Random Panel: Great moments in bad super names


(From "America's Greatest Comics" number 3, 1942.)

7 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in bad super names

  1. TheNate says:

    MR PINKY: “Why do I have to be Mr. Pinky? Why can’t we pick our own fingers?”

    JOE: “No way, no way. Tried it once, doesn’t work. You got four guys all fighting over who’s gonna be Mr. Thumb, but they don’t know each other, so nobody wants to back down. No way. I pick. You’re Mr. Pinky. Be thankful you’re not Mr. Littletoe.”

    MR: MIDDLE FINGER: “Who cares what your name is?”

    MR. PINKY: Yeah, that’s easy for your to say, you’re Mr. Middle Finger. You have a cool-sounding name. Alright look, if it’s no big deal to be Mr. Pinky, you wanna trade?”

    [Earlier in the comic, Mr. Pinky explained why he doesn’t tip.]

  2. NGpm says:

    It? If it wants out, it puts on the lotion….

  3. kingmonkey says:

    At least Mr. Pinky’s acting like a professional, here.

  4. Xstacy says:

    Less than fifteen years later, Mister Pinky would resign in disgrace after extensive investigations into his ties to the Communist Party.

  5. Dan Gonzalez says:

    Mr Pinky was once part of a Super Group known as “The Shockers” but quit because he got all of the sh*tty work. 🙂

  6. “why do I gotta be mr. pinky?”
    “Cause you’re a fag! now shut up!”

  7. Actually, at first I thought this was some strange comic book sex manual; sort of the Comic Sutra or something.