RPG Corner: Let's get magical

Welcome to RPG Corner, a place where you can share your knowledge and thoughts of the Role Playing Game world. Each week we will have a new topic to discuss, so feel free to talk it up, make suggestions, post images, and have a good time.

This week's topic is magic and magic-users.

What are your favorite RPG magic-using classes, and why? Is there a specific magic-using character you've played in an RPG that you remember fondly?

What spells did you find the most surprisingly effective, or useful, or powerful, or just awesome?

What makes a good magic-user, and how do they fit into the parties you'd usually run?

I'm particularly keen to hear your stories of RPG magic as I hardly ever end up playing them. I'm not sure why, except it seems inherently more complicated to me. I mean, with your typical RPG warrior, the whole idea of "See enemy, hit enemy" is pretty easy to grasp and easily relatable to the real world. I guess I just find magic users intimidating.