Random Panel: Crop-dusting, super-style


(From "Master Comics" number 52, 1944.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Crop-dusting, super-style

  1. Hammerknight says:

    The next panel shows Bulletman saying “It wasn’t me.”

  2. TheNate says:

    “Whoever smelt it, dealt it.”

  3. Loki says:


  4. Brad says:

    Well heck, sweetie, I’d say do a Toucan Sam and “follow-your-nose!”

  5. Brad says:

    I have a better one: “From Ninja Tanks to Methane Banks, Bulletman covers all your hilarity needs!”

  6. NGpm says:

    There’s something about her flight vector that makes me laugh. It’s kind of like the original Star Trek series’ Enterprise flyby or maybe Pumaman for those MST3k aficionados.