-power the Man of Steel completely.

  75. knight1192a says:

    Super powers? Who needs them. Gadgets? Leave ’em at home. Every superhero lives in dread of THE DIRECTOR! Yes, it’s the director, maker of super hero movies. Sadly not all his movies turn out that well and are often panned by the critics or result in disappointing box office returns(Batman and Robin, Superman Returns, Superman IV anyone). Sometimes when that happens it’s time for a reboot. Not even the deductive reasoning of Batman can see the threat this guy offers when he approaches with script and camera in hand. And when he starts in with how great the film will be, well sadly superheroes can end up terribly confused and agree to anything he says.

  76. ChrisN. says:


    After the death of his parents while he was still an infant, Sindcor was captured by a group of ruthless bounty hunters. Growing up, it was all he ever knew. He thought that they Where his parents, his family. Eventually, after he had grown and become the strongest bounty hunter in his galaxy, he discovered during one of his missions that his parents were murdered by the hunters and faced them. A huge battle started and Sindcor destroyed most of the hunters while some of them got away. Finally, he was left to face his “father” the strongest and leading member of the hunters. During the battle, he fatally wounded his faux-father and stood over the man to watch him die when he was struck in the face with the last burst of energy that his father could conjure up before dying. While this did not kill Sindcor, it did severely scar his face as well as destroying his eyes. With all of the experience he gained, however, he was eventually able to create a helmet to cover his mutilated face as well as provide him with artificial, enhanced sight. After countless bounties, he finally got the bounty for Superman. This is not a vendetta for him, it is simply a job.

    He is about 3 feet taller than Superman, and with nearly matched strength, his gauntlets, armor, and weapon were plundered during different missions and release a red, jarring electricity as well as a bright red beam, similar to superman’s eye beams. His artificial eyes grant him x-ray, infrared, and night-vision, as well as a resolution better than any creature on earth. The gauntlets also generate an anti-gravity that allows him to fly; however, Earth’s gravity is a little different than most planets that he’s been on, so his flying capabilities are a bit limited and clunky.

    full body:


  77. Brian says:

    2nd entry

    Jake was a normal guy on a normal day walking back from lunch with his fiance in downtown metropolis when he sees a crowd looking up he walks over and looks up to see superman fighting with another super powered bad guy. Jake sees the bad guy flung into the building above he sees falling debris and hears screaming he pushes his fiance out of the way… The next thing he knows he wakens in some kind of hospital with Philanthropist Lex Luthor sitting by his side. Lex explains how Jake somehow survived but his Fiance did not. Lex uses his grief to twist Jake and explains how metropolis use to be so peaceful before superman got there no monsters looking to fight the big hero. superman is feeding off his own ego and dose not care about the little people anymore. He did nothing to protect Jake and his fiance. but Lex can help him get revenge. Jakes Body is mangled but lex can fix him and give him the power to protect the little guy from superman

  78. The Atomic Punk says:

    @knight1192a: You beat me to it! But I have two more days to come up with another villain. :9

  79. Decolda says:

    My Last Entry.

    What better super-villain to go up against the man of steel than a comedic grandmother with a bad temper.

    Mumma D has a habbit of hitting people over the head with her rolling pin and has a wide range of household items hidden in her dress e.g. frying pan, iron, cleaning products etc. She can withstand emence amounts of pain and has the ability to control household pets (mainly cats and dogs). She is the master of Household. Where she got her powers is unknown, but shes not happy with Superman’s behaviour!

    The image is not 100% but the concept is funny.

  80. Riddlerclue says:

    I decided that my last entry (Doomsday Spore) was really stupid so I would like to request that it be replaced by THIS villain who I like a lot more.

    With Mask:

    Without Mask:

    Meurte is one of Superman’s most dangerous foes for the simple fact that Superman has not been able to find a way to land a single punch on him let alone defeat him. How can this be you ask? Well it is simple. Meurte is a living Kryptonite bomb.

    Meurte’s past is sketchy at best, but what authorities DO know, is that he used to be part of a Latin American terrorist organization, creating homemade bombs. One day, he was hired to target a LuthorCorp Laboratory which was experimenting with Kryptonite. Unfortunately, the bomb went off early, and Meurte was scarred by the explosion. However the radiation gave him a unique ability; he could, just by thinking it, explode into a massive fireball of Kryptonite Radiation. Meurte decided he would use this newfound power to make the world his playground. Nobody has dared to try to take him on in fear that he will decide to explode, thereby killing innocents. Superman has also had no more success then the authorities when it comes to stopping this powerhouse. For now, it seems that Meurte cannot be stopped.

    Powers and Equipment: Even though Meurte can explode by just willing it, he has taken the precaution of wearing an airtight gas mask, to prevent from a chemical attack. He also usually sets up bombs all over the surrounding area of his target, that he will detonate to distract law enforcement. After he explodes, his body slowly regenerates itself; however the facial scarring has mysteriously never healed itself.

  81. Decolda says:

    sorry for the bad link on entry 75: this is krypto

  82. spidercow2010 says:
    A big-ass starship crashed on Earth, and this thing smashed its way out of the wreckage and started destroying stuff. It’s 80 ft tall and lightning spews out of it in a coruscating 100 ft aura. Last week it squeezed The Spectre into a chartreuse grease-spot between its palms. It likes a nice bowl of Doomsdays for breakfast cuz they’re crunchy. The Phantom Zone ray just gives it a nice tan. It doesn’t need to eat or breathe, and heat, cold and pain mean nothing to it. It never monologues and has no agenda except annihilation. And its personal hygiene leaves much to be desired.

  83. Rico says:
    Real Name……………Abel
    Powers/Weapons……….Mind Control to a chosen signature
    Bio…………………Abel can be described as having powers of hypnosis ,controlling his victims minds but choosing or limited to only manipulating the 7 deadly sins upon people
    Random episode synopsis.Abel a mysterious newcomer to smallville uses his convincing ways to bring out the worst in people including Clark Kent who is overwhelmed by pride
    Real Name……………Jengo Olujimi
    Powers/Weapons……….Powerful voodoo priest/master of dark magics /control of any living animal
    Bio…………………Outcast-ed from the legendary Afurey tribe for abusing the dark arts his powers stripped by a powerful sorcerer he was alone powerless and bitter until his ex tribe came across a strange green meteor rock Jengo stole this rock and regained his powers 10 fold
    Random episode synopsis.Lex luthor places a world wide bounty upopn supermanms head a number of characters show up from all over the planet
    Alias……………….Ultra Violette
    Real Name……………Violette
    Powers/Weapons……….10x the strength of a kryptonian under the earths sun- no other abilities
    Bio…………………Violette is a rekk warrior under the rekk queens Rule supremely strong even for her own race and an excellent warrior and strategist
    Random episode synopsis.the Rekk hold a full scale invasion over the planet earth and the only way to stop them is by Stopping the queen but with the strength of 10 kryptonians standing in the way will superman be able to prevail and save the planet 1nce again

  84. Knitesoul says:

    Entry 2:

    Name: Soulreaper

    A cold hearted assassin with a sword that keeps many souls corrupting them into evil. His sword is smelted with Kryptonite that he got as payment. He hears of a superhero named Superman. He wishes to find him and steal him of his soul and turn it dark to empower himself and be an unstoppable force.

    Powers: Sword is called Corruptor, each kill gives him the soul of the slain person and makes him stronger. He also is trained in the arts of assassination and martial arts. Due to having many souls, he can shoot a shadow ball, which uses up a soul and weakens him.

  85. karnivouris says:

    karnivouris is a highly skilled warrior that stops any evil that comes fourth to his realm.

    superman got trapped by dark side evil doings by getting sucked through a different dimension and been mistaken for evil by the occupants of the realm. the only way superman can escape the realm is if he defeats the realms champion the barbaric karnivouris

  86. kyle says:

    mickey the freak show: the ring leader
    Vicky the Russian acrobat
    Ricky the clown
    eddy the big baby
    Johny the midget

    version 1:


  87. Leroy says:

    The Equalizer

    equations was Chikao Jun’s game, a Japanese scientist at the top of his profession ,there wasn’t anything he couldn’t work out .A mistake made by a colleague (because Chikao never made mistakes ofcourse) caused a massive chemical explosion exposing Chikao’s very intelligent mathmatical mind with weird steroid type toxins giving Chikao powers beyond logic
    he can create an equations using the tattoos on his chest from this between his hands appears an uncreatable compound that are naturally made such as water using H20 or even kryptonite

  88. Leroy says:

    The Equalizer

    equations was Chikao Jun’s game, a Japanese scientist at the top of his profession ,there wasn’t anything he couldn’t work out .A mistake made by a colleague (because Chikao never made mistakes ofcourse) caused a massive chemical explosion exposing Chikao’s very intelligent mathmatical mind with weird steroid type toxins giving Chikao powers beyond logic
    he can create an equations using the tattoos on his chest from this between his hands appears an uncreatable compound that are naturally made such as water using H20 or even kryptonite

  89. Leroy says:


    Form the planet Volar she was told stories of majestic rewards and celebrations for aliens of on earth. But when arriving she was faced with nothing but fear, mistrust and hatred. Bitter and vengeful, she takes out her frustrations on Superman who was obviously accepted because of his human appearance.

    Powers: she a good warrior with high tech weaponry

  90. Vengeance says:
    He travels across realities fighting the best on each world when he defeats them he “keeps” their powers. He has come to earth , he now seeks to take Superman’s powers

  91. Gargoyle323 says:

    This is entry #3.

    The Vraxians

    Sigil Vrax was a small planet in Kryptons solar system. They were a peaceful people who lived with out crime or healthy issues. They farmed and fished for their food and supplies were plentiful.
    When Krypton exploded, Sigil Vrax was not effected at first. Over time radiation from the Kryptonian dust made its way into the food and water chains. Slowly the Vraxians bodies started to mutate and become weak and fragile. Their minds also started to lead them to be more aggressive and hostile. They created synthetic and mechanical bodies to host their minds (heads). Most left the planet to find a new home world that they could re-colonize. Those that stayed behind became dependent on the Kryptonian dust and soon could not live without it.

    On one fateful day, Brainiac landed on Sigil Vrax and made contact with their leader, Mar-Latos. Brainiac told of the Kryptonian who caused all this lived on planet Earth. His name was Kal-El.

    The Vraxians have now sent out a team with their mission to bring Kal-El back to Sigil Vrax to be executed in front of the remaining Vraxians.

  92. Cliff says:

    Red Sun

    Red Sun is Gacrux Tauri from a distant system who’s people were allowed to nearly perish in a disaster Superman was helpless to prevent to to the red sun of the system.
    The people’s scientist were able to survive and rebuild the world. One group of scientists were working with their red sun. They experianced an momumental catastrophe, the space station trying to analyze the sun resulted in solar flares which obluterated the planet and sent the station out of the system killing most on the station and effected one of the scientist’s unborn child.
    The Station was damaged badly, but some survived.
    The Scientist’s son grew rapidly and had amazing solar powers. His mother showed him how to survive on the station. Unfortunately Gacrux’s radiation killed his mother, although Gacrux was unaware of it.
    In the Station’s wrecked library files is were he found old records of Superman and his failed attempt to save their planet, which Gacrux took to believe was what had caused the total destruction on his planet, the Station and his mother.

    Red Sun’s powers are Flight,
    Warp – able to fly so fast he breaks though time and space barriors creating interstellar warps.
    Sealed Systems: not needing to breath, and immune to gases etc.
    Red Sun Radioactive Aura/Shield,
    Solar Flares,
    Heat Vision,
    Flame Breath,
    Solar Sustanance: able to regenerate injury, fatigue and nutritional sustanance by absorbing red sun radiation.

    This is also his weakness, since he does need red sun radiation to replenish himself once he has exhausted his abilities.

  93. Cliff says:


    Jared Head (I really know a girl with that last name, so not SO far fetched LOL)

    An angsty teenage loner,
    who has several mental conditions:
    anti-social disorder,

    Upon puberty Jared also developed the mental powers of Empathy and
    Broadcast Empath.

    Jared has been ridiculed, mocked and beaten by the popular kids in school

    but he is now on a rampage on all that is so-called “normal” and the iconic Superman tops the list.

    Yes, he’s emo. complete with exposed purple boxers, and pink sneakers.
    I lot of people wear their heart on his sleeve, he doesn’t wear sleeves, so has a tattoo. It’s a black empty heart.
    Note the woman in the building getting some backlash from his “emotional outburst.”
    Hey Spiderman 3 had Emo Spidey, why not an Emo Supes? LOL!/photo.php?pid=120075&id=100000780936307


  94. Cliff says:

    Lilith Lemur

    An actual demon who has come to earth to corrupt the man of steel, and failing to corrupt him hopes, to seduce him and birth his child to raise in Hades. She has her considerable infernal magic and seductive skills to work against Superman’s weaknesses.

    Lilith is supernaturally strong, quick, agile,
    tough, and Highly Intellegent,
    her claws are capable of demonicallywounding Superman.
    As a succubus her most notorius weapon is her Energy/Life Drain which can be a kiss, or something … more strenuous.
    She can read thoughts and through that can
    Comprehend any Language. Her
    Clairaudience allows her to hear from great distances. Not only is she skilled in seduction, but falling that she has magical ability to
    Charm, and plant brief Suggestions in a victums/ Her ability to read thoughts comes in very handy in seduction considering her
    Shapechange allows her to become whoever a victum desires.
    When things go wrong Lilith always has her Flight, her ability to become
    Etherial, and her
    Teleportation. She can even Gate in a Demon to fight for her to cover her own escape. She also has Infravision, and Darkness, and has a very good Resistance to magic and normal weapons.

    Lilith’s look is definately one of a seductress. I personally liked the dagger earrings and skull chocker.
    The blood spattered wings was what made me have the idea for this villian.
    You might listen to Night On Bald Mountain or the soundtrack to Chicago while veiwing Succubus.
    OH! I went with the Superman L. L. for her name (like Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lori Lamaris, Lightning Lad, Lightning Lord, Lightning Lass, Light Lass ….)
    Lilith is the Hebrew “Mother of Monsters” who was Adam’s wife before Eve but was cast out because she wanted dominance over Adam. Lemur is a Roman undead spirt of a malevalent nature.!/photo.php?pid=120077&id=100000780936307


  95. RicosGf =] says:

    Dr Chikao Jun
    The Equalizer …
    Smart Japanese Scientist who can create compounds and minerals and pretty much anything, including Kryptonite

    Hates Superman because of the humans tolerance of him because of his human appearance, as she was treated with fear and hatred by them.

  96. Jack Zelger says:

    I hope this isn’t too late! Even if it is, take a look anyway, folks… 🙂

    Superman meets Kes-Nal, a woman claiming to be a Kryptonian. Playing to the Man of Steel’s deepest sympathies and longing to continue the legacy of Krypton, he is taken in by her story after some convincing. It doesn’t hurt that she is also seductive, suggesting they could become closer. In reality, she is a human experimented on by rogue scientists at STAR Labs. Her own DNA has been combined with synthetic DNA based on samples from Superman and the make-up of the energy-absorbing villain, Parasite. Not only does Kes-Nal’s costume include essentially solar panels that help her absorb energy from the sun, she has built in circuitry in her gloves that allow her to sap the energy from Superman to enhance her own Kryptonian-like powers. She wears a randomly-chosen Kryptonian symbol on her belt — claiming it to be her family crest — to complete her charade.

  97. VonMalcolm says:

    I just went through all of them: Good Luck picking a Winner!

    My top three in no particular order (just by the eyeball test): Solarium, Naseto Tempestus, and (of course) The Director.

    My other Favs:

    Electric Devil
    Green K
    The Freak Show

  98. Decolda says:

    Has a winner been picked for this competion? Every time i come here i only see the winner for the MadMax theme, i see the caption contest (FUNNY) and the new femme fatel character contest, but no winner for this one 🙁

  99. VonMalcolm says:

    Oops, I forgot; I like the Vraxians too: They’re Top 5 for me.

  100. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes Decolda, it’s right there on the front page, second post at the time you made the comment.