Child of Voting

Many thanks to everyone for the great entries in Character Contest 27: Child Of! Before I put up the poll for the Finalists, I wanted to highlight a couple of illustrations that didn't really fit into the voting category, but nonetheless had something unique that merited attention.

DiCicatriz had a lot of entries this time around, all of them very good. I didn't want to go crazy so I picked a couple of standouts, but I wanted to point out the neat use of color in the hands of "Ravenous":


The black fill color, with the line color blending into the energy halo, looks fantastic.

Sutter Kaine also had a lot of high-quality illustrations this time around. I only picked one for the final voting, but I really like what he (or she) did with the posing in particular. Check out this "Duelist", for instance:


This is a great example of what I was trying to go for in the whole concept of HM3, where you could pose the figure yourself from one set of basic body parts, rather than me pre-drawing the pose. With the former technique you can place all the other also-standard items onto the figure, where with the latter you'd be stuck and I'd have to draw everything twice. Or three times, or ten, or whatever. Anyway, great job on the posing there, Sutter Kaine!

Finally, Gene made me laugh with this child of Iceman and Firstar:


Definitely a character who'd have a "Bounty" on his head. Aha-ha.

Now, on to the voting for our Finalists, and I hope you'll agree that this is one of the strongest fields of candidates we've had to date. Great job, everyone! As usual, click on any image to see it at a larger size and vote for as many as you think are worthy winners.

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