Poll Position: Genre jumpers

I'm returning to the idea of cross-world/cross-genre cross-overs for this week's Poll Position, and the specific question is:


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I think the fact that the Marvel Universe is specified matters here, because Marvel's usually a grittier, more "realistic" kind of place. The same character would fare much differently there than in the DCU. With that in mind, let's take a look at our options.

  • Conan: One of my favorite "What If" issues dealt with this. Conan's fighting a sorcerer and falls through a magic gate, landing in Marvel's NYC. He eventually takes over the low-level gang that tries to jump him and ends up running a vast criminal enterprise. Eventually he encounters Captain America and joins the Avengers. But his whole amoral, cold steel beats magic any day outlook were a perfect fit for the Marvel ethos.
  • Darth Vader: He's such a great character, he'd be fun anywhere. But I'd love to see his cunning and power matched up against the other "criminal" masterminds in the Marvel U like Magneto, to say nothing of the heroes he'd have to battle. I think he'd be a good match for Tony Stark, two technology-dependent antagonists on opposite sides, duking it out. That would be kind of fun.
  • Dumbledore: This would suck. I'm a loser for putting it on the list. I blame the lithium.
  • Galadriel: I put her on the list not for any kind of outright slugfesting, but because I think she was the most interesting of the LOTR secondary characters in terms of how she manages the world around her. Imagine she's the only high elf in the world, what she'd do to try and either get home, or to bring some of her brethren to her, or barring that, to revenge herself on whatever or whoever was responsible for ruining her life. Galadriel's the classic "Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove" type of gal, I think she'd be an interesting x-factor in the Marvel U. Imagine her taking over Central Park and making it her new elvish stronghold, for instance ...
  • Gandalf: Gandalf's a way better choice than Dumbledore. They're basically the same kind of guy, but Gandalf killed a Balrog once. What did Dumbledore ever do, besides almost get Harry killed on several occasions? Gandalf might've screwed with the lives of short people, too, but at least hobbits are adults, you know?
  • Luke Skywalker: I'd like to bring Luke to the Marvel U just so Magneto could beat him to death with his own robot hand.
  • Spock: Is Vulcan out there in the 21st century, waiting to be discovered? If so, would Spock try to pull Earth technology along to where they could get him "home", and if so what would your various evil overlord types do to "acquire" him? Wars could start over someone with that kind of knowledge in his head, which would be interesting. And I'd like to see how he'd react to that, because Spock is probably the most interesting Trek character in my opinion.

So having looked at the list, I am going to reserve my final judgment until I hear YOUR arguments. So have at it, who would you like to see genre-jump?

18 Responses to Poll Position: Genre jumpers

  1. Jose Inoa says:

    Y’know, I have the “Star Trek vs X-Men” one shot. Kirk and Cyclops kept sizing each other up with fisticuffs (Kirk never aimed his pahser at Cy’s nuts, and Cy would never take someone’s head off anyway). Wolverine ran full-tilt at Spock, who just reached out and kayoed him with the Vulcan-neck-pinch. Then there was the who’s-gonna-blink-first showdown between Hank McCoy and Bones McCoy.

    I say bring back Conan so he can take down all the magic users (except the Scarlet Witch… he’s got dibs). [And I hope that if it ever happens, Marvel will not have Stark turn Conan into another X-O Manowar.]

  2. DJ says:

    Dumbledore. He has done A LOT! He defeated the second darkest wizard ever. He was a genius in most all fields of magic. He guided Harry so that he DIDNT die and eventually guided him to victory. He was the only wizard Voldemort ever feared. And I would love to see him become the new Sorcerer Supreme.

  3. My problem isn’t with Dumbledore himself, but the universe Rowling created. It coasted pretty good for awhile, but then she kinda got lazy IMHO.
    Case in point: After my brother read “Half-Blood Prince,” he took the ending at face value. I tried to re-interest him by pointing out the possible plot twists she could use to finish it off, one of which being:
    ……That Dumbledore had been DEFEATED by Voldemort, and Voldemort (who already HAD an injured hand from the last time he battled Harry, as I recall) replaced Dumbledore for “Prince.” When Snape “killed” Dumbledore, it was him realizing who Dumbledore really was, but knowing that his actions would only confuse those who didn’t know. That, and his “honest mistake” at blasting Voldemort, get him into the dark councils.
    OR: In classic anti-hero fashion, Snape offs Dumbledore to be in a position to betray Voldemort at the worst possible time, thus defeating the dark Wizard once and for all, with all the personality conflicts that went with it.
    BUT: Instead, Dumbledore was ailing like an advanced cancer patient, and asked Snape to pull the plug for him and relieve his suffering. Then Snape felt bad. Admittedly an interesting look at Snape-pain, but otherwise useless as a dramatic storytelling vehicle. Or so I felt.
    And that was 2005? I had more at the time, but 4 years is a long time to forget details. But there ya go anyway.

  4. Bael says:

    Bring on Conan. Marvel has several nuisances running about that could do with a little beheading. The only problem is that nobody stays dead anymore. All the resurrections really ruin the impact of some decent stories. Conan is better than most at making people stay dead. Marvel could really use some of that these days. I mean, really, did anyone actually die in the Secret Invasion? Freaking Alien Invasion and no casualties? What is wrong with this picture?

  5. The Imp says:

    I vote Dumbledore so we can see him humiliated and dismembered in the most horrific way possible.

    Harry Potter – gayest* series ever. Ever.

    *term not used to disparage the gay populace, but a retarded ‘novel’ and film franchise.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Actually, I have to say I really like the Harry Potter series. I don’t think it’s the Greatest Fantasy Evar but it was fun, interesting, and kept me hooked.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    The books, that is. The movies kind of don’t do it for me at all.

  8. Joshua says:

    “Lord Vader, you are to seize upon these new worlds and instill in them our order. Take an apprentice and mold a new Empire with those who will swear loyalty to you. Now go and conquer.”

    His Master’s speech dimmed into the back of his mind as Vader turned his focus to the coordinate readout signaling a successful breech into the anomaly. The darkened cockpit shimmered in reds and yellows as he confirmed the message and checked on his present course. Then he let his mind wander through the Force where almost immediately glimpses of the future came to him: he saw a man, one grizzled and snarling, lunging toward him. Armed with metallic claws, the man ripped into his circuitry, but with the Force he easily enough swats him away. Another being appears, one who could be an ally. One who dons the visage of a machine. Only an echo clues Vader to the man, “Doom”. Vader once more feels a challenge he hadn’t felt since the Republic collapsed. He will make this galaxy his and its people will marvel at him, The Dark Lord of the Sith.

  9. Whit says:

    I chose Galadriel because she’s like the most foreign element of the bunch.

  10. Matt says:

    You chose for me when I started picturing Luke Skywalker face palming himself. Lol, it’s still funny.

  11. Matt says:

    Also @Imp: I totally agree with Jeff about Harry Potter

  12. Loki says:

    Joshua, that…was awesome.

  13. darkvatican says:

    Jeff, Dumbledore and Gandalf are WAAAAAAAY different. And not just in their respective series, either. The core of their very characters is different. Gandalf is an emissary of the creator who was created for the sole purpose of keeping the world from being destroyed by an evil that wouldn’t rear its head for thousands of years.
    Gandalf was, for all intents and purposes, a mortal man on an immortal quest. He could be injured and even killed, but the strength of his purpose and the skills it forced him to obtain/hone crafted him into one of the most resourceful and cunning manipulators the world had ever seen. Not to mention the vast amount of knowledge he amassed so he could fulfill his mission in Middle Earth. The fact that he was forced to match wits with an entity of god-like power and unfathomable knowledge/wisdom AND HE STILL OVERCAME IT tells me that Gandalf was and always will be the most epic wizard in literature. Dumbledore was a cheap farce in comparison to Mithrandir(Gandalf).

    So who’s the baddest wizard in the land? My vote says Gandalf.

  14. thejay says:


    a vader/doom partnership was the first thing that came to my mind. i’d like to see them either join forces, or clashing egos:
    “how dare you breath noisily at DOOM?”

  15. Nate says:

    @thejay: bhahahahahahahahahahahahaa, awesome

  16. Zorbas The Awesome says:


    WTF Dumbledor is NOT just a cheap farce!!!! He’s probably the most powrful wizard in th Harry Potter world’s history!!!!!! He’s fought TONS of dark wizards in the books!!!! DO NOT COMPARE MOVIE DUMBLEDOR TO THE BOOK DUMBLEDOR!!!!!!!

    @ Jeff WTF Dumble was an AWESOME CHOICE!!!!!! Imagine him in the avengers blasting bad-guys away with a flick of hus wand…..


  17. Al says:

    Oh my god, the Luke thing was HILARIOUS!!! But my vote goes to Darth Vader. Not only would it be interesting to see him take on the heroes, but that Vader/Doom partnership idea kicks all forms of arse! Joshua, your idea is epic WIN!

  18. paul says:


    That is my all time Favorite Whatif issue…the vision of Conan walking around in a pimp hat and outfit still makes me laugh to this day.