Thing I Love – Axe Cop

A friend on Facebook (he teaches "Lord of the Rings" in college, so he's pretty much the Greatest Person Ever) posted a link to this site and I have been laughing my head off all morning reading it. It's possibly the awesomest comic book idea ever, pairing the story-writing skills of a five year old (literally, it's written by a five year old) with the art skills of a 29 year old illustrator. Truly funny stuff. Check out The Adventures of Axe Cop here, and take a look at just two of the many hilarious panels:


You too can thrill to the adventures of such secondary characters as Sockarang (he has socks instead of arms that he can fling out and retrieve like boomerangs) and stand amazed as anyone touched with blood becomes some bizarre version of that thing.

Plus, dinosaurs with chain guns for arms. Seriously, this kid is going to grow up to be Chris Sims at this rate. It's great fun, by all means check it out for a wonderful weekend time waster.