Hammerknight Recipe 3: Sit on it

(Hammerknight has once again been kind enough with his time and talent to put together a stellar set of "recipes" or instructions for how to do some pretty neat tricks with the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. With no further ado, I'll turn it on over to him! -- Jeff)

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14 Responses to Hammerknight Recipe 3: Sit on it

  1. Legatus says:

    Thank you! It’s great that you share all your secrets with us mere mortals.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Just because I’m older then most on here doesn’t make me immortal. Beside there are a lot of great artist on here that do far better then I do.

  3. Hammerknight says:

    If anyone has any ideas and/or request let me know.

  4. darkvatican says:

    Oh, this was a cool one, too! I lolooove that pose. 😉

  5. Danny Beaty says:

    It’s a nice try, but it still looks like a jury-rigged attempt at a female. HM3 needs a female pose and all the other things that should come with it.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    I can tell you one thing, I ain’t puttin’ in a pose like that. So even when the female body parts are in this will still be a helpful guide. And in the meantime it helps make things a little different.

  7. Hammerknight says:

    My wife says that I’m the King of jury-rigging. So thanks Danny.

  8. thejay says:

    Alright! now THAT solves the my women’s masculinity problem nice and easy (though female body parts would come more handy). Now I’m going “why didn’t I think of it before?…” No matter. My humble thanks, HK.

  9. kountkill says:

    Um…I don’t want to sound like this is a complaint, because I do appreciate everything you do with this program and blog, but do you have any ETA on when the female stuff will start showing up?
    My wife would like to use the program to create some of her characters in our RPG campaigns, but she doesn’t feel like futzing around with the male parts to try and make them look more feminine.
    Yes, I know she could use HM2, but she would like to do them in HM3 where she could move parts around, re-size them, etc. So she keeps asking me, “Have they added women yet?”, and then I say No and she grumbles at me.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    There’s actually a FAQ for that, kountkill.

    The short answer is no, there is no ETA — it just depends on how long it takes me to crank out all the item sets so I can then convert the necessary ones.

    It’s going to be at least a couple of months though. I was zooming along, then hit a slowdown to work on some coding problems, and this week went slowly due to regular-life stuff, but the pace has actually been faster than I thought it would be.

    Some have argued that if we’d hire more people it’d all go faster. Or if I weren’t a lazy SOB it’d get done faster, or some variation on either or both of those themes.

    Of course hiring people costs money and time as well as I’d have to train people on how to do it. In the past on 2.x when I hired a couple of folks to do some conversions for me, the checking and tweaking and training time was fairly significant, though ultimately of course it was faster than I could have done solo (though not by as much as you’d think — I’m pretty good at this and there aren’t a lot of people who draw as fast in Flash as I do).

    But again, it costs money to pay someone and to train them, and UGO isn’t in a position now where I feel comfortable asking for that, so it’s going to be just me for the foreseeable future.

  11. Tim says:

    Incredible recipe Hammerknight, I’m definitely using your guides upon the final release of HM3.

    @Jeff, one great advantage to the slow and steady HM3 development is that it gives all of us plenty of time to make our vast request lists 🙂

  12. Hakoon1 says:

    Once again great job HK!!!

  13. Hammerknight says:

    I’m glad everyone likes the recipe.

  14. Hammerknight says:

    If there is anything special that you would like to see, feel free to let me know. I’m always trying to come up with new ideas.