Golden Oldie voting

It's time to pick your winner for Character Contest 26: Golden Oldies! I've picked out a handful of outstanding Finalist / Honorable Mentions from the many wonderful submissions made, and now you get to decide who will be the overall winner. For some reason, none of the "Bulletman" revamps worked well enough for me to count as a finalist, I'm not sure why. Maybe I just love the ol' guy too much.

Anyway, here goes, congratulations everyone! Voting is for one week, the winner to be announced next Monday.

[polldaddy poll="2631126"]
  • I liked Brons' overall design, and the idea of making Pinky a woman was intriguing as well.
  • DiCicatriz' "Minuteman" looks a lot like a border-patrolling Texas kind of guy, which would make for some fascinating stories and character development, which is what you want out of a good retcon in my opinion.
  • Gene's "Spy Smasher" did much the same for that character, placing him in the Middle East it looks like, which again is a good approach to what someone with that name would be doing in today's world, assuming he worked for America.
  • I liked Imp's "Minute Man" for hearkening back to the Colonial namesake, while still looking kind of bad-ass.
  • Jake's "Minute Man", on the other hand, has a great design to the overall illustration with the black hourglass and the faded out character. It's a really nice effect.
  • Kyle's female take on "Ms. Scarlet", along with a really nice pose, clenched its inclusion here.
  • Finally, Me Myself & I gave kind of a Zorro vibe to "Mr. Scarlet" which is neat. I get a feel that this is a real character.

Great job, to them and to everyone who entered. Using PollDaddy for the voting kind of limits me; I used to include Honorable Mentions (like Martian Blue's this time) that were funny or clever without being necessarily contenders for the overall title. But they one aspect or another was interesting enough to feature. With voting like this, I don't feel like that's necessarily fair, or fits, which is kind of a shame.

Anyway, thanks again to all our entrants!