Poll Position: The Kurgan Konundrum

There can be only one!


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  • Captain America: Cap's big advantage here is that he's a great tactician and motivator. His best hope would be that he could motivate the remaining non-super-powered population to take up arms and help him defend the world. Given the DC Universe's much more positive and gung-ho patriotism to begin with, that might actually be very effective. He'd be starting from a deficit of not having the WWII history to create a pre-existing pool of goodwill, but on the other hand he'd be the only super-powered guy on our side. He's proven he can take on vast criminal enterprises like HYDRA in the Marvel Universe, and he's proven he can tangle with guys a lot more powerful than him, so this is actually a viable choice.
  • Dr. Strange: Strange is more comfortable with the darker side of sorcery than most of the magic-users in the DC Universe, so I think he'd be capable of standing up to the tougher bad guys. I regret that Zatana would not be around, though, because I'd love to see the expression on Doc's face the first time she belts out one of those silly rhymes. "By the Move-Busting Moon Walkers of Mooligoth!!"
  • Iron Man: The key question here is whether or not Tony gets to bring the power and resources of Stark Enterprises with him. My gut instinct is to say no -- you go through the wormhole or whatever it is with just you and whatever you're carrying. And they don't take Stark MasterCard in the DC Universe. He'd still have the knowledge that let him build up the company and the armor, though, and that might be enough. Granted, he'd have to deal with the DCU's stable of pre-existing techno-killers, but the armor's solid. If I were writing the series, of course, the first thing I'd tell him upon learning he was from an alternate dimension would be "I'm sorry Mr. Stark, but our world never invented alcohol. Or hookers."
  • Magneto: Magneto=bad-ass. I think he could dominate on any world, in any situation. He's proven in the past he can play the part of hero when required, and metal's metal no matter what universe you live in.
  • Professor Xavier: Again, I think like Cap, Professor X's big strength is in building groups of people to stand together against threats. He'd be able to identify other mutants, if any were to arise after the initial purge, and would probably prove adept at "turning" erstwhile villains to the Light Side.
  • Silver Surfer: The Power Cosmic rules. And if it gets to be too aggravating, he can whistle up Galactus to eat everyone, and to hell with it. What does Surfer care, there's no Shangri-La in this universe, anyway, screw Earth.
  • Thor: The God of Thunder can layeth the smackdown on pretty much anyone. His key weakness would be that he's much more physical than some of the other choices, and might not be up to putting together a broader coalition. On the other hand, he IS a leader and general in Asgard.
  • Wolverine: Worth it just to see him carve up Luthor.

Looking through all that, I'd probably have to say I'd go with Captain America, which surprises me because when I first put him on the list I thought he was a gimp. But he's such a great combination of inspiration and physical prowess, I think he'd be able to rally the country around him. Especially if we're talking about the Ultimate Cap version; that guy is a Man with a capital M.

Who would you pick?