Poll Position: A family secret

One of my favorite parts of "Invincible" is when Mark's father reveals that he is actually global super-hero "Omni-Man", much to his son's surprise. Which got me to thinking:


Discussion after the jump!

  • Best friend: Best friends let you use their stuff without hassling you too much, and have your back when you get into trouble. But they're not family so you aren't forced to put up with their annoying BS if you don't want. These area all ideal qualities for someone with super powers. You could enjoy a weekend gambling in Vegas or have him/her fly you to the Moon and it'd be fun, without a lot of complications. Bros before ... well, you know.
  • Father: If you're going to have someone feel protective over you, a super dad is not a bad option. This depends on the father in question, though -- some are jerks. If you're saddled with an abusive, alcoholic jerk, giving him the power to read your mind is probably not a good thing. On the other hand, if you've got a good dad, adding super powers would be great.
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend: A lot of downside here, as shown so poorly in "My Super Ex Girlfriend" (now with even less acting!). You've got all the entanglements of a romantic relationship, without any of the safeguards or security of a marriage or family connection. If you get in a fight, she might just burn your head right off the bloody stump of your neck.
  • Mother: Very similar to the Father question, but come on -- moms rule. But then, my mom is awesome, so I am probably prejudiced.
  • Kenny Rogers: "Prepare to get ROASTED, villain! Speaking of which, Kenny Rogers Roasters Meal Deals are on sale now!" Made of 100% pure awesome. And if you've seen Kenny lately, you know something is definitely alien about what his face has become.
  • Son/Daughter: I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be Ma or Pa Kent, knowing that your job is to protect this most precious little person entrusted to your care, and yet knowing they are far more capable of it than you will ever be. To know they will constantly be putting themselves in harm's way while you can do nothing to help them. That would be really, really hard. On the other hand, think how proud you'd be that your offspring is out there making the world a better place.
  • Spouse: See Girlfriend/Boyfriend and multiple by ten. No, a hundred.
  • Your dog: "His super poop just smashed a hole through the garage!" On the other hand, no one loves you like your dog loves you.
  • Your car: If we're talking "Herbie", sign me up. If we're talking "Transformers", no thank you -- I am already at risk enough of killing myself in my vehicle, I don't need it to be sentient with an enemies list to boot. Just get me to the store and we'll be good.
  • Your cat:"He is mind controlling us ... must ... resist ... " Wait, I think this is actually true. No, double wait, cats ... are ... awesome ... must ... get more ... cat toys ...
  • Uncle/Aunt: Uncles and aunts are cool, because you don't have to live with them every day. It's not like Luthor is going to come to your house looking for them, you know? So it's like the advantages of having super parents without as many of the drawbacks.

Looking over the list, I'd probably have to go with my best friend. There are worse things in life than being Jimmy Olsen, you know?

Who would you pick? But before I go, I should just say one thing: