Character Contest 23 – Fables

The Greek Mythology contest went so well, I wanted to return to the idea of mining history once more. So your challenge for this week is to come up with the best character based on a fable. You might mine classic fables like those from Aesop (the Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Three Blind Mice, etc.) or Arabian fables like those from "1001 Arabian Nights" (Ali Baba and the Seven Thieves, Aladdin, Sinbad, etc.) or even American Folklore (Paul Bunyon and Babe the Big Blue Ox, Pecos Bill, John Henry, etc.).

And of course, the great comics series "Fables" is a pretty good resource, too.

The rules are the same as usual:

  1. No more than three submissions per person;
  2. All entries must be images saved to a publicly accessible web server (like ImageShack, the UGO forums, etc.);
  3. Submissions must be left as comments to this thread, containing a link to the image of the character(s).

The overall winner will receive either a portrait of themselves or any one item of their choosing for inclusion with HeroMachine 3. You've got one week, so good luck to everyone!

P.S. Don't forget, you can still vote in Round Three of Friday Night Fights, too!

P.P.S. Crap, I forgot to hit Publish! Sorry about the delay, folks. I'm an idiot.