Character Contest 30: Gadgeteer

Your creation challenge for the week is to come up with the best character built on the theme of a "gadgeteer", someone who has no inherent super-powers but rather depends on gadgets for their abilities. Examples in the real comics world of gadgeteers would be Nite Owl, Batman, and Iron Man. Captain America would not qualify even though he prominently uses a gadget (the shield) because of the Super Soldier Serum. Ditto Thor with Mjolnir and the whole godhood thing.

If you are chosen as the winner, you'll get either any item you like, or a portrait of yourself, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 release.

Contest rules are simple:

  • Create a character using any version of HeroMachine you like;
  • Post an image of that character on any publicly accessible web site (like PhotoBucket, ImageShack, the UGO Forums, etc.) and put the link to that image in a comment to this post;
  • Include the name of your character and a one-sentence summary of their powers or personality, something to quickly identify them for the viewer.

I'll pick the Finalists next Monday, and again this time we'll use the old system of me just picking the Honorable Mentions and overall winner.

No limit on entries this week so knock yourself out!