Poll Position: Sweet rides

The Poll Position for this week is pretty straightforward:


Discussion to follow ...

  • Batmobile from "The Dark Knight": Clearly the most desirable of the various Batmobiles, this version seems like it would a) actually work in the real world, b) would be totally kick-ass in the real world, and c) contains the bonus of a Bat-cycle as well. Two for one, kids, PLUS big ol' honkin' guns!
  • Captain Nemo's "Nautilus": I'm thinking the Alan Moore version in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" here. In the age of actual nuclear submarines this seems a bit outdated, but on the other hand it was extremely luxurious.
  • Ghost Rider's motorcycle: Just a motorcycle? Kind of. But it's from Hell! Or at least it has the flaming butt-prints of a guy from Hell burned into the seat, which is almost as good. Unfortunately there's a chance those buttocks would belong to Nicholas Cage.
  • Jet from the X-Men movie: A jet that can go faster than the speed of sound AND hover? Count me in!
  • SHIELD Heli-Carrier: The big drawback to this one, of course, is the massive personnel costs needed to run it. But still, I can imagine hitting up the hot local club in this thing and then, when they won't let me in the door because the Nerd Alert goes off, just blowing the crap out of it and walking in anyway.
  • Spider-Man's Spider-Buggy: I know I made fun of this before, but seriously -- an urban dune buggy that climbs walls? That would be worth it just for the expressions on peoples' faces as you zip past their tenth-story window.
  • Wonder Woman's invisible plane: Lame.

The strongest contenders for me are the Spidey-Buggy and the Batmobile. The others would either be way too expensive to operate (Heli-carrier and the Nautilus) or lame (invisible jet and flaming Hell-cycle). Considering you get two vehicles for the price of one, I'd probably go with Wayne Industries on this one.

On the other hand, the Spidey-Buggy counts as a convertible. If I had hair to feel blowing in the wind, that one might win.

Which of the choices would YOU most like to own?