When last we left ourselves (or something), we were fleeing for our lives from a horde of slavering Mountain Giaks. Note that the text does not explicitly say the Giaks were slavering, but come on, we're nothing if not a tasty morsel, and I have yet to see a Giak that could resist a little slavering, when slavering is called for. Regardless, the adventure continues, as we decided to change directions to take the forest track instead of dashing uphill.

The Mountain Giaks are unaccustomed to pursuing their prey through forests and you soon outdistance them, until finally the sound of their grunts and curses disappears completely.

When you are satisfied that they have given up the chase, you stop for a few minutes to catch your breath and check your equipment. With the memory of your ruined monastery still blazing in your mind, you gather up your meagre belongings and push on.

Turn to 19.

Just ahead through the tall trees you can see clumps of dark-red Gallowbrush, a thorny briar with sharp crimson barbs. The common name for this forest weed is 'Sleeptooth', for the thorns are very sharp and can make you feel weak and sleepy if they scratch your skin.

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What shall it be, intrepid fellow adventurers? Is discretion the better part of valor when confronted by a plant, or shall we trust in our hardy Kai flesh to shrug off the effects of the vile weed?