Poll Position: Giant atomic monsters = love

To celebrate the New Year, I thought we should tip our hat to our Asian neighbors and ... oh baloney, I just wanted to think about guys in tights beating the crap out of a giant laser-breathed lizard. Sue me.



Who would you most want to see fight Godzilla?

  • Batman: Batman can do anything. This looks like a mismatch at first, but I'd love to see what he'd come up with for a giant lizard.
  • Captain America (Ultimates version): Only if Millar writes it and Hitch draws it. After re-reading Cap's takedown of Giantman the other day, I think he really might be able to pull this off.
  • Fin Fang Foom: Take your Mothra and shove it, I want me some bearded-dragon on laser-lizard action!
  • Hulk: Granted, not much of New York City would be left after this smack-down, but it'd be fun!
  • Spider-Man: I don't know if Peter would be up to this challenge but it ought to be interesting to watch him try.
  • Superman: Your standard choice. The bit that would be best would be seeing Supes try to keep the property damage to a minimum.
  • Thor: Laser breath meets lightning strikes, film at 11.
  • The Wasp: Honestly this idea just made me giggle, so I put it in. Good times.
  • Wolverine: Let's be real, we'd pay to see Wolverine fight almost anything.

In terms of a comic book I'd want to read, I'd probably have to go with Thor, believe it or not. Godzilla's like a super-badass version of the Frost Giants, and those have been some interesting fights. Thor would win, of course, but it would be a cool thing to see -- I have a visual of big ol' glowing lightning smacking into Godzilla's chest, etc. etc.

But frankly, no matter who they pick I'd pay double if they off Godzooky.

Which fight would you want to see?