Character Contest 28: Child Of …

With a heartfelt tip-o-the-hat to UGO Forums user RoboZ from waaaaay back in the day of 2003 (jeepers, I forget sometimes how long HeroMachine has been around!), your challenge for this week is to create a character who is the child of two established super-heroes. For instance, what might the super-powered child of Clark Kent and Hawkwoman be like (it was a long, boring night of duty on the JLA satellite station, let's say)?

The rules are simple:

  • Create a character using any version of HeroMachine you like;
  • Post an image of that character on any publicly accessible web site (like PhotoBucket, ImageShack, the UGO Forums, etc.) and put the link to that image in a comment to this post;
  • Include the name of your character and a brief summary of who they are, who their parents were, and what their powers are.

I'll pick the Finalists next Monday and put a poll up for people to vote for their favorite. The winner of that poll will receive any item they like, or a portrait of themselves, to be included in HeroMachine 3's final release.

No limit on entries this week so knock yourself out! If you had one in that thread already, you can re-submit it to this contest, but it better not suck. And for the record, there are very few pre-HM3 illustrations that pass muster these days. It's not impossible for a 2.x character to win, but I'm just sayin', it hasn't happened yet ...

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  1. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: Great idea!

  2. DCicatriz says:

    Whipped up a pair today, here goes!



    -The son of Wonder Woman and Superman, initially raised among the amazons of Themiscyra. He was kidnapped by Ares and sequestered until adulthood, raised by the evil god to hate his parents and trained to kill them. He has the strength and speed of both of his parents as well as enchanted armor and weaponry provided by Ares.


    Anelle Kaplan Altman
    – The daughter of Wiccan and Hulkling (through some creative shape-shifting similar to Nightcrawler’s original origin story) She can access the chaos magic her father utilizes as well as various forms of kree and skrull magic. In addition to her magical abilities, her skrull/kree/human physiology grants her some of Hulkling’s super strength and shape-shifting abilities. She serves on the current incarnation of the Avengers in her timeline, along with her parents.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    GREAT pose on that second one, DiCicatriz!

  4. CPrime says:

    You mean Hulkling actually had the baby? Ewwww….

  5. superfan1 says:

    AngelSpider (Anna Carpenter)

    The Daughter of Arachne (Julia Carpenter) and Angel, (Warren Worthington III) Angelspider expresses both of her parents’ powers. She was raised by her mother after Angel decided that he was not yet ready to be a father, He promised he would return to aid Arachne in taking care of his daughter but, never returned. Angelspider is currently located out of New York City and keeps the alias of a graduate student at SUNY Fredonia, majoring in Economics. During her spare time she uses her ability to make Psi-webs and flying to save countless people from certain death.

    Links to the parents


  6. superfan1 says:

    The Invisible Amphibian (Qnax II)

    The Invisible Amphibion was born when Susan Storm of the Fantastic 4 had an affair with the alien Qnax with whom she thereby mothered a child. Afraid of what Johnny and the rest of her fellow fantastic 4 members would say, Susan went into hiding for the duration of her pregnancy, when Qnax II was born she gave him up to his father and had no further contact with him. As he was growing up Qnax II learned extensive combat techniques from his father and learned to harness the powers of his mother. Although not exactly what many would call a hero, he does good works if paid enough to do so. Qnax II has his mothers’ ability but, not his fathers’.

    Links to the parents

    Invisible Woman:

  7. Niall Mor says:

    GREAT pose on that second one, DiCicatriz!

    Speaking of poses, here’s a tutorial or a recipe card from Hammerknight I’d like to see: using the features of HM3 to create characters in nonstandard poses. I guess because I’m such an unimaginative drudge, most of my characters use the standard complete body type and wind up looking static and dull. I’d like some tips on how to liven up my poses a little bit and suggest motion and energy. For example, I once saw a character with a leg cocked upward in a sort of “Captain Morgan” pose, if you know what I mean. It looked great. Jeff, if you or HammerKnight could do something like that, I’d be grateful.

  8. Kaldath says:

    Entry 1:

    In this special Marvel / DC Cross over What-If I present

    What If Marvel’s Quasar and DC’s Hawkwoman shared a Night of Passion?

    The answer ? A Daughter known as Quantum Hawk!!!

    Half Thanagarian half human, Quantum Hawk was born with a pair of wings like her mother granting her the power of flight. Many years later she came into possession of her fathers Quantum bands giving her control over the quantum energy the powers them like her father Quasar before her.

  9. CPrime says:

    Seraphim. Warren Joshua “Jay” Worthington. Son of Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Paige Guthrie (Husk) of the X-Men. Called Jay in order of his late uncle, Joshua “Jay” Guthrie (Icarus). Has the flight and healing blood of his father, as well as the ability to flash fry his outer skin revealing either a layer of steel, rubber or rock. Also carries a sword similar to the one his father stole from Magik of the Exiles. He has his father’s fortune but his mother’s political conscience.

  10. Jack Zelger says:

    This will be my first entry. I figured I’d try to use some of the second string superheroes to mix things up a bit.

    Prince Atlan:

    The daughter of the legendary Aquaman and former Justice Leaguer Fire, Prince Atlan has all the same abilities as his famous father, but also inherited his mother’s abilities to generate and control green fire, a power given to her through an accident that was later found to have affected her on a genetic level. Atlan — named for his grandfather — seriously honors his heritage as the son of the King of Atlantis, and can often be as strong-willed as his father. But he also possesses the same spirit of fun and adventure that his mother became known for years ago.

  11. Jack Zelger says:

    *SIGH* I meant to say my character was the SON of Aquaman and Fire. It may be obvious once you see the picture, but that’s not a woman… 🙂

  12. Aaron says:

    In the near future the Marvel and DC universes merge. Unlike past merges of these universe, the sons, daughters, and general proteges of past heroes decide to coexist and try to be the dominate force of the combined universes. 25 year old daughter of Spiderman- May Parker a.k.a Spidergirl-falls in love with 31 year Batman protege Dick Grayson-formally Robin and Nightwing- who has now taken over the role of Batman. Grayson who first tried to ignore his attraction to the young woman, eventually could not resist her light sense of humor in comparison to his dark world. Despite the resistence to this union by Petere Parker and Bruce Wayne….The two married thanks to the help of Mary-Jane Parker and Barbara Gordon. Eventually the two had a child, Timothy Harold Grayson who developed May’s spider powers and was trained by Dick Grayson in everything taught to him by his mentor Batman. Timothy eventully created a costume and became a hero strongly inspired by his family history of both the spider and bat families. He chooses the name Nightspider based of his fathers Nightwing persona and his amazing spider powers.


  13. Anarchangel says:

    My first entry.
    The illegitimate love child of DC’s Flash and Marvel’s Darkchylde.

    Speed Demon was raised by her mother in an alternate dimension. As she grew up she became more and more curious about who her father was. Whenever she raised the subject her mother would simply tell her to forget about it. Her mothers secrecy and her rebellious nature, along with her strange transformations (growing horns and a tail) drove a wedge between the two and made the young woman search for answers about her father on her own. When she learned that she had not only inherited her mothers magical powers but her fathers incredible speed she correctly deduced that she was the daughter of the hero named The Flash. Out of spite for her mother she adopted the name Speed Demon and donned a costume based on her fathers.
    Time will tell though if Speed Demon will follow in her father’s footsteps and become a hero or if her temper will drive her down an entirely different road.

  14. TopHat says:

    Void. Love child of Bob Reynolds (Marvel’s Sentry) and Carol Danvers (Marvel’s Ms.Marvel).

    When the child was concieved, he was given all his father’s god-like power. However, he was also posessed by his fathers evil double, The Void. He is one of Earth-616’s greatest threats.

  15. kyle says:

    juggernaut + she-hulk
    their son:Frankenstein

    has his mothers looks and his father strength.
    when he was born,he had heath problems,they took him to dr.doom. Doom operated on the boy,he replace franks heart with a pace-maker, the heart can work if it gets energize.Doom also add 2 bolts out side of franks neck.

    frank later on the years adopted the power to harness electricity.

  16. Aaron says:

    Daughter of Superman and Hawkgirl. Sorry no good backstory to how this would happen.


  17. Jack Zelger says:

    In keeping with my last post, here’s some more JLI love…

    Beatrice Gardner is the daughter of former JL member Ice and Green Lantern Guy Gardner. Bea was born with the same ice-related powers as her mother, who named Bea after her best friend, Beatrice “Fire” DaCosta. She eventually followed her father’s footsteps and joined the Green Lantern Corps, using both a GL power ring and her natural powers. Her personality is a strange combination of Guy’s tough, no-holds-barred attitude and Ice’s compassion and kindness.

  18. Michael says:

    I’m assuming A-Ko, daughter of Clark Kent and Diana Prince, is right out since she’s not an original character.

  19. DCicatriz says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Jeff!

    Two more for today!

    1) Schizoid Girl – Theresa Madrox

    The daughter of Layla Miller and Jamie Madrox, Theresa has inherited her father’s private detective agency and wanders New York investigating mutant related crimes and interests. She has the ability to project her consciousness through the multiverse and access the experiences and memories of her alternate selves. While she cannot physically manifest these selves, she can asborb and utilize any specialized skills or memories they possess to her advantage. Having access to the experiences of multiple timelines and feeling the distinct personalities of her alternates has left Theresa slightly off balance, resulting in her nickname: Schizoid Girl

    2)Skyhammer – Abasi Thorson

    In a What If? universe in which the Black Panther was killed by Dr. Doom, Ororo Munroe hunted the monarch down and attacked him in the middle of his battle with Thor over the presence of Asgard in Latveria. Together the two defeated him and avenged their respective families. This meeting eventually culminated in a union between the mutant and god, sparked initially by their fascination with each other’s weather abilities. Their son is Abasi Thorson, who has even more powerful weather manipulation abilities than his mother as well as the strength and immortality that comes with his Asgardian heritage. He wields a specially forged sword, Stormcutter, through which he can channel the titanic energies at his disposal. Abasi does work with the world’s superheroes in times of crisis, but mostly spends his time wandering the upper atmospheres of Earth and Asgard, practicing his swordsmanship among lightning and hurricans.

  20. RJ mcd says: two powerful gods one from dc one from marvel murged the planets , the heros and villans of both worlds started marrying jean grey married lex luthor who reminded her of her mentor charles xavier they fell in love and had a son charles alexander luthor he has his mothers powers and his father incredible mind

  21. kyle says:

    death=mother johnny thunder II

    death = mother / Jonah Hex = father
    daughter:real name unknown
    codename:tombstone Abby

  22. Aaron says:

    After Dr. Manhattan left earth, whatever bit of human emotion that was left inside of him, regretted the fact that he had killed his Watchmen teammate Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach, he decided he must bring back his once ally back to life. He merged Kovaks DNA into one of his duplicates in hopes of the DNA overriding his own, once again having a living Rorshach to protect Earth as part of the Watchmen. What was born of this turned into pyschopathic monster. Retaining his memories of being killed by Manhattan and finding it unexaptable that millions were killed as a “last resort” to save man kind. Due to the mixture of DNA….this new body has Rorschachs pshycopathic personality and Dr. Manhattans powers. Now out for vengence he quickly kills Manhattan and heads back to Earth to kill all those he sees responsable for the deaths of him and everyone in New York city,both in the superhero and the political community.


  23. Jack Zelger says:

    OK, I’m running late, so forget about a back story… 🙂

    This is the New Flash, daughter of Wally West (Flash) and Starfire. Two fellow Titans who eventually got together after years of friendship. The New Flash wears the smallest version of the Flash costume ever, because like her mother, she dresses in the same manner as the very open alien society her mother comes from.

  24. PsyckoSama says:

    Define “established” and can I draw off of superhero games?

  25. Jeff Hebert says:

    Well you know how much of a stickler I am for rules, and how carefully I think these things through, PsyckoSama, so … and remember, I am totally making this up as I go … I’d say
    established pretty much means anyone who’s been published before. I am not sure what superhero games are. If you’re talking about characters you’ve played in City of Heroes, I wouldn’t consider that “established”. If you mean characters published in the “Champions” RPG, that would be fine. I would fancy meeting any child of Foxbat, for instance 🙂

  26. DCicatriz says:

    Just so nobody accuses me of having a marvel bias….

    5) Tachyon – Rex John Tyler

    The son of Jesse Quick and Hourman, Rex inherited the Miraclo pills and hourglass amulet his father had used in his career with the JSA and initially fought crime as the newest incarnation of Hourman. However his body soon began to exhibit signs of chronal displacement, as a result of being exposed to the tachyons in his father’s amulet from an early age. His mother taught him her own father’s formula hoping that connecting Rex to the Speed Force would serve to stabilize his position in their own time. When Rex recited the formula his body underwent catastrophic changes. His faster-than-light molecules merged with the energized tachyons and converted Rex’s body into a form of temporal energy that damages the space-time continuum around him and degrades the physical laws of the universe. In order to continue interacting with the physical world, Rex must wear stabilizing armor designed by Rip Hunter and adapted from Booster Gold and the android Hourman’s technology. In his current identity as Tachyon, Rex John possesses superhuman strength and the ability to release shockwaves of violent temporal energy.

    2) Cetacea

    The daughter of Mera and Arthur Curry, after their reunion following Blackest Night, who through a bizarre genetic quirk exhibits the purple eyes of Tempest’s lineage. Has the superhuman strength of her father as well as the baselines abilities of all Atlanteans. Due to her mother’s extradimensional origins Cetacea has a knack for perceiving distortions and fluctuations in reality. She can telepathically communicate with marine life and, in times of extreme stress, can cause extradimensional marine animals to appear to her aid. She declined to join the contemporary incarnation of the Justice League, devoting herself to Atlantis and protecting the oceans.

    P.S.- I hope I’m not spamming or anything. I’m just having a lot of fun with this 🙂

  27. Acid_man322 says:

    Omega and the Silver Superman.

    Omega! (The Child of Galactus and The Phoenix). Omega is a creature of limitless power, and it has come to feed! only one hero has the chance to stop him! The Silver Superman! (the child of the Silver Surfer and Supergirl). but, can the man of silver possibly survive Omega’s deadly cosmic bolts??!

  28. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2:

    The Daughter of Felicia Hardy ( The Black Cat ) and Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) Ashley Hardy-Parker grew up with her fathers fantastic Spider powers as well as her mother amazing “luck”. Deciding to follow in the foot steps of her heroic parent Ashley makes herself a custom to honor them both and takes on the mantle of the Fabulous Spider-Cat.

  29. Ribbet says:

    will have one in half a day

  30. Ribbet says:

    the son of Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) of Marvel and Jessica Drew (spider woman) also of marvel (lets just say they had an affair while both visiting the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and 9 months later Jessica secretly dropped the baby off to Daniel. he started training at the age of 5 and also went to school. he was teased by others for being a “weak nerd” all the while secretly training with his father. he has all of his fathers chi powers, as well as most of his mothers (all except venom blasts and flight) he also has unexplained healing powers (like wolverine. hes probably a mutant)

  31. Hero of wu says:

    Batman and Supergirl offspring The Dark Avenger. The child of a one night stand. Kara gave her new born son to Bruce to take care of him,

  32. Hero of wu says:

    Pressed post By mistake

  33. Hero of wu says:

    Batman and Supergirl offspring The Dark Avenger. The child of a one night stand. Kara gave her new born son to Bruce to take care of him, as young William grew older he began showing increased speed and strength. Not as strong as a Kryptonian he could only fly for a certain amount of time and his strength and speed would sometimes vanish for long periods. Bruce later introduced him to the Bat cave and all his secrets. William then became The Dark Avenger.

    Not much of a writer

  34. TopHat says:

    Falcon the son of Wolverine and Jean Grey. Posesses his fathers claws and regeneration, but he also has vast psychic power from attaining a fraction of his mothers Phoenix Force.

  35. the creator says:

    Just a question, does it have to be superhero’s? Or are supervillains also acepted?

  36. Jeff Hebert says:

    Villains are fine. Or hero-villain crossbreeds, whatever.

  37. vampyrist says:

    Here are two of my entries

    First here is Arachnophobia, daughter of Spiderman and the second Hawkeye(Kate Bishop)
    One lonely night, Kate Bishop, the second Hawkeye met Peter parker, Spiderman, and it was love at first sight. Years passed and they had a daughter. She was named gwen after one of Peter’s highschool friends. She inherited her father’s abilities and a unique ability to create real webs. Also from her mother, she learned how to use a bow expertly and efficiently. She creates a web bow and arrows which create nets on impact. Donning a suit, she has become the one thing all new york villains fear, Arachnophobia.
    And heres Patriot, son of Bucky barnes and Elizabeth Braddock
    One night young Bucky Barnes and Psylocke of the X-men met and had a child. He was called Steven Barnes and he grew up a huge patriot. So when he discovered he inherited his father’s superhuman strength and healing, alongside his mother’s ability to create psionic weaponry, it was only natural to be a hero. He Creates a Psionic shield to accompany him as Patriot.

  38. Jack Zelger says:

    OK, I’m sort of on a roll here, but this is a fun contest… So, two more!

    Years from now, adult Billy Batson and Hawkgirl have a son. Named Harrier after another bird of prey, he takes up the mantle of the Hawks as he is the reincarnation of the son of the original winged protectors of Egypt. He also inherits the ability to gain the powers of the gods by shouting “Shazam!”

    And number two:

    Next up, the humorously named Plastic Canary was born from the union of heroes Black Canary and Plastic Man. What? It could happen! 🙂

  39. I chose the example given; Superman + Hawkwoman = Super Hawk!

    Just look under the album labeled, “UGO Superhero Creations”.

  40. MartianBlue says:

    I just had an idea for a new contest. How about teams of two members working on a single creation. Some of the best characters are created by two people, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Batman, etc.
    2 members specific to a single team
    round 1
    1 entrant, a hero
    accompanied by a small back story
    round 2
    1 entrant, a villian
    accompanied with his story tie in to the hero

    Still needs more work, but I think with a little work this idea could develop into something fun.

  41. Brons says:

    My first attempt, which taught me whole new tricks in trying to combine masking with patterns, is “Jenn Grimm, the Bodacious She-Thing”:

    offspring of the She Hulk and teh Thing, natch.


  42. Jordan Moore says:

    A question, are “Parentless” entries alowed, such as a creation of DC’s Monitor(Crisis on Infinte Earths) being a recreation of Darkclaw(Amalgam Comics union between Batman and Wolverine) Would that be a suitable creation for an entry, so if we wanted to create a child between two male or female characters we could?(With a limit of two parents so that we don’t get a Omnipotent entry)

  43. vampyrist says:

    Her is my third Entry, a son of Gambit and Polaris called Ballistic.
    Joseph LeBeau was born with both of his parent’s abilities. Magnetism and kinetic energy manipulation. When he achieved adulthood, he took metal spheres and a bo staff to fight crime as Ballistic. He tends to charge the orbs and control their path.

  44. My first entry. Living Dead Girl (props to Rob Zombie). Daughter of Dead Girl and Mysterio. Admittedly, I’ve been out of the comic / gamer scene for a long time. But I always liked Mysterio, so I did a backdrop of what’s been happening with the orbhead. Turns out, he died and was resurrected.

    LDG (yes, I did consider “Mysteria”) has her mother’s power of insubstantiality and resurrection. She shares her father’s flare for illusion. The wristbands are actually holographic generators. The belt is a nod to her mother’s association with X-Statix. Couldn’t get the X with the lightning bolt to work :(. The shaded side of her face is her father’s half-face.

    HM 2.5 versions, momma and poppa:

    @ DCicatriz: great work with Anelle and Tachyon.

  45. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Jordan: I suppose that would be all right. Hey, with a cool enough illustration, all things are forgiven 🙂

  46. Gene says:

    My First entry.

    Wolverine, being the Marvel Universe’s equivalent of Zeus, having slept with many a marvel ladies, is bound to have some kiddies out there.

    Here is Psi-Lyne, Psylocke’s daughter, by Wolverine. Her Psiblades manifest from her hands like her father’s bone blades did. Psionic powers, regeneration, enhanced senses, and ninja training – Psi-lyne is a force to be reckoned with.

    (I’m not 100% satisfied with the background, but it’s getting late, and I was having problems with HM. Pieces kept getting ‘stuck’ and wouldn’t delete, or move)

  47. Brons says:

    Here’s a second entry, Rak-El, the Rising Flamebird, the son of Kal-el and Jane Gray:


  48. RJ mcd says:

    holy cow we all seemed to pick jean grey to be the baby momma in this new universe

  49. Gene says:

    Had time to knock out another – Icestar. The son of Iceman and Firestar.


  50. DCicatriz says:

    Three more!

    Schism – Jeffrey Bishop

    The son of Sage and Bishop of the X-men, the pair having grown close as partners in their continuing investigation of Elias Bogan. Jeffrey inherited his mother’s eidetic memory and analytical skills. He possesses the mutant ability to absorb and manipulate telepathic energy, negating any kind of telepathic intrusion or assault and redirecting that energy to the projection of a ‘Baffle Radius’ that leaves anyone in close proximity to Schism disoriented and confused. Jeffrey works alongside his mother and father within the Australian branch of the X.S.E in his timeline.


    Son of Hepzibah and Warpath of X-Force, Apex serves as a member of the Imperial Guard of Majestrix Kallark of the Shi’ar Empire. He possesses the heightened reflexes, claws, enhanced senses, and pheromone control of his mother’s species. Apex also inherited his father’s superhuman strength as well as limited shamanic abilities.


    Daughter of the Shade and Nightshade. During a cataclysmic event in the magical community of the DC Universe, Shade and Nightshade’s powers were reflected back on them and they were drawn into the Shadowlands with no way of returning to their proper dimension. After many years of seclusion the duo gave in to loneliness and produced a daughter composed of living shadow. Sombra, having been conceived and birthed within the shadow lands, exists as an entity of pure shadow (as the energies her parents call upon in the use of their own powers) and can expand and manipulate the energy composing her body for a variety of effects.

  51. Aaron says:

    Looking for a heir after being disappointed in his son Harry, and finding his worlds superpowered being unworthy of his legacy, Ultimate Marvel Norman Osborn started looking through other dimensions for a mate to give birth to his perfect child. After months of searching he found the perfect woman, in the DC universe Supergirl. He secretly brought her to the Ultimate Marvel universe. He quickly found her and became friends with her gaining her tust and love. They soon married and soon had a son, William Clark Osborn. Due to the OZ formula in his blood stream, William was born looking like a Goblin. Given both of his parents powers plus the power to travel across dimensions, the crazed son went from universe to universe killing every version of his parents he could find and countless heroes who got in his way.


  52. TopHat says:

    Spider Patriot (Lame name is lame). Son of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Captain America (Steve Rogers). Has his mother’s spider powers, and has been taught multiple combat styles from his father.

    With shield:

    Without shield:

  53. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang! Lots of good entries. Here are mine.

    Spidey and She-Hulk made sweet hunka-chunka, resulting in a REALLY big guy with his moms’ physical strength and invulnerability and his dads’ intellect and Spidey powers. The offspring uses his strength, athletic abilities, and his wrist web-shooters to fight criminals.

    Back in the Golden Age, Hawkman and The Invisible Scarlett O’Neal do the horizontal boogie. They have a son who becomes The Phantom Hawk, who uses his fathers’ arsenal (and his moms’ ability to turn invisible) to fight crime. Police are baffled when bruised and beaten criminals tell stories of being attacked by a flying man who appears from nowhere, defeats them, and disappears just as quickly.

    Batman and Iron Woman do the drop n’ flop (I guess Batman keeps a can opener in his utility belt, haha). Their son grows up to be a high-tech avenger of the night.

  54. kyle says:

    Conan the barbarian + big barda
    daughter: Erika

    can easily lift well over 100 tons under normal condition like her mother, she is also a talented commander, tactician and strategist like her father,she can wield any weapon she wants

  55. Gene says:

    Here is one from one of my kids; The twin children of Magma and Nightcrawler;

    Magman and Nightfire

  56. Tristan says:

    Kaldath’s Spider-Cat is best thing ever submitted!!!

  57. DCicatriz says:

    Two more and I think that might be it… I’ll be unable to access the internet the whole weekend. Have fun everybody 🙂


    After Thanos was killed by Drax during the events surrounding the Annihilation Wave, he found himself finally united with his mistress Death. In dying, Thanos was able to become Death’s consort and the two had a son of unimaginable power. Ravenous exists at once as an immortal being (due to his Titan ancestry) and an embodiment of death. His body is held together by the will of his mother and as such he can recover from any kind of injury. He harnesses a unique form of energy that causes organic matter to decay rapidly. Ravenous has a psychological hunger for death and once unleashed on the universe kills any and all sentient beings he comes across in order to satisfy his appetite and appease his mother.

    Flux – Sara Piotrovna Rasputin

    Daughter of Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin of the X-men. Flux serves as an instructor on the mutant nation surrounding the artificial island Utopia. Flux has the ability to completely control her density and mass. This includes lowering her density and increasing her mass to the point of becoming a gaseous entity, or increasing her density to superhumanly durable levels and adopting an armored form similar to her fathers.

  58. Gene says:

    Wow, had some more time on my hands:

    White Angel, Daughter of Angel and the White Queen

    And Victor Von Doom II, the son of Dr. Doom and Magik.

    (Doom Jr. is from the world inspired by the ‘Next Avengers’ movie. Doom and Illiyana met while defending the European nations from Ultron’s robotic army))

  59. Brons says:

    Here’s my third entry. I’m not quite as satisfied with it as the other two, but still… It represents the offspring of Elktra and Daredevil. The design is rather simple, but it took a fair amount of work. Hope you enjoy it.

  60. Jack Zelger says:

    I’m going to try to cram one or two more in here at the last minute….

    The new hero nicknamed Aquagirl is the daughter of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Royalty twice over, she is both a princess of Themyscira and of Atlantis. In addition to inheriting her father’s abilities, she has also been granted the same powers as the one chosen to be Wonder Woman.

    I have to say this is my favorite so far. The more I mess with HM3, the more impressed I am with how much you can customize things.

  61. Jack Zelger says:

    If I may add to my last post, I meant to say that “Aquagirl”‘s real name is Princess Ceto, named for a Greek sea goddess.

  62. Aaron says:

    Ganthet and Sayd are two former Guardians who believed in love and emotion. After starting the Blue Lantern Corps the two had a child….created out of their love for eachother and the hope for the survival of the universe. Understanding that there needed to be balance in the Universe and that all the emotional spectrums needed to unite as one they offered their son Raydan(named after Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan) to be the first member of the Universe Corps. A leader in each corps group was invited to help in the ceremony to turn Raydan into the first White LAntern of the Universe Corps. Each member aimed their rings at the child and covered them in their light donating a part of their power to him. When the last beam of light hit Raydan there was an enormous explosion. Emerging from the explosion was an adult Raydan ready to help in the fight to save the universe. His powers are very similar to that of Ion or Parrallax and has the ability to give or take away the charge of any power ring near him. He also trys to act as peacekeeper between all the corps until there are others to join him in his corps.

    Raydan, White Lantern of the Universe Corps

  63. Fabien says:

    Steel Fist the son of Iron Fist and Misty Knight

  64. Danny Beaty says:

    This is The Green Guardian, the son of Hal Jordan (the REAL Green Lantern) and Supergirl.

  65. Aaron says:

    Graydon Creed

    Graydon Creed always hated that his parents were mutants. So much was this hatred he ran for president on an anti-mutant platform. Than the worst thing that could happen to him did: His mutant powers manifested. He gained Sabertooths powers and furry look, while he developed blue skin from his mother, Mystique. While he can’t shapeshift, he can see shapeshifters in their natural form.

  66. Aaron says:

    Graydon Creed

    Graydon Creed always hated that his parents were mutants. So much was this hatred he ran for president on an anti-mutant platform. Than the worst thing that could happen to him did: His mutant powers manifested. He gained Sabertooths powers and furry look, while he developed blue skin from his mother, Mystique. While he can’t shapeshift, he can see shapeshifters in their natural form. Fearing how he would be treated he went to the xmen for help. They excepted him and helped him in training with his powers, and gave him an image induser to give him his natural look, until he could deal with his mutant transformation. The only people who had any problem with him were Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler, who all had their own issues with Sabertooth and Mystique, felt that an offspring of 2 of their greatest enemies, an off spring who lobbied for the ellimination of mutantkind, could not be trusted and would eventually betray them.

    Sorry for the double print….I posted this before I was done writing the story accidentally.

  67. spidercow2010 says:

    Details are sketchy, but apparently three members of the Legion of Super Heroes, Brainiac5, MatterEater Lad, and Bouncing Boy, left their 30th-Century HQ in the Legion Time Bubble. A temporal rift, or something, detoured them to some alternate Earth in an era remarkably similar to our Earth’s 1970s. B-5 determined they needed a quantity of maguffinite to effect repairs and sent the other two to search for it. In their separate searches, each met female Earth-x metahumans and sired offspring. As I said, details are sketchy. Something to do with being in an alternate reality, so what the hell, eh?
    MatterEater Lad met a woman who called herself Rogue. Due to his alien physiology he was perfectly able to touch her without ill effect. And touch her he did. Their daughter, Xaviera Kem, combines the abilities of both her parents in that she can take on the properties of anything she eats, and she can eat anything. And fly. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she defends her world from invaders and evildoers with her omniphagic transmutative powers.
    Too bad about that one really skinny arm.
    Bouncing Boy’s search brought him to an establishment known as a discotheque, where he was distracted by a young singer/dancer/actress/waitress that the club’s habitués called Dazzler. She was sufficiently stunning to make him temporarily forget about his wife (wives?), Duo Damsel back in the 3000s. Dazzler found his positivity and sense of humor irresistible and, long story short (if that’s possible at this point), their son Alston is capable, like his mother, of absorbing sound— usually music, preferably DISCO!—and converting it to photonic energy. However, this absorption process causes him to, like his father, assume a spherical shape, and at such times he resembles to an amazing degree a mirrored disco ball, splattering light in every direction.
    Tragically, DiscoBall, as he was known, during the Roller Disco craze lost control of his skates, fell, and on his second bounce, shattered.
    Both of these ‘heroes’ abandoned their children when the Time Bubble was fixed.

    Okay, enough lame backstorying. This last one, Arestique, is the offspring of Martian Manhunter and Mystique, so she’s the ultimate shapeshifter, combining the metamorphic powers of both parents with her father’s telepathic abilities to literally and totally become–physically, mentally, psychologically—whoever (or whatever) she wills, regardless of mass, indefinitely. And, uh, the flying, and the walking thru walls. And laser eyes. Cuz laser eyes are awesome.

  68. LargeFormat says:

    Entry 1: Ismarr

    Parents- Asgardians Balder and Sif (Uh-Oh Thor…:D)

    Abilities- Ismarr, as his father could, is able to radiate unmeasured degrees of both heat and light. Ismarr in gifted with longevity, as well as very thick skin and bone, as all Asgardians. He has unmatched combat ability- a trait from both mother and father- and Ismarr’s double-bladed weapon allows him to ‘cleave’ passageways between dimensions.


    Ismarr (Closeup)-

  69. Sutter Kaine says:

    1) Blue Fox – Daughter of Blue Beetle and Crimson Fox (not sure which one). From an early age, her mother groomed her to become a superhero. She excelled at her training but resented having her future planned out for her and did the rebellion thing during her teenage years. On her 18th birthday, a mysterious visitor (possibly the ghost of her father) convinced her that maybe there was a little more to being a superhero than thrills and public adoration. She decided to give the hero thing a try and created the identity of the Blue Fox (without telling mom, of course).

    2) Hell Hawk – Son of Damian Hellstrom and Hellcat. Soon after his birth, Hellcat married Nighthawk and the two raised him together. Hell Hawk’s infernal lineage burns bright and fierce within him, but his step-father instilled him with a strong sense of right and wrong and taught him to control his darker urges. Hell Hawk isn’t exactly a nice guy, but he feels it is his responsibility to oppose the nasty things lurking on the Other Side waiting to prey on humankind.

    3) Hyperia – The daughter of Hyperion and Power Princess. She uses her inherited powers to battle world-level threats. She’s big time.

    4) Orchid Arrow – Daughter of Green Arrow and Black Orchid (the Silver Age, non-plant lady version). Thanks to her father, she was a natural athlete and marksman. She was raised by her mother, but knew who her absentee father was and created the identity of Orchid Arrow to get his attention. Nothing really got resolved when they finally met, but she decided to keep doing the hero thing anyway. Turns out, she was actually good at it.

    5) Phantom Archer – Daughter of Green Arrow and the Blonde Phantom (man, Green Arrow really gets around). Her mother left her on Green Arrow’s doorstep, putting a kink in his social life but giving him a new purpose. Under his tutelage, she became an excellent athlete and marksman. Green Arrow didn’t push her to become a superhero, but when she found out Orchid Arrow was her half-sister, she got a serious case of sibling rivalry and created the identity of Phantom Archer.

  70. JR says:

    son and daughter of night wing and star fire. after traing to damian wayne to be the new 3g batman he and starfire trained their own kids. batfire the daughter- who is entirely entusiastic for her mom alien society- hence the most revealing bat-ume(bat costume) evr! the son, starwing is the new side kick of night wing and part of the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans.

  71. JR says:

    @vamp- no offense but partiot is already a marvel hero- one of the young avengers

  72. Rozenstal says:

    Team “Elementals”
    Sea-warrior. Parents- Namor and Polaris. Real name – Sewar McKenzie. Age – 14. Powers – breath under water, a small levitation, small management of metal. By means of the force can change the form of the weapon.
    Flamegirl. Parents – Human Torch and Jean Gray. Real name – Beatris Storm. Age – 17. Powers – the mental control over fire, transformation into magma.
    Sprite. Parents – Angel and Kitty Pride. Real name – Genry Worthington. Age – 19. Powers – invisibility, levitation, intangibility, creation of small fluctuations of air.
    Steel. Parents – Colossus and Psylocke . Real name – Maksim Rasputin. Age – 16. Powers – creation of a steel skin and the weapon from energy (more often, catana).

    Command – continuers of mission of X-man, new generation of superheroes. Live in a private residence on seacoast (the Sea-warrior lives in a special room-aquarium with a direct exit in ocean).

    P.S.: DCicatriz, It will be in Russian correct not Piotrovna, and Petrovna.

  73. Danny Beaty says:

    @Kaldath: Great job on Spider-Cats’ costume!

  74. Hero of wu says:

    The Captain son of Captain America and Ms Marvel (Warbird)

  75. vampyrist says:

    @JR, I know but I couldn’t think of a name at the time. Of course now that I’ve posted him I actually have a better name. Just call him Gallant.

  76. Gene says:

    Here is one from my Daughter.

    Magma-Shark, the daughter of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

  77. Ghost says:

    Jamey Wilson(Deadgirl); Daughter of Wade Wilson(Deadpool) and Elektra Natchios. Gaining the skills of both her parents and inheriting their weapons, Deadgirl is one of the most advanced assassins in the world both genetically and skillfully.
    Head Shot:

    Body shot:

  78. Capshot says:

    Here’s my first entry.

    His name is Night-Fox and he is the son of X-23 and Nightcrawler.

    One lonely night at the X-Mansion the two met,
    and well… you know the rest.

    As the child grew up, his parents realized he had the teleportation abilities of his father,
    and the healing factor of his mother.
    They also soon realized he was born with a metallic skeleton,
    and had one retractable claw in each hand.

    The kid grew up to become the crimefighter known as Nightfox.

  79. Capshot says:

    Here’s my second try at it.
    The son of Hal Jordan and Shrinking Violet.

    In one of Violet’s many journey’s to present day, she met Hal Jordan,
    and, nine months later, their son was born.
    Violet abondoned the child and traveled back to the future,
    while Hal was left to secretly care for the child.
    As Hal got older, he retired and gave his Ring to his son to carry on the legacy.
    The son accepted the Ring and defended Earth as Green Matter,
    A hero who can change size and use the immense power of the Ring.

  80. kyle says:

    checkmate(dc) and domino(marvel)
    he is a skilled marksman and combatant.

  81. Sutter Kaine says:

    Throughout the eons, (Marvel’s) Death has taken various loves to relieve the monotony of her endless existence. On rare occasions, these unions have resulted in the creation of strange and terrible beings. These entites are not born but rather spring whole into existence, ready to unleash their rage and hatred on an unsuspecting universe.

    1) Kid Death – Kid Death’s “father” is the Two-Gun Kid. He took the form of a gunslinger and became a supernatural bounty hunter. Kid Death seeks a worthy opponent with the power and/or skill to end his own miserable existence. He has yet to find one.

    2) Dreadbeard – Dreadbeard’s “father” is Captain Barracuda. He is the captain of a ghost ship that sails the ethereal seas between the lands of the living and the dead, preying on magical travelers, supernatural beings, lost souls, and anyone else unlucky enough to cross his path. Dreadbeard has a surprisingly charming personality, treating captives like his personal guests. Then he tortures them and devours their souls.

    3) Doombringer – Doombringer’s “father” is DC’s Doomsday (or maybe Dr. Doom). His the most powerful of Death’s “offspring”, and also the most evil. Doombringer was recruited by the personification of Entropy to bring about the end of all reality, a mission he has heartily embraced. He is the harbinger of the End of Days, leaving death and destruction in his wake as he sets the stage for the Apocalypse.

  82. Sutter Kaine says:

    1) Shadow-Wing – The daughter of Night-Wing and Lady Shiva (or maybe the second Batgirl), Shadow-Wing was raised by her father to join the new generation of the Bat Family. She is a deadly fighter with a genetic predisposition to go for the throat and must constantly struggle with the impulse to maim and kill her opponents.

    2) Devil-Fox – The daughter of Daredevil and Electra, Devil-Fox was raised and trained to be a ninja assassin by the Hand. After finishing her training, she struck out on her own as a freelance assassin. Perhaps as a result of her father’s influence, she only accepts contracts on other killers.

    3) Duelist – The daughter of Swordsman and Mantis, Duelist was trained by he father to be a weapons-master. Duelist seeks to use her skills to be the hero her father never got a chance to be.

    4) Panther-Woman – The daughter of Black Panther and Spider-Woman, Panther-Woman possesses excellent fighting skills and enhanced agility and reflexes. Unfortunately, she’s a thrill-seeker who decided it would be more fun to use her skills as a cat-burglar than a heroine.

    5) Purple Prankster – The Purple Prankster is the result of a drunken, revenge-fueled one-night stand between Harley Quinn and the Riddler. She possesses her father’s analytical mind and her mother’s manic personality, an odd and deadly combination making for a deadly enemy of the next generation of the Batman Family.

    6) Victor Von Awesome – During the original Secret Wars, Victor Von Doom decided to create a worthy heir to carry on the Von Doom legacy. He mingled a sample of his DNA with that of one of his creations, the super-strong Titania, with the intention of creating the ultimate combination of physical and mental strength. His “son” did indeed possess a genius intellect and vast superhuman strength, but instead of craving power, his greatest desire was to be adored by millions. Thus, he created the identity of Victor Von Awesome, wrestler, trouble-shooter, and all around man of action.

  83. Firecracker says:

    In an on-again, off-again relationship like the one between Betsy(Psylocke) and Logan(Wolverine) — you never know exactly what’s going to happen.
    During one of their trysts these two managed to find some alone time and viola! a daughter — Gloria Logan. Gloria inherited her father’s healing qualities and her mother’s “psychic knife” ability which she manifests as “psychic claws” in honor of her father.
    “Morning Glory” has the limited telekinesis and telepathy of her mother, which would be OK but she has her father’s “berserker rages” at times too!
    Morning Glory has no team affiliation as of yet, but who knows?

  84. Aaron says:

    When Superman was split into his Red and Blue personalities, each stated that they did not wish to spend the rest of their days as Superman Purple. When their enery dispurst and they returned to the normal Man of Steel, their energy had to go somewhere. And that somewhere was Lois Lane. She became pregnent with twins that were genestically Superman. They raised their sons (Robert and Bruce) for many years with them showing no signs of their fathers powers. Then one day when they were 18 they saw a woman being attacked by a Brainiac robot. Being taught to help those in need, their minds and body somehow linked into Superman Purple, with all their fathers original and electrical powers. They quickly defeated the villain and seperated their bodies. Even though they never had any powers in their normal form, they defeated many villains with their father and on “solo” missions.

    Superman Purple

  85. Sutter Kaine says:

    Spellcaster – The daughter of Dr. Strange and Clea, Spellcaster has been groomed to take over her father’s duties of Earth’s primary guardian against supernatural threats and some day assume the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.

  86. The Imp says:

    This is Hollis Dreiberg, also known as Night Spectre, the son of Nite Owl II and the Silk Spectre. He’s got no super-powers, but like his parents, he’s a world-class athlete and fighter, and has inherited (and improved on) all his father’s gadgets.

  87. spidercow2010 says:

    See if I can slip one more in before the deadline. Kind of obscure, perhaps, but this is the daughter of Lee Falk’s The Phantom (The Ghost Who Walks) and The Phantom Lady from Fox Features (plus several others, eventually DC) Comics. I went back to the early version as drawn by “good-girl” artist Matt Baker, as cited by Dr. Wertham as a bad influence on youth.
    Her name is Kat walker, and as Lady Phantom she continues her father’s crusade (and that of 20+ generations before him) to protect the jungles of Bengalla from pirates, terrorists, slavers and their nefarious ilk. She is aided by her mother’s black light projector, which blinds her opponents to her or makes her invisible if turned on herself.

  88. kyle says:

    Cheetara (mother) and Tigra (mother)
    daughter: Sekhmet:Egyptian goddess

    deadman + death (mother)
    daughter: Lilly

    ares + hawk girl
    son: war hawk

    little red ridding hood + wolf
    daughter: little red ridding wolf