Random Panel: Worst. Super-power. Ever.


(From "Amazing Man" number 12, 1940.)

14 Responses to Random Panel: Worst. Super-power. Ever.

  1. Jadebrain_Prime says:

    Really? I was kind of thinking that the worst super power ever would be “minor radiation vision that you can’t turn off.” You’d give cancer to people just by looking at them!

  2. Bael says:

    I’m with Jeff. When one of the Wonder Twins had a better version of your power, it sucks.
    That being said, I’d like to nominate Cassandra of Troy.

  3. Jadebrain_Prime says:

    Interesting point brought up, Bael. That power from the Wonder Twins (is it basic HTML code to italicize?) was, from what I understand, designed solely to be comical through its complete impracticality. And, the water being not contained by any apparent means would make transformations into anything solid that much harder, and thus, even more impractical… I suppose you’re right.

  4. Jigglypuff says:

    I have to agree with Jadebrain_Prime. The power shown in the panel is so impractial it deserves a comical kudos. Being able to transform in a puddle of water without any apparent means of containment makes it even harder to take on a solid form. Sorry , Mr.Shark, but you’re better off using a bucket of water.

  5. EnderX says:

    If I recall correctly, Water-twin could also turn into ice constructs…animated ice constructs. That kind of ups the usability factor a bit.

  6. Fishpants says:

    “Worst Superpower Ever” would make an excellent character contest.

  7. Jadebrain_Prime says:

    @Fishpants: I was thinking that, but then I thought it wouldn’t work in the long run. Although, do you mean a contest for an actual character with bad super powers, or just the power itself? I don’t think I noticed your use of the word “character” in front of “contest” at first. If the former, that would effectively negate my reasoning that it would be a bad idea, because my idea was just the power, and that would just lead to more varieties of contests due to more people suggesting their own ideas, at which point things would just get irritating.

  8. Hammerknight says:

    Sounds like a great idea to me Fishpants.

  9. Whit says:

    See, I saw this differently–I thought that the Shark became both invisible *and* immaterial, in which case the water that was on his body would slip through him to the floor.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    I took it as he wet himself and ran away.

  11. Bael says:

    To be (briefly) fair, I figure the Shark actually probably vanished, or went invisible, or even just hopped overboard, leaving the water as a memento, but the panel is just too good to pass up. Let the mocking continue.

    @Jadebrain_Prime: I don’t really know html, but someone showed me i and slash i inside the less than and greater than symbols once, and it seems to work here.

  12. nexus says:

    It’s actually the last panel of the last issue and the writing hung himself right after mailing it in so no one knows the truth. Worse? It’s a complete non-sequitar. The Shark was just getting ready for a date in the previous panels.

  13. Bael says:

    Hey, was he anywhere near Innsmouth? That would explain strange disappearances leaving puddles behind and the writer’s suicide.

  14. Gero says:

    Lovecraft reference for the win!