Poll Position: Resistance is to be hoped for

Much like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Borg in Star Trek come in two varieties: Pure, unadulterated, horrifying, assimilating, nasty, relentless evil and complete wusses who you still hate just on principle. To be clear, this week's Poll Position is dealing with the former:


Because when you've got a creation as creepy and awesome as The Borg, you owe it to yourself to not let them become completely emasculated, impotent weenies, and if you have to invade some other person's much healthier (read: violent) creation to make that happen, then so be it. Discussion after the jump.

  • DC's Superman Universe: I admit, I would love to see Big Blue tearing through enormous Borg cubes like toilet paper. And the Borg are, I feel sure, intelligent and well-traveled enough to have encountered Kryptonite before, which should at least keep things interesting. Throw in a little "LexLocutus" action and I think you'd have a winner of a miniseries on your hand.
  • Dr. Who: I am a pig-ignorant American savage and thus know absolutely nothing about Doctor Who. But, I include him on this list for the more learned among you.
  • GI Joe: They've got a movie coming out that, frankly, looks stupid. They could use the help of a major player like The Borg. Plus you'd have the possibility of the Joes being forced to join forces with COBRA, which would be all kinds of fun.
  • Harry Potter's wizards and muggles: They better hope that whole "high technology tends not to work well around wizards" thing is true, or that would be one brutally short assimilation. On the other hand, it would be pretty funny to see a Borg with all those wires and gears sticking out holding a wand and dead-panning "Expelliramus".
  • Marvel's Avengers Universe: We sort of already had this with the Secret Invasion thing, so I'd probably pass. But if they did do it, I'd demand Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch do the issues, because their Ultimates battle against the Skrulls kicked so much ass it was practically a donkey rodeo.
  • Star Wars' Empire: Darth Vader versus the Borg? I think I just wet myself.
  • Transformers: Machines versus cyborgs, what's not to love? Throw in some ninjas and pirates and we'd have Nerdvana.

I would totally pay to see a Borg vs. Vader movie so long as George Lucas was tied up and gagged in a broom closet somewhere throughout writing, shooting, and post-production. The money shot of a Death Star going up against a swarm of cubes would be worth the price of admission right there.

Which would you want to see?