META: Contest thoughts

So here's the deal -- we're discussing the idea of a new weekly contest, with the winner getting their character image, character name, brief character description, and their screen name (at least that's what we're thinking) featured on a ad, featured across their sites, saying something like "Make your own hero!" to hopefully drive traffic to the application. That ad will be seen by literally millions of people in the course of a week, so your work would be featured on a major web site. You'd practically be published!

Does that sound appealing? Is that a prize you'd want?

What effect would you want that to have on the current contest cycle of alternating caption contests and character design contests each week? Keep them and make this an additional one, maybe to take the role of the Friday Night Fight?

Setting aside the new thing, is the prize of getting an item or your portrait worthwhile? Or would you be just as happy to not have a formal "prize" and instead just have the honor of winning?

Gene suggested that the hero on the masthead rotate each week as the prize for the winner, what would you think about that?

Basically, let me know what you think about the contests in general, their frequency, if they're worth doing, if you enjoy them even if you're not a participant, etc.

Thanks for your feedback, it's truly invaluable!