Random Panel: Why boys are afraid to ask out a girl


(From "Wonder Comics", number 8, 1946.)

13 Responses to Random Panel: Why boys are afraid to ask out a girl

  1. Joshua says:

    Jeff, I apologize for posting this request here– believe me, I considered bumping one of the appropriate HM3 threads, but was uncertain if you would return to them to read it. Here is my suggestion: there’s been a swell of great feedback of all facial items, and they are fantastic, but I was wondering if you could add face lines. Along the lines of worry lines, crows feet, maybe even a furrowed brow. Some of the items in the eye slot have them, as well as a few nose ones; lips too. Y’know, now that I think about it…hmm, I guess it all works out afterall. I assume that you will add more faces to the Male Standard faced slot anyway. Sorry to waste your time. Carry on the good work.


  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Hey Joshua! Yes, I do plan on adding face lines somewhere or another as a complete set. That’ll fall under the general idea of “bits and pieces”, stuff that isn’t really a complete example of whatever the slot’s named (i.e. they’re not really eyes, but eye wrinkles, not really mouths but frown lines, etc.). Scars and bandages would fall under this as well.

    I’ve been thinking about tattoos, and I probably would put those as sets under the more specific slots. Like you’d have “EyesTattoos” and “MouthTattoos” and such. I don’t think, though, that I’d be able to get enough variations on EyeWrinkles to justify a whole set, you know? But lumping all the face lines together would work.

    So, yes, that’s something I want to do, but it’ll be down the line after getting all the major Standard sets knocked out, and probably after converting all the old 2.x sub-sets as well (things like RightHand-Blunts, for instance).

    BTW, I get an email every time a comment is posted, so no worries about putting things in old threads. I’m happy to have the feedback no matter where it appears, though, so don’t worry about it, here is fine too! 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    This panel would make a great design for a greeting card… under the category “For That Jerk That Just Won’t Take ‘No’ For an Answer” or “Celebrating Our Breakup.”

  4. TheNate says:

    Eye tattoos? Got to be honest, I think you’re getting a little too detailed now. Why not a few general scars or tattoos that people can place anywhere and mask over?

    Still, wrinkles will be fun. They worked well on HM2.5.

  5. DJ says:

    Why not just have tats as their own category? With the transforming options you can turn any tat into an “eye tattoo” or “mouth tattoo”. It would be a lot easier I would think.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Maybe, we’ll have to see. A lot of people want tattoos, and as always it’s a question of a) what’s easiest for them to find and place and b) what point they rotate around.

  7. Tim says:

    I love the idea of eye and mouth tattoos. To be honest, perhaps not all body tattoos would look that well on the face if they’re shrunk down so much (especially really detailed tattoos.) I’m all for facial and body specific tattoos, but that’s just me 😀

    Concerning organization, tattoos should have one category in the first drop down box, then the specific tattoos in the second (Eye, mouth, body, etc.)

    So pretty much what DJ described.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    That does sound like a good idea, Tim. And DJ!

  9. hofter says:

    hey jeff, i noticed there is space for one more pattern on the paterns slot, i was thinking that maybe you could add a scale there, to adjust the size of the pattern.
    (i.e. you would like to have an elven chain mail with small chains, or an orkish one with bigg one, just move the scale,… =)) i think is a nice idea.

  10. Worf says:

    If we’re talking patterns, I still wish all the patterns in the pattern tab would be replicated in the pattern slot.

    Now masking has been giving me an issue… I’ve been using lots of masked insignias to achieve different effects, but after a few (about 5 or so), once I add another insignia, suddenly all the other insignias that were masked pop out of the mask.

    The layers are a problem here too. If I try layering, say a chain mail pattern on the right arm it gets masked to the shape of the arm, but above everything else. Now I find myself clicking up 35 times to get the shoulder pad above the pattern. And when I do that to the left arm, there go another 35 clicks.

    Could it be that I’m layering and masking too many things at once and reaching the limits of the program?

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    It’s not so much the limits of the program, but if you have 36 items and you start at the bottom of the stack, and you want to go to the top of the stack, you’re going to have to click the button 36 times. It’s just math. It would probably be helpful if the layer area had a numerical indicator of what level the current item is on, out of how many total layers.

    Using the Patterns slot as a mask is more of a challenge than using the pre-set patterns, no question. It’s an object like any other, instead of being part of the item itself. So you have all the challenges of layer order, colors, alternate masks, etc.

    The problem with multiple items in the same slot unmasking each other is weird, I’ll have to play around with that.

  12. Bael says:

    So if she shoots at the exceedingly rude, what does she do to the extremely rude?

  13. ninjast4r says:

    Is she shooting Ronald Reagan?