Creator’s Club

Hammerknight came up with a great idea, to put together a poster featuring super self-portraits of HeroMachine users for the holidays! Here's his invitation (click for a larger size):


If you're having trouble viewing that, it says:

The HeroMachine "Creator's Club". If you would like to join the "Creator's Club", all you have to do is make a character that best represents you. An artistic rendition of how you perceive yourself. After you are done with your character, e-mail it to m. Please include the name you want to go by. Also include any ideas that you have for the club. My e-mail address is "". Please send your characters by the 18th of December, so that I can try and have a club poster done before Christmas. Many Thanks, Hammerknight.

It sounds like a neat idea! Thanks for thinking of it HK.