Character Contest 9: It’s Elemental

Sorry for the lateness of this post, folks, time seems to have slipped away from me today. BUT, your challenge for this week is to create the best character image possible using any HeroMachine version that fits the theme of "It's Elemental". You could go with the natural idea of a super-hero based on one of the basic elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, etc.). Or you might create an Elemancer character from a DnD type of world. Or maybe you're into rock trolls, or water nymphs, or fiery invaders from Solaris, or a post-Apocalyptic mutant with a dowsing rod, or something else completely unexpected. Just make it look cool!

The rules are simple as always:

  1. You must use a HeroMachine version (preferably the 3.0 alpha, but any one is fine);
  2. All entries must be made as comments to this post containing a link to an image file on a publicly accessible web server somewhere (UGO Forums, ImageShack, PicasaWeb, whatever);
  3. No PhotoShopping or other after-HeroMachine image software manipulation allowed except for basic cropping and maybe adding a name.

I prefer new stuff that you haven't entered before, but sufficient awesomeness of the image will overcome a myriad of sins.

The winner will get to choose either a custom caricature of their head or any item of their choosing to be put into the HeroMachine 3 final version. Good luck everyone!