Creator’s Club

Hammerknight came up with a great idea, to put together a poster featuring super self-portraits of HeroMachine users for the holidays! Here's his invitation (click for a larger size):


If you're having trouble viewing that, it says:

The HeroMachine "Creator's Club". If you would like to join the "Creator's Club", all you have to do is make a character that best represents you. An artistic rendition of how you perceive yourself. After you are done with your character, e-mail it to m. Please include the name you want to go by. Also include any ideas that you have for the club. My e-mail address is "". Please send your characters by the 18th of December, so that I can try and have a club poster done before Christmas. Many Thanks, Hammerknight.

It sounds like a neat idea! Thanks for thinking of it HK.

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  1. Avatar Vigilante says:

    I’m just a bit hazy on the goal here. Are we supposed to be making ourselves into superheroes or are we just making a portait? Your examples could go either way.

  2. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Make a picture of how you perceive yourself. In my picture the pencils are because I love art. If you see yourself as a superhero, or you like them a lot then do yourself as a superhero. If your are a gamer, show yourself with game controllers in your hands. If you are into music show yourself holding an instrument. Show a little bit of insight of who you are.

  3. Avatar gero says:

    What if our physique isn’t quite up to heromachine standards? Because, honestly, I don’t have a square jaw or a body chiseled out of any kind of rock…T^T

  4. Avatar MegaGoober says:

    Well, do you see yourself as a person who is strong and confident? If so, then give yourself a square jaw and chiseled body.

  5. Avatar gero says:

    Well, I’m done, but I made it at my sister’s place, and her mac doesn’t have any kind of program on it for cropping, so I have to wait ’til I get home to e-mail it to HM. I’ll probably post it on here, too…

  6. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Cool, Sounds good gero.
    @MegaGoober, thanks for the back up.

  7. Avatar Gero says:

    Well, looks like the screenshot of the full picture was too small, so I’ll have to try to do it again, but the close up was okay, so here it is:

    I went with as realistic a version of myself as I could, including the bags under my eyes, the tracheotomy scar, and as close to my key necklace as I could make. I’ll try to remake the full-size so it matches up, but I can’t quite remember the resizing I used, so it will be a little different…

  8. Avatar Gero says:

    Alright, here’s my redone full image. I couldn’t really decide on anything to put in the hands, so I just left it mostly plain:

    Hopefully it’s not too plain. If it is, I guess I could figure out how to make a laptop or something for me to hold…

  9. Avatar Tim says:

    Sounds fun! I might just try this πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @Gero that is great thanks.

  11. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Hey, great response so far. Just remember have a full size picture, without a background, that best describes you. I’m looking forward to hearing from more of you.

  12. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Remember that I am doing a group shot for the poster so don’t crop stuff half way off and leave the picture full. If your name is on the picture please put it below the image so that it doesn’t cover it. Thanks.

  13. Avatar Marx says:

    Fun idea HK. I’d be honored to be included if you’ll have me. Here’s my pic…

    Roll for initiative Monkey-boy.


  14. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Wow over a dozen so far. Great pictures everyone.

  15. Avatar Tim says:

    Alright HK here’s my pic πŸ™‚ It’s pretty close to what I look like. Don’t have the Gears of War T-shirt though.

    I do have the real Riddick Blades though πŸ˜€

  16. Avatar Marx says:

    Hey, is Jeff going to have his own self-portrait on the poster? Seems to me like it would be incomplete with out him.


  17. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    HK asked about that, and my initial impulse was to say that I shouldn’t be in it. I dunno, it would seem kind of … presumptuous somehow? I can’t put it into words. But it seems like the poster should be about you guys, not about me. Otherwise it might come off as “An egomaniac and his peeps” kind of thing?

    I dunno, maybe I think of it like if Adam Hughes had drawn himself in the “Women of DC” poster. It’s not supposed to be about the guy behind the picture, it’s supposed to be about the people IN the picture. Does that make any sense?

  18. Avatar Marx says:

    Nah, you’re thinking of it wrong. Adam Hughes created a poster of characters in a category into which he didn’t fit. It would have been wrong to draw himself into the Women of DC poster. But if he had drawn an “Illustrators of DC” poster, it would have made perfect sense to include himself. Yes, positioning himself in the center with everyone else around him may still have been ego-centric. If that’s a concern, ask HK to put you off to the side somewhere discrete.

    You fit in this category, Jeff. You are an HM creator as much as any of us (if not more). You belong in this composite. Besides, it’s not your work, it’s all of our work together.

    C’mon Jeff. Join the club.


  19. Avatar gero says:

    Join us Jeff, resistance is futile…

  20. Avatar Runt82 says:

    Jeff will be assimilated.

  21. Avatar Tim says:

    Logic dictates you should join Jeff πŸ˜€

  22. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Looking great everyone. Your pictures in human form will work better for the poster.That way will also give everyone the same amount of room.

  23. Avatar Soccerchoco says:

    Come on Jeff! Join us! Don’t be miserable!

  24. Avatar Soccerchoco says:

    What does everyone think? It doesnt really look like me but I do dress like that! I think the jeans are so cool!