Child of Voting

Many thanks to everyone for the great entries in Character Contest 27: Child Of! Before I put up the poll for the Finalists, I wanted to highlight a couple of illustrations that didn't really fit into the voting category, but nonetheless had something unique that merited attention.

DiCicatriz had a lot of entries this time around, all of them very good. I didn't want to go crazy so I picked a couple of standouts, but I wanted to point out the neat use of color in the hands of "Ravenous":


The black fill color, with the line color blending into the energy halo, looks fantastic.

Sutter Kaine also had a lot of high-quality illustrations this time around. I only picked one for the final voting, but I really like what he (or she) did with the posing in particular. Check out this "Duelist", for instance:


This is a great example of what I was trying to go for in the whole concept of HM3, where you could pose the figure yourself from one set of basic body parts, rather than me pre-drawing the pose. With the former technique you can place all the other also-standard items onto the figure, where with the latter you'd be stuck and I'd have to draw everything twice. Or three times, or ten, or whatever. Anyway, great job on the posing there, Sutter Kaine!

Finally, Gene made me laugh with this child of Iceman and Firstar:


Definitely a character who'd have a "Bounty" on his head. Aha-ha.

Now, on to the voting for our Finalists, and I hope you'll agree that this is one of the strongest fields of candidates we've had to date. Great job, everyone! As usual, click on any image to see it at a larger size and vote for as many as you think are worthy winners.

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18 Responses to Child of Voting

  1. Tigerguy786 says:

    I voted for several, but Spider Cat is definitely my favorite of them all!

  2. Tim says:

    Spider Cat is definitely awesome, but I also like Night Spectre because Watchmen was a kick-ass movie.

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    What’s the next contest?

  4. Connor S. says:

    I liked all the entries, but I must agree w/ Tiger and Tim when I say that Spidercat was a super job, and a wonderful creation.

  5. Kaldath says:

    Thank you all for the Kind words about my Spider-Cat 😀

  6. Kaldath says:

    Let me tell you she was a lot more work to create then you might think too. That Spider Insignia alone was made with 19 different items and HM3 was getting REAL slowed down because of it, lol

  7. I made the Contest! But I abstained from voting for my own creation.

    @Kaldath: Wow, I didn’t know that much work into creating the Insignia. Do you also do feng shui? 😉

    My favorite is Bea Gardner – but GLs are also my favorite Superheroes. Followed by Spider-Cat and Anelle for the cool poses. I added a fourth vote for Night Spectre.

    Nice work all!

  8. I agree with Atomic Punk, Green Lantern is my favorite hero too. But, at the same time, the Superman logo has so many possibilities.

  9. cavalier says:

    Sutter Kaine, that’s an amazing piece of work. I’m continually amazed at what people can do with HM3.

  10. MartianBlue says:

    I think they’re all good, but my favorites are as follows.
    1. Spider-Cat
    2. Bea Gardner
    3. Jenn Grimm
    4. New Flash
    5. Speed Demon

  11. kingmonkey says:

    I… I’ve fallen in love with Jenn Grimm.

  12. Jason says:

    They all were pretty interesting, however, Spider Cat caught my eye quicker than any of the challengers.

  13. Jack Zelger says:

    I find using the various insignias, and rotating, shrinking them, etc, can be a good way to create items that aren’t there. That’s how I made the GL symbol on Ms. Gardner’s belt.

  14. Aaron says:

    I really like the ones that were chosen to be voted on, but there were so many others I loved that just didn’t make the cut. I think you should put all of them up so if there was one that everyone likes but didn’t make the cut, they have the chance to win if that’s the one everyone likes.

  15. Brons says:

    Kingmonkey: Glad you like Jenn. She was fun to create. She was a bit more work than I’d thought. It turns out that patterns and masking don’t always play that well together. But one of the great things about HM3 is how you can manage to pull together disparate pieces. I started with a pretty clear notion of the final result I was after and the actual picture is very close.

    I have to agree with the majority here. Spider-Cat is very cool, as are several of the others including Anelle and Flux and the notion of combining the two Phantoms, both old favorites of mine.

    This contest really seems to have inspired people.

  16. Gene says:

    Yeah, Spidergirl caught my eye too, that is an awesome pose. Well done.

    Hey Jeff, there was some discussion in another post about voting vs you choosing. Just to throw in my 2 cents; What I miss about you choosing was the commentary on each character. I know you don’t want to do that with voting because you might influence the vote, but I wanted to throw that out there.

  17. Kaldath says:

    maybe he can give commentary after the vote when , announce the winner then give his take on all the finalists.