META: Comic book artist saves the world!

Or at least, helps the local coppers nail a bad guy:

This fellow then proceeded to say something to the girl behind the counter that persuaded her to hand over loads of money.

Yes! It was a robbery!

By the time I realised what was happening he'd escaped with the loot. I gave my contact details to the bank and then ran like the wind back to my studio and set about hastlily drawing some pictures of the robber. I'd studied this guy quite intensely and could remember every detail of his likeness and clothes.

See, we don't just draw people fighting crime, we actually fight crime with our drawings! So keep your eyes open out there, people, and if you find yourself in the middle of a robbery, remember the details and rush home to draw the perp in HeroMachine. The life you save might be ... ok, there's not really a life to save here, but at least you'd have a good story to tell.

(Hat tip to Ye Olde Bunche. Link is safe for work and kids, but his site overall is definitely not, so be warned.)