Caption Contest 66: Gunnergirl

The person who comes up with the funniest replacement dialog for this caption will win either a portrait of themselves or any item they choose for inclusion in HeroMachine 3! So get those funny caps on and start writing great lines for this:


The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean, appropriate for late-night broadcast television;
  2. No more than three entries per person;
  3. All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post.

That's it! Good luck everyone, and as usual I'll announce the winner next Tuesday.

94 Responses to Caption Contest 66: Gunnergirl

  1. John says:

    This is not an entry, just a statement: That illustration makes my brain hurt.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    “I didn’t even have to use the big gun this time.”
    “Next time look me in the eyes when you talk to me.”

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, I braved the depths of my 1990’s Image Comics stack (via Half Price Books) to pull images for this contest. See how I suffer for you people!?

    Sadly, this is the best pic out of the whole lot, some of them literally would turn your stomach. There’s one of a guy allegedly walking down some steps … ugh. And another one of this little person that literally looks sawed in half and stuffed into a tiny little Armani suit … and another one that … well, you get the picture. Or thankfully, you DON’T get the picture unless I post them, which if there’s any mercy in the universe, I will not.

  4. Hammerknight says:

    “I hate being called Dolly.”

  5. Gene says:

    “It IS the size of your gun that matters!!”

  6. Aaron says:

    1) I hold the big guns in this relationship

    2)Don’t call me babe!!!!!

    3)Yes this is a gun…..and no I am not happy to see you.

  7. Nancy says:

    “Yeah! They’re real and so is this gun buddy!”
    “Reach out and touch THIS!”
    “Mind, Body and a smoken weapon that’s my motto.”

  8. Tim says:

    1) “Schwarzenegger’s got nothing on me!”

  9. Deadeas says:

    “Hey! The frozen pizza’s done!”

  10. Mr. Q says:

    1) Damn! The crowds on Black Friday just get uglier every year.

    (I know, that one is a little late)

    2) The Liefeld 90001 Guaranteed to smoke the bad guys and give you a hernia!

    3) And some guys still question the “Caution! Aim away from face!” warning on the barrel.

    Mr. Q

  11. Now who’s compensating, Freud!

  12. Brittishcoal says:

    WOW!!! This silicone holds!!!

  13. Patrick says:

    I have what kind of envy now?!

  14. remy says:

    1. I don’t CARE if there’s no way anyone could hold a gun like this or if my gun is angled oddly and is waaaay too heavy for one hand! I also don’t care about the ammo hanging out of my gun and the fact that it’s probably twice the height I am or that the rounds change position randomly! I also don’t give a shit about the fact that I sewed sleeves on my leather, skin tight jump-suit that has random pouches and odd shoulder pads and that I need to zip up more! I also happen to LIKE my glasses and hair thank you very much! Now if you make fun of me one more time, I will SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE!!!!!

    (Boy that’s long)

  15. Loki says:

    1.they call me…physically impossible!

  16. Blue Blazer says:

    1) That’s for wiping snot on the side of my pool.

  17. Loki says:

    2.Is the mouse dead!?

  18. Blue Blazer says:

    2) Ohmigosh I’m SO sorry! I guess that teaches me not to wear sunglasses in the middle of the night.

  19. Anthony says:


  20. Loki says:

    3.Now that’s what you call a bullet-bullet!

  21. Mr.Vampire says:

    Now let’s kiss and make up.

  22. Mr.Vampire says:

    I’m ready for my close up.

  23. amathakathi says:

    1. Ding! Chicken’s done

    2. Well I’ve injected enough silicone, what do I do with the rest?

    3. What do you mean “It’s too dark to wear sunglasses?” Can’t you see there’s welding to be done?

  24. GreenBat says:

    1. I’ll let these guns do the talking.

    2. My guns are right here and yes they’re real.

  25. Mike says:

    1. Here at Walmart, we rollback not just our prices but your life expectancy as well.

    2. BOOM-Shaka-laka!

    3. Gun meet Bob, my cheating ex-husband. Bob, meet gun.

  26. Jake says:

    1. You should see my big gun.

    2. Eyes up here!

  27. TheNate says:

    I shoot and I shoot, but I’m still constipated!

  28. Gero says:

    This isn’t an entry, but why is the barrel of that thing about 10 times the size of the bullets its firing?

  29. Mr.MikeK says:

    Next time, do a better job drawing me!


    Rob, you didn’t date much in high school, did you?

  30. D says:

    1) Alas poor Kermit! I knew him well, Horatio.

    2) That’s not a hairdryer! THIS…is a hairdryer!

  31. nick says:


    2) i said you can have ONE muffin, not two!

    3)when life hands you ammo, buy a bigger gun.

  32. Gene says:

    “I’ve come her to chew gum and kick some arse. And I’m all out of arse.”

  33. Tigerguy786 says:

    1. I told you not to bother me this time of the month!

    That might be pushing the line though…

  34. Danny Beaty says:


    2. You kids stay off of my lawn!

    3. Keep your “Watchtower” and give Jehovah my regards!

  35. Runt82 says:

    1) These are medical support kneepads, not THOSE kind of kneepads……pervert.

    2) Launching souvenir t-shirts to the nosebleed section ain’t a problem with this little baby.

  36. Tim says:

    2) I’m sorry. What was that you said about my mamma?

  37. Danny Beaty says:

    Not for consideration, here are some I threw out:

    Yes, it IS that time of the month!

    You want to bury me,huh? Well, take this-oh, you said you wanted to MARRY me! Damn, always a bridesmaid, never a bride!

    I am NOT doing your nails!

    I’m not trying to intimidate people; I’m just exercising my Second Ammendment right! OBAMA’S A SOCIALIST!

    Well, you WERE the father of my baby.

    I love yardsales!

  38. Gero says:

    “It’s lucky this gun is so big, because I can’t see a damn thing!”

  39. Gero says:

    “That green stuff looks like blood. But then…oh God! That thing wasn’t a robot!”

  40. Darth_Neko says:

    1. I’m locked and loaded, now how about you big boy?


    3. That’s mah Lunch money ya fool!

    4. Oh man, I wanted a Beach-time Barbie and Ken for Christmas! Not this!

    5. OMG!! Like this thingamajig is like totally rad!! I’ve got to tell my BFF Jill about this!!

  41. Tim says:

    3) “Who wants Toast?!”

  42. William A. Peterson says:

    “THAT Was a Warning Shot!”

  43. Jake says:

    3. That is NOT how you finger paint!

  44. Kalkin says:

    Try leaving the toilet seat up now!

  45. Meg says:

    1. What a smell of sulfur! (quoting The Wizard of Oz)
    2. That’s one robo-lobster down.
    3. At least my boobs will stop bumping into things if I have this giant gun protruding out in front of me!

  46. TopHat says:

    1 “NINETIES!”

  47. Isia says:

    I have PMS and a big gun..Any Questions?

  48. Pyrate Hyena says:

    This plastic-surgery-guy who messed up my body gonna wish he’d never been born!

  49. Pyrate Hyena says:

    “Who the hell drew this? I’m gonna shoot him!”

  50. Pyrate Hyena says:

    “Actually I don’t think this unnatural way of holding a gun thats way to heavy will help the US-military to gain new recruits. Also I think I just broke my hand AND my arm.”

  51. Runt82 says:

    3) I have the ability to phase through bullets. Why do you ask?

  52. Gero says:

    “America, f*** yah!”

  53. kingmonkey says:

    “As a woman, you have to go to extremes to compensate for a small phallus.”

  54. Hakoon1 says:

    1) “Give up! My boobs will give me more Ammo!”

  55. Bael says:

    1) Suck it, Cable!

  56. PCFDPGrey says:

    1. Happiness, is a warm gun mama.

    2. Just what do you mean by “You’re very Spathic”?

    3. That is how I deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

  57. kyle says:

    1.Sarah Palin has nothing on me.
    2.everything is big in Texas.

  58. Dennis says:

    “Does my butt look in this”

    “Chamber bigger than the bullets. Typical!”

  59. TopHat says:


    3. “Christ, these bulging veins on my neck are cutting off my circulation!”

  60. LoneWolf6155 says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have bought this from a Chinese arms dealer with a bad Texas accent. Well borken ammo belts aside, it does get the job done.

  61. Loki says:

    Repalce my first with “my breasts challenge you to a gunfight!”

  62. Not an entry but doggonit if some people simply defy the effects of gravity. I’d love to have her perspicacious elasticity but unfortunately I’m a victim of the laws of physics on the human form. LOL.

  63. remy says:

    2. Why am I wearing sunglasses at this hour? Because my gun just kills anything in its path! I don’t NEED to see.

    3. Dammit. I was expecting the blast from the gun to break the fourth wall, literally of course, and then kill Robbie for drawing me like this.

  64. Blue Blazer says:

    3) Just testing my new portable microwave.

  65. Kountkill says:

    “Who said you can’t weaponize an E-Z bake oven?”

  66. theTopaz says:

    1. and this is my BOOM STICK!!!!!!

    2. say hello to my special friend.

  67. bgh2 says:

    I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Stop Asking!

  68. beefy mongoose says:

    need a smoke!

  69. Mr.Vampire says:

    I’ll show you who should be in the kitchen!

  70. Tim K. says:

    Why yes, it does give me a manicure while I’m killing things.

  71. Tim K. says:

    Try the new Gunbunny support bra! With maximum sport style support and recoil compensation*.

    *Warning may distort the female figure.

  72. the creator says:

    I wanted a Rachel haircut ***hole!!!!!

  73. Aeternus606 says:

    Do you wanna end up like that guy? Then remember my name is Sally not “sweater-meat”!

  74. JWMan says:

    1. “Jeff, I’ve been sent from the future by Liefeld-Net to destroy Heromachine!” [insert Terminator music here]

    2. “Damnit! I knew ‘this gun’ looked like it had no way of actually working.”

    3. “That’s for sneezing on my space ship.”

  75. Hakoon1 says:

    2) “They thought they could kill me? Michael Jackson never dies! He just gets bad surgeons…”

    (Nobody else thinks she looks like MJ?)

  76. haydnc95 says:

    ‘If you look real hard…You may notice I have a gun!’

  77. Spyguy149 says:

    1. Think loooong and hard before you decide to break up with me.

    2. That’s what SHE said!

    3. Actually the gun is the distraction….not the other way around.

  78. Lord Revan says:


  79. Lord Revan says:

    wooo i’m pooped, wanna go to the movies with a nice bag of popcorn…. no? I DIDN’T THINK SO!!!!!! *BANG!!!!*

  80. D says:

    3)I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.

    @ Hakoon: Actually, she reminds me more of Sideshow Bob.

  81. Count Libido says:

    Pop Tarts are ready! Hope you like ’em well done!

  82. berserker says:

    Not an entry but (37)danny and (40)darth you guys went over the 3 per person limit

  83. Jeff Hebert says:

    Very funny entries so far, thanks guys!

    As far as >3 entries go, my policy is to stop reading them after the third one. They just don’t get considered. So for all intents and purposes, the first three a given person submits are it.

  84. PsyckoSama says:

    Hasta manana, darlin’.

    The next one of you assholes who calls me the ‘Second Amendment MILF’ gets it.

    How dare you insult my boob job!

  85. Aeternus606 says:

    “My suit is not edible!”

  86. Oquies says:

    1) Like oh my god did you see that?

    2) You know the deal. I am for real.

    3) Wow doctor you were right! This thearopy stuff really works!

  87. Fernando says:

    Let’s see if he will betray me with that bitch now!

  88. Fernando says:

    1)Let’s see if he will betray me with that bitch now!
    2)Say hello to my little friend!
    3)Ah, well let’s see if you like it!

    Please Enjoy.

  89. J says:

    1. “Did I get him?”
    2. “That’s for making fun of my feet.”

  90. Danny Beaty says:

    @berserker & Jeff: About No.37, I clearly stated “Not for consideration, these are some I threw out.” They’re just for the fun of it, hoping others would get a kick out of them.

  91. Dknighthawk says:

    500 RPS belt fed and I didnt even chip a nail!
    I blow away you and all your friends, and your still reaching out to cop a feel?
    Size 50? Are you asking about bullets or bras?

  92. Dan says:

    No, it’s not heavy, why do you ask?

  93. PRiegel says:

    “Good Lord! I DO have feet…and I shot one off!”

  94. Xstacy says:

    Oh, hell, I think I’ve ruptured a disc.