Open help thread

Coming out of the discussion earlier in the week were several requests for a "help" post. So here it is! If you want to know how to do something in HeroMachine, or how to draw something specific by hand (or computer), or you wonder how an effect you've seen in comics somewhere was achieved, leave a comment describing what you want help with and I and the other commenters here will try to give you a hand.

You can also use this space to ask someone about a character they posted. For instance, if you can't figure out how Imp gets those spiffy circle gradients behind his characters, you can ask him in the comments. No guarantees that anyone you ask will either see or respond to your question, of course, but hopefully someone will get you squared away.

I'm honestly not sure how this will work, or if it's even what you were asking for, so by all means feel free to correct me if you were hoping for something else.

I'll also be posting another "Hammerknight Recipe" later in the day, as I figure that fits under the concept of "Helpful Thursdays" too.

See you in comments!