Character Contest 28: Child Of …

With a heartfelt tip-o-the-hat to UGO Forums user RoboZ from waaaaay back in the day of 2003 (jeepers, I forget sometimes how long HeroMachine has been around!), your challenge for this week is to create a character who is the child of two established super-heroes. For instance, what might the super-powered child of Clark Kent and Hawkwoman be like (it was a long, boring night of duty on the JLA satellite station, let's say)?

The rules are simple:

  • Create a character using any version of HeroMachine you like;
  • Post an image of that character on any publicly accessible web site (like PhotoBucket, ImageShack, the UGO Forums, etc.) and put the link to that image in a comment to this post;
  • Include the name of your character and a brief summary of who they are, who their parents were, and what their powers are.

I'll pick the Finalists next Monday and put a poll up for people to vote for their favorite. The winner of that poll will receive any item they like, or a portrait of themselves, to be included in HeroMachine 3's final release.

No limit on entries this week so knock yourself out! If you had one in that thread already, you can re-submit it to this contest, but it better not suck. And for the record, there are very few pre-HM3 illustrations that pass muster these days. It's not impossible for a 2.x character to win, but I'm just sayin', it hasn't happened yet ...