Poll Position: The Big Swap II

Let's return to the Poll Position question of two weeks ago, but turned around:


Much discussion and brou-ha-ha after the jump.

Let's examine the Superman-less (that would be too easy) possibilities:

  • Aquaman: I just put this in because, ha ha, Aquaman! I hate to miss a chance to make fun of him. It would be huge fun to see Namor kick his ass all over the Seven Seas when he tried to press his claim to Atlantis' throne, though.
  • Batman: Batman's sort of Tony Stark's opposite number in this scenario, a brilliant guy with vast financial resources (or at least the ability to re-generate those resources quickly). I think Alex Ross did a good job of showing how even a crippled Batman could keep the peace in Gotham using technology. And Bruce certainly has that Marvel "take no prisoners" mindset you'd need when dealing with that universe's nastier villains. Still, with no direct super-powers of his own and (unlike Captain America) his need to work mostly in the shadows, this would be a tough row to hoe.
  • Green Lantern: GL's got the power to back up the mission; after all, the Corps' members have entire sectors of space they're responsible for, and in which they're often the only super-powered beings.
  • Power Girl: I have to admit, I'm curious to see how many people overlook Power Girl just because she's female, ignoring the fact that she's basically as powerful as Superman. In terms of pure super-heroic ability, she's clearly top of the heap.
  • Wonder Woman: But Wonder Woman's close! Plus she's got that whole "Go Go America" thing, which has the benefit of Captain America's inspirational angle. Finally, she's a warrior, full stop. She's not a crime-fighter except by accident (i.e. that's where the enemy happens to be); I think if she were essentially made the general (and lone soldier) of Earth's super-human defenses, she would be able to step up and get the job done.

So looking over all that, I'd have to say Aquaman, because I want the bad guys to win and I want to see Namor exhibit how a true Atlantean King should act.

No, seriously -- ha ha, Aquaman! -- I'd go with Wonder Woman. Near-Superman powers plus a warrior mindset makes me think she could tangle with the likes of Dr. Doom and Magneto and hold her own.

Who would you choose?