Caption Contest 58

To up the challenge this week, I have a panel with a blank caption that is NOT, in fact, completely blank. How crazy is that?!


What is the mysterious cloud of green funk? What is the identity of the portly fellow, and what is he doing? That's up to you to decide, but somehow whatever you write to fill in that missing dialog balloon has to make sense with the white-clad fellow's "Blundering Fool!" rejoinder.

Yeah, good luck with that! The rules as usual are:

  • All entries must be made as comments to this post;
  • No more than three (3) entries per person;
  • Keep it clean, appropriate for a PG-13 type of audience.

That's it! I'll choose a winner next Tuesday, to be selected by whichever one makes me laugh the most. So get ready to bring the funny! The winner will get to choose to have either a caricature of their face, or any one item of their choice, included with the HeroMachine 3 final version.

Good luck everyone!

58 Responses to Caption Contest 58

  1. socrates says:

    1. I shouldn’t have eaten all those beans and eggs last night. There’s no ventilation in here!

  2. Matt says:

    1.”Wait! I didn’t know gas was green.” “Blundering Fool!”
    2.”Yeah… I may have wondered what the Electric Shaver was going to do on my head…” “Blundering Fool!”

  3. MartianBlue says:

    Hmmm. I was going to make a gas joke, but that’s going to be a popular choice, so I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

  4. thejay says:

    1. Yeah, I let my cousin George install the vent system in the lair. He charged half-price, too!
    2. So I told that the scientists all those safety mechanisms and controls are just wasting our budget. I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?
    3. Oh no! SuperFart has penetrated the lair! We’re doomed!

  5. thejay says:

    I was wondering what were the original captions?

  6. MartianBlue says:

    1.) Yes master, with this capsule of poisonous gas…Whoops…*Smash*

  7. MartianBlue says:

    2.) With this balding toxin, we can finally destroy superman! Once his hair begins to fall out, people will mock him with points and laughs, he will be branded baldy, ultimatley destroying his self confidence forcing him into eternal solitude. mwahahaha…oops!… *bshhh*

  8. MartianBlue says:

    2.) With this balding toxin, we can finally destroy Superman! Once his hair begins to fall out, people will mock him with points and laughs, he will be branded baldy, ultimatley destroying his self confidence forcing him into the eteranal solitude that is a computer programmer. And the best part of all, nothing can possibly go wrong. Mwahahaha…Ooops!…*bshhh*

    My entry 2.) post 7 – replacement

  9. MartianBlue says:

    3.) So Mister Genie, you’ll grant me any 3 wishes? Ok, I wish for a Big Mack, Fries, and a Coke!

  10. Michael says:

    1. No worries sir he’s my new sidekick, Gassy.
    2. Master have you heard that song about beans.
    3. Look at this master. I cleaned your sculpture of green eggs and ham so delicately so that it’s really clean look at it…whoops…Please don’t kill me.

  11. Moneymaker says:

    Ok, Questionable HazMat Man… i turned on the ventilation system, so that should get th toxin out of my room, right? oh wait, are you guys inside the building too?…..oops…

  12. Whit says:

    1) Yeah, I hired the intern McFarterson, he has the office next to mine. Why?

  13. Rob Rogers says:

    It’s safe, Doctor Why. There’s no way that the Green Fog could find me here.

  14. The Imp says:

    1. “Duuuhh… sorry boss, I make fart.”

    2. “So then I said, ‘Hey baby, you wanna come back to my place and look at my Warhammer 40K miniatures?’ And she bolted!”

    3. “Is Rogaine supposed to give off this odd odor?”

  15. Whit says:

    2) So the lawyers said that if we called our Giant Green Popcorn “lighter than air,” it HAD to be lighter than air. Why?

  16. Mr. Cheney says:

    If it weren’t for those damn white house tacos George likes so much throwing my aim off, I would have actually killed him.

  17. tristan says:

    1. was i supposed to let this gass out?
    2. I farted and killed your wife. Im rally sorry.

  18. Drew says:

    “Sir. I’ve confirmed that the container is full of toxic ga . . .”

  19. William A. Peterson says:

    “It vass gettink stuffy in the Mystery Lair, Herr Mysterious, zo I cracked open der Vindow! You do not think der Green Gasmask vould take advantage of the fact, do you?”

  20. TheNate says:

    “So I said I would gladly pay him Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  21. TheNate says:

    Gas cloud near my head? Only a blundering fool would miss that.

  22. Runt82 says:

    1) But Cobra Commander, I thought you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day. (Blundering Fool!)

  23. Runt82 says:

    2) I told Mr. Bay not to show the robot scrotum, but he just kept insisting upon it while giggling like a little school girl.

  24. Hakoon1 says:

    1) Yeah, I’ve started smoking new cigarettes. For some reason they set alight in my pockets and I’m getting more headaches now.

  25. DerKork says:

    1) “Err, Boss? What’s that button for? The one labelled ‘Sleep gas’?” – “Blundering fool!”
    2) “Well, I felt someone had spiked my drink with a sleeping pill so I didn’t drink it. Instead, I used is as a coolant for the air conditioning. At least this one has a funnel already included so I tho-” – “Blundering fool!”
    3) “So, our toilet is clugged. Maybe that big Extra-Large-Largeburger (with fries) from BigLargeBurgers was REALLY a bit too much for the lavatory.”

  26. Hakoon1 says:

    2) I dunno, I just thought scribbling on my window might help?

  27. Runt82 says:

    3) And then he got me monologing, and to put it shortly…the sharks with frickin’ lazers on their heads didn’t kill him, he escaped, and he now knows the location of the doomsday device and how to destroy it.

  28. Patrick says:

    What makes you think I ate the kryptonite laced bean dip meant for Superman?

  29. Nancy VanVreede says:

    “Dr.Q, Aerosal-Poof followed me home. Can I keep him?”

  30. Nancy VanVreede says:

    “Dr. Q. I spayed the toxic gas just like you said, for sure I did! But… what was that thing you said about a mask?”

  31. Bael says:

    1) Master! It’s Howard Stern! He found our headquarters and the automated guns can’t stop him!
    2) Uh, sir? Just out of idle curiosity, you understand, I was wondering what you keep in canister number 8? You know, in the biolab?

  32. Nancy VanVrrede says:

    “Dr. Q., Aerosal-Poof tell me YOU’RE the bad guy.”

  33. kyle says:

    1.did some one pass gas!
    2. whats that smell?
    3.curse you mysterious curse you

  34. Whit says:

    Please strike that “Why?” from my 2).

  35. Soccerchoco says:

    Entry 1:
    Mm, I guess beans on toast and soda was not such a good combination with the power syrum… I’ll have to rethink my stratigies if we want a powerful hero not a farting zero.

  36. ninjast4r says:

    1. “I’m sorry sir, it was I who ate your Party Pizza. If smell could travel, you’d know I am paying for it. Believe me.” “Blundering Fool!”
    2. “Look, they didn’t have the Limited Edition Cobra Commander action figure. But they did have this neato Baby-Poops-A-Lot with realistic sounds and smells!” “Blundering Fool!”
    3. “Boss, I got a question for ya. What’s gaseous, green, and causes your skin to melt? If you guessed VX Gas, you’re correct!” “Blundering Fool!”

  37. Soccerchoco says:

    Entry 2:
    Well, that’s what you get for employing me as your boss in your nuclear power plant. You get idiocy, explosions… and by the looks of it, human methane production.

  38. Ballin' Boy says:

    Okay then I just gave my winning lottery ticket and my credit cards to my new wife, so she can go and buy me something nice like she said. What amazing luck that I found her right when I became wealthy. I’m a lucky guy.

  39. Biffbiffley says:

    Skunkman has gotten wind of our plans.

  40. Whit says:

    Nothing to worry about, boss. The Phantom Broccoli HATES the colour red!

  41. Walker says:

    “One sec, boss, I think my window farted.”

  42. TheNate says:

    I’m nervous about the poetry slam tonight. Can you think of a rhyme for “plundering coal?”

  43. Xstacy says:

    I know I shouldn’t have taken the money without asking, but the return’s gonna be great. The guy’s like royalty in Nigeria, he’s not gonna screw me over.

  44. Pyrate Hyena says:

    “No, I DON’T want you to renovate my windows! STOP CALLING ME!”

  45. Danny Beaty says:

    1. I bought the “Miracle Cloud” on Ebay. It’s guaranteed to make me rich and thin!

    2. If you look at the green cloud real close, you can see the face of Jesus! HALLELULAH!

    3. Not to worry, sir. Fox News said the reports of green body-possessing gaseous aliens are a rumor perpetrated by the liberal media.

  46. JWMan says:

    “OK, so posting on Twitter that my boss wanted to take over the world… not a good idea. Another not good idea, living with a guy who eats Taco Bell everyday. Peeewww!”

    “Hiring a costume designer to design something based on Cobra Commander, The Riddler and a KKK clansman for your villainous boss, henchman FAIL. Ignoring the pointless rantings of my lame wannabe villain boss and getting high with my roommate, WIN!”

    “You know what sir?! I’ve been your henchman for 20yrs, and I still live with my mother and am losing hair from all your experiments. Cloud Man appreciates me. He offers benefits and opportunities for advancement. Plus, he said he’d introduce me to some chicks. So guess what? I quit!”

  47. Whit says:

    [Man, this contest is going to be hard to judge–some great lines here, Jeff!]

  48. Oquies says:

    1. “This hologram is what my brain looked like after the accident. But I still feel ok.”

    2. “Why so serious? I was testing the smoke detectors.”

    3. “Do you know what bleach and ammonia make when mixed? Here Ill show you!”

  49. Matt says:

    3. “Wait! What do you mean the Gas isn’t meant to come into contact with Human hair?”

    (Replacement for #1)…
    1. “Fine! I’ll find a better way to contain the gas! How come I get corrected by the weirdo in a with a question mark on his hea.. Oh… is this still on.”

  50. Matt says:

    @TheNate: Thundering mole, goal shaol, pole. There’s no point to this, I just wanted so list some of the possibilities.

  51. Aaron says:

    Mr. Bin Ladin sir, I’m sorry! I accidentally set the gas bomb off in your bedroom!

  52. NGpm says:

    Is the guy in the hood a confused clansman? Is he not sure who he hates?
    Did the guy with the Elmer Fudd coiffure accidentally bleach Cobra Commander’s (TM) uniform?

    1. (Realizing this leaves the green cloud as something of an enigma) I’m sorry Cobra Commander, I thought you said, “No starch, extra bleach.”

    2. I couldn’t help myself, pulling the football away was bad enough … but for getting Linus to spike my coffee with Ex-Lax (TM) … she deserved to die.

    3. I’m sorry sir, but I have this strange feeling that those weren’t the droids we were looking for. (Again with an enigmatic green expulsion).

  53. Greft says:

    “Yes sir. It took quite a few rolls of duct tape, but the windows are sealed from a terrorist attack.”

  54. Al says:

    “Uh, boss, I misread the calender. Halloween is next week.”

  55. Hakoon1 says:

    3) Um, was I insured for that gas canister?

  56. juice says:

    Did I get the full asking price on your “Mass Metaphysical Crisis Ray”? Oh, way better than that, Punctuation-Man! I traded it for a bunch of magic beans! I know, I know, awsome deal, right? I’ve been eating them all day so I think it’s only a matter of time before I crap out that giant beanstock!

  57. Tony Mitsinga says:

    I would like another competion and a new version of hero machine: Alien vs preditor, GTA or even nintendo – what ever doenst need copyright lol

    I want something like hero machine that i can use for free and help companys like Ugo come up with ideas for a comic or something.

  58. Fishpants says:

    1. …make a costume out of this flying green goo and you’ve got yourself a sidekick, Confused Ninja. But I still need a name. Thoughts?
    2. …the Holographic Shrub! It’ll be bigger than Pokemon and I got us in on the ground floor!
    3. Duuuude it totally says “badass” in Japanese. It just LOOKS like a question mark in English.