Random Panel: Now let’s have a “case” with “Righty”!


(From "Thrilling Comics" number 14, 1941.)

4 Responses to Random Panel: Now let’s have a “case” with “Righty”!

  1. Jose Inoa says:

    “Right again, Lefty! Now, get behind the desk to take some dictation notes.”
    “Oh, ain’t you gonna smoke that pipe?”

    The story continues next issue in, “Thrill Ride!”

  2. DJ says:


  3. darkvatican says:

    I’m not sure if I should be laughing at this strip, but I am. lol

  4. Joshua says:

    Good one, Jose. Let’s see how Lefty is faring, shall we?

    “Good job, Lefty. You sure know how to stay on top of these matters. ”

    “T’anks Mr. Norton. Now I’m gonna sit back, reading these Green Lantern comics starring Sodom Yat and enjoy this fudge that my pops packed for me!”

    …to be concluded.