Character Contest 9: It’s Elemental

Sorry for the lateness of this post, folks, time seems to have slipped away from me today. BUT, your challenge for this week is to create the best character image possible using any HeroMachine version that fits the theme of "It's Elemental". You could go with the natural idea of a super-hero based on one of the basic elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, etc.). Or you might create an Elemancer character from a DnD type of world. Or maybe you're into rock trolls, or water nymphs, or fiery invaders from Solaris, or a post-Apocalyptic mutant with a dowsing rod, or something else completely unexpected. Just make it look cool!

The rules are simple as always:

  1. You must use a HeroMachine version (preferably the 3.0 alpha, but any one is fine);
  2. All entries must be made as comments to this post containing a link to an image file on a publicly accessible web server somewhere (UGO Forums, ImageShack, PicasaWeb, whatever);
  3. No PhotoShopping or other after-HeroMachine image software manipulation allowed except for basic cropping and maybe adding a name.

I prefer new stuff that you haven't entered before, but sufficient awesomeness of the image will overcome a myriad of sins.

The winner will get to choose either a custom caricature of their head or any item of their choosing to be put into the HeroMachine 3 final version. Good luck everyone!

93 Responses to Character Contest 9: It’s Elemental

  1. RJ mcd says: Joseph here is a golem his body is made of stone. the tanks one his back are filled with napalm and freon, the napalm freezes his aging and the napalm keeps his furnace like heart beating

    he can produce emence cold out of his right hand for some unexplained reason , his left arm is made of wood his maker knew Joseph would be unstoppable so he gave him an arm of wood to give his monster a weak spot

  2. The Imp says:

    Okay, I stretched ‘It’s elemental’ a little bit…


  3. Andre says:

    Yemayo- water nymph, underwater prankster, lover of all beings of beauty. known for luring those to their underwater death, much like sirens.

  4. Ky2030 says:

    Wow Can’t wait to see where this comp goes

  5. Andre says:

    Kemet–earth sage, natural wizard that uses vodun, the spirts of the earth, and natural magic to help keep order and balance

  6. Hammerknight says:

    Sound good Jeff.

  7. Isia says:

    ok im doing something that i haven’t done yet, posting something OTHER than HM3, but i kinda like the way she came out. will probably post an HM3 character or two later.
    this is Cedera a woodsy earthy type elemental.

  8. Anarchangel says:

    Here’s my entry.
    An emissary of mother earth. Terra.

  9. Andre says:

    Air Nomad–we do not know their names, because they gave up interacting/communicating with mortals, and now only use sign language to speak with each other or sometimes a distinct whistle that can be heard through a breeze. Thier only mission in life is fly on the wind, and find new experiences. Kin to the wind and away from the world.

  10. haydnc95 says:

    im soo pis… peed off with the laptop repair man! i soo wanted to enter the other contest πŸ™
    and now i have a really good idea for this one!
    god i hope he fixed the laptop by next tuesday!!

  11. Crinold says:

    I think I’m going to remake The Alchemist for this contest since its about the elements

  12. Ky2030 says:

    Hiya Folks…My Submission For this contest is Heru…he is the son of an angel and a forest fey. Has power over nature (which can be classed as an element)

    Hope you guys like

  13. NGpm says:

    Here is my first attempt at posting (for a contest or otherwise) … The King of Elemental Fire. Let me know what you think.

  14. Crinold says:

    Here is my entry

    The Alchemist V2,
    totally different than my first attempt and took a total of four hours to make. You should see this as the real version of The Alchemist


  15. Crinold says:

    Damn it, wrong link

    Here is my entry

    The Alchemist V2,
    totally different than my first attempt and took a total of four hours to make. You should see this as the real version of The Alchemist

  16. NGpm says:

    Well, I guess the first attempt wasn’t so hot. Let me actually include the link this time.


  17. Da_Man_24/7 says:

    This is my first time too and lets see if this works

  18. darkvatican says:

    @NGpm: That elemental king of fire is great, man! I love it!

  19. Dan_Da_Man_24/7 says:

    Here is my first post on a contest.
    This is Hot-Head. He is a fire demon. Two versions:

  20. Da_Man_24/7 says:

    seems i typed my name wrong. i use that name for another site. (referring to my hot-head post at 1:45 today) My bad.

  21. Crinold says:

    Here is the link to my Fire Elemental

    @ Hammerknights Cloud, really you always impress me with your originality

  22. Hakoon1 says:

    2nd attempt. A fire and Lightning user, I present, The Prophet of the Change.

  23. Jim says:

    Air, the mystic wanderer who himself is made of air and has the power to control anything having to do with air.

  24. Crinold says:

    And here is my Air Elemental:

    Only the Earth Elemental left

  25. Crinold says:

    The last one, my Earth Elemental. So I think these five are enough lol.

  26. Andre says:

    Fire Satyr- keepers or the eternal flame, and have often whispered the secret of fire to… in horror)

  27. Da_Man_24/7 says:

    Wind Surfer: Control over the winds. Uses them to fight crime on the fly.

  28. Mr.Vampire says:

    I’ve taken the angle that an elemental is a creature made up purely of one thing. Anyway, I feel I should apologise in advance for my depiction of an excremental.
    It’s a poo elemental!
    Again, I am very sorry.

  29. Matt says:

    Here’s mine…

    Derkire, The Element Earth

    Derkire, The Corrupt Dark-Knight of the Kingdom of Freaths, was banished from his Kingdom due to an attempt on the kings life. during his travels, he faced a monster made out of pure rock, that infected him after a long battle. Realising that the infection slowly started mutating him, he sought revenge on the Kingdom that banished him and all of humanity that betrayed him.

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Mr. Vampire (39): Wow. Just … wow. I guess if South Park can have Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo we can have … Mr. Stanky the Halloween Poo?

  31. Matt says:

    @Jeff: It’s not trademark if we change 2 letters ;D

  32. jude says:

    “The Shadow Specter”

    He can control dark energy found in shadows

  33. Mr.Vampire says:

    @Jeff (41): I think I drew my main inspiration from vague memories of a demon that came out of the toilet in the movie Dogma.
    There’s a cat sitting on a snake under all that… er crap, which provided a rough shape as a template.

  34. The Imp says:

    Mr. Vampire for the win!! πŸ˜€

  35. Isia says:

    @Jeff lol I have gotten used to not winning, but PLEASE OH PLEASE don’t make me lose to a pile of sh*t. *cries* lol

  36. RJ mcd says:

    hey matt how did you make the arm from the rock creature into a usible body part?

  37. darkvatican says:

    Jeff, I have decided on the item for my prize on the last contest. Actually, I’ve narrowed it down to 2. One would be useful, while the other is just friggin’ cool.

    Option One: armored glove-wearing hands

    Option Two: a certain sword of devastation and general badassery (which should be a word, even though it isn’t)

    The second sword pic is mostly for scale. Now the decision is yours, Jeff. You must decide the fate of these two proposed items. *dun dun DUNNNNNNNN!!!!* Either or is fine w/me!

  38. Matt says:

    @RJ: lots and lots of circles from the backgrounds section, and about 40 minutes to get it looking perfect.

  39. Jeff Hebert says:

    Roger that Darkvatican. The Google Images link didn’t work but I get the idea.

  40. Matt says:

    @Isia: You may not have won, but at least you got an Honorable Mention. I on the other hand, am starting to give up entering in contests (8 in a row is not exactly good).

  41. Jeff Hebert says:

    Actually Matt, I had your “Darkmage” in Character Contest 7 in the “Finalist” folder, but I just ran out of room to include it in the post.

    The point of these shouldn’t be to “win” but to have fun and stretch yourself and come up with something cool. After all I’m just one guy, and in the grand scheme of things my opinion really doesn’t matter for squat, what matters is if you like what you do and have fun along the way.

  42. creator says:

    this is the firespirit Nakiel, who haunts annyone who is trying to evade the law. People who witness the fire always say they can see a entity in blue. And when they are close enough, a horiblly burned face.

  43. Matt says:

    @Jeff: Thanks Jeff, I forgot the reason I’ve been creating these characters for.

  44. Jadebrain_Prime says:

    Copied from thread

    This may be a bit of a stretch on “Elemental,” but here goes.

    This isn’t any one particular hero, but rather an individual in a class of mages who, unlike traditional mages in the plot I’m developing, channel magic into their equipment and surroundings to enhance the properties of said equipment and surroundings to their advantage (i.e., the enchanted gauntlet that shoots lightning recieving a temporary boost to its power), rather than converting magic energy into other forms of energy. This class of mages is particularly popular in the northern kingdom, where the knowledge required for traditional use of magic is lacking, but magical energy itself is abundant.

    The element in this particular example is, of course, lightning.

    Maybe the connection’s slow, but for some reason the first time I posted this, the entire post didn’t show up. So I’ll post it again.

  45. Whit says:

    YES!!! My computer is almost functional, so soon enough I can submit all the elementals I wasn’t able to submit for Magic Users. I can’t wait!

  46. J. Tester says:

    ” -what matters is if you like what you do and have fun along the way.”


  47. Eric says:

    This terracotta soldier can be considered an Earth elemental. The colors of his armor have faded with time.
    Close up:

  48. Kaldath says:

    Entry One: The Living Plantman Known as Greenwood:

  49. Kaldath says:

    Entry Two: Warriors Team Member Inferno:

  50. Kaldath says:

    Entry Four: The Thunder God Thor –

  51. Crinold says:

    Well this was more of an accident than something that I planned to make, but still he looks pretty funny.

    The Fiery Bracelet –

  52. Whit says:

    With all the technological woes I’ve had (we *really* could use a “are you sure you want to navigate away from the site?” pop-up), I feel lucky to enter one, but I’m aiming to get in all five, even if I’m going to be out all day tomorrow.

    I bring you the first of five elementals: Air

  53. Mr.Vampire says:

    Decided to do another quick entry. The Fire Starter (hey, hey, hey).
    It was either this or Periodic Table man, which seemed like an excessively difficult task.
    It looks better if you sing the song when you are viewing it.

  54. Eric says:

    The ocean is alive…and it’s PISSED!

    Alternatively, it could be a monster that turns into liquid and disguises itself as water.

  55. Ian says:

    Here I present to you a team of four superhero kids, called Children of the Earth (preferably something to be shouted like at the beginning of The Update by The Beastie Boys. Sparky (boy) is a 10-year old fire elemental. Zephyr (boy) is a 9-year-old air elemental. Dewdrop (girl) is a 9-year-old water elemental. Seedling (girl) is a 10-year-old earth elemental.

    Here is a picture of the group together.

  56. Anarchangel says:

    Here’s my second entry.
    The Burning man.

  57. The Imp says:

    A quick and simple entry, but I liked the way it turned out:

  58. Whit says:

    Four of five: Earth. I’m going to make it!

    This was my most ambitious pose to date, thanks to all the tips that Jeff, Damien, and HammerKnight have been giving us. πŸ™‚

  59. Gene says:

    AN Earth spirit:

    Also: Props to Mr. Vampire and the Fecal Elemental – awesome. πŸ™‚

  60. silentbilbo says:

    Very good entries by everyone this time. Here is my fire elemental.

  61. Whit says:

    I made all five! Here is Fire:

    I’m amazed at how much all the tips are helping me. Thanks again!

  62. Zorbas the Awesome says:

    heres my one and only entry: Oro the Gaurdian of the elements!

  63. Whit says:

    I don’t understand why I’ve been shut out of UGO for months. I’m missing out on looking at a lot of contest entries.

  64. The Imp says:

    My last entry this week, and just in the nick of time! This guy’s a ninja who can summon and control elemental fire:

  65. Haydnc95 says:

    ok this one is really rushed becos i didnt know wht time ure gunna anounce the winners :S
    my first and last post, Ice Princess

  66. david says:

    Anyone know how to sumbit an entry for a character contest?

  67. david says: