Random Panel: When men were men and butter was a food group


(From "Bulletman" number 15, 1946.)

17 Responses to Random Panel: When men were men and butter was a food group

  1. Gero says:

    Wow, I guess that “unhealthy diet from the 50’s” cutaway gag in last week’s Famiy Guy was closer to the truth than I thought…

  2. Danny Beaty says:

    Hell yeah butter’s a food group! Here in the south we eat anything that will clog our arteries! We eat lard! Sometimes we take a hunk of lard, dip it in batter, and deep-fat fry it and eat it! Yeah, we call it “lard on a stick” and we love it! I’m kidding about the lard on a stick, but we in the south do love our deep-fat fried foods.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Danny, you only THINK you’re kidding. We had Deep Fried Butter at the Texas State Fair this year. No lie.

  4. Joshua says:

    Let me wrap my mind around this epiphany, for this is as monumental as Moses speaking with GOD, with the atom being split asunder, with BulletMan…and now: deep-fried butter? “The South”, what culinary miracle will you bestow on an unsuspecting world next?! Our mouths aren’t worthy, you do understand this…


  5. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: I saw a segment of a show on Food Network ( I think it was called “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”) about a restaraunt which serves deep fried bacon! Strips of bacon are wrapped together, dipped in batter, and deep fried. It looked delicious!

  6. John says:

    Wow, I think I felt my arteries clog up just reading this thread…

  7. Niall Mor says:

    And this chart appeared in . . . where else? . . . Bulletman! Seems strangely appropriate, doesn’t it?

  8. Hakoon1 says:

    Europe isn’t starving!

    Ok, maybe a little hungry…

  9. Matt says:

    @Hakoon1: I would disagree with you except… well, I am hungry :D.

  10. EnderX says:

    Hakoon1, remember that this was just after the war. The crews to all the Nazi Ninja Tanks had obviously taken away everyone’s food by that point.

  11. Hakoon1 says:

    Oh Noes! Not the Ninja tanks!

  12. Loki says:

    actually guys there is such a thing as Chicken Fred Bacon.

  13. Loki says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Danny’s right.

  14. Loki says:


  15. Mr.Vampire says:

    No suggestion of rice in group six, much too Japanese to be considered a real food for starving Europeans.

  16. Gero says:

    @Loki #13: Poor Fred…

  17. Me Myself & I says:

    My mom and uncles used to have lard sandwiches growing up on the farm. Sounds discgusting really. They used to also eat fresh white snow with salt on it!

    What the human mind can conceive of . . .