Random Panel: Questions that answer themselves


8 Responses to Random Panel: Questions that answer themselves

  1. Runt82 says:

    I’m guessing there’s a lot of techno playing downstairs.

  2. von Bek says:

    Not her scene I’m sure, but maybe his?

  3. Cavalier says:

    Panels that use the word ‘gay’ are getting old. I’d rather a less often good joke than repeating this one weekly.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    So noted, Cavalier, thanks for the feedback.

  5. Jose Inoa says:

    “I’ll – be – there – for yooouuuu..!”
    Dang it, that’s catchy!

  6. Danny Beaty says:

    Jeff, the joke is on you. The person in the red dress is Ross’s best friend Gary!

  7. William A. Peterson says:

    Of course, some of us know enough history to know that the word ‘gay’ used to mean ‘happy’, not ‘homosexual’…

  8. Loki says:

    we know, it a Pun, duh.