Character Contest 14: Sci-Fi

We've done "Fantasy" as a character design contest before, so this time let's go for the other Big Daddy category: Science Fiction! Your challenge is to come up with the coolest or best science-fiction-themed character possible, whether that's an apocalyptic death-dealing cyborg or the hardbitten starship captain or the wistfully funny green alien seductress, or anything else you can come up with.

The contest will run for one week, with the winner announced next Tuesday. The person with the best design will win the option of having either their caricature or any one item of their choosing included with the final HeroMachine 3 product. Everlasting fame, how sweet is that?!

  1. You can enter as many times as you want, but to be eligible, you must leave your entry as a comment to this post, and include a link to view the image on a public web server somewhere (i.e.,, the UGO Forums, etc.).
  2. No PhotoShopping or other image manipulation allowed with the exception of basic cropping.
  3. You must use some version of HeroMachine for your image.

Good luck!

105 Responses to Character Contest 14: Sci-Fi

  1. Niall Mor says:

    MartianBlue, the first two are really funny. Now I know what Martians wear on vacation! 🙂

  2. Oquies says:

    This is Cyndi a Space Technician in her space suit repairing the ship.

  3. Nate says:

    this one i’m definitely gonna enter since i have something i’m already working on that fits the theme

  4. DJ says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Didn’t know if you had seen this yet or not but I thought you would like this.

  5. Hakoon1 says:

    I’m not really a sci-fi person, but I’ll give it a shot.

  6. Xshadow031 says:

    These three entries are a series of heroes i have made up:

    Phantom started out as a teenager: Alan Wolff who got bit by a snake and instead of being given the antidote he was given the “phantom” serum by accident, created by Dr. Carn, an evil doctor who wanted ultimate power

    Phantasma is Phantom’s sidekick, she gained her powers when she kissed Alan while he was in his Phantom form.

    and finally Poltregiest, the second form of Phantom, whenver Phantom needs a power boost against powerful enemies, he changes into the poltregiest who despite his brute force and his devilish look, is good

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks DJ. I generally am not in favor of confrontation like that. That may make me a coward, but dude was there working and doing his thing, I don’t think it’s cool to hose that up. I don’t begrudge him making a living, and I don’t want to hassle people while they’re working, even if I think he’s not a good artist. Or writer.

    I do the stuff I do because a) I think it’ll help educate people on what is and is not good comics and b) it’s funny and fun, and c) criticism (even biting criticism) in print is a long-standing part of the art world in all its permutations. Getting up in a guy’s grille in a public forum like that is a step too far, for me anyway.

  8. Eric says:

    The Helios are the “Super soldiers” of the Makathar forces, who are used to test experimental technology in the field, including
    Powerful weapons
    Invisibility cloaks
    Jet packs
    and Energy shields.

  9. Chase says:

    It’s not the best but O well

  10. Chase says:

    forget the name

    Captain Star

  11. Black Griffin says:

    Barbarians Beware!!! You Are Now Out-Dated!!!

    My Barbaric Alien Pal, Straight from my mind (how scary :-))

  12. Black Griffin says:

    A Barbaric Alien: From a very weird and scary dimension,my mind.

  13. Matt says:

    Would a deformed super soldier be classed as Sci-Fi?

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    Do whatever floats your boat, Matt.

  15. Jim says:

    hey Danny Beaty your character kinda looks like DC’s Adam Strange, thought i’d just let you know

  16. William A. Peterson says:

    Ain’t NOBODY more Sci-Fi than Arch Laser, Sci-Fi Private Eye!
    {WARNING! Sunglasses, if not a Welding Mask, are strongly advised for viewing this one!} :->

  17. William A. Peterson says:

    And, one of my very first HeroMachine pics…

  18. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jim: Thanks Jim. That’s one reason I went with blue instead of red. Also, I believe Strange had a fin on his helmet and that his helmet had no facial shield. Did you like the spaceship I made out of various jetpacks?

  19. Ghöst says:

    My entry.

    Doctor Keyness’s MIND SLAVE:

  20. The Imp says:

    @Haydnc95: That Space Agent guy is damn cool.

  21. Worf says:

    @kyle(#26): Sorry, but I couldn’t resist asking this:
    Did space chimp break his doll?? 😉

  22. Worf says:

    OOPS it should be #28…..

  23. kyle says:

    well yes he did. lol

  24. The Imp says:

    The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy: Assassin8.

  25. MartianBlue says:

    @Niall Mor (#2), Thanks. I’ve wrote bits and pieces about MB, as you can see he’s a comedy type character, he also enjoys earth women, surfing/swimming, and burgers(the mystery of cow abduction and mutilation revealed). Due to transmissons of old tv shows, he believes horses can speak.

    @haydnc95 (#26), Something about his outfit reminds me of the best parody movie ever made, Spaceballs.

    @kyle (#28), Space Chimp is inappropriate, with his breast feeding, just joking.

  26. Anarchangel says:

    I’ve actually been working on a series of “space cops” so I may as well enter this.
    First up, Alkarand:

    Not really sure about this next one but…what the hell. This is Amaraia:

  27. haydnc95 says:

    @MartainBlue: o-o really, ive never even seen Spaceballs :L lol

  28. Danny Beaty says:

    This is Sgt. Sean O’Hara. He comes from a long line of Irish cops. He is Star Stalker’s mentor, partner, and pilot.

    Following a brutal, near fatal torture session, O’Hara is left for dead. Star Stalker finds O’Hara in time to take him to a hospital and saves his life. Although O’Hara’s body is beyond repair, doctors manage to save what is left of his head. Future technology allows the doctors to attach O’Hara’s head onto an artificial body equipped with “optional features”. The new body is powered by a fusion reactor located in the chest cavity, surperhumanly strong,and is darn near indestructible. His new eye has telephoto, thermographic capabilities, and can see in total darkness. His artificial ears give him superhuman hearing. The metal skull cap protects his brain. The new body keeps what is left of O’Hara’s head alive, and allows O’Hara to continue working.

  29. Danny Beaty says:

    One more thing abot Sgt. O’Hara: He kept his facial scar because “I earned it.”

  30. Alais Servius says:

    Heh, what a coincidence, Jeff! Just yesterday I made a sci-fi character with HM3 – guess I can post that then 😀

    Alright, here goes:

    And a close-up:

    Good luck everybody!

  31. Zyp says:

    Cyborg-ninja going by the name “Assassination”

    My first entry ever 😀

  32. Alais Servius says:

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome Zyp! I really like the posture and the silhouette up front.

  33. MartianBlue says:

    @ Zyp that’s a very cool panel. Love the layout, and the character although a bit plain, demands attention in his own right

  34. Chase says:

    #26 is awsome

  35. Chase says:

    #42 and 26 are cool

  36. Danny Beaty says:

    @Chase: Thanks for the kind words.

  37. Danny Beaty says:

    This is Zahrgon, the evil brain-being! He possesses people, uses them for his evil purposes, and discards their dead bodies.

  38. HecNukem says:

    Heres one i did
    his name is Jet Masterson
    also known as Captatain Star Murderer

  39. Fishpants says:

    Space Chimp reminds me of this:

    Wow there are some great ones here!

  40. LargeFormat says:

    “I have seen the universe yawning
    Where the black planets roll without aim –
    Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
    Without knowledge or luster or name.”

  41. kyle says:

    killer pain:

    Steampunk Abe Lincoln:

  42. Danny Beaty says:

    @kyle: That poor, unfortunate guy in the forefront of the Killer Pain picture reminds me of Bobby from “King of the Hill”.

  43. Rickss says:

    Here is my entry:

    Power Fist

    Power Fist is part of a once powerful race called Nenartamalians. They were ruthless conquerors but one day they confronted the peaceful race of the Grumlãs. The Grumlãs defended their people with their powers (a beam of a strange radiation) and found out that they were extremely effective against these enemies. With this knowledge they decided to go against their beliefs in order to protect the whole galaxy of this dangerous race. They exterminated all Nenartamalians. Or so they thought. One Nenartamalian barely survived but with the encounter he became immune to the radiation. He built a powered suit of armor with a huge and powered fist. He then built an army of small robots and wheel-like mini robots to help him destroy the race that was the Reaper of his.

  44. Sentientshadow says:

    here’s mother and two of her son/husbands.

  45. Sentientshadow says:

    Here’s Peace and Hippie. Peace was originally a giant robot designed for war, but when the robot unexplainably gained sentience his creators discovered that he had no desire to fight. Soon his creators attempted to destroy him, and only the intervention of one lone aged hippie managed to save the robots life. now the two work together to fight for peace in a future gone wrong.

  46. Sentientshadow says:

    Here’s Peace and Hippie. Peace was originally a giant robot designed for war, but when the robot unexplainably gained sentience his creators discovered that he had no desire to fight. Soon his creators attempted to destroy him, and only the intervention of one lone aged hippie managed to save the robots life. now the two work together to fight for peace in a future gone wrong.

  47. Walker says:

    This is dragonfly… renegade space-mercenary.

    He’s a cyborg.

  48. MartianBlue says:

    2nd Entrant
    Here’s a G.R.P.U.
    Giant Robotic Policing Unit
    I created this awhile back, But I don’t consider him 100% finished yet. He’s actually just a prototype

  49. MartianBlue says:

    2nd Entrant
    Here’s a G.R.P.U.
    Giant Robotic Policing Unit
    I created this awhile back, But I don’t consider him 100% finished yet. He’s actually just a prototype

  50. Dennis says:

    First time entering a contest.

    Here’s my entry, Darth Talon

  51. Danny Beaty says:

    Hammerknight’s crawling gun thingy inspired me to create Deathdrone. Here is Deathdrone:

  52. kyle says:

    @Danny Beaty
    killer pain doesn’t like any one that reminds him of Bobby from “King of the Hill

  53. Danny Beaty says:

    About Deathdrone: Evil aliens declare war on humans, destroying deep space human outposts. The aliens combine the bodies of the dead humans with machines, creating living dead cyborg weapons to use against the humans. The Deathdrones have a huge psychological impact on their victims, as well as being very destructive.

  54. kyle says:

    i like the Inter-Galactic Space Pirate Groplyn.

  55. Soccerchoco says:

    Here is Captain Starsnake, “The Pilot that survived.” He and 4 other astronauts set off on a space mission to study the air on Mars, but while the ship was on auto pilot as the crew slept, the ship crashed into a meteor due to a mechanical fault and therefore exploded. The rest of Marcus Spyke’s crew died as they were not wearing helmets, however the brave Pilot had managed to grab his helmet and shove it on just before he got blasted into oblivion. Mark space- swam to Mars- the team had been so close- and met Other Life on Mars. The Other Life were similar to humans in many ways, and a few spoke English.
    After showing the Martians technological advances we have on earth, he was nominated Captain of the MPF (Mars Police Force) and also led space missions to Earth and other nearby planets.

    He was named Captain Starsnake because if you look very carefully, you can see a snake’s face in his chest armour, and also because he protects the stars of Mars.

  56. Danny Beaty says:

    @Dennis: Hi! Good luck with your first contest!

  57. superfan1 says:

    An alien from a faraway planet

    another alien The leader of his planet. His name: Rhondo 8th.

    Another alien from the same planet as the previous. This one came to offer us peace.

  58. nate says:

    The mechanical masters of the alphorian military

    The unstopable juggernauts of any battlefield

    The prodigy of logic and stratagy, the fearless commander of the alphorian military

  59. Fishpants says:

    @nate: Nice, I always think black with a bright 2nd color looks cool

  60. nate says:

    the engineer, soldier, and commander were actually supposed to be skinnier, but yea im kinda proud of the soldier lol

  61. RoVan says:

    Soldier wearing the power-armor, man who wants only thing. To survive. He has a lot of names, but most widely used are “Please don’t ki!!” and “Oh I can see my gowk” (Yes, he lives in the post-apocaliptic world of Fallout)

  62. Chase says:

    don’t know if it fits in but there’s Blade the previous entered person

  63. Fishpants says:

    Crew of a Felinian Imperial starship:

    Crew of a starship of their mortal enemies, the Awesome League of Awesomeness:

  64. Tinith says:

    Heh I was waiting for this one….

    Ref Pic I made a while back for one of my RP characters: